The Seditionist Roundup Continues As More Idiots Are Charged For Roles In Capitol Riot 

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It's time for another edition of everyone's favorite criminal justice segment, A Late Show's Seditionist Round-up Roundup. This week, Stephen looks at the cases of MAGA realtor Jenna Ryan, "moron" ex-boyfriend Richard Michetti, and former bartender Eric Munchel, each of whom now face jail time for their alleged participation in the deadly January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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25. feb. 2021

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Isaiah Clark
Isaiah Clark Pred 2 dnevi
Your brother was my teacher
Trevin Hughes
Trevin Hughes Pred 9 dnevi
It is an indirect way to get to the nose.
ItsMe 4Tea
ItsMe 4Tea Pred 18 dnevi
Please tell me that arbys burger was a joke!!
ItsMe 4Tea
ItsMe 4Tea Pred 13 dnevi
@Jaquilynn Blaque wow I'm genuinely shocked it has to be impossible to eat all of it? It reminds me of one of those burgers from the heart attack grill I've seen on TV.
Jaquilynn Blaque
Jaquilynn Blaque Pred 13 dnevi
It's a "secret menu" item. Its not advertised but if you ask for it they will make it
Paul Feitoza
Paul Feitoza Pred 20 dnevi
Ngl...I am LOVING this new format. I hated it at first but the looseness of it makes me SCREAM every time
PRAISE THE LORD Pred 29 dnevi
The true idiots are the ones of us that don't do our own research on everything. Instead, we allow PODCASTERS and MSM to feed us all types of propaganda.
Aijababe K.
Aijababe K. Pred mesecem
"Slay queen!" 👸 Indirect path to the nose?? Right up there with, "Does Covid19 spread through farts??" 🤣🤣
Rockstar 6900
Rockstar 6900 Pred mesecem
Speaking of getting rounded up Stephen Colbert you are all over the flight logs to Epstein’s island hypocrite boy
Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson Pred mesecem
excellent way to minimize a real, increasingly frightening issue. it does far beyond potatoe genitalia... you need to reexamine this gender thing before you have to reconfirm that your a man... sorry a male human, those evil people who chose to be born with penii...
joseph deakyne
joseph deakyne Pred mesecem
they call him dummy now his by handlers he a fucking joke Joe DuPont boy show me the money bag man for obozo and company
joseph deakyne
joseph deakyne Pred mesecem
That's the wana be President potato head obidumb
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Pred mesecem
How many times do I have to tell youtube not to suggest this channel and it keeps doing it...
Thomas G. Steffens
Thomas G. Steffens Pred mesecem
They show their ... I forgot what I was going to say. Dang!
Thomas G. Steffens
Thomas G. Steffens Pred mesecem
How do you get a strain named after you?
Sheila Lopez
Sheila Lopez Pred mesecem
These insurrectionists have a missing chromosome.
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson Pred mesecem
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A.M. M.
A.M. M. Pred mesecem
What's wrong with Mr. Potato Head being a Mr.? I'm not individually representing all genders, what's wrong with one gender standing out? There should be more Potato Heads representing each gender if anything. I just don't get why Mr. Potato Head has to go.
James Woznik
James Woznik Pred mesecem
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BanzEye GAMING Pred mesecem
You know, maybe the Reps have a point. Maybe we shouldn’t call the rioters “terrorists”. I mean, *real* terrorists at least have more than one braincell to actually plan a coup. We should just call them “America’s Idiot Pandemic”.
robert caldwell
robert caldwell Pred mesecem
I had a Mr Potato Head when I was a kid, and I don't remember the Mr. part,did I get jipped?
Anthony Acri
Anthony Acri Pred mesecem
Funny that old coot Bide, whoopsie, wasn't so keen on looking for traitors when they were named Budd Macfarland and or were giving the imams chocolate cakes attached to burp guns, the essence of treason since Caesars line, or speaking of which lt. Cols, reading to us out of Clauwitz, who hijacked foreign policy from the praetorium basement ...More sure than ever, who ever destroys Bidey will have a copy of Tacitus on his shelf, maybe a Roman key with a cumma cummam cuamma down doobe dooo down down, cummma cumma come doo be doo down down, and funny, that pun can work for both crime families…By the way your automated chorus has all the joy to it and freshness of it when it was giving out death threats so you'd stay on the air to fulfill your dream of having the old Merv Griffin show, ...
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber Pred mesecem
Suddenly she was lied to 😎
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber Pred mesecem
What a bunch idiots destroying the world
Teddy west
Teddy west Pred mesecem
🤣🤣🤣 Trump playing golf the stupid fight for trump going to jail. Come on if this isn't stupidity then I don't know what is. This guy's shouldn't cry they should get bonds and walk to Florida with canes and give Trump same canes till he can't walk then go to jail after doing something important
Mirandasiwillja Pred mesecem
Anybody else expected a Better Off Ted Ad plot twist?
ScienceFraction Pred mesecem
She thought apologizing would somehow diminish the seriousness of what she has done. After she first made the news, there were so many one star reviews on yelp that they had to turn the ratings off because the reviews were about her insurrection behavior and not about her actual business.
Alfred Badasu
Alfred Badasu Pred mesecem
"Beautiful fever 103....." My favourite part is the beautiful song by Mr. Corana spike...
Carsen Oji
Carsen Oji Pred mesecem
The wild vest preliminarily clear because fall coherently suffer mid a sophisticated summer. abrasive, knotty wrecker
Teirdalin Pred mesecem
Did Mr Potato Head get a divorce?
Wanda Baileyed
Wanda Baileyed Pred mesecem
The idiotic digger optionally book because cent firstly rule sans a oceanic death. wiggly, near jam
Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr
Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr Pred mesecem
Tyning 🥓🥨🥜☕️🧀🍟?!?
Ghoraxe Pred mesecem
If those people where black ... They wouldn't be playing (finding Nemo) with all the suspects.. within 48 hours all of them would be dead or arrested.. the rest would dissapear.. never to be found again
Tessie Tesoro
Tessie Tesoro Pred mesecem
Are the seditionists graduates of high-end universities, thinking they are saving America from foreign terrorists, or are they just bored staying home that they, have to do something? 🤔🤔🤔, so they went to Capitol, voila😝😝
Chan Yeuang
Chan Yeuang Pred mesecem
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Mark A
Mark A Pred mesecem
Tuber or not tuber, that is the question!
HoodSensei Pred mesecem
That laugh at 1:15 always gets me.
Carsen Oji
Carsen Oji Pred mesecem
The quixotic switch ecologically wreck because coil jointly check times a soft linen. historical, female fertile notify
Iset Frances
Iset Frances Pred mesecem
Stephen, I’d pay you to be my friend 😜
ǝɹnʇnℲ 7\
ǝɹnʇnℲ 7\ Pred mesecem
Finally this leftist saw how messed up the potato head crap is. He actually stood up for something for once....
S R Pred mesecem
people think they can say its not their fault they handed over their brain to an abusive liar. it is your fault. and if you're that incapable of processing a thought you aren't fit to vote
Siyanax Pred mesecem
If he could be this chill one he’s back in the studio it would be amazing
T'Shara Brown
T'Shara Brown Pred mesecem
Wow, 1 in 3 people most likely dont want to get the vaccine? Seriously?! You know, I want to believe that people are fairly intelligent but I just have to wonder sometimes.
Bazooka Llama Productions
im sick of listening to a conservatives complain about cancel culture, when they had DIXIE CHICKS removed from the radio for disagreeing with the iraq war.
Theunderwear Hascomeoff
The damaged cornet hisologically judge because golf precisely puncture without a accurate vietnam. quick, understood blowgun
AMT Pred mesecem
Take some 'me-time' ... 5 to 7 years ... 4 with good behaviour
谢伦琛 Pred mesecem
The inconclusive receipt hemodynamically slip because news spindly mate astride a short icon. acceptable, unsightly degree
Mark Urbanski
Mark Urbanski Pred mesecem
What about the seditious law makers? I want them to pay for their actions.
C A Pred mesecem
vargaspureblood Pred mesecem
Meat Mountain isn't new. It's been on their secret menu for years and is as heart-stopping as it looks.
plastic man
plastic man Pred mesecem
Potato head IS "Q"
Bryan Quinn
Bryan Quinn Pred mesecem
The cloudy bladder coronally cycle because internet distinctly blink like a diligent viola. productive, demonic nail
dabet warner
dabet warner Pred mesecem
The colorful port italy knit because edward histomorphometrically brush like a rabid anger. rabid, tearful bowl
Keon Spence
Keon Spence Pred 2 meseci
At 10:57 is the best part
stecky87 Pred 2 meseci
This Mr. Potato head thing is why people hate "PC" & social justice warrior-type things. It's a toy that been called Mr. Potato Head for decades. There is absolutely nothing offensive about that name, so there's NO need to change it.
Jocom Firesin
Jocom Firesin Pred 2 meseci
I watched that I care a lot movie on netflix a couple days ago and now I find myself comparing her to jenna ryan on a certain level. Deeply morally black but a certain part of me hopes she succeeds but is still happy she got punished in the end. Similar feelings about the movie. I want to elaborate but this is already a kind of spoiler so fuck me am I right? I mean I've already suggested the lady in the movie got punished. I haven't elaborated on in what way but I loved it... Great story... PETER DINKLAGE "correct in edit, shh"... I think that was his name. Yep that was his name. I was right just fucked up the spelling.
Jocom Firesin
Jocom Firesin Pred 2 meseci
I have to say on the potato, if you weigh in you are wrong. It's fucking meaningless!!! Caring about this is simply childish.
KEA Pred 2 meseci
We want more coverage of the capital riders being sentenced to prison! The jokes add another layer, of course. Thanks Stephen Colbert and crew.
Vera Pred 2 meseci
DEPENDS. If you have any allergy to any kind of vaccine, sense you born (like me, I've an allergy to the flu vaccine), or to medication, or, severely allergy to any kind of food, the laboratory said that you CAN'T take the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines; I'm checking about Astra Zenica and Johnson&Johnson; they are NOT being clear or telling the whole truth to me. Be careful, check it out. I'm a Doctor.
WendelltheSongwriter Pred 2 meseci
The punishment for this behavior is hanging. I say we hang them all.
T C Pred 2 meseci
Why is idiot not in jail for stupidity?
Roger Helton
Roger Helton Pred 2 meseci
At least we know who to Roundup they're all wearing Biden t-shirts
Carla Houston
Carla Houston Pred 2 meseci
The imported delivery ultrastructually analyse because taste customarily rule up a painful schedule. forgetful, bright flock
John Page
John Page Pred 2 meseci
Not Funny Wake up Everybody.. Stupid !!
John Page
John Page Pred 2 meseci
Lieing sack of S... !!
John Page
John Page Pred 2 meseci
Piece of s... !!
Paul's Hall
Paul's Hall Pred 2 meseci
So I truly miss Dave Letterman!! Colbert is a joke that has no jokes!!! 😢
Crew TheAftermath
Crew TheAftermath Pred 2 meseci
lol. nobody has polio can you guess why ? lol. man that's good. funny he mentioned the edited photo hahaa
RexRonso Pred 2 meseci
you removed "his genitals" because you are for gender equality are you not? And no, you go girl!
Laurent Saint-Laurent
Laurent Saint-Laurent Pred 2 meseci
blaming his MOM!!??? Damn, even Ted Cr. will have a hard time topping that...
John Sullivan
John Sullivan Pred 2 meseci
Padded views and dull content. Watching an old man read a script in lame content that is designed for the isolated group of people within its cultural sphere. This show just isn't good. I'm not sure if this is a bad episode or what... 3/10 - very little creative content. Jokes that barely pass as humor. The entire show feels manufactured, with no compassion.
John Sullivan
John Sullivan Pred mesecem
@4a8p9x I will and do, I made a genuine effort to watch an episode and see if I enjoyed it. I didn't. So I left feed back and went on my way.
4a8p9x Pred mesecem
You could watch something else Just a thought
Telecat Johnson
Telecat Johnson Pred 2 meseci
OK slacker.
John S.
John S. Pred 2 meseci
Correct me if I'm wrong... but in French... doesn't "Stephen Colbert"... translated mean "HUGE PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT"? I'm pretty sure that is obvious.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 2 meseci
I love how Mr Potato Head was always a toy about customization, but making a gender neutral potatohead that can be anything is "destroying the world"
Dimitri Poupoulas
Dimitri Poupoulas Pred 2 meseci
Colbert so funny didn't know he was still on tv
Zacara Nmir
Zacara Nmir Pred 2 meseci
It's funny how people were so mad about mr potato head, but they didn't even technically change the name of the toys, just the top name of the box. If you look at the front, it still says mr or ms potato head on the side. They just changed the branding name since there is more than just MR potato head
kolesia Lockett
kolesia Lockett Pred 2 meseci
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bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 2 meseci
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petehjr1 Pred 2 meseci
Potato are both male and female.
KING TUT Pred 2 meseci
Your a pottoa how is that.
fryloc359 Pred 2 meseci
Its funny how fast you guys flip from being anti government to loving the government.
xsveron Pred 2 meseci
this is pure gold lol
Legion Marks
Legion Marks Pred 2 meseci
It's like watching the view, but there's more estrogen.
Never Mind
Never Mind Pred 2 meseci
Just wondering if they will ever lay chargers on the idiots who rioted and destroyed small business during their 'mostly peaceful' riots.
Matthew Renaud
Matthew Renaud Pred 2 meseci
Just a reminder to all those Democratic Voters.... Communism is right around the corner.... Good luck with your CCP style credit score.... America is now run and controlled by China... Good luck.
Matthew Renaud
Matthew Renaud Pred mesecem
@4a8p9x Who else has been offering Government and social programs since the seventies besides the Democrats.... Since the 70's every Democrat city has become a complete shit hole its even worse if its a Democrat city in Democrat State... Facts are Facts ... Republican citys and states run on conservatism values which means less Government , less taxes and more freedom to the people..... So no this is not a scare tactic its facts...All leftists through out history have all been socialists and communists and Nazis.... Hitler was a socialist nut job just like most Democrats.... Good luck Blue States with all your Nazi lockdowns..
4a8p9x Pred mesecem
Right wing parrots have been saying that the Democratic Party is going to force communism on us since the 70's. You REALLY need a new scare tactic
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg Pred 2 meseci
They are shooting them selves in the foot. Now you only send one potato out with both female and male addons. If you want it to be a boy add a mustache. A female long hair. And you can now do both if you want. Before you had to by two different ones a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Who ever the CEO is they are idiots you just cut your sales in half. If they were smart they would keep the Mr. and Mrs. line and add a new, "They" Potato Head have a third line.
Yiṣḥāq David
Yiṣḥāq David Pred 2 meseci
You know what piers meant. It's a fucking slippery slope it first starts with outlawing and then banning finally the burning book.
The Truth Is The Truth
This channel SUCKS!
Ana Saint James
Ana Saint James Pred 2 meseci
"Round em up , round them up round them up let's go, seeing red for the blood we shed, double vision in my head" @Shinedown thanks guys!
Lauren Jimenez
Lauren Jimenez Pred 2 meseci
The bitter foot considerably introduce because ant mechanistically test under a flaky height. even excellent excited, embarrassed april
Chris Javens
Chris Javens Pred 2 meseci
Remember when the late show was funny, the good old days.
Kelly Fowler
Kelly Fowler Pred 2 meseci
"I've fallen and I can't hang Mike Pence!" O. M. G. 😱🤣
sffsd sfsf
sffsd sfsf Pred 2 meseci
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AuroraBoobie Alice
AuroraBoobie Alice Pred 2 meseci
It's funny how these trumpers are being rounded up while the lead ass🤡 pretty much ditched the big tent 🎪 scot free. PHIL KEN SEBBEN FOR PRESIDENT 2024!
Lolohenry oi
Lolohenry oi Pred 2 meseci
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Patrick Pred 2 meseci
Sheep will be sheared.....
Him Ritethere
Him Ritethere Pred 2 meseci
Don’t sleep on that Meat Mountain. That thing is delicious.
Guardian978 Pred 2 meseci
Old, tired and hasn't been funny in over 5 years. Just shut up already, Colbert.
Mogan Yee
Mogan Yee Pred 2 meseci
The energetic kite presumably tumble because hockey mechanistically stitch afore a horrible celery. cowardly, steady fork
Young Advocates
Young Advocates Pred 2 meseci
SLAY Queen! Stephen Is just a whole funbag ...lol
Alex Flores
Alex Flores Pred 2 meseci
The nutritious share hemodynamically support because storm unexpectedly try out a five lemonade. ruddy, nutritious pencil
Aleksey Gililland
Aleksey Gililland Pred 2 meseci
He has aged so much in a such short time, hope you're okay Steve.
Anke Wallace
Anke Wallace Pred 2 meseci
Anke Wallace
Anke Wallace Pred 2 meseci
The Best of Kenan Thompson on SNL
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TRUTH OR EAT *super spicy*