16 Best HIT Below The Belt Moments!! 

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20. nov. 2017

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Team Edge
Team Edge Pred 3 leti
Hey guys! What was the funniest hit below the belt moment? Did we miss any? Let us know down below! Check out our Mario Kart Balloon Battle!! sltv.info/label/p61l3rmogXyMZGc/video
hood stop motion studio
How about best nerf shots
Phoebe Maltais
Phoebe Maltais Pred 3 meseci
Bryce Baranowski
Bryce Baranowski Pred 3 meseci
I love your videos sooooooo much and I am sud
Bryce Baranowski
Bryce Baranowski Pred 3 meseci
BRAYDEN WHORF Pred 4 meseci
head hitters
Amber Jensen
Amber Jensen Pred dnevom
tripping moments
Gustas Ali
Gustas Ali Pred dnevom
Geoffrey weston
Geoffrey weston Pred dnevom
Here is a stupid question, and I'm asking it because I've been watching some of their recent videos but here it is: when did mathias leave team edge and why?
Elijah Cortez
Elijah Cortez Pred 3 dnevi
It’s funny cause Matt made fun of Brian looking like he rolled up in a white van and now Matt has a white van, coincidence? I think not
Lauren King
Lauren King Pred 3 dnevi
You should do falls
Toxic_Haste_VODS Pred 5 dnevi
Matt looks like pewdiepie
Dylan Stephenson
Dylan Stephenson Pred 8 dnevi
4:13 that moustache though
Dylan Stephenson
Dylan Stephenson Pred 8 dnevi
3:17 if j-fred didn't jump into it where would the zing bow hit him?
Country boy Style
Country boy Style Pred 11 dnevi
The top 16 best fails
Tameka Cooper
Tameka Cooper Pred 11 dnevi
Top "J-Jokes" moments
Arcelia Esparza
Arcelia Esparza Pred 14 dnevi
desembermais_ Pred 14 dnevi
POV: you are getting this recommended in 2021
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde Pred 15 dnevi
That so funny 😂🤣😅 When Matthias He get hit by the Balt 🤣😅🤣
Robin Acosta
Robin Acosta Pred 16 dnevi
Bryan getting hit in the balls with balls
Scurry Murray
Scurry Murray Pred 16 dnevi
Still weird hearing grown men say no no spot, just say crotch...lol.
Germain Madrid
Germain Madrid Pred 20 dnevi
3:06 Bryan you ok ?
Justin J. Eastman
Justin J. Eastman Pred 23 dnevi
I know it’s late, but, best slips and falls.
Carson Werby
Carson Werby Pred 25 dnevi
Updated version
Matthew Dias
Matthew Dias Pred 25 dnevi
Anyone else notice that the Play Button is upside down or just me??
Liam Fan
Liam Fan Pred 26 dnevi
this video is mainly bullying bobby and the bully is j-fred
blue moon studios
blue moon studios Pred 28 dnevi
Wait Brian had a mustache
stuart street
stuart street Pred mesecem
La crotch
Draconian177 Pred mesecem
"Bobby is a human punching bag" moments
Maeson Martin
Maeson Martin Pred mesecem
Number 1 is the time Bobby got hit 2 times in the service the zombie challenge
Alex Espinosa
Alex Espinosa Pred mesecem
Make another one, only Bobby
Kerrick Fam
Kerrick Fam Pred mesecem
That a big oof
Jonathan Detro
Jonathan Detro Pred mesecem
Another suggested tile, "Our Only Below The Belt Moments"
Desky3088 Pred mesecem
People watching in 2021 For nostalgia 🤚 😂
Silverth0rn Pred mesecem
Who else watching this in 2021?
Darius Bullock
Darius Bullock Pred mesecem
Little did j Fred know it is call la croy
Reeus Reeus Biggest Of Boys
8:46 b r i a n p o g
Mackenzie Sansing
Mackenzie Sansing Pred mesecem
poor bobby😂
Nishit Balla Balla
Nishit Balla Balla Pred mesecem
J-fred jokes 😂
madds lara
madds lara Pred mesecem
just watched this
Zenaida Melendez
Zenaida Melendez Pred mesecem
I.p.m I.p.m
I.p.m I.p.m Pred mesecem
J-fred is my favourite
ghost 99
ghost 99 Pred mesecem
best misspeaking compilation
Huntington Foundation
Can u do a part 2 of this
Anakin Yt
Anakin Yt Pred mesecem
who's still watching team edge this 2021?
Supergamebois Pred mesecem
I know its 2021 but I recommend you react to bobby... just Bobby's face
Olivia Willfong
Olivia Willfong Pred mesecem
Give me back la croch🤣
david Terry
david Terry Pred mesecem
so that vid sowe funny i mean so fucking funny i love it
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem Pred mesecem
and the time bryan got hit by the nerf arrow
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem Pred mesecem
all of bobbys
o_o Pred mesecem
o_o Pred mesecem
o_o Pred mesecem
Thehappygamer1324 Pred mesecem
The best head shots
Breanna White
Breanna White Pred mesecem
You guys should make a part 2 to this video!
o_o Pred mesecem
They are literally never going to see this comment
lazerツ Pred 2 meseci
J3ll0 ,
J3ll0 , Pred 2 meseci
The person who hit people below the belt most between Matt: 4 Joey: 5 Bryan: 4 It was a very close race joey just barely takes it though
Brandon #30
Brandon #30 Pred mesecem
I appreciate it
Galaxy_Cookie 1
Galaxy_Cookie 1 Pred 2 meseci
The zingbow ones gotta hurt tho like dang (I am a girl btw sonidk this stuff)
Trip Mccaslin
Trip Mccaslin Pred 2 meseci
Ah yes when team edge was in hi5 and syphus wasn’t relevant
keira bishbon
keira bishbon Pred 2 meseci
No way was this only 3yrs ago
PRL VLOGS Pred 2 meseci
THE FACE 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Arrow206 Project206
Arrow206 Project206 Pred 2 meseci
What I find absolutely hilarious, is your editors sound affects added in.. when you get hurt, sorry.. like Bryan falling going up stairs and rolls over with a baby cry.. I am laughing now thinking of it.. sorry Bryan class at it's best.. Great Work Team Edge, you have The Best SLtv show going
Ana Rotella
Ana Rotella Pred 2 meseci
Getting Head shot videos by nerf guns
Logan Ervin
Logan Ervin Pred 2 meseci
You should do 16 best times Bobby says "OH OH".
Dan Keldeo
Dan Keldeo Pred 2 meseci
face shots
Jarahdi Wickenhagen
Jarahdi Wickenhagen Pred 2 meseci
TheFlyingSpade Pred 2 meseci
Matthias and j Fred are the same person
Fletcher Raleigh
Fletcher Raleigh Pred 2 meseci
Top "Bryan gets caught cheating" moments.
Bamboozaaled Pred 2 meseci
I loved when Matt had hair
Bryndi Schult
Bryndi Schult Pred 2 meseci
The best burns in team edge
Joel Hansen
Joel Hansen Pred 2 meseci
are they all brothers?
Paul Castelli
Paul Castelli Pred 2 meseci
butt slap in videos
Ami Garver Tarnate
Ami Garver Tarnate Pred 2 meseci
I have no idea 8:49
Ian Spilman
Ian Spilman Pred 2 meseci
all the CHEATS!
Shaughna Crew!
Shaughna Crew! Pred 2 meseci
Muhammad Plays
Muhammad Plays Pred 2 meseci
R. I. P. BELT AND ASS 2017-2021
PotatoWeeb_ Pred 2 meseci
Team edge tips
Matt Clark
Matt Clark Pred 2 meseci
4:04 now Matt has one
ana legazcue
ana legazcue Pred 2 meseci
I'm not talking about the Edge videos, like the kind of gymnastics fails or maybe wedding fails, whatever. Anything except your videos
Cynthia Mako
Cynthia Mako Pred 2 meseci
Who’s watching this in 2020
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin Pred 2 meseci
Bobby has balls of steel
Conga Games
Conga Games Pred 3 meseci
At school someone punched me below the belt full force
Conga Games
Conga Games Pred 2 meseci
@Epic Destroyer thank you
Epic Destroyer
Epic Destroyer Pred 2 meseci
I'm sorry for u
Leevi Bohrer
Leevi Bohrer Pred 3 meseci
anyone wonder what happened to Matt?
Epic Destroyer
Epic Destroyer Pred 2 meseci
For being bald
Epic Destroyer
Epic Destroyer Pred 2 meseci
He quit
Jayden Weiss
Jayden Weiss Pred 3 meseci
Bobby’s never having kids
Kyla Zembrycki - MLES 2029
Do some among us videos
Philip_iamapoet Pred 3 meseci
Do a vid about you guys making all of your funny faces
david henry
david henry Pred 3 meseci
They have the Maturity of middle schoolers
Colton Perry
Colton Perry Pred 3 meseci
Why are you people commenting when this video is two years old
keegan Hernandez
keegan Hernandez Pred 3 meseci
Matt mke weird boi noises
Jodi Egbert
Jodi Egbert Pred 3 meseci
J jokes
Luke Torkilsen
Luke Torkilsen Pred 3 meseci
Hey team edge congrats on 7 million subs road to 10 million let’s hope we get there by the end of 2021 hopefully
Scott Veregge
Scott Veregge Pred 3 meseci
J-Fred is like a man child of Calvin from Calvin & HObbes
Jui Kujo
Jui Kujo Pred 3 meseci
just make a compilation of bobby getting hit in his nono area
Ranger x gaming
Ranger x gaming Pred 3 meseci
Mats hair in the second one looks like he is Adam Levine
Bryce Anderson
Bryce Anderson Pred 3 meseci
Top weirdest things
Sandra Herdman
Sandra Herdman Pred 3 meseci
Best falls
Abby Moran
Abby Moran Pred 3 meseci
Anthonyeet Pred 3 meseci
All of Joey causing pain
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie Pred 3 meseci
top 16 most funny ripped underwear compilation
LuckyLuke YT
LuckyLuke YT Pred 3 meseci
Do the best J-Jokes like so they can see
Boom Box
Boom Box Pred 3 meseci
Real title of the vid No nut november
Mackie Lynn
Mackie Lynn Pred 3 meseci
y'all need to do more of these
Bronzer sconzer
Bronzer sconzer Pred 3 meseci
the doggo so floof also 7:28
Bronzer sconzer
Bronzer sconzer Pred 3 meseci
R.I.P matts family jewels 4:54
Bronzer sconzer
Bronzer sconzer Pred 3 meseci
poor bobby in the zombie tower
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