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So, this happened.
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Love Frey x



15. jun. 2018

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jamie darlison
jamie darlison Pred 29 dnevi
Josh is a g n lucky as hell you are good together
Jasmine Walton
Jasmine Walton Pred 2 meseci
freya is really pretty omg
Kyle Houston
Kyle Houston Pred 2 meseci
11:11 "oh fuck" lol
Natalie MacAskill
Natalie MacAskill Pred 3 meseci
ayo Freya; do a 2021 quarentine version
Springful TFM
Springful TFM Pred 3 meseci
s(he) s(hit) (her)self
TheWalkingBritt Pred 3 meseci
Josh likes her in yellow because he is her sunshine & yang to his yin.
Beth Fletcher
Beth Fletcher Pred 3 meseci
Freya straight up calling Josh a nonce 😂😂😂
Miloszwodnik23 Pred 3 meseci
Why does she look 10yrs older than him
Michelle ann Love
Michelle ann Love Pred 5 meseci
Joe Young
Joe Young Pred 5 meseci
Fit 🥩 🥊
Ethan Donald
Ethan Donald Pred 5 meseci
I got autism
TheBananaPeel Pred 8 meseci
TheNo1Waffler Pred 8 meseci
Josh it’s the money bro... it’s the money 😂😂
STRYKER-KERRIE 007 Pred 9 meseci
zerkaa got some style tho!
Medeya Paskeviciute
Medeya Paskeviciute Pred 9 meseci
I wish I had her body :(
iReppo Pred 2 meseci
Ok then go work out and get it
Euan Smith
Euan Smith Pred 9 meseci
Josh is sat like its his first time meeting her family
EsmeLovesBeauty 🦋
EsmeLovesBeauty 🦋 Pred 10 meseci
Ass os is the worst place to get clothes they’re disgustiing
lobbdem Pred 10 meseci
"thanks mate" lol friendzoned
Cypress Mckendrick
Cypress Mckendrick Pred 10 meseci
She’s so bitter in this video
Ante Rada
Ante Rada Pred 10 meseci
u guys been a 7 year relationship and she calls you mate. rip josh. 3:40
Joel Pred 10 meseci
So joshs breathe smells like fish in the morning 🤣
Paul Satchwell
Paul Satchwell Pred 10 meseci
17:33 noone else think the way they returned looks about dodgey??
jon lee
jon lee Pred 10 meseci
Freya: Joshua Josh: *chuckles* I’m in danger
Brooke Daly stickland
Brooke Daly stickland Pred 11 meseci
The first top was lush
Brandon Ellerby
Brandon Ellerby Pred 11 meseci
Josh and Freya say “babe” normally then you have Simon and talia that cringe when they hear it
Meow Pred 11 meseci
josh and freya are the besttttt 🥰
alex c
alex c Pred 11 meseci
freya really suits yellow
Katelyn Gilbert
Katelyn Gilbert Pred 11 meseci
Can we realise when Freya walked in with the coco top on and Josh said oi oi Edit: love it how josh said there you go cover yourself up a bit- that's what dad's do Josh looked her up and down when he turned around so her back was towards the camera
Ethan Collins
Ethan Collins Pred 11 meseci
L L Pred 11 meseci
Is freya on tag
Lilyyy 2007
Lilyyy 2007 Pred 11 meseci
The way josh looks at Freya is so cute 🥺
Katie Pred 11 meseci
“I tHInk itS NIce” Josh with every outfit
Charlie Cook
Charlie Cook Pred 11 meseci
2:40 when Freya turns around josh let’s out a cheeky look at the batty 😂😂
adelaida diaz
adelaida diaz Pred 11 meseci
ur so boring fam
Rich Gill
Rich Gill Pred 11 meseci
SLtv jockey
The келеш from хелл BG
Freya like the goddess
Klaus Skjødt-Ladefoged
he looks like a kid at christmas, when he looks at her
la7 _ mu
la7 _ mu Pred letom
Vik has entered the chat 11:07
A.K. Pred letom
Icy Skies
Icy Skies Pred letom
Just subscribed like your content keep it up
NexusGamesPs4 Youtube
Icy Skies simp
muzix Pred letom
Seraphina Brunner
You should have rated them from 1-10
Samuel Bedingfield
Josh was doing social distancing before it was cool
Bud light Knight
Bud light Knight Pred letom
4:37 look at josh
CoLniX Pred letom
Josh may not be the funniest but do you know what, he is the best man of the sidemen, his love for freya is unparalleled, massive respect to josh, I love to see a man who looks at his miss and has a glimmer in his eye for her, keep going josh, you two are mazing for each other.
tictacturkey Pred letom
Freya do be lookin good doe.
Richard Ventre
Richard Ventre Pred letom
Freya: says Joshua Josh: I’m in trouble
Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer Pred letom
An 8 isn’t even big it’s a small
Juan Barrios M
Juan Barrios M Pred letom
Let's be honest Josh called talia for advice....
The fat Rapper kid
Niila Robertson
Niila Robertson Pred letom
Yo just like with talias vid with Simon keep your eyes up boys
Larissa -
Larissa - Pred letom
I almost choked when she said £200 budget
Nick Pred letom
Josh with the steal of the century
Royalty MSP
Royalty MSP Pred letom
Josh is very good at buying women’s clothing.
Ryan Rodriguez Parker
Freya you in that yellow jumper, Wow Yes please 😍😍😍
Ethan Mc
Ethan Mc Pred letom
Let’s all be honest josh is the worst sidemen
Ares Pred letom
Its_the_Alan Pred letom
Josh the male camel toe is called a moose knuckle
Lord Bielsa
Lord Bielsa Pred letom
How Is Josh porking that
allana Pred letom
happy 1 million views to this video! how iconic. im crying im proud
IX-JC-XI Pred letom
Joshy seems so awkward (like always)
Alliance Pred letom
even though u are doin well simon and talias was better
Sufi BTW
Sufi BTW Pred letom
It’s obvious they smashed after this video
ΛPΣX Pred letom
3:43 oof
kappa mikey
kappa mikey Pred letom
Freya is Peng af
Luke XOTWOD Pred letom
shit freya is bare fit wtf😂😂😂never really realised
keegan lol
keegan lol Pred letom
Robby Cisneros
Robby Cisneros Pred letom
"you look like a default character" LMAO
God of Funny
God of Funny Pred letom
Guys, I can hear something... It sounds like Freya should've went to Sidemenclothing.com
Stxy 008
Stxy 008 Pred letom
The fact that josh can pull Freya gives us all hope 🙏
James Keller
James Keller Pred letom
striped tee looks like ness from smash
kieran Pred letom
the second outfit, she had a camel toe
Abida Hussain
Abida Hussain Pred letom
These are all pretty much the same outfit
Fabbyflame Pred letom
good god u look good in tight clothes
Purple Alpha
Purple Alpha Pred letom
yo she lowkey fit
Sherry Myatt
Sherry Myatt Pred letom
She didn’t pronounce the “E” at the end of Nike
Sheesh I can't decide on a name
Freya's body is goals! Like Freya can wear anything and rock it!
Nigerian prince
Nigerian prince Pred letom
Warning to all no nut November soilders refract your vision away from this vid as I sadly lost the battle to it this may be a win but it is not a victory no nuts no nuts no nuts
Charlie Pred letom
George Meynell
George Meynell Pred letom
Any one else see josh cover his crotch the whole time 👀
Laiba H
Laiba H Pred letom
00:00 replay button for the best intro song
David Soyele
David Soyele Pred letom
this nigga has a girlfriend named FUCKING FREYA. Why isn't life fair?
Jazveen Kapoor
Jazveen Kapoor Pred letom
Loving that intro !
Dark D
Dark D Pred letom
Damn, Freya looks like an MMA champ in those leggings.
Lorenzo Santiago
Lorenzo Santiago Pred letom
why are they like so innocent after 9 years of dating
boggels. Pred letom
Im a german bratwurst and im realy beeindruckt that she spelled adidas correct omg feels sauerkraut
Luis Chavarria
Luis Chavarria Pred letom
Do you talk to Josh like that in bed?
Taehyun Kim
Taehyun Kim Pred letom
11:11 that outfit makes you look like your typical American school girl lol
Lego Indiana Jones
She called him mate
Ghost Aplha
Ghost Aplha Pred letom
Joshua is so lucky
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez Pred letom
No hate to either of them but they look so awkward with each other, but still they’re a cute couple💘
kake jelly
kake jelly Pred letom
I wish to be like Josh in the future gave a kind and pretty girl who appreciates me for who I am
H2F Pred letom
I hate it but I’m not mad at it
mendesu Pred letom
Her bf should start a YT channel
Anthony Hamilton-Smiles
1. 👌 2. 8.5/10 3. 7/10 4. 4/10 5. 6/10 6. 8/10 7. 7.5/10 8. 8/10 9. 😂😂 10. 9/10
Big Ounce
Big Ounce Pred letom
Freya is the pengest girl on youtube, without a doubt!!!
George Griffiths
George Griffiths Pred letom
11:04 looks like bert n ernie
Petar Bosale
Petar Bosale Pred letom
I hate her voice
PasHion Glory
PasHion Glory Pred letom
Just the way he looks at heart!!!!! UGH my heart melts.... cutest couple on yt like fr fam!!!!!!! I wish I can meet them so bad but I'm in the US..... they are so adorable and always have been
Emil Sulcs
Emil Sulcs Pred letom
So am I the only one that googled how old is Josh?
s4cred Pred letom
Eyyyy Nightingale is a group of thieves in a book
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