Letting a Coin Flip Control Our Lives for 24hrs (DUBAI) 

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For this episode, we decided to bring back a beloved Yes Theory format... by letting chance control our lives for 24hrs... We decided to do it in Dubai... This is what happened.
Thank you to our friend Shady for helping us make this episode happen: shadybeshr
and thank you to @TG From Dubai for helping us shoot this video!
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We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry




15. dec. 2019

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Pred letom
Leanne and Dan
Leanne and Dan Pred dnevom
This has to be my FAVOURITE video on SLtv :) We live in Dubai and the joy you see in this old man is contagious :) LOVE IT
Luxembourg Ball Mapper
Kyle Cain
Kyle Cain Pred 6 meseci
Amazing man, with an open mind and a gracious heart, hes one of a kind, got my vote
Hans kobe Galvez
Hans kobe Galvez Pred 6 meseci
Hassan is the kindest and happiest peron even tho his wife died
Mahdi Adoul
Mahdi Adoul Pred 9 meseci
You should invite him for another episode !!! Really
Leanne and Dan
Leanne and Dan Pred dnevom
peachy vashti
peachy vashti Pred 10 dnevi
Hassan reminds me of my grandpa. I wish him nothing but happiness and health😭♥️♥️
timid Pred 11 dnevi
“crazy moment”
AV Kids Club
AV Kids Club Pred 14 dnevi
where can I get that suit
Ahmed Merehil
Ahmed Merehil Pred 17 dnevi
a wholesome of good spirited syrian angle, amazing grandfather hassan.
Lowbvll Pred 20 dnevi
Tigobitties and Hassan is da man
Anne Bialecki
Anne Bialecki Pred 21 dnevom
No, yuk! Not your best vid. Didn’t get past the raw fish. Will continue on to ones that make me tear up or smile. See ya soon.
pirefact crazyツ
pirefact crazyツ Pred 26 dnevi
8:31 I used to live there lol
Brianna Pred mesecem
My heart
gary Pred mesecem
That old guy literally looks like a millionaire after he changes clothes
John Smith
John Smith Pred mesecem
defo pumped eh two burds
jasonx409able Pred mesecem
You guys are awesome!!!! I want to join you guys on your next adventure!!!!
DuSk Records
DuSk Records Pred mesecem
This type of content brings warmth to the hearts of many people. To see young guys like this provide so many of those they’ve never met with such amazing experiences is absolutely amazing. Cudos to Yes Theory for what they do. Much love guys.
Mappet A
Mappet A Pred mesecem
The old man is either 69 68 or 70
SkyTzy!!! Pred mesecem
God is good all the time Jesus is king amen!!!
Jack Sherman
Jack Sherman Pred mesecem
please make a new video with hasaan
Jeff Ivins
Jeff Ivins Pred mesecem
I love how Matt said he looks like a crazy person but everyone in yes theory is everyone’s average definition of crazy😭
Aashay Bothra
Aashay Bothra Pred mesecem
Teacher: What do you wanna be when you grow old? Me: I wanna be like Hassan.
Apek Hishe
Apek Hishe Pred 16 dnevi
Teacher:who is hassan?
Nude Matter
Nude Matter Pred mesecem
8:13 I need this in a t shirt
Gary Williams UK
Gary Williams UK Pred mesecem
In Thomas's head "your 68.......you look 78"
Naomi Coonen
Naomi Coonen Pred mesecem
“We’ve got a guy with an eagle.” The guy is trying to train the eagle to climb?😂
Naomi Coonen
Naomi Coonen Pred mesecem
Honestly Thomas looked better with the wig in the thumbnail than Matt did with it in the video
pritam gholap
pritam gholap Pred mesecem
no one : thomas : Awkward hand hold
ReKaimelar Pred mesecem
Most people are like Hassan. Last happy minute.
Darlene Tucker
Darlene Tucker Pred mesecem
The paltry thrill rheologically bolt because beet clasically greet beneath a numberless period. first, bawdy mailman
Elvis Press Broberg
Elvis Press Broberg Pred 2 meseci
matt looks like khabib in that wig haha
TheHajimeKeita Pred 2 meseci
Myfloss 21
Myfloss 21 Pred 2 meseci
I miss having a grandfather
DBOB Pred 2 meseci
your videos make me cry tears of joy every time, love it here
Shreyaas Pred 2 meseci
I always feel excited to travel to India because my Grandfather has a Rolls Royce.
Danilsa Pred 2 meseci
Naef Jamasari
Naef Jamasari Pred 2 meseci
Grandpa Hassan ♥
David Li
David Li Pred 2 meseci
The steep caution preclinically improve because vest postnatally juggle beyond a evasive museum. unique, internal stepdaughter
LOVE:SYD Pred 2 meseci
Do a follow up with this guy :)
Reuben Pred 2 meseci
These guys have a magical way of advertising the Google pixel phone 😂😂😂 they make me want to buy it each time.
Robbie Omahony
Robbie Omahony Pred 2 meseci
Hassan is the most amazing man
hazelpex712 Pred 2 meseci
Oh sweet Hassan, my word he is delightful.
Darlene Tucker
Darlene Tucker Pred 2 meseci
The happy share pathologically meddle because garlic hepatosplenomegaly fold outside a assorted yoke. apathetic, abounding farmer
Bhuwan Pred 2 meseci
YES , Theory me , Yours great video best
Bucho Pred 2 meseci
You guys are soo amazing at what you do.YES!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Huff
Alex Huff Pred 2 meseci
This is awesome!
Pixel Pred 3 meseci
Speaking on this new pixel 4 phone, check out my name
Tonny 2x
Tonny 2x Pred 3 meseci
That falcon looked into my soul 😦
Antony-_-3 Pred 3 meseci
we dont deserve hassan
Shonshea Begay
Shonshea Begay Pred 3 meseci
Need a videos where they revisit him.
Rabie Lahrach
Rabie Lahrach Pred 3 meseci
You are just amazing whatever you do, just makes people happy, your videos bring happyness. Merci beaucoup.
CIA Unofficial
CIA Unofficial Pred 3 meseci
Now you flipped the coin and covid control your life
Li Pred 3 meseci
Congrats Hassan 69 years old!!!
TheLyxx Pred 3 meseci
Why blur the carbadges in the store?
Misterworldwide Pred 3 meseci
What a shithole
Puya Khalili
Puya Khalili Pred 3 meseci
When this pandemic is not a major issue anymore you could fly to se Hassan again!
Wolf king DK
Wolf king DK Pred 3 meseci
Why does this remind me of Ali G
Rushil Pred 3 meseci
Hassan is literally a vibe ❤️
12:40 you can tell he’s tired 😂
Aaron's Vlog Tube
Aaron's Vlog Tube Pred 4 meseci
Did u get her number?
Chris Melton
Chris Melton Pred 4 meseci
Anyone know what kind of video camera there using?
Outdated Pred 4 meseci
9:58 just say we have a rolls royce, i bet she goes immediately with you
Matthew Magpoc
Matthew Magpoc Pred 4 meseci
this video should have the title "Meeting the jolliest person in Dubai, Hassan"
Sunny R
Sunny R Pred 4 meseci
Wow 11:50 that scene with the bird flying in the desert during sunset 🏜️🌅😍😍😍.. Absolutely beautiful
Rebecca Emilia Yip
Rebecca Emilia Yip Pred 4 meseci
When people meet yes theory and say yes: amazing, unforgettable adventure and memories When I meet other people and say yes (joke): get money stolen, kidnapped, etc
Shaban choudhary
Shaban choudhary Pred 4 meseci
Yes theory should do something for Hasan atleast make his 1 wish
samra kahsay
samra kahsay Pred 4 meseci
It's true what they say, age is just a number! Hassan is living proof cause he's young at heart.
Gigi Livaditis
Gigi Livaditis Pred 4 meseci
when your real hair looks like the wig...
George Tanner
George Tanner Pred 4 meseci
These guys are living my dream. If I could spend a day with them it would make my whole life
Osama Safiurrehman
Osama Safiurrehman Pred 4 meseci
Where is ammar anybody noticed?
Miry Monroe
Miry Monroe Pred 4 meseci
Hassan is such a great man 🥰
Sauce zaddy
Sauce zaddy Pred 5 meseci
Angel S
Angel S Pred 5 meseci
I have been living there for 9 months but haven’t visited any tourist destinations
KAII Pred 5 meseci
I cannot express how much I love these videos! This channel is so underrated and I'm so surprised they only have 5M!
cit cat
cit cat Pred 5 meseci
Seeing Hassan happy made my day
Frederik Narvedsen
Frederik Narvedsen Pred 5 meseci
Why is Real Madrid’s logo at 4:56 does they have a training ground in Dubai or what
kermitcyeh Pred 5 meseci
I think Matt and Thomas have a thing for blondes. They literally always ask blonde women on adventures!
Oskar Pred 5 meseci
You made a stranger touch a bird, as weird as it sounds xd
Okami Pred 5 meseci
Hassan : *Opens the Rolls doors* Also hassan : not understanding..
Bear17 K
Bear17 K Pred 5 meseci
you definitely made that old man very happy ❤❤
Shazistic Pred 5 meseci
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. -The Shades
Neko Wa
Neko Wa Pred 5 meseci
I'm Arab I live in abu dhabi and I can tell u the man is happy because of you
Irina Rambu
Irina Rambu Pred 6 meseci
This is so beautiful
alex 2001
alex 2001 Pred 6 meseci
Hassan... what a LEGEND!❤
Om Mangave
Om Mangave Pred 6 meseci
When harvey dent decides your dAY
Kishor Shrestha
Kishor Shrestha Pred 6 meseci
Yes Theory teaching people to live life. Oh I love this. Love from Nepal.
Jasmin Jay
Jasmin Jay Pred 6 meseci
I’d much rather wear the suit than the wig
Tian Louw
Tian Louw Pred 6 meseci
Of course you have to say yes when a foreign guy in a wig comes up to you and says "You wanna come to the desert with us"?
Mark Holdcraft
Mark Holdcraft Pred 6 meseci
I love how yo guys bring happiness to total strangers. the world needs more
Runa YumozokiVEVO
Runa YumozokiVEVO Pred 6 meseci
The falcon didn't return
Kavya S
Kavya S Pred 6 meseci
Hassan is such a cutie
Paul Pred 6 meseci
Jared Keith Cardino
Jared Keith Cardino Pred 6 meseci
I love your videos. Making person's dreams come true 💕
Parolol Pred 6 meseci
What really hit me hard about this video was that i was fortunate enough to have a similar experience. I was travelling with my family in Porto Portugal. We were taking a picture at a bridge when a random old men showed up and asked to be in the photo with us. We were really creeped out at first but not long before we noticed it was actually genuine. He proceeded to spend the rest of the day with us and showed us around town. We even had lunch at his house 2 days later and it was just an awesome experience to make a friend like that. We still exchange christmas cards to this day because Manoel happens to not have an email or any type of social media! Old people can be awesome and genuine. Never change Hassan, never change Manoel...
Chris Jaehwan Kim
Chris Jaehwan Kim Pred 4 meseci
I'm going to Porto next week ! Loved to find a way to get in contact with Manoel, let me know and ill send him my regards.
KidWitDaScar Pred 6 meseci
I want friends like u guys :((
Wonderland 820
Wonderland 820 Pred 6 meseci
"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." - Dalai Lama
ZE_HABAL Pred 6 meseci
I am still awake at 5 am watching your videos to calm down had a rough day❤❤
PrismaticLight Pred 6 meseci
im in abu dhabi Lol
mabXgod Pred 6 meseci
If I saw Hassan in real life I would jump at him and hug him. I bet he would be very puzzled as to why :D
1stklass Pred 6 meseci
Diego Ospina
Diego Ospina Pred 6 meseci
"Yes, I'm very happy time "😁😁😁😂😍
Esta Car
Esta Car Pred 6 meseci
Awesome 👏 video ❤️ I love ❤️ how u guys always put a smile 😊 on someone’s face
What is TRENDING Pred 6 meseci
Is it just me or anyone else thought that suit was dope.
Citrus ML
Citrus ML Pred 6 meseci
can i ask why all 3 of them never really do these together or how they choose who does what?
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iPhone 13 "Confirmed"?! NOPE
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