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Yacht Review and Interior Tour of the new Azimut S8, a performance yacht built in Italy by world leader motor yacht builder Azimut Yachts.
Interview with Alberto Mancini, Yacht Designer.
Location: Fano, Italy
By Justin Ratcliffe
The Boat Show

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16. apr. 2021

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Big Skippy
Big Skippy Pred 4 dnevi
Very nice video.
Arnold COOMEE Pred 4 dnevi
Magnificient presentation of one the most beautiful boat of its range. Thank you. I have just one question though... the price of this all grown up men toy.
เอราวัณ ญานีส์
Dallas Stang Azimut Azimut is a yacht brand that is Gulfstream
Dallas Stang
Dallas Stang Pred 6 dnevi
Azimut is sooo damn proud of their parallel slat design motif. They’re parallel lines...
Lottaaction Pred 7 dnevi
This was a nice tour. Beautiful ship!
Amir MKACHER Pred 9 dnevi
Great job , thank you for the video ❤
Barry Neilson
Barry Neilson Pred 13 dnevi
Every cubic centimeter of space has been studied and used intelligently... said the man who not 30 second before described the grill patterned waste of space in the corner used for no practical purpose.
homeboyl2 Pred 14 dnevi
When will you review the S10?
homeboyl2 Pred 14 dnevi
@THE BOAT SHOW awsome,thx!
THE BOAT SHOW Pred 14 dnevi
Very soon
Karate Joe
Karate Joe Pred 14 dnevi
I like Mancini's work in the Pink Panther movies.
Dax Carr
Dax Carr Pred 15 dnevi
They did a great job with the dinette and the way the lounge set up I wish other yard brokers would do that and not make the lounge in the dining area the same thing
j p
j p Pred 15 dnevi
Wow lovey boat. Nice to hear the word space,.. not spice!
MegaBisca Pred 13 dnevi
Christopher Leigh
Christopher Leigh Pred 16 dnevi
Wow who wouldn’t want this. It’s the best I’ve seen in that class. Well done and great video, I would of liked you to show the engine room and crew quarters but great job!
xxattention Pred 17 dnevi
riccardo proietti
riccardo proietti Pred 19 dnevi
Molto bello, ma quali sono i valori di velocità di crocera e massima?
Claudio Tommasino
Claudio Tommasino Pred 17 dnevi
ciao. minuto 9:10 velocità max 34 nodi e crociera 28.
minnie saab
minnie saab Pred 19 dnevi
ijack983 Pred 19 dnevi
Molto bella come per la sua progenitrice 86S. L'unico appunto che nn riesco a comprendere riguarda l'uso delle IPS di questa linea S. A mio modesto parere andrebbero di gran lunga meglio le trasmissione di superficie (Arneson o Top System), sia per quanto riguarda l'efficenza che per le prestazioni.
Taxiferomilano Pred 19 dnevi
Siamo nello stato dell'arte sotto qualsiasi punto di vista. Considerazione e aggettivi verrebbero sprecati al cospetto sia ingegneristico che tecnico. I volumi e l'impatto emotivo Come da tradizione risultano quasi imbarazzanti. Direi che possiamo passare ad altro.... 😉🥇😎
Alexander Camara
Alexander Camara Pred 20 dnevi
Tomasz Kulik
Tomasz Kulik Pred 20 dnevi
Blaster53 Pred 20 dnevi
Sticking with Azimut I would ask if it is possible to make one presentation of Magellano 30 Metri. I believe that they are quite rare to see but I hope that Azimut has some in production or ideally in preparation for delivery. In my opinion Magellano 30 Metri is comparable to Rolls Royce in automotive industry because her eternally beautiful look. It is the best possible floating villa.
Verry good super 😎👍🔥😍💥
Justin-kurt Gürel
Justin-kurt Gürel Pred 20 dnevi
The panoramic sunroof and wine cellar are key features that most boats don't have but that tv by the fridge/bbq and stairs will definitely get in the way
Michael E
Michael E Pred 21 dnevom
McLaren P1, Ferrari Laferrari, Porsche 918. The undeniable holy trinity of technology, performance, and breath taking styling. What key feature do all 3 of these hyper cars share but this boat does not? The resale on the Azimut S8 is going to be absolute garbage.
PowerYacht Pred 20 dnevi
@Michael E SIlent 55 goes at eight knots/ 12 max. You cannot offer a sport yacht not doing 30 knots. For that you need HP. In truth the S8 while not the fastest in its segment might also be the least powered in this segment, as it has only 3000hp and 3 x 12 liter engines. Most SY at 24 meters have 4000hp and 2 x 30 liters engines or more. Think about this.
Michael E
Michael E Pred 20 dnevi
@PowerYacht I understand the sentiment, and I agree Hydrogen probably is the better choice for planning hulls, but many manufacturers are showing the potential of on board electrical storage. Silent yachts set a record not long ago when their 55’ model crossed the Atlantic using only 1,100 liters of diesel and an averages speed of 17 knots. With only 300kWh on board, there is a lot of room to improve there.
PowerYacht Pred 20 dnevi
The reality is that electric propulsion can never work in a planning motor boat. It will also be a big failure and useless waste of resources even in the automotive sector. Let's wait till hydrogen arrives and then we can start speak for NexGen Power not only in boats but in most of our mobility sector.
Michael E
Michael E Pred 20 dnevi
@PowerYacht the point I was making is the industry has clearly chosen hybrid electric propulsion as the future. Selling this boat with zero battery power storage means the next owner is in for no less than a $500,000 refit. ($1,000 per kWh).
PowerYacht Pred 20 dnevi
Its a 24 meter yacht, and all in this size have similar depreciation. A boat unlike a car, you cannot really leave it in a garage remove the battery and care less. A 24 meter yachts has costs from 50-100k a year (subject to location) just to pay marine fees, doing regular maintenance, dry docking etc. With a boat even if it is 8/10 meters its never really a question to buy her, but to maintain her.
Le Ja
Le Ja Pred 21 dnevom
Great boat and great review !!! Could you make a video about the cnb 76?
Brian Kohl
Brian Kohl Pred 21 dnevom
I am I the only one who never understands wtf a designer is saying? It sounds all very intelligent but seems to mean absolutely nothing to me..I just hear blah blah blah pretty lines....
S Dem.
S Dem. Pred 21 dnevom
Nice boat with a lovely interior and well thought out spaces. However, Mancini just called HIS OWN - brand new - design 'an icon'. A design takes years, if not decades, to become iconic, just like the Porsche 911 he compares it to.
stanspch1 Pred 21 dnevom
What a beautiful piece of engineering & design. Say no more!. ❤️😉👍
Conor Nelson
Conor Nelson Pred 9 dnevi
@Francis Kody Definitely, been watching on Flixzone for years myself =)
Francis Kody
Francis Kody Pred 9 dnevi
pro tip: watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies these days.
Ruslan Ishem
Ruslan Ishem Pred 21 dnevom
Wrap two!)))
SPaX Pred 21 dnevom
4:28 you forgot to show the beach platform :/
FinnishPanther Pred 21 dnevom
Very nice - congrats to the design team 👍
paologeom Pred 21 dnevom
Spettacolare .... come sempre per gli Azimut
Mike Pred 21 dnevom
I would like to order 10
Giuseppe Fronterre
Giuseppe Fronterre Pred 22 dnevi
Wow che bella 🤩
Ciro Bentivoglio
Ciro Bentivoglio Pred 22 dnevi
Water In The Engine Oil