Huawei Mate 40 Pro Unboxing - WHAT. 

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Unboxing and camera test for the 2020 Huawei Mate 40 Pro Smartphone, and a comparison with iPhone 12 / 12 Pro, but there's more to the story...To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway
Or to see my iPhone 12 Unboxing: sltv.info/label/mJibmsLAh2d9Z2s/video
Or full iPhone 12 / 12 Pro camera comparison: sltv.info/label/gpaGzM2jrXtwhaI/video
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22. okt. 2020

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred mesecem
Yoooo! October's getting spicy! Another pretty big video dropping tomorrow! 👊 To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway Or to see my iPhone 12 Unboxing: To check out my unboxing: sltv.info/label/mJibmsLAh2d9Z2s/video Or full iPhone 12 / 12 Pro camera comparison: sltv.info/label/gpaGzM2jrXtwhaI/video
chaddies vlog
chaddies vlog Pred dnevom
Me for my online class I'm from the Philippines watching for u here.
chaddies vlog
chaddies vlog Pred dnevom
Me for my online class for your Christmas gift for me I'm from the Philippines watching on u.🥰🥰
Ahmadraja Ahmadraja
Ahmadraja Ahmadraja Pred 4 dnevi
@h20d boi P
Shan Zedric Vivas
Shan Zedric Vivas Pred 8 dnevi
Can I have iPhone 12 pro plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls
Christopher Pred 10 dnevi
Have you used the mate 40 for your daily??
The Red BlueBerry
I love Huawei, it's now my favorite brand, my uncle has gotten the Huawei Mate 40 pro last week, I tried it a bit, and it's pure awesomeness!👍 If I manage to pass my exams(which is going to be in 2021 cuz of Covid-19 and confinement) I will tell my dad to buy me a Mate 40 pro!!🙃
Narsimha Golla
Narsimha Golla Pred 2 urami
6:48 😂😂😂😂
Boat Killer
Boat Killer Pred 2 urami
China buy the moto company in 2014
Mir S
Mir S Pred 9 urami
2:50 was asking myself why my note 10 plus has that shadow line on my edge screen so thats not defect its from the edge screen huh u saved me thanks
董方亮 Pred 13 urami
love your video, but HUAWEI must die
SH Gaming YT
SH Gaming YT Pred dnevom
Really want this phn bt Don't have make to buy😭😭😭😭
Jace Louisse
Jace Louisse Pred dnevom
Me watching this with my Huawei mate 30 pro
Dan Lukute
Dan Lukute Pred dnevom
now why would they improve everything but forget night mode, the p 40 pro has a good night mode, now how could they forget it on the mate 40 pro which is even higher that the p 40 pro !? this makes no sense
Leo Sellei 2005
Leo Sellei 2005 Pred dnevom
But will the newest Huawei phones stop getting Security updates because of no Google Apps?
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor Pred dnevom
Guys. For SLtv download the Vanced SLtv app!! You can enjoy full SLtv experience and the best there is NO ANNOYING ADVERTS! very good app and absolute working on the new mate 40 p40 etc.
YASH NIMGALE Pred dnevom
Wow . I just love your content! 😍😍😳😳
Kiran Gautam
Kiran Gautam Pred dnevom
Bader Alomar
Bader Alomar Pred dnevom
Huawie is so much better then Apple why do people even use apple if huawie is cheaper and better
Mohammed Dahodwala
Mohammed Dahodwala Pred 2 dnevi
Eyes on display was on the Samsung ace 3 I used it it was really good
gareth m giangan
gareth m giangan Pred 2 dnevi
I like when you speak in english even your languange is not english
T Max
T Max Pred 2 dnevi
What you do with those phones after making video?
I like you my big brother
19838 Raahim Munawar Manj
It’s December and it’s 2 in the morning and time to sleep😞😞😞😞😞😞 bye ✌️
Allan Valeriano
Allan Valeriano Pred 2 dnevi
That's one of the reasons Xiaomi is kicking Huawei's butt.
impe83 Pred 2 dnevi
cant we just install google apks or it wouldn't work?
sachida patel
sachida patel Pred 2 dnevi
what is that game name?
Naveen Naveen
Naveen Naveen Pred 2 dnevi
Babu T K My address Thazhekizhakkumuri any 2gb ram phone
Bella Swan
Bella Swan Pred 3 dnevi
The accent i love it.
UNOG Pred 3 dnevi
Why do Huawei phones look like Samsungs?
hkfo Pred 3 dnevi
Arun, if u run out of words one day. Mayb u can try speak in other languages, like french, italian, chinese etc..
Z H Pred 3 dnevi
Am surprised that huawei Facebook page got 60 million followers and the apple page got 13 million only 😯
Astro tase
Astro tase Pred 4 dnevi
If it can use Google I buy it 100 %
Rakib Islam
Rakib Islam Pred 4 dnevi
Nice tshirt
Berd boiii Lőrinc
Berd boiii Lőrinc Pred 4 dnevi
That holephunch camera looks like a tic tac on steroids
Arjan Pred 4 dnevi
Is it glazed though hahaha thank you.
MarG Val vlog family
Good quality HUAWEI-HUAWEi
Alexander Gonohov
Alexander Gonohov Pred 4 dnevi
Happy Huawei and Honor users all know about SLtv Vanced and Yandex Music, so we are well prepared to enjoy the sound which wraps around us
Mrugesh ki videos
Mrugesh ki videos Pred 5 dnevi
When you cant see things that far from you
NASRY JUMA Pred 5 dnevi
Nice how much
siddharth Pred 5 dnevi
Finally those wish mate 35pro makes sense
Dysan 314
Dysan 314 Pred 5 dnevi
This makes me really sad, probably one of the best phones I have ever used was the P20 pro.... I loved that phone, I got the p30 pro after and it was no where near as good. Maybe now that Mr Trump is leaving Google may allow them back in and hopefully the may be able to buy some more chips. It's a real shame because Huawei have produced some amazing tech
Al olip2160
Al olip2160 Pred 5 dnevi
Very nice phone 📱
Prem Cooper
Prem Cooper Pred 5 dnevi
If I were in his place, I would install vanced & microg to watch SLtv videos
martin belfort
martin belfort Pred 5 dnevi
Chip industry harder to build than a rocket landing on the moon? the answer is obvious
Love Chirhakarhula
Love Chirhakarhula Pred 5 dnevi
Wait, if you want to go to SLtv just use a browser duh
Debatreyo Chakraborty
Sir Could you do a detailed video on the Mate 40 Pro Plus?
Markjoseph Garcia
Markjoseph Garcia Pred 6 dnevi
Ant Pred 6 dnevi
1:56 Brings out the most cursed ipod as an exampel
Mulchmann36 Pred 7 dnevi
I always find it funny when people talk about the back of a smartphone as something important, when the first thing I do is, slapping a case on it
Jacob Ferrero
Jacob Ferrero Pred 7 dnevi
Where you able to get your hands on the Pro+ model yet?
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
hoo hoo
Sujal Shrestha
Sujal Shrestha Pred 7 dnevi
Money plz😅
CRETU DAVID Pred 7 dnevi
This is revolutionary not apple
mr wow games
mr wow games Pred 7 dnevi
1:56 what a meme
jbrat79 Pred 8 dnevi
So close to buying this very second but without Google play store it is now a million miles away!! How Unfortunate 🙄
قناة عائشة ام مهدي TV
بالتوفيق 👍👍👍
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis Pred 8 dnevi
Sony did the face tracking auto rotate thing years ago with the Z3. Maybe even Z2!
Mhmd Brkt
Mhmd Brkt Pred 8 dnevi
I need one
Nozzy Pred 8 dnevi
Huawei sponsoring all these influencers to stay somewhat alive.
JCL C Pred 8 dnevi
I like d honesty with the running out of words thingy. 🤣
Yara Lara
Yara Lara Pred 8 dnevi
thankyou,very nice video👍🏻
Nusrath Shaikh
Nusrath Shaikh Pred 9 dnevi
Anyone here after Antoine greizmanns unboxing ?
Jacob Bingham
Jacob Bingham Pred 9 dnevi
That face rotation thing is really lit Goes to show it was made by humans, people like us who lay down on our side and watch videos
Techkey1 Pred 9 dnevi
I've been waiting for this phone for literally 2 years. It finally comes out and there is no GMS.😔
Mostafa Sherif
Mostafa Sherif Pred 9 dnevi
a phone without GOOGLE is useless :(
TECA SV Pred 9 dnevi
sltv.info/label/nNqAu8mpq36kn6I/video ( huawei mate 40 pro unboxing and review and test )
Khalid Brown
Khalid Brown Pred 9 dnevi
i need this phone like right now i would give my blood for
Ash Wolf
Ash Wolf Pred 10 dnevi
I know I'm late. But since the US president changed, is there a possibility that Huawei and Google can make it again next year?
Junville Rule
Junville Rule Pred 10 dnevi
Was that saliva on the phone🤔🤔😅😅
Ghost Kronic
Ghost Kronic Pred 10 dnevi
if huawei had Gms I would buy it in a heartbeat
Krys Top
Krys Top Pred 10 dnevi
Huawei ♥
Poonam Khatri
Poonam Khatri Pred 10 dnevi
Loved the cat... cutie
Nyenye zoldck Fan
Nyenye zoldck Fan Pred 10 dnevi
There is google in huawei !!! In play store
Pathetic Panda
Pathetic Panda Pred 10 dnevi
I love amoled on the other hand i hate screen burn☹️ btw loved this phone, im using samsung note 8
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar Pred 10 dnevi
looking like nokia lumia....
Abmar Padilla
Abmar Padilla Pred 11 dnevi
Why i will buy a huawei device on 2020...?
SAMUEL ABRAHAM Pred 11 dnevi
Please, what's the name of the soundtrack used from 7:40 to 9:06?
Sovith Meas
Sovith Meas Pred 11 dnevi
Don't matter how nice, no Google is big loss
tamil gaming
tamil gaming Pred 11 dnevi
GREVEN Pred 12 dnevi
i honestly want apple to make some kind of phone like this with features like eyes on display and stuff
Benjamin Yue
Benjamin Yue Pred 12 dnevi
Love 💗
Ws Tang
Ws Tang Pred 12 dnevi
thanks to trump, we have to stick with Poor IPhone 12 for 5nm chip
Charles-Antoine Leblanc
i would have bought that instead of the note 20 ultra if it had google, sad
lakes Pred 12 dnevi
4:05 It wouldnt matter. Phones have the ability to keep it in vertical mode or horizontal..
person 1
person 1 Pred 12 dnevi
Just checked petal search its fuckin fantastic I am using an older Huawei phone the y9 prime 2019 so it has Google Chrome but Petal search honestly feels much better than Chrome from petal search I'm pretty sure u can download other Google apps if ud like
JasoPlayYt Pred 12 dnevi
Always watching phones that i cant afford😂😂
Sulaiman Sayyed Year 10
And AMERICA is jealous!
Sulaiman Sayyed Year 10
@Muneeb Rehman Why are u so angry at this?😂😂😂
Muneeb Rehman
Muneeb Rehman Pred 12 dnevi
Jealous of what ? A company that introduces 8 year old features? And sells a shitty camera that's even couldn't outperform last gen devices?
Atruesus Pred 12 dnevi
As for Mate40 ,U can download google framework by yourself and they are still improving softwares
INSTINCT TV Pred 12 dnevi
hahaha topic is huawei but the adds is vivo
NAIJA VILLE Pred 13 dnevi
bigpurple100 Pred 13 dnevi
You mentioned the 66v charger but didn't say how fast it charges.
josell palo
josell palo Pred 13 dnevi
You can download and install SLtv VANCED. Quite better than youtube because it doesnt play any ads 😊
-CC Playz-
-CC Playz- Pred 13 dnevi
You know you can put rotation lock on iPhone and iPad
Yvonne Kaboneka
Yvonne Kaboneka Pred 13 dnevi
I want to win a Huawei phone 😭😭😭😭😭
xhi ping
xhi ping Pred 13 dnevi
wow on 5 nano meter. amazing. snapdragon should learn rom huawei
majazpk Pred 13 dnevi
if this phone had google services, a chip from qualcomm and could be bought all around the world ,it would be sold out in litteraly nanoseconds
Saed M
Saed M Pred 13 dnevi
Will this have Google services?
vinod yadav
vinod yadav Pred 13 dnevi
SM ISLAMIC MEDIA Pred 13 dnevi
Are you Muslim?????
SM ISLAMIC MEDIA Pred 13 dnevi
Mae Mahilum
Mae Mahilum Pred 13 dnevi
How much this phone?
AMAL VINOD K Pred 13 dnevi
Huawei ❣
Arshad babu
Arshad babu Pred 13 dnevi
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar Pred 13 dnevi
I like your cat bro
"Smartphones are Boring now."
Huawei is replacing Android.
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