GAME RECAP: Mavericks 116, Bucks 101 

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After outscoring the Bucks, 36-17, in the 4th quarter, the Mavericks earned a 116-101 victory in Dallas. Luka Doncic recorded 27 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists for the Mavericks, while Kristaps Porzingis added 26 points and 17 rebounds in the victory. Donte DiVincenzo tallied a team-high 22 points (7-13 FG), including a career-high 6 3pt FGM (6-10) for the Bucks in the losing effort. The Mavericks improve to 29-22 on the season, while the Bucks fall to 32-19.




8. apr. 2021

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AMIRUL AIMAN Pred 21 dnevom
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PET4XE Pred 27 dnevi
Antetokounmpo :(
kingshearer2 Pred 27 dnevi
hardaway , doncic and porzingis what a trio
Doc Pred 28 dnevi
if only Dallas could find some consistency
BTC 1 Pred 28 dnevi
A Tipsy
A Tipsy Pred 28 dnevi
seems like Brook is a perimeter defender now
akeme rofako
akeme rofako Pred 28 dnevi
It's official, giannis is definitely a bust... They keep losing.
Stefan Jekic
Stefan Jekic Pred 28 dnevi
0:49 No safety? How dare he?!?
Stefan Jekic
Stefan Jekic Pred 23 dnevi
@Cyril John Andea How dare he not go with two hands?
Cyril John Andea
Cyril John Andea Pred 23 dnevi
Because it's not 2 hands. lol
Harish Rajkumar
Harish Rajkumar Pred 28 dnevi
man luka is so exciting to watch fr
superpoochable Pred 28 dnevi
I love how the bench celebrate more without the scrutiny of some knuckleheads in the crowd. A lot of the times it shows they are fans too and love to support the team.
Louis Jaxxon
Louis Jaxxon Pred 29 dnevi
This shows the difference in all other mvp candidates compared to giannis. Their teams still win when they don't don't play, bucks don't. Facts.
BTC 1 Pred 28 dnevi
@Joseph Velasco and without Luka
DJ Krokik
DJ Krokik Pred 28 dnevi
@Joseph Velasco They have not this season, they won against them 109 to 112
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco Pred 28 dnevi
They also lost to the Mavs before evrn with Giannis in the team.
DJ Krokik
DJ Krokik Pred 28 dnevi
FAXX, Been watching Middleton for 2 years now, he isn’t living up to the All-Star claber player name
Handsome Boss
Handsome Boss Pred 29 dnevi
UNICORN rammed them!
sinkrock1 Pred 29 dnevi
Without Giannis Bucks are weak Luka my favorite "short" player!
AlwaysZilla Pred 29 dnevi
0:52 that was a Travel by KP
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer Pred 29 dnevi
I thought the Bucks would be unstoppable when they god rid of Bledsoe. But obviously not...
Felix Ryda
Felix Ryda Pred 29 dnevi
Two hands for safety.... so annoying this commentator
Luca Pred 29 dnevi
How do the mavs beat the bucks and jazz but lose to the rockets
patrice Tekam
patrice Tekam Pred 29 dnevi
Luka magic! That dude is unstoppable.
aaron Pred 29 dnevi
"two hands for safety"
shadowchaser13 Pred 28 dnevi
i am using two hands for safety (in front of her face) , pulling the finger with each hand :D :)
Tee Williams
Tee Williams Pred 28 dnevi
Couldnt have scripted that line any better lmaoo
Álvaro Ybáñez
Álvaro Ybáñez Pred 28 dnevi
I swear!
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Pred 29 dnevi
Dallas on a 🔥🥵🥞 streak!!
Blake Blako
Blake Blako Pred 29 dnevi
Bucks just ain't good anymore
Asımcan Çalışkan
Asımcan Çalışkan Pred 29 dnevi
Porzingis on fire
StripeMcr Pred 29 dnevi
Brook looked like he is celebrating the Kristaps 3pt
Luka Dončić
Luka Dončić Pred 29 dnevi
We lucky that Akounmpo not playing
luca doncic
luca doncic Pred 29 dnevi
Inars Celins
Inars Celins Pred 29 dnevi
Good game from Porzingis 👍
JC Rafael Panganiban
JC Rafael Panganiban Pred 29 dnevi
Unicorn stepping up his game! As usual fancy moves from luka magic. Nice win for mavs
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred 29 dnevi
Luka the King. We expect from KP play like this.
Saadu Jahbz
Saadu Jahbz Pred 29 dnevi
We know how important Gianni is in the game. Oh Greek brother
Jee-ar Albert Saoquillo
Luka idolo
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki Pred 29 dnevi
The Bucks just shout out loud that they are not a championship contender team even when Gianis will be back. No body step up after the lost with GSW with some pride, best player in on the team DiVincenzo say everything. Gianis can start to ask for a trade if he want win something, this year the Bucks organisation show that they are unable to build a winning team.
DJ Krokik
DJ Krokik Pred 28 dnevi
I mean look at the Standings, the East is led by 3 teams the rest are far off, those 3are the comtenders
DJ Krokik
DJ Krokik Pred 28 dnevi
@Blender Wiki As a Bucks fan, I am 100% sure that our ceiling is ECF but I have to say, any team that makes the ECF is a contender
Shinichi Kudo
Shinichi Kudo Pred 28 dnevi
@Blender Wiki I thought 8 languages
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki Pred 29 dnevi
@CactiGaming no i judge on the last 51 games, Gianis make a huge difference(that obvious mr obvious) but you can't win a championship alone, and the supporting cast is not good enough to support Gianis against other contenders, last game was just a confirmation. Your basketball understanding is much worst than my spelling. Btw when you speak 7 languages come back to criticizing my English spelling. 🤫🤫🤫🤫
CactiGaming Pred 29 dnevi
1st off your spelling is terrible 2nd giannis will make a big difference when he comes back 3rd the team is a contender your just basing your opinion on 1 game
A A Pred 29 dnevi
Luka magic
habshabsrule Pred 29 dnevi
Luka magic on fire🔥 Porzingis with Daggers🔥
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