Luka Doncic Shocks Jayson Tatum&Entire Celtics Using Craziest Game Winner In Final Minute! 

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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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23. feb. 2021

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danorion Pred 5 dnevi
wtf, tako fall at the end of this clip was wide open under the rim; they couldn't make that tap play?
Devan Eng
Devan Eng Pred 21 dnevom
Third year in league and already top 10
k k
k k Pred mesecem
barely into NBA i can already see him become a HOF. gonna be the best foreign nba player in years to come
Stephen Cushing
Stephen Cushing Pred mesecem
Wasn’t shocking at all, you could see it coming a mile away. The Celtics are a terrible team and can’t close to save their lives. They had a horrible stretch from 7 minutes to 3 minutes in the 4th that allowed their small lead to turn into an 11 point deficit. If they didn’t have that atrocious 4 minute stretch, this last 3 wouldn’t have mattered....but the celts can’t close so
CYKA BLYAT Pred mesecem
I think this young man is a real GOAT.
SaintClair DMV
SaintClair DMV Pred mesecem
Brad Stevens you mine as well go out and guard him the way you all on the court 🤣🤣🤣
Peter Nut
Peter Nut Pred mesecem
He didn’t shock Ben Simmons
Joseph Capone
Joseph Capone Pred mesecem
All the racist Africans will be talking tomorrow how he aint an all-star.
Neo Vinci
Neo Vinci Pred mesecem
Suns coulda had him
Reno Stubbs
Reno Stubbs Pred mesecem
Outstanding performance
Leopriyanto Leopriyanto
Jocel Lipura
Jocel Lipura Pred mesecem
Ginawa nya din yan sa clipers
Ernesto Hernandez
Ernesto Hernandez Pred mesecem
Cash money 💰
Javontae Faulkner
Javontae Faulkner Pred mesecem
Jaylen Brown should’ve fought over the fucking screen, would’ve probably went ot
Bruce Michael
Bruce Michael Pred mesecem
He doesn’t shoot the three consistently, but he makes them when it counts like nobody else.
RICK FLAIR 327 Pred mesecem
He invited to the cookout✊🏾🔥
M B Pred mesecem
White boy special
TrayTray Daddy
TrayTray Daddy Pred mesecem
When bron gone Luka next watch
Jamison Bowman
Jamison Bowman Pred mesecem
He's already an assassin. Got that killer instinct. Just needs a better team around him to compete in that wild wild western conference
Ken Guidry
Ken Guidry Pred mesecem
Clutch x2
TsuuOreo Pred mesecem
This reminds me of kobe
TruTGN Pred mesecem
I love seeing the Celtics lose :)
Ryan Gall
Ryan Gall Pred mesecem
clock shouldve been atleast .3 sec
Troy Elam
Troy Elam Pred mesecem
“That’s a cold ass h*nkey!”
InjusticeBerserker Pred mesecem
My Celtics trash this year
Servant Pred mesecem
At least give Tacko the free 2 points. Damn
akositisoy lubag
akositisoy lubag Pred mesecem
Parang clippers lang yung kalaban HAHAHAHhh
Dreamwake Pred mesecem
Jaylen Brown and Tim Hardaway Jr look the same LOL
art kesh
art kesh Pred mesecem
He’s gonna be the Tom Brady of the NBA.
Paul Moody
Paul Moody Pred mesecem
Luka Doncic is the new larry bird
Shaquille King
Shaquille King Pred mesecem
Still 10th seed 😂
GMS like a greatmillstone 2
White hype
HeyHuey Pred mesecem
It's fair to say that he is a Larry Bird level shooter. Great to watch.
musfun Pred mesecem
Wtf was that mavs defense on the Celtics final play?? You can only score on a tip when there’s less than .3 to go so how in the world was Tacko left open at the rim lol
Timothy Dombroski
Timothy Dombroski Pred mesecem
Man said all star, more like all nba.
Jeff s
Jeff s Pred mesecem
I hate mark Cuban but love luka
Jofrey Lupul
Jofrey Lupul Pred mesecem
This guy. He's the future.
EHEHEH HEHEHE Pred mesecem
Kemba knew lol!
simclardy1 Pred mesecem
does Luka get shade from his teammates? I saw Hardeway but not many others jump in the celebration
Zachary Young
Zachary Young Pred mesecem
That shot was toooo wet
Korean Q Patriot
Korean Q Patriot Pred mesecem
What a fade away by TackOOOOOO
Adam Turner
Adam Turner Pred mesecem
Hes 21 and basically a legend let's face it
Mike Belsan
Mike Belsan Pred mesecem
kemba Walker was sad af
Pat Al
Pat Al Pred mesecem
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins Pred mesecem
As a Celtics Fan, that hurt
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil Pred mesecem
Celtics are ass
Keefy Gizzle
Keefy Gizzle Pred mesecem
He's eating...
IntegrityMatterz Pred mesecem
best scorer in nba!
SoBasicReviews Pred mesecem
Such beautiful moves with that beautiful stroke.
TheyCallMeElle Pred mesecem
Watche this live luka could be top 10 all time no🧢
Eric Correa
Eric Correa Pred mesecem
Steven D. Love II
Steven D. Love II Pred mesecem
Why did it look like kemba new that was game?
Ivica Stojanovic
Ivica Stojanovic Pred mesecem
All that MAVS need to do is to get Jokic 🇸🇮+🇷🇸= 🏆
VIRGO NOTNICE Pred mesecem
Noah Oswald
Noah Oswald Pred mesecem
Did the commentator just say fadeaway
jgsk78 Pred mesecem
WHITE MAMBA!!!! ... I mean white black mamba!!! I mean black mamba but him being white.. like black mamba white... Or something like that...
Josemaria Perez ramirez
Michael jordan al lado de este es un aprendiz.
Miguelerz Pred mesecem
One of the most clutch players.
JEWLZ 718 Pred mesecem
My man took a 3 for the win against the 3-2 zone (they only needed 2 points), and made it. The savagery. Lol
Big A
Big A Pred mesecem
Announcer: oh yeah Celtics: 😮 Luka: that was nothing
Julius Martinez
Julius Martinez Pred mesecem
The bitter great-grandfather precisely impress because examination intrinsically bow near a hard prepared. acidic, healthy reindeer
Merc Mer
Merc Mer Pred mesecem
Luka - Slovenija❤️
Itamar Greenberg
Itamar Greenberg Pred mesecem
This dude is clutch like the legends
Dennis Dunker
Dennis Dunker Pred mesecem
Same spot he hit that game winner vs clips in bubble. Damn Luka is awesome
Jachin Pred mesecem
our problem is we had theis guarding him
Локация Дома Живу На Хуторе в Латгалии
Meanwhile, Porzingis picking his nose 😅🤣🇱🇻
Lamar Walker
Lamar Walker Pred mesecem
His inner dog is growing stronger 😤
If Dallas doesn't start winning soon, Luka will be asking for a trade!
Jonas Legend
Jonas Legend Pred mesecem
I saw first shot - damn, that was good.. Video continues... Second shot - is that real?
Alessandro Manzo
Alessandro Manzo Pred mesecem
Come on he is a Champ
Julian rangel
Julian rangel Pred mesecem
This guy better win mvp if he doesn't and punk ass LeBron wins it. Its fixed
Iwin Lee
Iwin Lee Pred mesecem
Dirk would be very proud to his successor...
Thirtysix Priest
Thirtysix Priest Pred mesecem
When Lebron goes, this man will be NEXT up. Trust
BeeZie S
BeeZie S Pred mesecem
Elijah Dobkins
Elijah Dobkins Pred mesecem
Still not as many clutch shots as dame, don’t think he will ever have as many clutch points and game winners as dame dolla
Trust the Process!!!
craziest game winner? crazy but not craziest
Charles Williams
Charles Williams Pred mesecem
I’ve seen multiple people hit that shot so many times. That’s not the craziest shot.. smh!
Thamor Pred mesecem
Nasty. Damian Lillard did pretty much the same against Bulls in their game.
Thai Fitness
Thai Fitness Pred mesecem
European white players are so freakin good!!! Compared to the American White players that aren't, besides Tyler Herro.
Chuyon Pred mesecem
But can he do this in a rainy night in stoke city??
The Unknown
The Unknown Pred mesecem
Luka gets disrespected so much because he’s white European. If he was black or mixed they’d be loving on this man so hard. Change my mind
Xelovell Pred mesecem
Nah the rest of the world loved him
A King
A King Pred mesecem
Can't do anything about that.
Kobe Bean The GOAT
Kobe Bean The GOAT Pred mesecem
First time playing basketball LOL
manko cat
manko cat Pred mesecem
Suns,Kings,Hawks watching this 😢
manko cat
manko cat Pred mesecem
0:12 that guy was like "Am I seeing Michael Jordan or summ" 🤣
Mysterious Ways
Mysterious Ways Pred mesecem
Luka, he is something serious 😳❕
Kyle V
Kyle V Pred mesecem
Larry Bird-esque 🔥
楊宗政 Pred mesecem
look like Joe
Nicolas Escobedo
Nicolas Escobedo Pred mesecem
Luka doncic is a clutch player. That’s why he’s in the all star game
G3t 0wn3d
G3t 0wn3d Pred mesecem
He did the t mac moment lmao
Qdoosiii Pred mesecem
Not flashy just execution
okir rama
okir rama Pred mesecem
This is why Doncic is in the all star and Trey Young is not
drteaisback Pred mesecem
I wouldn’t say “shocked”, but whatever 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jernej škoflek
Jernej škoflek Pred mesecem
did you see jim carrey at the end with black mask? he is truly mavs fan XD :D
Ralfie Yuppies
Ralfie Yuppies Pred mesecem
Mavericks better surround him with some good players before the waste him
anthalax32 Pred mesecem
Why the timid celebration from his teammates though..
Swish Pred mesecem
greekatso Pred mesecem
If I was building a team around any player, it would be Doncic. When factoring his age and how complete of a player he already is, there's no other NBA player that exists.
刘畅 Pred mesecem