Chloe x Halle - Forgive Me (Official Video) 

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Official video for "Forgive Me" by Chloe x Halle.
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Director: C Prinz
Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer, Tara Sheree
Producer: Jake Agger
Line Producer: Robin Day
Prod Coordinator: Siya Bahal
DP: Santiago Gonzalez
Production Designer: Justin Ryan Brown
Steadicam: Nick Müller
Gaffer: Kyle Bryson
Key Grip: Wadsworth Peters
CGI: Pussykrew
Verse 1
Moving too fast, now you're caught in the middle
Try so hard to keep up, now you single
Betting you regret what you did, just a little
Ah ah
Pre Chorus

Baby what you think this is
Why you wanna plead the fifth
You ain’t gotta tell me what it is
Cause I saw the messages
You must got me fucked up
You must got me fucked up
I think I had enough
So forgive me
Forgive me
I’ve been going too hard in your city
So forgive me cause I’m not teary
Best believe I move onto better things
Oh you lie
Oh you lie
Give me back, all my time
So forgive me
No not really
Best believe I move onto better things
Verse 2
I’ve been sitting here watching you go insane
I’ve been sitting here watching us fade away
Baby don’t you see, what you done threw away
Know it's hitting you, on the loop, on replay
Pre Chorus
Baby what you think this is
Why you wanna plead the fifth
You ain’t gotta tell me what it is
Cause I saw the messages
You must got me fucked up
You must got me fucked up
I think I had enough
So forgive me
Forgive me
I’ve been going too hard in your city
So forgive me cause I’m not teary
Best believe I move onto better things
Oh you lie
Oh you lie
Give me back all my time
So forgive me
No not really
Best believe I move onto better things
Goodbye, you stay wasting time
No you never tried
You said this for life
But you know you lied
Catch you every time like
Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie (x3)
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11. jun. 2020

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Rodrigo Solano Justiniano
G B Pred dnevom
Reinas ♥️
Lamar Nelson
Lamar Nelson Pred 2 dnevi
Damn that was 🔥.
ATL333 Pred 4 dnevi
THIS IS OUR PLANET! ATLiens are here to conquer!
Lovely Leaah
Lovely Leaah Pred 6 dnevi
I keep coming back their voices are beautiful 😩😍❤️this song 😭🤌🏾🤌🏾
Bre Willams
Bre Willams Pred 7 dnevi
This is so aggressive I love this video you both are so cool
Jariah Nicole
Jariah Nicole Pred 7 dnevi
Still my favorite music video 🥰
Shawn Pred 7 dnevi
The fact they didn't perform at the grammys is upsetting me and my homegirls 🙄
Janiah Strange
Janiah Strange Pred 7 dnevi
Love that song
Jariah Nicole
Jariah Nicole Pred 8 dnevi
Still streaming in 2021 🥰
jazy Lemos
jazy Lemos Pred 9 dnevi
Love this it. so good this song...
AMY HEART Pred 11 dnevi
This needs to be a soundtrack for Lucifer
The_Liam_Brand05 Pred 11 dnevi
This fire, why the hate?
Nicole Yellowredbone
Nicole Yellowredbone Pred 11 dnevi
They remind me of witches. R they witches?
Derek G
Derek G Pred 12 dnevi
everyone who disliked this video will parish
Alexandra Armstrong
Alexandra Armstrong Pred 12 dnevi
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bRiDgEtTe Pred 11 dnevi
That's disgusting why would you advertise your self in someone else's platform.I don't wanna see this . Talk about inappropriate 😑
bruna valverde
bruna valverde Pred 13 dnevi
There really is no one like them wow
Alexis Tirado
Alexis Tirado Pred 13 dnevi
They are something else for real. I'm obsessed with this song!
Myiesha Nevills
Myiesha Nevills Pred 14 dnevi
All my life all my time
Chloe and Halle Fan
Chloe and Halle Fan Pred 14 dnevi
Do not mess with these fierce black queens 😌👑❤
Alex Lyn
Alex Lyn Pred 15 dnevi
Halle's arms are TONED goddamn
Jenipher Odongo
Jenipher Odongo Pred 15 dnevi
Are they twins or something 🤔 they do same things and faces not clear 🤔🤔🤔
MARIE Pred 12 dnevi
They are sisters Xxx
rhonda flick
rhonda flick Pred 15 dnevi
Demons aren’t gonna get forgiveness
hvceo Pred 12 dnevi
pessimissimo Pred 15 dnevi
Halle's vocals, I can't explain... It's out of this world, literally... More celestial than an angel
Ace of Maya
Ace of Maya Pred 16 dnevi
The bridge is EVERYTHING
MAVIS OPPONG Pred 16 dnevi
Can't stop watching this video, the song is just😝😍
Nana Laureano
Nana Laureano Pred 16 dnevi
They are soooo good. Song on repeat.. but watch.. mark my words lol queen B and Jay Z will have them in Illuminati smh...
Nana Laureano
Nana Laureano Pred 17 dnevi
Pls dont sell your soul in this industry
Glenn Anthony
Glenn Anthony Pred 17 dnevi
How does this not hundreds of millions of views? Seriously...
JaLeesa Pred 18 dnevi
I can't wait to watch these ladies blow up. They are so freaking talented!
John Appleseed
John Appleseed Pred 18 dnevi
Best song on the album
Marta Gustowska
Marta Gustowska Pred 18 dnevi
This song is such a vibe of an old RnB. I just loove it!
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez Pred 19 dnevi
If Pfizer vaccine was an album
Sahar Asgar
Sahar Asgar Pred 19 dnevi
Deah's Sunflower
Deah's Sunflower Pred 21 dnevom
ntsako mabasa
ntsako mabasa Pred 21 dnevom
I'm in love with this song🔥🔥😊❤
Terry O
Terry O Pred 21 dnevom
Compared to Do it & Ungodly this song is 👎👎🗑️
Kylissa Simmons
Kylissa Simmons Pred 22 dnevi
i dont think ill get tired of this song
Papi_Oki Pred 24 dnevi
Ima be honest...I did not expect that🔥🔥
ev Pred 26 dnevi
okay but who choreographed this bc i cant get the dance out of my head and i want the whole thing
beyoutifulfaith Pred 26 dnevi
This video was giving my modern Aaliyah vibes
DAN. sk
DAN. sk Pred 26 dnevi
Im here from Farming Simulator 19 cuz its playing in radio
Superior Panda
Superior Panda Pred 26 dnevi
This is too good, what's the secret formula to all this sauce?
kiu Pred 27 dnevi
they are both so amazing chloe tho, ugh 😍
Diana Khumalo
Diana Khumalo Pred 28 dnevi
They are so gorgeous and so talented and they work so hard. I love them.
trophiewyfe81 Pred 29 dnevi
I'm not sorry for what I'm about to say! They were robbed at the grammmy's!!! Original, beautiful voices. True queens
roxx_ 92
roxx_ 92 Pred 29 dnevi
Oh shit why I just now decided to give them a chance and listen to their songs. All that time wasted.
Kirk Ken
Kirk Ken Pred 29 dnevi
This song am watching it for the fast time, but its quite good.....
Walaa Tota
Walaa Tota Pred 29 dnevi
Ruth Kemokai
Ruth Kemokai Pred 29 dnevi
thank you
Svea Pred 29 dnevi
this is the most beautiful thing i've heard
RedRocketSS Pred mesecem
Chloe is stunningly beautiful!
José Martins
José Martins Pred mesecem
We need to gather like the BARBZ did with anaconda and try to get more views for Do it, Forgive me and this one
Ashley Odeny
Ashley Odeny Pred mesecem
Sincere Orellana
Sincere Orellana Pred mesecem
Best song on the album
misty Pred mesecem
This has less views than Addison Rae’s sad excuse of a song. Now that, makes me mad. Wtf these women deserve so much more
Ta-Shawn VA
Ta-Shawn VA Pred 13 dnevi
then stop giving attention to Addison Rae’s sad excuse of a song
Anissa Lashar
Anissa Lashar Pred mesecem
Best song right friends
Symply tomi
Symply tomi Pred mesecem
The creativity in their videos is second to none⚡
Ambesa Bokile
Ambesa Bokile Pred mesecem
This song is giving me Aaliyah Houghton vibes.
cat lover
cat lover Pred mesecem
Hi chloe whats going on 😀
revelacion ended your fav
I love this song
Joseph Gwara
Joseph Gwara Pred mesecem
2:20 is the best part
Berry Stein
Berry Stein Pred mesecem
No one: The perfectionist inside me: I like this song but why does one of the dudes have an entirely different top piece 2:20 ????
Val Ortiz
Val Ortiz Pred mesecem
Babylon has fallen
Tashell Clarke
Tashell Clarke Pred mesecem
Merra Pred mesecem
Omg this is so good
Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen Pred mesecem
19 years later - Survivor: part 2
shree Pred mesecem
This is my sh*t!!!!!
Lizandro Castañeda
Lizandro Castañeda Pred mesecem
Sahar Asgar
Sahar Asgar Pred mesecem
Anyone else freaked out by high contrast? no? Ok just me then... :|
Jorge F. Echegaray
Jorge F. Echegaray Pred mesecem
I'm obsessed with this song.
Thais Carmo
Thais Carmo Pred mesecem
Eu amei 🤣
GodisGood JOSEPH
GodisGood JOSEPH Pred mesecem
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Jhon @ I have a Bless day.
Kee Cloud
Kee Cloud Pred mesecem
bitch I watch this video at least 2x a damn day since it released 9 months ago. GOODBYE! Just know all 3 of us gone perform together one day. We’re going to perform our chart topping grammy nominated song to be exact.
clara-aaliyah o’garro
catie parker
catie parker Pred mesecem
this song slaps I love these girls
Turtle Heartbreaker
Turtle Heartbreaker Pred mesecem
I'm hooked on this song. It different in the perfect way
Jaime Mortensen
Jaime Mortensen Pred mesecem
thank you
Chloe and Halle Fan
Chloe and Halle Fan Pred mesecem
Chloe and Halle's music just hits different I swear they were robbed at the Grammy's 😭😭❤
Teal Chihuahua
Teal Chihuahua Pred mesecem
I literally screamed when I saw that headless body
C.blue413 Pred mesecem
Signed with Queen B is the best decision they can make in their lifetime.... natural everything I love it 🥰 I teach my 17 year old this on the regular. Stay true to yourself.. (forgive me) carry on....
Orion’s Belt
Orion’s Belt Pred mesecem
2:49 my favorite part
Bianca J
Bianca J Pred mesecem
Sing like angels
clara-aaliyah o’garro
you guys don’t get it, I’M OBSESSED.
Mianna Hobbs
Mianna Hobbs Pred mesecem
the power they hold in these videos
Mianna Hobbs
Mianna Hobbs Pred mesecem
Ronda R.
Ronda R. Pred mesecem
They gave me a bit of Aaliyah in this video and I love it.
Brandy Mundy
Brandy Mundy Pred mesecem
For some reason this makes me think of Aaliyah. :(
Adriana Winter
Adriana Winter Pred mesecem
Khloe Haley do you remember let's shine
dallie Pred mesecem
chloe* halle*
Adriana Winter
Adriana Winter Pred mesecem
Literally oh my gosh there's so much older and they look like twins but I know who's older like I can't believe it there's so much older I kind a look the same as my sister as well
Adriana Winter
Adriana Winter Pred mesecem
Bro I'm telling you I really think they like that background lights as I used it for do it
ooo it's the wizard
ooo it's the wizard Pred mesecem
This is one of the best albums ever fucking made
JGmoonlight Pred mesecem
They're about to bury me because they're a little bit tipsy but I'm ok with it
Cinque Brady
Cinque Brady Pred mesecem
If Aaliyah was alive & had daughters. Cant make this up. This would be a split image.
Anna Pred mesecem
Feel like I haven't seen alot of Halle in the recent music videos but you guys are amazing and this song is so lit❤️💯💯
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor Pred mesecem
Laupepa Sisters
Laupepa Sisters Pred mesecem
How old are they? They sisters?
Anna Pred mesecem
Yep they're sisters. Chloe 22 and Halle turning 21 in a couple of days.
Thalli Pred mesecem
Chloe and Halle Fan
Chloe and Halle Fan Pred mesecem
Ayeee Chloe and Halle are on FIRE as always ❤
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