Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S21 Plus vs S21 Ultra - Which should you Buy? 

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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S21 Plus vs S21 Ultra 5G Hands-On First Look & Impressions
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The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ 5G feature a 6.2” or 6.7” 120Hz FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, Triple Camera, Gorilla Glass Victus, Gen 2 Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888/Exynos 2100 5G, 128/256GB UFS 3.1, 8GB RAM, 4000/4800mAh Battery, Price is from $799/£769.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 6.8” 120Hz QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, Quad Camera, Laser AF, Gorilla Glass Victus, Gen 2 Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888/Exynos 2100 5G, 128/256/512GB UFS 3.1, 12GB RAM, 5000mAh Battery, Price is from $1199/£1149.
0:00 Intro
0:35 Displays
3:33 Design & Build
5:18 Cameras
9:30 Performance
10:16 Storage
11:30 Other Features
12:40 S Pen
13:22 Batteries & Charging
14:45 Price & Release
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14. jan. 2021

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SuperSaf Pred 3 meseci
Update $1199* for S21 Ultra! 😬
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Pred 9 dnevi
Actually about $1,300 hundred for the s21 Ultra! Been using a phantom silver Ultra for almost 2 months now.
Danielle Cooper
Danielle Cooper Pred 19 dnevi
I picked up the 21 ulta for 449 with my trade in and sale
Shivam Bhaskar
Shivam Bhaskar Pred 22 dnevi
Can I win this S21 ultra
Gavriel Papas
Gavriel Papas Pred 27 dnevi
I gave you a like, because you mentioned my favorite flat screens.
glitchtrap Pred mesecem
You know how many years it would take me to get the Galaxy S21 it will take me a decade if you want to know why comment
Jonga Life
Jonga Life Pred 13 urami
No micro-sd card? See ya 🖕
Timothy Titus
Timothy Titus Pred dnevom
No charger, no headphones, no thanks!
dilse dilse
dilse dilse Pred dnevom
Samsung are taking the piss ...no micro sim , no headphone jack, no charger, no headphones...😡😡 this is the first time I'm not going to upgrade to Samsung...need to find another phone
Chad Weisser
Chad Weisser Pred dnevom
I save things on sd cards. Now what am I going to do?
ucheerme icheeru
ucheerme icheeru Pred 2 dnevi
My s10 cannot software update & I had to factory reset it several times to get it to work normally. Now it does work but can still not install software update & sometimes apps keep crashing. I really didn't want to get a new phone but since my s10 is being problematic I am having to decide between buying s20 or s21. Anyone has any advice or thoughts?
ColtJustice Pred 3 dnevi
I just ordered the S21 Ultra. Love that camera.
Leaks and Leaks
Leaks and Leaks Pred 3 dnevi
S21 Ultra is currently $999.99 on amazon.
Delta Scourge
Delta Scourge Pred 4 dnevi
Me watching this on my samsung s21 ultra
Valini S
Valini S Pred 4 dnevi
The plastic on the s21 is a turn off for me ngl, I was gonna buy an s21.
Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos Pred 5 dnevi
i love the cameras on the ultra!
Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos Pred 5 dnevi
also samsung give us up to 600$off on trade
Kashif Bukhari
Kashif Bukhari Pred 6 dnevi
No Micro SD. That was a deal breaker for me. Will wait for next one.
MING HAOO Pred 7 dnevi
got a note 8 should i upgrade to s21?
Cherie Scott
Cherie Scott Pred 8 dnevi
I renewed my plan recently with s21+ lm very disappointed about no charger & no ear phones. It wasn't mentioned at Vodafone, I didn't ask bcoz I assumed they would be part of. Every phone I've ever had came with these items, especially at the price it is. You no what they say about assuming things.
Mikko Lappalainen
Mikko Lappalainen Pred 8 dnevi
You never need 4K resolution on couple inch screen. Even 800x600 wouold look good on it
Rafo Pred 8 dnevi
What a joke! No charge or earbuds for all that wonga, taking the piss good and proper. 👎🏻 Samsung
Douglas Taggart
Douglas Taggart Pred 9 dnevi
Won't be getting any because I've a sd card with 3,000 song's 50 film's and video's and loads of photos which I've no intention of loosing so upgrade to s20 or a52 when my contract ends.
kamilL Pred 9 dnevi
Hello what buy i need help S20ultra exynos vs s21+ 8/256 exynos???
Adam Ahmed
Adam Ahmed Pred 9 dnevi
People saying we do not need sdcard, my personal experience, and a reason to see s21 videos. My daughter spilled water on my 2-year-old s9+ which had basically the same IP rating, and to my surprise water entered into the chipset and Samsung is charging half the new mobile amount for repairs. SO I was the same idiot who used to think why SD card, Now I regret why I did not use an SD card to save all my data there. It's useless once the mobile gets damaged, If SD card, I would have not faced this difficulty.. It is so sad to lose all that data and really painful.
Rodi Mousa
Rodi Mousa Pred 10 dnevi
Take the sun gloss off lol ur insaid the room not under the sun 🤣
RMB Pred 10 dnevi
so if i want the best phone i have to deal with the pain in the butt curved screens?🤦
minhaj nasir
minhaj nasir Pred 11 dnevi
I am looking for video recording , indoor vlog, Please tell me ghe result of video rec same or different between s21 & s21ultra?
ZDEX Pred 11 dnevi
iphones better tho
xProRJG Pred 11 dnevi
Still have Samsung Galaxy s8plus man
lml03647 Pred 11 dnevi
Who's here because they don't know what to get now that LG dropped out of the cell phone market? :(
Jason M
Jason M Pred 12 dnevi
Why does samsung still suck at fingerprint sensor.
judderz m
judderz m Pred 12 dnevi
Was absolutely pissed I didn't get a charger I thought it was a totally liberty I got the S21 but sending it back tomorrow to get the ultra
Russell Betts
Russell Betts Pred 12 dnevi
I switched from a Note 5 to the S8 and then the S9. It seemed the video and photo quality of the S8/9 was not as good as the Note 5 so I switched back. You asked what to compare the S21/Ultra to. How about a comparison to let us older phone lovers know how much better we will find these new phones to be. Thanks. Great video.
Skunked Dolphin
Skunked Dolphin Pred 13 dnevi
I switched to the s21 plus from my iPhone 11 Pro and its honestly way better and the only features that seem missing are I message and facetime but I never used those anyway as everyone I speak to uses Snapchat; other than that there are more features on the s21 plus like 120 hz and wireless power share, it also does have faster charging but you only really need to charge both devices once a day so that isn't really a big difference. As I still have my iPhone, going back to it makes it feel old compared to the galaxy due to the bezels and notch and the galaxy looks way more aesthetically pleasing than the iPhone. Most people I know are considering switching after seeing my phone compared to theirs and overall I'd say if your an iPhone user it is worth the switch as you won't be missing anything really, the software is a bit more bubbly on iPhone but but the Samsung is on par also - hope this helps
Nate Icke
Nate Icke Pred 14 dnevi
$1899 for the S21 ultra 500gb here in Australia from the Samsung website, then add 69$ for the 45w charger lol, no sd card slot, no charger or head phones for what you're paying for this phone Looks like a great phone.....deal breaker is nothing comes with thr device
Leo & Dan Ryan
Leo & Dan Ryan Pred 16 dnevi
I actually hate hate hate it when they make it appear that I zoomed in when I change from one camera to another. I like it to appear as though I am using 3 separate camera angles like it did originally on the S10. When they updated and changed it I was pissed 😤.
Rakesh Sharma
Rakesh Sharma Pred 16 dnevi
Over priced phones
Rebbeca Donald
Rebbeca Donald Pred 16 dnevi
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Indi Vids
Indi Vids Pred 18 dnevi
im not understanding what the primary sensors MP number difference really means. 12mp vs 108mp but the images look about the same to me. edit* also including telephoto lens numbers+selfie. i figured higher numbers meant better images but they seem the same to me.
eric picard
eric picard Pred 19 dnevi
A point to note between rounded and flat glass is durability. The flat screen will be a LOT harder to break than the rounded on a drop
79obrien Pred 19 dnevi
I hate the glass backs I'm glad I got the regular 21. The back glass always breaks so easily and make your phone look like shit. My s9 is the only phone glass backed phone where the glass didn't break
20eyesmisfit Pred 20 dnevi
Crazy how they can't even include a 5000mAh battery in such expensive phones, even some of their lower end products have 5000mAh batteries.
Daniel Klátil
Daniel Klátil Pred 20 dnevi
I bought S21+ yesterday with Exynos chipset. I am amazed! Just amazing phone! No overheating, in performance is beast, display awesome, great battery life, very high build quality!
RICHARD1974 Pred 21 dnevom
I finally replaced my S8 galaxy last week. with the S21 ultra 5G. So much better.
Hill16Dub. Pred 21 dnevom
S21 plus 256GB for me, the ultra variant looks way too big for the auld jeans pocket. I'm not a gamer, it's all about photography, music and movie streaming so coming from an S8 Plus it'll be a welcome upgrade. Great upload yet again Saf me auld son. 🤜🏻🤛🏻
Kun88 Pred 21 dnevom
Why does he have a british accent
MrBoombast64 Pred 21 dnevom
I think that sucks with no hesdphones and charger....
Prince Vera
Prince Vera Pred 22 dnevi
Which one I would pick? Nokia 3310 is the best option. It comes with charger.
whereswill1 Pred 22 dnevi
No SD and no charger like WTF!!
Carorca2 Pred 22 dnevi
just got mine.. let's see how it goes... hope the battery last longer than my S9
Matt Mcfarren
Matt Mcfarren Pred 22 dnevi
So do any of these 3 models overheat less than the other? I want to buy an unlocked version from Best Buy but worried cause s21 series sometimes overheat?
Pedro Siqueira
Pedro Siqueira Pred 23 dnevi
My s8+ is turning 3 years old this October, can't wait to upgrade!!
J Gambler
J Gambler Pred 24 dnevi
Pay this much for a phone and they don't include a charger, fml.
Rollo Rodriguez
Rollo Rodriguez Pred 25 dnevi
Flat display meaning I can put glass screen protectors now like on iPhones? My problem with my S10 is I dropped it and cracked the screen and found out it wasn't an easy fix!
David Beppler
David Beppler Pred 26 dnevi
S9/S9+ has a better display... by a lot. S9+ has 1440 x 2960 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio (~529 ppi density) vs S21+ having only 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~394 ppi density).
Aadil Farhan
Aadil Farhan Pred 26 dnevi
am i the only one who read laser af as " laser AS FUCK "
Charley Tank
Charley Tank Pred 27 dnevi
I got the S21+ 5G phone a few days ago and absolutely hate it but I loved your review. the fingerprint scammer is a lot slower than my other Samsung phones I have had in the past, I only wished I would have seen this video before I got the phone. I got this to replace my S9+ but I think I will keep it for another year and send the S21+ 5G back.
Richie Johnson
Richie Johnson Pred 28 dnevi
I just traded a note 9 for a s21 plus and it really feels like a downgrade.
slickmastajay Pred 28 dnevi
How come they keep using such low megapixels for the ultrawide cameras?? Ultrawide shots capture more in each picture you take. As soon as you zoom in just a little the quality and details degrade far far quicker than the main sensor. They have been using 12mp ultrawide for way to long now.
Connor McGovern
Connor McGovern Pred 28 dnevi
S10+ > S21+ ..... Nothing better then paying for major downgrades no headphone jack, no expandable memory, no UHD screen, no ultrawide selfie camera, no programmable extra button, same amount of RAM, No heart rate sensor, No blood oxygen level meter, no adjustable aperture. Sounds like $1,000 if I've ever heard and no charger in the box or headphones ridiculous do i returned my 21+ and bought a refurbished S10+ after I broke my first one
Lena Cheney
Lena Cheney Pred 29 dnevi
I got 400 off s21 for switching to xfinity. Love it!
Camilla Lægaard
Camilla Lægaard Pred mesecem
Hej Supersaf. What is the main differences between the S21 series and the S20 FE (5g) edition? As far as I can see, they do have a lot of the same components :)
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez Pred mesecem
S20+ or s21?🤔
Jason Matthew
Jason Matthew Pred mesecem
When I got my S21 no charger block had to get a wireless charger which I don't mind but really 😳
coliton787 Pred mesecem
Phone they're getting way too expensive. And they're doing it intentionally because we still paying for that ridiculous price. 😒Not me anymore. I going to start buying A51 or A71 series. Bye bye galaxy S whatever and Note whatever 😊
MJ P Pred mesecem
The shades made this hard for me to watch.
Walt Pred mesecem
Great very detailed review !
zina sands
zina sands Pred mesecem
Just got a new s21, not happy about not getting a charger! I like the phone!
Mine Pred mesecem
UPDATE!!! 03/15/2121 I got an email from Samsung saying that my trade in phone was not what they were expecting. I even called Samsung to verify that my phone was the 5G because I wasn't sure. They told me it was and that I was good to go. Now I'm Being told that it is not, and that I'm going to be charged $550. WTF is with this company. People need to stop buying Samsung products because of the issues they're having and Samsung throwing us to the curb!!!! Do not buy the Galaxy S21!!! I got the phone on Tuesday and found out today that the Bluetooth doesn't work. I called Samsung Tech. support and found Bluetooth to be faulty. She said that because I've had the phone for a few days, that they would do an exchange. I was transferred... I was told that Samsung does NOT do exchanges or repairs. I have to return the phone and then buy the phone all over again after the return goes through. I set up a Verizon account with insurance, and a partial payment plan. Now I have to get rid of the account, and then start from scratch with another phone. I've always bought the Galaxy S models for phones, but this is Bullsh#t, I'm now moving to Apple. Never again. Bad customer service and policies!!!
Kl1m Pred mesecem
Lol plastik backplate is way better than glas. Less expensive to change and better durable. Doesnt crack
Balvinder Sambhi
Balvinder Sambhi Pred mesecem
Please share - Eco Gravity Charger. Cable free charger Device. sltv.info/label/e5OdzqPHi5F-Y6I/video
Alan Siddall
Alan Siddall Pred mesecem
I love the curved screen that's what makes samsung. Thats its identity I hope they never get rid of the curved screen really makes the samsung stand out but they can includethe optionof not having a curved screen ... Quick question out of curiosity why the sun glasses? Every single time.
Acousticks Live
Acousticks Live Pred mesecem
3.5mm audio jack available on these or no?
Anandy Meloney
Anandy Meloney Pred mesecem
Can u compare it with the A2s plz an the s21ultra
rodenrren2 Pred mesecem
11 hz???
Latisha Brown
Latisha Brown Pred mesecem
I have the s 21plus purplish color so far so good but I wanted a older phone the styles 20 they wanted more down for it but over all the s21p isn't to shab
CThienV Pred mesecem
I need ultra wide angle camera. Otherwise I'm still super content with my note 9. Can't decide
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams Pred mesecem
just got my s21 ultra in the black color a few days ago, and if anyone is thinking about switching or upgrading to the new device... I sincerely recommend it. The video experience to the smooth animations and an extremely fast response, it's truly an amazing piece of technology. And it feels far more premium than any Samsung device every made.
Devender Singh
Devender Singh Pred mesecem
nothing is big deal though until they charge this much money
S K Pred mesecem
This Guy can be trusted, he is wearing sunglasses recording a yt video....
DaPowerRanger Pred mesecem
Where can I find that blue case?
blank Pred mesecem
Awesome review mate very thorough
Mark Pred mesecem
Still going strong with my Note 8 back from Fall 2017 and battery has been still great. Been wanting the Note 20 Ultra but I wasn't as impressed then now this S21 series not really much to impress. SD Card and Headphone jack man come on. Maybe Note 21 will bring it back....
James Mac Pheators
James Mac Pheators Pred 27 dnevi
My Note 8 js is a fucking Terminator!! I've unintentionally beaten the shit outta this phone and it's still going strong!! Was thinking of upgrading to the S21 Ultra or +, but I'm not a fan of some of the "downgrades". Definitely not impressed either.. Might get the Note 20 or S20+ instead.
UGB_Aventador15 Pred mesecem
Are those William Painter sunglasses?
Individual Thoughts
Individual Thoughts Pred mesecem
To everyone complaining about no Micro SD slot...use a Cloud or get an external hard drive!!!! It isn't that hard. An external hard drive is better anyway considering the amount of space you can have on one of them and once you transfer everything over to the EHD you don't have to worry about losing everything if your phone get's stolen or broken. It's 2021...there are PLENTY of other and BETTER options for storage then a simple Micro SD card. As for the headphone jack...it's called a dongle. Don't want to use a dongle? There a TONS of wireless headphones out there. They aren't simply getting rid of these things because they want to give you less...they are just moving in the direction of Cloud storage and wireless technology because that's the direction the entire TECH industry is headed in.
Basant Gurung
Basant Gurung Pred mesecem
Thankyu sir the way yu done this video yu have explained in very detail now I know which one to go for
Alla 1234
Alla 1234 Pred mesecem
I am in between s21 plus and ultra...what do you recommend?
Knuckles Pred mesecem
Lol who else watching this vedio on your S21 ultra ???
J Mcc
J Mcc Pred mesecem
They all don't have gorilla glass... Not the best way to start buddy.
TechSpecAgent08 Pred mesecem
$800-$1200 phone...doesn't come with a charger, WTF?
xSWAGCATx Pred 13 urami
Just like stinky steve Jobs...
Kaxieh Pred 24 dnevi
Lol just like iPhone
ABO GAMING Pred mesecem
Watching on my new S21
NoSkill PG3D
NoSkill PG3D Pred mesecem
My s9+ has dual pixel af but the s21 don't!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!
andreibery Pred mesecem
I buyed s21 plus just because it has a flat display
Mino the mandarin
Mino the mandarin Pred mesecem
There are a lot more colours for the ultra now
Joakim Videbæk Nielsen
So, no conclusion. Great
Keramat tawakuli
Keramat tawakuli Pred mesecem
Alo Valentini
Alo Valentini Pred mesecem
I got the 21+ for free by switching to ATT... Im taking it back and keeping the s10+.
Andreso keso
Andreso keso Pred mesecem
why may i ask? im considering getting the 21+, got the s10 atm
kam shaft
kam shaft Pred mesecem
just buy s10 and then buy nice 4k video camera for streaming
Hudson Pred mesecem
Here I am watching some guy compare 3 phones, all of which are well over £1000, whilst I still have an iPhone 6S :)
Mr.SantiaG0! Pred mesecem
Have the s21 plus And at first i didn't like too much, But to be honest now i kinda love it and im starting to become acustome to it if that makes sense
ildiko Pred mesecem
Do you think I can use the LG charger on this phone?
Echo Blanquet Jr
Echo Blanquet Jr Pred mesecem
Lol ya'll say something like Thanos but I'm over here like umm no?! You mean lord beerus or frieza 😎💜
Sweet Cloeh Noko
Sweet Cloeh Noko Pred mesecem
Got myself a samsung galaxy s21 ultra yesterday. I love it. Was told it comes with ear buds, didn't get them. 😒 was i dupped?
P.S Rouz
P.S Rouz Pred 19 dnevi
It's it not to big and heavy?
9 lifes!!!
9 lifes!!! Pred mesecem
To me one plus 7t Pro, 8 Pro has just as good of a display as the S21 ultra, or even slightly better and the software experience, too me is better from the one ➕. I just gave up my 7t Pro for the S21 ultra and I wonder if I made a mistake....
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