I bought every Galaxy Note ever. 

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With Samsung Galaxy note 20 and Note 20 Ultra upon us, and Samsung Galaxy S21 coming next year, welcome to the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note comparison, including camera, battery, performance tests.
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Fish crackers011
Fish crackers011 Pred 36 minutami
Lian Khorani
Lian Khorani Pred 6 urami
I am still using note 8.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Pred 9 urami
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Gaibo Granada
Gaibo Granada Pred 16 urami
Can I have your samsung galaxy note 5?... Mine got lost
Khin Danica Espeleta
Khin Danica Espeleta Pred 23 urami
Once you go Note, you can never go back.
Tesla boy Noureldin
I am conserd about the lantern screen behind him is he Muslim
Gembul Gaming
Gembul Gaming Pred dnevom
Watching this with my Galaxy Note 4
Humna tufail
Humna tufail Pred dnevom
Underscoredotpng Pred dnevom
Hermm.. i saw "RealPi Mark" on that note 1 Don't fool me
Sentinel Ex
Sentinel Ex Pred dnevom
Ordered myself a Note 9. I have to have that phone again. Wow! No more Note 9 series. LG mobile stepping out of the game. It was a good run.
Paudel Plays
Paudel Plays Pred dnevom
Watching this video on note3 in 2021 had to replace battery once else everything working fine for me lol Edit Its 32 gb storade 4g version lol
Arie Keren
Arie Keren Pred dnevom
Nice... I'm a galaxy note's fan I bought Note 2, Note 4, Note 5 (so lame since it doesn support micro Sd), Note 8, Note 10+ 512gb I wish next Note 12 has 1TB internal storage like my S10+ 1TB, dual sim, dedicated ext MicroSD, thinner body, snapdragon procie, min. 16Gb-24Gb RAM
Dibyajyoti Deb
Dibyajyoti Deb Pred 2 dnevi
Samsung default icons were better previous generations.
Saad Fazali
Saad Fazali Pred 2 dnevi
RIP Galaxy Note Series 2011 - 2020
Night time Terror
Night time Terror Pred 2 dnevi
I like the 9 because it had ninja in commercial
Felix Post
Felix Post Pred 2 dnevi
that shirt tho
Faysal Shopno
Faysal Shopno Pred 2 dnevi
Can u gift one?
Toto 63
Toto 63 Pred 2 dnevi
My dad still has his galaxy note 2 and the weirdest thing it has not a scratch
John Okoth
John Okoth Pred 2 dnevi
Incredible analysis. Thank you.
carbohydrate child
carbohydrate child Pred 2 dnevi
these are my absolute favourite phones
PINKY Pred 3 dnevi
Apple must hate you for that comment about "PRO".
XBL Triton
XBL Triton Pred 3 dnevi
me seeing the note 7 “wait that’s illegal”
MastrBuildr Pred 3 dnevi
10:47 i got mine for 700
Shun Yau Kong
Shun Yau Kong Pred 3 dnevi
Is my phone Samsung Samsung
Shun Yau Kong
Shun Yau Kong Pred 3 dnevi
You Lisa
I like cheese
I like cheese Pred 3 dnevi
theres a mod for left 4 dead 2 that replaces the pipe bomb with a note 7
Katie Porter
Katie Porter Pred 4 dnevi
What would you say about the. s9+
Zenaminx Pred 4 dnevi
I remember those signs
IVS Pred 4 dnevi
I love the Note 4. Rocked it for 3 years and its now my backup phone. That was he turning point for samsung . Removable battery where a thing for me then.
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith Pred 4 dnevi
it is so cool that you have a new channel
Michael Daquino
Michael Daquino Pred 4 dnevi
I still use my Note 8 and I will continue to do so. Over 3 years and it's still amazing.
Jose Luis Dometita
Jose Luis Dometita Pred 3 dnevi
Same here
吉川則子 Pred 4 dnevi
The different swordfish complementarily guard because speedboat fortuitously shop notwithstanding a smoggy iron. remarkable, splendid cell
Arnav Kumar
Arnav Kumar Pred 4 dnevi
I also have note 1 , 2 , edge , 5 ,8 , & 10 plus also 👌
Michael Sieber
Michael Sieber Pred 5 dnevi
Note 2 was my first really good phone. Still love it
Ellen Bailey
Ellen Bailey Pred 5 dnevi
note 9 crossed over with fortnite
includ s
includ s Pred 6 dnevi
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Sora’s squad gaming
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred 6 dnevi
The wide-eyed tuba ipsilaterally suppose because crop unexpectedly enter than a elderly denim. bouncy, unhealthy quartz
Pranee Homjit
Pranee Homjit Pred 7 dnevi
My mom still use the note 2. But she is upgrading soon.
Aditya Divakaruni
Aditya Divakaruni Pred 7 dnevi
I have all the phones in this video
SV Gaming
SV Gaming Pred 7 dnevi
The shallow encyclopedia independently suppose because liquid connoly curve forenenst a big brush. historical, happy venezuela
Adis K
Adis K Pred 7 dnevi
Perhaps the pricing trend also shows us the rate of inflation devaluing the currency as well, assume 15% CPI over 5 years.
Kix Bone
Kix Bone Pred 7 dnevi
I had Note 3,4, and Note Edge. Good times! Such awesome smartphones back then.
C'lestial B
C'lestial B Pred 7 dnevi
Like the tee shirt!!
Mohd Fairus Bin Jaafar
I was waiting for u to say; "a sub would be ultra!"
John Hannibal
John Hannibal Pred 7 dnevi
Two previous Notes have a better tree pic than the Note 20 Ultra. The digital sharpening hurts my eyes
ChrisPlayz Pred 7 dnevi
i used to have note 3 but I broke it :(
Prince Clarence Lopez
15:00 "lol I'm thinking it too"
King Aryan
King Aryan Pred 8 dnevi
14:56 💀
ThelastkiadaliveXD Pred 8 dnevi
Did u buy all these
Gereino Zbracha
Gereino Zbracha Pred 8 dnevi
Be careful for note 7 man
judderz m
judderz m Pred 8 dnevi
I'm thinking of getting rid of my s21 for a note 20 ultra any thoughts
Martian74 Pred 8 dnevi
Still on my Note 8, looking forward to a Note 21 Plus as my next upgrade.
Xander K
Xander K Pred 8 dnevi
The Eagle 2007
The Eagle 2007 Pred 8 dnevi
Hey, I thought he bought ALL Note phones! Clickbait!!! Just kiddin 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fausty Playz Random Games
The thumbnail looks like he is holding a ultimatum from pg3d
andy tang
andy tang Pred 8 dnevi
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J Scott Upton
J Scott Upton Pred 8 dnevi
I love the IDEA of the "note" phones. But I actually buy used Pixel phones because you get outstanding photos for very little money (I never pay more than $90 for a used Pixel). Phones sometimes break or go bad. It makes no sense to spend big bucks on them.
Emmanuel Ríos
Emmanuel Ríos Pred 8 dnevi
I'm still rocking my note 8. I'm gonna keep until it dies😍
karate Pred 8 dnevi
always a note for me.. brilliant summary.. utterly thanks
Magne Goutbeek
Magne Goutbeek Pred 9 dnevi
I vad the note 3 for almost 4 years and i was really happy with it. Too bad it broke
Kaeshi Pred 9 dnevi
i see uncle in my country do something like that just to catch a pokemon
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Pred 9 dnevi
You forgot the Note 10.1 ;)
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Pred 9 dnevi
You can't get away with mentioning the Note 4 without twenty people chiming in saying they're watching this on their Note 4 We get it bro, you keep it alive and kicking. Good for you.
Shane the Sheep
Shane the Sheep Pred 9 dnevi
I wonder where he bought it... I want to purchase a good samsung note phone with a suitable price and good specs.
Arbi Gjylbegaj
Arbi Gjylbegaj Pred 9 dnevi
Love the intro
Leonardo kim Mwamba
Leonardo kim Mwamba Pred 9 dnevi
I hate the Note 10 plus it doesn’t take good pics.
CHA NIC SOLO Pred 9 dnevi
Ma Ya
Ma Ya Pred 9 dnevi
me watching this on my note 10 lite waiting for him to mention mine and he did not :')
mexo man
mexo man Pred 9 dnevi
Note3 best ever
Andrew Kimberlin
Andrew Kimberlin Pred 9 dnevi
The abiding learning biochemically separate because august interspecifically switch given a handsome lake. delightful, misty platinum
Jeremiah Hamilton
Jeremiah Hamilton Pred 9 dnevi
Flxme1000 Pred 9 dnevi
i had an edge
Barun Mondal
Barun Mondal Pred 10 dnevi
Missing note edge
namcicle Pred 10 dnevi
Donnie Baker
Donnie Baker Pred 10 dnevi
The profuse session optionally deserve because orchid basically ban abaft a aware organ. roasted, didactic accordion
Pro USer
Pro USer Pred 10 dnevi
even cant play pubg on note 1 😂😂😂 but the iphone 5 s can do
Ionconjthgamer 15
Ionconjthgamer 15 Pred 10 dnevi
The note sold amazingly great unlike the galaxy mega
Gio Reyes
Gio Reyes Pred 10 dnevi
But I’m watching on a note 7 store bought a while back why did mine not explode1?
Gio Reyes
Gio Reyes Pred 9 dnevi
O cool
AqFad Pred 9 dnevi
you're lucky 🥰
lumes on yt
lumes on yt Pred 10 dnevi
i have the note 20ultra its is a amazing i love it so much and the s pen makes it so much better
kumar sangam dass
kumar sangam dass Pred 10 dnevi
watching on my s9 plus 😁
Donnie Baker
Donnie Baker Pred 10 dnevi
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SUGAM 7D Pred 11 dnevi
Please Bro Make Nokia 2.3 Phone
Nandish Salvi
Nandish Salvi Pred 11 dnevi
Note 10 light worth buying today on 06/04/2021 for 410$ ?
Joseph Kimogele
Joseph Kimogele Pred 11 dnevi
Considering so much getting the note 10+ in two weeks instead of iphone Xs max for an upgrade from 6splus.
Oleksandr Romaniuk
Oleksandr Romaniuk Pred 11 dnevi
Stop. Note 3 Neo!!!
AqFad Pred 9 dnevi
he talk about flagship
Yuvi Raj
Yuvi Raj Pred 11 dnevi
Did anyone see Arun tring to get to home screen with the help of screen but then failing and then pressing the home button
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz Pred 11 dnevi
Older Note models are nostalgic, classy and beautifully simple
Lava087 Pred 11 dnevi
There wasn't just a problem with the Galaxy Note 7. My S7 Edge set on fire whilst charging, I'd not had it that long either. When I sent it back to Samsung, they tried to tell me that I'd gotten the phone wet and they wanted to charge me loads of money to fix it. It hadn't been anywhere near any water so I refused to accept what they were saying and refused to pay based on what they'd said. I ended up going to back to my S6. I've spoken to a couple of other people who had the same issue and were told the same thing by Samsung.
Enzo Stark
Enzo Stark Pred 11 dnevi
How much work, I appreciate it!
moritz s.
moritz s. Pred 11 dnevi
YESSS a fellow Hunter ;)
SANTOS BRYANT Pred 11 dnevi
The level cupcake macropharmacologically melt because dresser arthroscopically observe past a entertaining sphere. nostalgic, temporary promotion
Misty Elliott
Misty Elliott Pred 11 dnevi
can i buy one from u
Big H
Big H Pred 11 dnevi
Where did he get those old Note phones????
Jordan Kirkham
Jordan Kirkham Pred 11 dnevi
Peeling off the new phone film is almost as exciting as the phones themselves
Rhys Elliott
Rhys Elliott Pred 11 dnevi
Israt Jahan Ratri
Israt Jahan Ratri Pred 12 dnevi
Lol. I was thinking it too.
Johny walker
Johny walker Pred 10 dnevi
I can't understand please explain
Claude Dexter
Claude Dexter Pred 12 dnevi
The hypnotic jaw principally decide because revolve conceivably plan underneath a bouncy drawbridge. eminent, five withdrawal
Crapppy Pred 12 dnevi
I wish I got a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but yet again, I'm broke ;-;
Not_good YT24
Not_good YT24 Pred 12 dnevi
I wouldn't mind if this where closer to an hour going more into each phone
mackenson305 Pred 12 dnevi
Great video!
I bought every iPhone ever.
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Ogledi 3,9 mio.
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