Prosecutors Obtain Millions of Pages of Trump’s Tax Records | The Tonight Show 

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Jimmy addresses former President Trump submitting millions of pages of tax records to prosecutors.
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Prosecutors Obtain Millions of Pages of Trump’s Tax Records | The Tonight Show




25. feb. 2021

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troffle Pred 12 dnevi
Jimmy Fallon: Really, really, after the cool music pieces and general comedy monologues, you had to wreck it up by dumping on the lightsabre guys? And with a predictable stereotype pathetic virgin joke? I thought you were better than that. Even if someone else wrote it, you still chose to put it to the camera.
grizdeluxe Pred mesecem
Fallon is a douche.
Susan Carter
Susan Carter Pred mesecem
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Magruder sanchez
Magruder sanchez Pred mesecem
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Torr Medan
Torr Medan Pred mesecem
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Michael Winch
Michael Winch Pred mesecem
I’d like to see some real news from Jimmy like the hillary Clinton collusion to impeach trump and why none of the involved have never been investigated or charged for the blatant lies they told or what’s really on Hunter bidens laptop and why where the clintons on Epstein’s flight logs to peado island that’ll make me laugh Jimmy
Theunderwear Hascomeoff
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ryad boulasbaa
ryad boulasbaa Pred mesecem
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Charles Rowe
Charles Rowe Pred mesecem
You are a no talent hack I domestic enemies of the United States of America and a traitor I can't wait to see you in prison or worse and everyone that believes anything that you can say can go straight to fucking hell with you
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen Pred mesecem
Poor Liberals. Lying and fabricating anything they can to line the elites pockets. The sad thing is the average person believes they are on a good thing. Watch wait and see the end product that is if they get past 2022. Go! Whoever is running the current government.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Pred 2 meseci
One million pages? It's gonna take 12 days just to print them all out. Assuming each page takes 1 second to print. Then some poor asshole has to sift through each page? Sounds like a waste of time, ink and paper coming from a bunch of Democrat douche bags.
Trisha Nash
Trisha Nash Pred 2 meseci
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C W Pred 2 meseci
Who cares
nicolas oviedo
nicolas oviedo Pred 2 meseci
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Zulfiqar Ali
Zulfiqar Ali Pred 2 meseci
I love your voice jimmy
Dan Hawkins
Dan Hawkins Pred 2 meseci
So when the fuck is this orange pervert going to pay up and wear that suit. Yeah JUSTICE MATTERS. Bull.
Sunnytv channel
Sunnytv channel Pred 2 meseci
Laurent B.
Laurent B. Pred 2 meseci
OK, I always been a fan of Jimmy Fallon. In Taxi, you and da queen were hilarious. But honestly. I am very thankful you, Trevor or Steven are on every week, to save us from Mark Zukenberg. Thank you.
letsride Pred 2 meseci
These liberals can’t stop talking about Trump 🤦🏻‍♂️....it’s also a good technique to keep their sheep 🐑 leftists voters distracted from Biden’s disastrous policies...
Brittney Tracey
Brittney Tracey Pred 2 meseci
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Jane STARR Pred 2 meseci
there was something like that in a class action suit where a lawyer dumped files like that on his daughter. She succeeded in her case with a lot of determination and hard work. I hope or government exercises same diligence. Trump claims he lost the election because of huge dumps. Now he's using the same strategy to defend himself. Hypocrisy, is lost on Trumpsters.
ShibaTheDestroyer Pred 2 meseci
so the joke is that his jokes are tired and predictable?
Papa Chapa
Papa Chapa Pred 2 meseci
The ending got me dead 😂 😂
Qu Dragon
Qu Dragon Pred 2 meseci
This was f-ing brilliant. Love Fallon. "That's right. Aliens were looking for intelligent life, and they didn't find any a United Airlines flight during a pandemic." -Jimmy Fallon
Natalie Morgan
Natalie Morgan Pred 2 meseci
I love his jokes with The Roots but damn... I miiiisssssss Higgins
Jukka K
Jukka K Pred 2 meseci
Oh my god.. i remember when president george w bush was the worst president. F**ck ive always thought the U.S.A being the force for good in the world. It worries me that Trump is always blames the otherside for what HE is doing. Im an Atheist from Finland but i pray for god that America will take the leader place in the world AGAIN before china does! I hope its not too late!?
Sow AG
Sow AG Pred 2 meseci
good man jimmy. so predictable reading out the scripts. I would do it for sure if it was on the cards.
moe fear
moe fear Pred 2 meseci
6:08 i was just about to burst.. until jimmy's tongue slipped. guests were watching!
Coldfusionstorm Gaming
"Long cylindrical object" People it's a UFO it's a UFO Me: Bruh..... We just avoided ww3 somehow.
Jhoanna Manuel
Jhoanna Manuel Pred 2 meseci
I don't really miss Donald Trump im happy with the new president.
Saint C
Saint C Pred 2 meseci
Tariq's shirt, tho 🔥
Delaney Elliott
Delaney Elliott Pred 2 meseci
These idiots still talking about him. Black face isn't even funny.
stranraerwal Pred 2 meseci
Tariq's 2 minutes are funnier than the whole Fallon-show together!
Hermes Literatus
Hermes Literatus Pred 2 meseci
YMCA-hole is my fav nickname for Donnie.
pica Pred 2 meseci
Crazy Orange's liars (I mean lawyers) have had plenty of time to FIX the tax returns.
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen Pred 2 meseci
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Federico Benavides
Federico Benavides Pred 2 meseci
luckily he said "gonna get sued by brian regan. He killed doing his persona.
Troy Rasmussen
Troy Rasmussen Pred 2 meseci
Ok the Star Wars joke is a low blow that claims that Sci Fi culture leads to people not having sex. Yet you forget that every invention EVER that had made sex and even Porn more readily available was not created by an "I win" jock mentality. Don't be stupid and spread the wrong stereo type. The real one is that Jocks stop being important after high school and Nerds created the internet where you watch porn. Tvs where you watch movies with top less women in them and just about every sex toy there is. Stop the nerd shaming.
Евгений Мартынюк
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Jc Tachyn
Jc Tachyn Pred 2 meseci
Millions and millions and millions. Beautiful millions of pages.
s Takala
s Takala Pred 2 meseci
Lol I actually have a cottage on a beaver creek
krinkov545 Pred 2 meseci
Vile prick that ins't funny.
Sean McKee
Sean McKee Pred 2 meseci
I'm a music teacher...It IS funny.
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mitchell Pred 2 meseci
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Thomas Rakewell
Thomas Rakewell Pred 2 meseci
This show has been so good this past year, and it’s still absolutely hilarious.
aymi moris
aymi moris Pred 2 meseci
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Suresh Ramdeo
Suresh Ramdeo Pred 2 meseci
Paula white guy. 😂🤣😅
Judi Woods
Judi Woods Pred 2 meseci
I never watch his show and it was hard to sit through it until the Wenatchee segment came on.
Mike Crosby
Mike Crosby Pred 2 meseci
You know Jimmy I used to watch your show I used to think you were kind of funny when I watch you now man I got to tell you I cringe bro talking about Donald Trump's tax return who cares about Donald Trump tax returns if he's done something illegal it'll come out how come you don't talk about Hunter Biden how come you don't talk about Hunter Biden Jimmy better yet how come you just don't tell jokes anymore running Donald Trump's through the mud is not a joke he's becoming a soul you're a real dirt bag just like the rest of the people in the Democratic Party you don't wake up one day and see that you were wrong you're on the wrong side of history with these Democrats buddy they're trying to destroy the United States of America and you're going to be a part of that you have a platform why don't you use it to educate the country about how the Democrats I try to form a One World Government and ruin our constitution I mean come on you can't be so blind that you don't see what they're doing the lying cheating crooked politicians that don't care about the average person in this country Jimmy I hope you can change your ways man until then I'll never watch your show
Fire of Evender
Fire of Evender Pred 2 meseci
That marching band deserves an opportunity to perform with the Roots. 😁
The latest version of the truth
Why millions for so little of taxes?
Sooner Jon The Conservative
He is out of office and the left is still obsessed with him. That sounds like he was a success at getting in their heads and putting down roots. I bet the left will still be blaming him in 3 or 4 years. They may have to because China Joe probably will not even remember his name by then.
TheDroneGuy Pred 2 meseci
Amazing that USA still using papers on Tax returns and such. we use all on Computer PDF files. ;) its a waste off paper and nature resources
hurdygurdyguy1 Pred 2 meseci
7:28 ... Does no one see this??!! This is how the DALEKS STARTED!!!! 7:51 ... there are no cellists in marching bands...unless, of course you're Woody Allen...
turtle & cat
turtle & cat Pred 2 meseci
Its absolutely necessary that trump goes to prison. Otherwise he will come back and this time we will become China and Russia.
Esther Nohemí
Esther Nohemí Pred 2 meseci
Indictment and conviction can’t come soon enough
Bean town Bud connect
Bean town Bud connect Pred 2 meseci
They sure are pushing this ufo stuff lately it’s looking like the con.theorists might be right again, we’re all being conditioned for project bluebeam
hubtuqa ninuccok
hubtuqa ninuccok Pred 2 meseci
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Khaled Soliman
Khaled Soliman Pred 2 meseci
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Hoang Quynh Phuong
Hoang Quynh Phuong Pred 2 meseci
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rosie34 Pred 2 meseci
WHY WON'T TRUMP STOP! WHY WON'T TRUMP JUST GO AWAY! 😩 It's like Nightmare On Elm Street and he's Freddy Krueger so you can't fall asleep worrying he week get you or Friday the 13th and he's Jason appearing right in front of you when you thought you out ran him or Halloween and he's Micheal Myers who just won't leave his poor sister alone... You think he's gone but HE'S STILL THERE!😳 When will the nightmare end?! We're TRYING to reunite a divided country and get back to normal after 4 years of Hell. I know that taste of power was good and you loved that authority but it's over, move on, just let it go...🤦
jay322bn Pred 2 meseci
In honor of Black History Month and the new Equality Act, the face of late-night must change. Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, James Cordon, all white males. Linsey Davis will take over ABC WNT Sunday edition. Emmanuel Acho will replace 19yr host Chris Harrison as the host of ABC The Bachelor. Kevin Michael Richardson replaced 30yr veteran Harry Shearer as Dr. Julius Hibbert on the Simpsons. Alex Désert replaced Hank Azaria as Apu. Arif Zahir replaced Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown on Family Guy. The Superman reboot will be written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The new James Bond will be a black lesbian played by Lashana Lynch. The new Captain America will be Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon. The new Batman is Batwoman, Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, lesbian in character, bisexual in real life. The new Iron Man will be Ironheart/Riri Williams played by Dominique Thorne. The new Spider-Man is Miles Morales, a half-black-latino teenager, played by several different actors so far. But the list of late-night hosts continues to be all white males. This is the era of tremendous change, the country is fundamentally undergoing change, so it is time for late-night comedy to change.
Rob Budd
Rob Budd Pred 2 meseci
Ha! Cable!
Orrin Gould
Orrin Gould Pred 2 meseci
Since it was flying and undentafied, that by definition means ufo
Tommaso Starace Music
Tommaso Starace Music Pred 2 meseci
Lets hope that piece of shit goes to jail. Man I hate him
Alex Hristova
Alex Hristova Pred 2 meseci
of course it's an UFO - it literally means "UNIDENTIFIED flying object". anything is an UFO until you identify it. my shoe will be an UFO flying at your head, before you realize what it is. and it would be very narcissistic and self-centered to assume that in this vast universe we are alone. the only form of life. now, whether or not aliens came to visit us - *that* is highly unlikely and improbable.
RE AIO Pred 2 meseci
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R Pred 2 meseci
Ringo C.
Ringo C. Pred 2 meseci
Jimmy Fallon you lil bitch !
Dionne Jenkins
Dionne Jenkins Pred 2 meseci
Damn does trump knows how damn ugly he is and should not ever make faces damn he is so yucky looking
Susan Thomson
Susan Thomson Pred 2 meseci
True to Trump Brand, that's a Million Fake documents appropriate for a Fake IRS - so essentially Trump is snowing the investigators. He had enough time to fake 2 million documents, but he'll only offer 1 million, call the team some silly names, tease them about never catching him and then give him the 1 million they think are real - at last. True to Trump's great and entrepreneurial talent, he will create a Fantastic game called How to evade the IRS Trivia Game (Adult version) and make a fortune so if he should, by some freak of nature, get a $50 fine he can write a check using his latest personal lawyer to fudge the details re the purpose of the check. At the bottom it will state "Return to Sender". No way Trump's fake documents will incriminate him. If he keeps his money moving, it will be the shell game for sure. Such a waste of time, but somewhere, sometime someone is going to hit the jackpot on a Trump vulnerability and land a low blow on the Don. Obviously Trump the financial wizard will Triump.
R1GAMBLER Pred 2 meseci
peachmelba1000 Pred 2 meseci
Why is this bullshit on a late night show?
Nic Connor
Nic Connor Pred 2 meseci
I love how the tonnight show now is literally just a modernized ray william Johnson segment
Smoky & Viking
Smoky & Viking Pred 2 meseci
I love your show especially when you take a Mickey out of Donald Trump #I love your show
Jake wolf
Jake wolf Pred 2 meseci
Is this supposed to be funny???
ItsAllGravy Pred 2 meseci
Wow dude called him out on him not being funny!
Sixjays Pred 2 meseci
Crazy how slandered trump is (yes he’s a moron no he isn’t evil )
Keith Dunham
Keith Dunham Pred 2 meseci
Jokes work better when Thay are funny.look forward to seeing jimmy back in his element.no doubt the money is good.but a long way from the berry gibb talk show.u should leave this crap to those other two idiots.there was more sandler than Kimmel in u.respect.
tarcms Pred 2 meseci
Jimmy give your job to a black man After putting on blackface.
Ed one
Ed one Pred 2 meseci
Trump 2024
Manvendra Singh
Manvendra Singh Pred 2 meseci
"I am detecting signs of virginity" xD
TangibleTerror Pred 2 meseci
Jimmy Fallon looks like Ted Mosby.
Ian Rastall
Ian Rastall Pred 2 meseci
Next we're going to make some observation or comment about the video.
MGreen Pred 2 meseci
I wonder if the 410 who disliked are trump supporters
Shawn Drumm
Shawn Drumm Pred 2 meseci
You idiots have no idea how the tax system even works. You’re pathetic
damien rockford
damien rockford Pred 2 meseci
Great have your criminal on the ballott. That will sure to drive more then the already 35% less now x GOP supporters away. More to the fast growing Democratic Party that has seen over 25% more registered Democratic we had at the start of the new year. Also why should any Democratic be scared, nervious or even give a damn about Trump in general. Hes a power less, broke, under several criminal and civil investigations which will make him and by his own fault. Not eligible to run for any political off. when your in prison. Plus you Republicans are so not smart to just think, Over time. Especially with Trumps ego, personality mouth and brain. And along with history. No one keeps a loyal following for a long time. 6-7 years thry get bored, or angry and just move on. Be real do you really think people will wait 4 years for that dude? Especially with all these other stories about the last 4 years All the illegal things that happened and of course the truth about Ruissia will come out eventually. For one again, no real power or influence to do anything except plan another attack on the White House where in theend. The jails just get more crowded. And again Trump dont care about the individuals who stormed the Capital? He loved the crowds cuz they were large. But to do anything else in the eye of justice? I would bet a pay check he wasnt gonna issue any pardons. I guess 200 or so was enough. IWith his bad diet and sleeping habits and dont be dense not to ignore his mind is going down faster then Reagans. .But again go ahead and keep supporting him. iIn 2 years hes lost the House, The Senate, The Election. and that was before what lead to his current legacy of twice Impeached and at best the 2nd if not the Worst President ever. Stop dont argue this. He tried to kill his own VP. Thats like me trying to kill my secretary or my assistant, and hurt everyone in their workplace. THE SAME WORKPLACE you took an oath to protect? Yeah you want the lies, the embarrassment to the world, and further damaging the world you are leaving for your kids and grandKids. Cuz one thing is true. Kids are not living in the same world my generation grew up in that had so much Hope and Dreams of a better world to further live happily ever after to prosper in and even start a family in. So happy to look forward to the next 10 years where kids really wont know the real difference between Real News they need to understand and plan accordingly. Or new they might not like to hear or agree with. But not understanding the real could cost lives. But hey so what it aint happening yet? lol YEAH IT HAS.. Lying in schools are up 250% since 2015. And in 10 years it will be socially acceptable to lie vs telling the truth to get what you really want. He didnt get one campaign promise going and he had the House and Senate right? Yeah great new Health Plan. And 30 miles of that new border wall is very sturdy to prop a ladder on it and come on in. Again we need a name change to The Divided States of America. Cuz I for one cant be united with a government that has caused so much bullshit. Over a grown man sore losers lie that he won the election, with no effivendence. Just a lie that half this country believes? See DIVIDED. And they let a cancer get away with starting a riot that had you alll nervous. Some are scared for their lives. aAnd you did that all for? A40% drop in your party. To split up that party. So us Demo's have 70% no ok 62%, your new party have 20% and the old GOP has 20%, ok so some Dem's come back.... Still 55% to your 20% new party and 35% old GOP Aaint gonna will any more elections. It didnt when you had 45% in September i.e 7,000,000,000 difference. And cuz of the steal lie" you lose 50k voters, and those are your own people who believe the system is rig... so why Vote? Us Dems will vote cuz we know. Voting is totally fine. A LANDSLIDE BROUGHT HIM DOWN. Jail. Russia, Health, 25% support with your new Trump Party. By 2024 maybe 25% of his base will still be with him? Cuz they aint got no mind of their own quite frankly. Still LIZ CHEANY FOR PRESIDENT..
Richard Eldridge Sr
Richard Eldridge Sr Pred 2 meseci
I hate to ask it, but does it matter that Trump's records are coming out? Trump has NEVER been held responsible for anything. Trump's election fraud lies- NOTHING. Trump's riot/insurrection- NOTHING. Trump's second impeachment- NOTHING. Trump's sexual proclivities- NOTHING. Trump's failed businesses- NOTHING. Trump's failed Covid-19 response- NOTHING. Trump means NOTHING, he's yesterdays news- so let's start living in the here and now dealing with real issues affecting us here and now and let's start broadcasting current relative issues.
nadine singh
nadine singh Pred 2 meseci
Billionaire Jake
Billionaire Jake Pred 2 meseci
No bruh that Total Loss joke had me weak asf
Channing Choi
Channing Choi Pred 2 meseci
jimmy is maturing so beautifully
evelyn hamel
evelyn hamel Pred 2 meseci
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joe beastyg
joe beastyg Pred 2 meseci
So, the people who are crying for their $2000 bribes from the king bribes himself are still crying about the previous president? This great content! (I mean the comments. The guy in the video is just your typical Hollyweird hypocrite)
joe beastyg
joe beastyg Pred 2 meseci
@Alexander Snyder :) That's 1
Alexander Snyder
Alexander Snyder Pred 2 meseci
And you’re here crying on SLtv. Was Childish Insults 101 the only legit course taught at Trump University?
johnz28110 Pred 2 meseci
Your show sucks but thank goodness you could talk about Trump because then you would have nothing to talk about. Trump the Best president ever.
KAT CHA Pred 2 meseci
Welcome sick head. Omg he’s so freaking stupid. Not even funny .creepy Joe used to call Obama a clean smelling good looking and articulate guy. You know that black man.
carl Pred 2 meseci
"Millions of pages"......thats a headline with a lot of credibility......
Bissan Pred 2 meseci
come on jimmy when are you gonna interview jace norman
Roger hagger
Roger hagger Pred 2 meseci
. So, the " not so deep state" is at it again, attacking our Messiah Trump and trying to crucify him for all our sins. . watch this space
Smart Recovery
Smart Recovery Pred 2 meseci
Y AMC 1 in a hole cinema comeback yeah, buy the stock and hold short squeeze all year running up 2 A $1000 WoW
Ba'ako Durron
Ba'ako Durron Pred 2 meseci
_"Yes, we got his tax returns! This will make up for the failure of both impeachments."_ *0-3* _"Damn it!"_