Groups Day 6 | 2021 Mid-Season Invitational 

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2021 Mid-Season Invitational

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Pemsa Pascual
Pemsa Pascual Pred 23 dnevi
PCS with 1 week sub rookie ADC > NA with imports
Fdbbfs Bfgfgfd
Fdbbfs Bfgfgfd Pred 26 dnevi
0:10 need to know song know
Manston Hisk
Manston Hisk Pred 29 dnevi
american adds are the worst.
Khrystyana Pred mesecem
Damon the first one is really nice combat
Brady M
Brady M Pred mesecem
5:01:37 TSM played terrible this game.
InkWavve Pred mesecem
When Diana Yasuo gets picked and casters keep talking for 3 minutes about support Sett
NOOB ZEP Pred mesecem
Wjo is gonna watch a 7 hour live streamz(
Peter Schipper
Peter Schipper Pred mesecem
5:29:50 Sjokz solo cast!
That One Guy
That One Guy Pred mesecem
when next games?
Jastine P.
Jastine P. Pred mesecem
Am I the only one who gets bored of the picks? Its repetitive JG Support and ADC pick...
Fntm Pred mesecem
Yeah it's called:riot doesn't know how to make a diverse and actually good meta
Luke Pike
Luke Pike Pred mesecem
Gotta say, Phreak is just so on point. Always has me laughing.
SkolCrusty Pred mesecem
Phreak burner confirmed
Farouk Mustapha
Farouk Mustapha Pred mesecem
EU Fans pretty quiet now.....
Jockney Pred mesecem
@Farouk Mustapha your best team is EU.. it's more embarrassing for you that C9 is doing well
Tee Kay
Tee Kay Pred mesecem
mate are you serious? EU isnt that bothered, MAD did just fine and we consider most of C9 ours and/or think C9 is the best NA team and are happy Perkz went there instead of somewhere sh__ty like TSM. If we have to support an NA team a lot of us go for C9, we didnt think there was anything really worth talking about? Well done by all means, when MAD and C9 face each other then there will be some trash talking, you are wetting yourself in excitement over very little...but i guess NA needs whatever scraps it can after being abused for so long.
0x2100 Pred mesecem
C9 is EU now because they made it to rumble 😄
Farouk Mustapha
Farouk Mustapha Pred mesecem
@idk idc Malding
idk idc
idk idc Pred mesecem
NA mentality: wins once, forget the millions of mistakes before and after thay lmao. Good luck in the second group stage
Quang Tran
Quang Tran Pred mesecem
Sven was so bad. 🙄
Quang Tran
Quang Tran Pred mesecem
@Fntm Yeah zven, especially that game vs DK. 😬
Fntm Pred mesecem
U mean zven?
Tony Touma
Tony Touma Pred mesecem
Ngl sven is horrible
Ryan Barrier
Ryan Barrier Pred mesecem
bro blaber looks like fudge's adopted child
Mark Bird
Mark Bird Pred mesecem
what a banger for the first game!!
Chris Ott
Chris Ott Pred mesecem
DK, nice picks in that last game. Some fresh stuff. DK and C9, thanks for the fun game.
James K
James K Pred mesecem
"showing the white flag in tribute of his French heritage." Absolutely savage!
Starty Pred 26 dnevi
@jomoeize It’s not a joke anymore. It’s a systematic put down that French people are forced to endure on every single video where the word French is mentioned.
VCN M Pred mesecem
@Mr Voldis You sound alot like a twitter user. Get off the internet if you get offended so easily.
Chardonnay Pred mesecem
@Mr Voldis I would most cordially like to point out that the French are not a race, but a nationality of a diverse group of people. I'll not comment further on the matter that prompted your response.
Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli Knowledge Pred mesecem
@Mr Voldis I would make fun of you but you are probably French which is already an insult.
jomoeize Pred mesecem
@Mr Voldis Seriously you got no other problems do you? It's a joke and do you even know what racism is? This really isn't
Meatwad 420
Meatwad 420 Pred mesecem
Kobe has had enough of phreak
Crown Pred mesecem
wheres dfm real support?
Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng Pred mesecem
C9 triumph
Nathan Sikkema
Nathan Sikkema Pred mesecem
I'm trying to figure out if perkz and blaber are short or if everyone else on c9 are just massive
Weaveable Destiny
Weaveable Destiny Pred mesecem
Sven is like 6’5 and the other two are 6’1 so they’re both like 5’10 pretty average
Christopher Weaver
Christopher Weaver Pred mesecem
Lol I know Sven is huge lol so they could just be normal size and everyone else is tall
BrwnPowerRanger Pred mesecem
Zven has to play way better or C9 just getting stomped next stage
Tee Kay
Tee Kay Pred mesecem
a team beats DW and youre claiming they need to IMPROVE? or they will get stomped? 3-0 second week wasnt enough? you quite literally looked at the evidence and developed the opposite opinion against all reason 🤨
Graham Parker
Graham Parker Pred mesecem
They have to play better if they want to beat the world champs \s
Jhin Pred mesecem
The literally beat the world champ team lol
cb 123
cb 123 Pred mesecem
Who qualified?
The Lore Hunter
The Lore Hunter Pred mesecem
Dude mad is dog they lost to the worst team in thier bracket and struggled with the other teams
Zonda 760
Zonda 760 Pred mesecem
@Alessandro lmao the delusional calling others delusional,clearly C9 outclass Mads if Mads were in this group they'd probably on the way back to EU right now.
Fortoday2212 Pred mesecem
@Alessandro mads group was a meme, c9 had to actually prove themselves
Alessandro Pred mesecem
@Storiaron lmao delusional
Storiaron Pred mesecem
@Romanian In Germany c9>mad
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