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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI) 

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Battlefield Pred 5 dnevi
Game details, reactions, trailer breakdowns and more: sltv.info/wiev/PLLpjKzWIuEfmclIuGkkeHjJ0I5mq2zOUG
eltonz Pred 6 urami
the beggining of the video describes battlefield, dozens of spawn kills lol
Fnan Zeme
Fnan Zeme Pred 7 urami
@bthnozcn q
Tiche Minois
Tiche Minois Pred 7 urami
@Yao Jin Teh 1df
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Pred 7 urami
guys !Who else is trying to grow their YT channel . Let’s help one another. Much Love
Pupkin Pred 8 urami
@Glicks Prod. if you don't like battlefield then don't go to reveal trailer to call bf a "dead game", when it's not and even games like bf 4 have solid online.
Prep Constant
Prep Constant Pred 2 urami
Lol they took off the guy getting smacked by the jet plane
Aarontro X
Aarontro X Pred 2 urami
Every gangster until the guy jumps out if the airplane with a rpg
ebe fuzz
ebe fuzz Pred 2 urami
i watched that jet takedown somewhere else but i cant remember when
Hands2Great Pred 2 urami
A Tornado as a Kill-Streak
samer tareq khaleel
samer tareq khaleel Pred 2 urami
Leech Pred 2 urami
Why are you excited for this game? No campaign, no battle royale, just pure MP full priced. Is that all it takes?
Oweno Popeno
Oweno Popeno Pred 2 urami
As long as its good multiplayer yeah
Hunter B
Hunter B Pred 2 urami
All we get is a woah, woah, baby, woah, baby, woah woah, baby, woah. Not even a yeah? C’mon
EyesOnFire89 Pred 2 urami
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I hope you will optimize the game so that everyone can play it, not just the rich and streamers 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
A Man a Mortal Knight
That tornado means they have weaponized the weather?
Bryan Hidalgo
Bryan Hidalgo Pred 2 urami
La época de los niños dutty a finalizado. Ahora les toca a los mayores divertirse.
Seotaji Pred 2 urami
4:10 한글간판
R Gurung
R Gurung Pred 2 urami
Finally EA listened us.
Seotaji Pred 2 urami
인천 송도 대박이다.
skater4life2360 Pred 2 urami
BF3 was better
Maiquel Bibrich
Maiquel Bibrich Pred 2 urami
Guerra 😁
Gen Sequijor
Gen Sequijor Pred 2 urami
I think i NEED Nasa PC for this LOL ,,, this is holy grail
Elvis Schöbel
Elvis Schöbel Pred 2 urami
Hahaha sad that's too much (Realismus off)
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Pred 2 urami
Oh no the penguins :(
joaco pm
joaco pm Pred 2 urami
2:59 i come here every day for this
King Piccolo
King Piccolo Pred 2 urami
If Battlefield 4 and titanfall had a baby: this would be it
David ProTech
David ProTech Pred 2 urami
Cint Sant
Cint Sant Pred 2 urami
WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen
That Rendezook. *This is pure classic Battlefield.*
ItsRedstone Pred 2 urami
This... is epic
daetsmlolliw Pred 2 urami
The most unrealistic about this game is that dice thinks there will be glaciers in 2042
Guilherme Wilson
Guilherme Wilson Pred 2 urami
Korion Hooks
Korion Hooks Pred 2 urami
This looks like it would be an amazing campaign. I don’t like that there isn’t one.
Michael Koretsky
Michael Koretsky Pred 2 urami
So 1,5 millions views are mine Not only 1 like Sorry DICE
Jumpy boi
Jumpy boi Pred 2 urami
I think this trailer is a drug. I seriously can't stop replaying it...
M21 Pred 2 urami
THIS is Battlefield!
DeadSquallit Pred 2 urami
7 maps, 4 battle pass for a year, no company, and for that $ 60? Excuse me what? 110$? For the full set? Greed knows no bounds!
Dynami Athena
Dynami Athena Pred 2 urami
BFV Reveal: 15M Views, uploaded 3 years ago. BF2042 Reveal: 13M Views, uploaded 3 -days- ago (with 3x as many likes). I guess we know which one we all like more.
Daniel Pred 2 urami
Still waiting for a proper BFV remake.
Victor Hugo Velasquez Duran
Cuando no! Los americanos ganando z😆😆 y robandose el credito del jugador que utilizó un avión Ruso, almenos hubiera dejado eso
Antony Pred 2 urami
The freaking blue tint is back
Tristin Day
Tristin Day Pred 2 urami
Tomorrow baby
TheRealKxngJ Pred 2 urami
Funny enough, if you’re born around now you’ll be able to experience this kinda warfare firsthand
Thememeking524 Pred 2 urami
Thomas M
Thomas M Pred 2 urami
Who else is only here for Mötley Crüe!! 🤘🏼🎸Rock On Metalheads!
Nick Burfield
Nick Burfield Pred 2 urami
The only annoying thing in the trailer is the use of that cringy song.
Geovak Pred 2 urami
24K thousands idiots did not like this trailer? what the heck do these people want then.?
J Major & Tronic
J Major & Tronic Pred 3 urami
1:40 Wodka Gorbatschow
APTERŸX Pred 3 urami
It's been three days and this trailer has almost surpassed the BFV reveal trailer views... That trailer was uploaded three years ago.
Jahanzeb Khan
Jahanzeb Khan Pred 3 urami
who carry on racket launcher in fighter jet. Same like TAMIL MOVIES
McN4VIA Pred 3 urami
This trailer is like a movie trailer but with no voiceover.
DrPork Pred 3 urami
The rendezook makes me smile every time.
Carlos Nieves
Carlos Nieves Pred 3 urami
This is literally *ADVANCED WARFARE* Just remove 2042 and put Advanced Warfare. The best part of this trailer is that it doesn't lose the essence of what is Battelfield. I'm looking for this game.
Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson Pred 3 urami
Man I wanna see gameplay
jarrell sijmons
jarrell sijmons Pred 3 urami
Ryan Jasso
Ryan Jasso Pred 3 urami
Plot twist: this game is suppose to be released in 2042
Oscar Thomaa
Oscar Thomaa Pred 3 urami
El mejor traider de juego de mi 28 años el mejor 100%
Adam Gucza
Adam Gucza Pred 3 urami
It's super epic!
HAWKS SA Pred 3 urami
That Espinoza guy is mad gangsta.
Luisssr Pred 3 urami
Rombizio Pred 3 urami
Not sure I even understand the basic mechanics behind it. But Dice does not make decent futuristic shooters. Made this one will be ok.
British WarShepherd
British WarShepherd Pred 2 urami
From what I heard the one they did make was good, some believe its the best battlfield. I would put this game more modern than future which we all know DICE excel at.
Andrew Stiles
Andrew Stiles Pred 3 urami
No Campaign... Lost me
Fortnite Bruh
Fortnite Bruh Pred 3 urami
Common guys let’s get it to 1 million likes
Neo Pred 3 urami
Battle Duty: Siege Zero Dawn 6 Price to Win
David Burke
David Burke Pred 3 urami
Imagine disliking this video.
Derpy Squid
Derpy Squid Pred 3 urami
I peed a lil
Gastón Rivamar
Gastón Rivamar Pred 3 urami
En el aire weon !EN EL AIRE!
Fran -AnGeL
Fran -AnGeL Pred 2 urami
Acke Pred 3 urami
They can not take actions on the current game(BF5)...do not expect that they will do something on this one. You can not play a proper game without cheaters and they do not give a toss.
X. Pred 3 urami
دييييييييم رهيبة 🦇.
David Burke
David Burke Pred 3 urami
I've been waiting so long for a battlefield game like this to return. I just hope we have the same customization for guns as we did in BF4.
maxhax 1911
maxhax 1911 Pred 3 urami
Man my bank account really doesn't appreciate you guys making a sick trailer like that
Nick Burfield
Nick Burfield Pred 2 urami
You don't have a wopping $70? Lol
Trash On Stilts
Trash On Stilts Pred 3 urami
Bradley Hooks
Bradley Hooks Pred 3 urami
The noise when the F35 cuts on 🔥
Cool Name
Cool Name Pred 3 urami
How about a battlefield movie? It would go stonks for sure
U.S D.J Agency
U.S D.J Agency Pred 3 urami
But is it better than battle field 4
the_DOOT_slayer Pred 3 urami
I hope it is
Bob Danoob
Bob Danoob Pred 3 urami
Still waiting for Kickstart My Heart's opening riff to start playing
Victor Janssen
Victor Janssen Pred 3 urami
Need the iron man back pack and TALOS armor in game. So a thruster pick up that runs on energy and a Juggernaut pick up. By base or buy by points.
Joeldevastator Pred 3 urami
hopin8krzys Pred 3 urami
One can only hope they wont abandon it, like they did with Bf5
British WarShepherd
British WarShepherd Pred 2 urami
If its on Gamepass its a guaranteed success and will be supported for 3+ years. I don't know where they could go from here if it is a good game. The way they seem to be monetizing it also points to long term support (Battlepass).
Александр Авласевич
Вот что я точно возьму!!! Балта 1 и 5 полное говнище, а вот это я обязательно приобрету.
Nationz Rules
Nationz Rules Pred 3 urami
Bring back carrier assault
Gjallarhorn Pred 3 urami
Never before has a trailer ever gotten me to say, ah hell, time to buy
sdafasdf sagasfesa
sdafasdf sagasfesa Pred 3 urami
Thing I hate most about cinematics is they're typically always amazing, the gameplay not so much.
sdafasdf sagasfesa
sdafasdf sagasfesa Pred 2 urami
@British WarShepherd It hasn't been good for a long while that is unless all you play is single player or camp in your spawn in multiplayer and consider that good gameplay.
British WarShepherd
British WarShepherd Pred 2 urami
Well the one thing we never need to worry about battlefield is graphics, I'm sure the gameplay will be just as good.
Mustachioo. Tv
Mustachioo. Tv Pred 3 urami
This what it looks like when...
Facundo Lopez
Facundo Lopez Pred 3 urami
No puedo parar de mirar
Laurens Esteban
Laurens Esteban Pred 3 urami
3:14 wow!
Matthew Peris
Matthew Peris Pred 3 urami
Looks sick but idk about the huge tornado 🌪 other than that I’m pleased
Beshkek Art
Beshkek Art Pred 3 urami
(Ama in Russia have 3:40, June 13) Where is my trailer!?xDD
Richard Hambel
Richard Hambel Pred 3 urami
It's a nice concept. Hopefully the actual game looks like this!
l MoJo l
l MoJo l Pred 3 urami
Love the nod to someone actually doing that in game at 3:15.
John Smith
John Smith Pred 3 urami
gameplay reveal tomorrow boys!
William Healy
William Healy Pred 3 urami
Haha I love the eject rpg jet moment Classic battlefield
Prince Rain
Prince Rain Pred 3 urami
I love how they took advantage of all the trickshots people do and will do
UnderFunded inc.
UnderFunded inc. Pred 3 urami
Please get rid of specialist
VoIdMiNd14 Pred 3 urami
4:26 why is this so funny to me 😂
JaSheem Pred 3 urami
Everyone is happy, must be a good sign ea is finally learning
Him Pred 3 urami
Battlefield 20 *4* 2, here I come!!!
Rob Mckay
Rob Mckay Pred 3 urami
Really, the future? Meh...
SunSet Sun
SunSet Sun Pred 3 urami
it lock liek too much future too you ?
Barbie Boy Henry Official
Put battlefield 2042 From BTS music
Him Pred 3 urami
lit 🔥
Even Aleksander Lorch-Falch
Who would dislike this?
MikeyonPC Pred 3 urami
Battlefield has returned!
Spa Splash
Spa Splash Pred 3 urami
To this day that rpg is still falling from that jet
Zed Lucas
Zed Lucas Pred 3 urami
AirFlights Pred 3 urami
Oohhh myyy gooodddd ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
SPG gaming
SPG gaming Pred 3 urami
Only in battlefield this trailer just Cant be old that randezhook