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15. mar. 2020

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Komentarjev 100   
Zuleikha Khan
Zuleikha Khan Pred 2 urami
Ksi laughs funny tho like a pyscho path lol
Stan Nicol
Stan Nicol Pred 5 urami
Simon shouldve hired the paintball guy as his hypeman in the spending 100k video
Rachel Heav
Rachel Heav Pred 8 urami
Some sick drone flying at the start
SLK - Zj
SLK - Zj Pred 10 urami
28:30 funniest part of the video. JJ realized he’s f’d😂😂😂
Jenna and Clare
Jenna and Clare Pred 15 urami
Who’s watching this when the got 10million
Buzzy Bee
Buzzy Bee Pred 16 urami
Am I the only one or is that pewds soilder
amig host
amig host Pred 22 urami
JJ: Point blanks ethan like 5 times Also JJ: cries after being shot
Joe Hedden
Joe Hedden Pred 22 urami
jj got ambitious after the coaches words he acted like a policeman
Imre Hidvegi
Imre Hidvegi Pred dnevom
Can we take a minute to appreciate the drone shots in this?
Deshaun's Trains
Deshaun's Trains Pred dnevom
11:04, 16:30,18:41, 28:35, 35:05, 41:08 ksi found
Randomp Pred dnevom
Oh, it’s a more aggressive Phil
Jessica Collins
Jessica Collins Pred 2 dnevi
6:30 23:58 28:33 29:14
SomeCurlyGamer Pred 2 dnevi
'I don't wanna bully Vik!" I found that funny.
Zaniya Whipple
Zaniya Whipple Pred 2 dnevi
“I’m not cut out for this life”-Vik
Bec Awb
Bec Awb Pred 2 dnevi
Josh: I think he got JJ I can hear him swearing JJ: ah f#ck that hurts stop
Ariel Nunez
Ariel Nunez Pred 2 dnevi
No one: Me and my friend during a lockdown: 21:48
Vietcong Fish
Vietcong Fish Pred 2 dnevi
Hey i recognise that place its in south wales!
A Ghost.
A Ghost. Pred 3 dnevi
lol that dude looks like a navy seal edition of pewdiepie 😂😂😂😂
Talha Sadak
Talha Sadak Pred 3 dnevi
Everyone hates jj
Ved Banerjee
Ved Banerjee Pred 4 dnevi
YTP: Everyone hates JJ for no apparent reasoni
Amey Patil.
Amey Patil. Pred 5 dnevi
Well JJ being a snake was a habit. I guess.
Ark Pred 6 dnevi
They should have a map in the bottom right corner, showing where everyone is for these hide and seek videos, who else agrees?
Nothing YT
Nothing YT Pred 6 dnevi
Bro I’ve been there
Notorious MiGZ
Notorious MiGZ Pred 7 dnevi
This video should have been called "The Sidemen meet captain Price"
XxPR0PLAY3RxX Pred 7 dnevi
do this again pls i have watched it like 10 times pls do it again
Sydney McweeBourne
Sydney McweeBourne Pred 8 dnevi
“Say his name, JJ” Harry: JJ “JJ” Harry: OLATUNJI 9:07. I’m creased 😭🤣
Warre vroman
Warre vroman Pred 8 dnevi
The paintball instructor is a BTEC phil
Sergio Snow
Sergio Snow Pred 8 dnevi
JJ: Point blanks ethan like 5 times Also JJ: cries after being shot
Eryn Marshall
Eryn Marshall Pred 9 dnevi
R u even British if u havent been there, I think I had like 2 birthdays there hahahaha
JoAqUiN MuJiCa
JoAqUiN MuJiCa Pred 9 dnevi
The drill Sargent should've been Phil
Kate White
Kate White Pred 9 dnevi
i don’t like the host guy
Morgan Ainsley
Morgan Ainsley Pred 10 dnevi
Vik be like were the fuk is everyone
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Pred 10 dnevi
Yo what the name of the drone hahah I like the quality of it ahaha RIP drone
Samson Pred 11 dnevi
Instructor looks like pc principal
Lil Medd
Lil Medd Pred 11 dnevi
nobody talks about the drone footages ?
__Varghese__ Pred 12 dnevi
BRO,this pretty much remember me of the dude perfect...greatly entertaining!!!😂🤣🤣
Brandonj21 -gaming
Brandonj21 -gaming Pred 13 dnevi
xlucy x
xlucy x Pred 13 dnevi
Nobody talking about how good Tobi was like?? He was better than everyone.... Maybe it was revenge for all the bad gifts he’s been given 💀🙈
Az Hy
Az Hy Pred 14 dnevi
I never thought seeing jj suffer is that fun and good to watch
Ryan A.C
Ryan A.C Pred 14 dnevi
wheres simon?
Carzey Pred 14 dnevi
That paintball guy is the Super Saiyan version of Phil
youtube gamer78
youtube gamer78 Pred 15 dnevi
JJ Most wanted
Katrina Bucknor-Wallace
well isn't he a nice guy lmao
LiquidSpaceTime Pred 15 dnevi
greatest paintball instructor
Anton Alekseenko
Anton Alekseenko Pred 16 dnevi
why editor counted kill when ethan shooted jj second time??
AWIT IMPOSTOR Pred 16 dnevi
the voice cracks lol
Harrison Martin
Harrison Martin Pred 16 dnevi
The best clip of the video: Vik’s 2 birds 1 stone 41:02
Harrison Martin
Harrison Martin Pred 16 dnevi
I can picture under his mask, just smiling watching them squirm in agony lol
Lyd Pred 16 dnevi
I would let him scream at me like that all day 🔥
XiHighPing Pred 16 dnevi
Ladies and Gentlemen, The British SAS
Filler Music
Filler Music Pred 16 dnevi
Hands up 👐 for the dron shot
A TR00P3R Pred 17 dnevi
Nobody: Américan Police:16:25
goldefied 07
goldefied 07 Pred 17 dnevi
A moment of silence for harry's white yeezy's🙏🏾🙏🏾
AudemarsPiguet Pred 17 dnevi
Harry with Supreme Hoodie and Yeezys
Sulthan Saladin
Sulthan Saladin Pred 18 dnevi
airsoft is more fun
Brandon Reese
Brandon Reese Pred 18 dnevi
Ethan had wall hacks when he killed JJ..
kz kash
kz kash Pred 19 dnevi
1:33 Pro i thought i was watching a Dude Perfect video from the music
Nsovo MUKHARI Pred 20 dnevi
This is another memory for paintball FIFA
Mike Rotchburns
Mike Rotchburns Pred 20 dnevi
21:58 beautiful
Trusca Pred 21 dnevom
The instructor looks like Albert Wesker 😂
Oji Watch
Oji Watch Pred 23 dnevi
This paintball guy can give Phil a run for his money
Lucid Demon
Lucid Demon Pred 23 dnevi
I am legally deaf
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel Pred 23 dnevi
3:13 jj loves vikk
AW Pred 24 dnevi
Should have destroyed tobi
Afc.90 Pred 24 dnevi
Who’s here from JJ’s story?
Jamz Pred 24 dnevi
JJ’s story anyone?
Afc.90 Pred 24 dnevi
Alan Pacheco
Alan Pacheco Pred 24 dnevi
Is this the same place tyler the creator was?
Łukasz Oleksiak
Łukasz Oleksiak Pred 24 dnevi
3:14 me watching this after the split or steal video 🤔🤔🤔
Ayemichaeltho Pred 25 dnevi
“I’m gonna kill him” is too funny
Edmond Meltz
Edmond Meltz Pred 25 dnevi
30:29 "I'll do fake taxi" 😂
Nino Bondi
Nino Bondi Pred 26 dnevi
Its very hard to breathe in those masks
Ivorella Rackley
Ivorella Rackley Pred 26 dnevi
I miss playing paintball and this didn't help 😅😂
raspira Pred 26 dnevi
Its ok Harry the mud makes them yeezys look 100x better
Jefferson Howell
Jefferson Howell Pred 26 dnevi
Can we take a minute to appreciate the drone shots in this?
Virgilvandij XD
Virgilvandij XD Pred 27 dnevi
Why can’t he be in the sidemen he’s so funny
Reekidofficial Pred 27 dnevi
If Ethan gets murdered one day ksi is gonna be the first suspect
108 lex
108 lex Pred 27 dnevi
Does anyone know where this was filmed cosni swear to god it knowsley paintball ground
Luyolo Nqeno
Luyolo Nqeno Pred 27 dnevi
He even look like captain price
Luyolo Nqeno
Luyolo Nqeno Pred 27 dnevi
The other sounds like captain price in call of duty
MilkCrate Pred 27 dnevi
"Let's all wear black and not tell Harry"
Praiyada Urbani
Praiyada Urbani Pred 28 dnevi
Who else went to this paintball stadium
Arnas Pavasaris
Arnas Pavasaris Pred 28 dnevi
I've been here
Avani Agrawal
Avani Agrawal Pred 29 dnevi
26:23 vikk casually thinking about getting inside a trashcan
Ecliptic gaming
Ecliptic gaming Pred 29 dnevi
20:30 “my whole career is based of this” Still hasn’t released illuminate
Blu Calavaza
Blu Calavaza Pred 29 dnevi
😂😂😂bro when ethan was seeking and found JJ it was funny bro😂😂😂"aUuuuUhhh iM sOrRy"
elier chicho
elier chicho Pred 29 dnevi
Harry looks badass until he talks
Giovanni Rubio
Giovanni Rubio Pred 29 dnevi
JamieJB 08
JamieJB 08 Pred mesecem
I literally started this vid with my headphones on at nearly full volume 😭😭😭 0:00
Driftz Pep
Driftz Pep Pred mesecem
I have been here many times
John Preedy
John Preedy Pred mesecem
Harry: shoots vik point blanc Also Harry: WHAT A SHOT
Pachimario's Pred mesecem
"Wtf is a skillshot"
Hassun Moe
Hassun Moe Pred mesecem
Bro josh was absolutly cringe as a seeker he told him he will do Trickshots 🤦‍♂️😂
Domz JB
Domz JB Pred mesecem
Tobi should have just thrown a grenade. Tobi is the nicest of the lot lol.. and of course vikk is a bad seeker lol
ZestyWing Pred mesecem
Haha he looks like PC principle
jordan bryan
jordan bryan Pred mesecem
of course jj helped his husband
RNG_Annas _BTW
RNG_Annas _BTW Pred mesecem
Zerkaa 2020 : someone has to be somewhere
miliakrem1 Pred mesecem
Why did they not shoot josh
Blaze _Ryze
Blaze _Ryze Pred mesecem
I went here for my mates bday before
Boredom Quarantine
Boredom Quarantine Pred mesecem
Literally among us but special
Blank Blankity
Blank Blankity Pred mesecem
Can we all just appreciate how long Simon lasted till he got caught
Dudeakiss :P
Dudeakiss :P Pred mesecem
28:44 🥺
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