Hermitcraft 7: Episode 74 - THE FINAL BARGE BUILD 

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 74 - THE FINAL BARGE BUILD grian is back on hermitcraft doing massive builds and gathering SAND
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12. apr. 2021

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Grian Pred 25 dnevi
Oh I forgot to mention that I had Scars blessing to take down the diamond trees in front of the barge - it improved the visibility and improved the lag situation in the area a whole bunch so pretty much a win-win, thanks Scar! Hope you enjoyed the video (leave a like if you did!)
Demolition ak
Demolition ak Pred 20 dnevi
You might as well use the barge as the mansion
Minecraft Cringe
Minecraft Cringe Pred 20 dnevi
Mumbo’s newish computer dropped from 700 FPS to about 100 I think just looking at your barge, and that’s before the barge was upgraded
Crep 50
Crep 50 Pred 20 dnevi
Question: what happened to the Sahara stocks?
Rip Tide
Rip Tide Pred 20 dnevi
Remember great Grian goodies and when it was like 6 campfires
CuzImACat Pred 21 dnevom
hard question
StoryTimeWith Araz
StoryTimeWith Araz Pred 49 minutami
I stay up until like 3 AM watching these types of vids
Natalie Gustafson
Natalie Gustafson Pred 7 urami
Grian mini game two, electric boogaloo
a green acorn
a green acorn Pred 9 urami
The "life" in the mansion could be fixed by getting Cleo to put in a bunch of armor stands with the free large scene coupon from the head games. Like you could have it look like there's a ball being hosted, or have window cleaners. You could also put little scenes in the windows. Hope this might help!
Zerver GV
Zerver GV Pred 14 urami
14:59 "a beautiful build, that was abadoned because it turns out that the nether is not actually fun to be in" me , remembering all the hilarius moments blowing up bdubs in the nether :')
Glenn Calkins
Glenn Calkins Pred dnevom
you can get sand from gravity block dupers way faster
Maki_Rollin Pred dnevom
Imagine exploring the nether and just randomly stumbling across an entire upsidown mansion.... I rly liked that build, such a shame it was abandoned
Red Diamond
Red Diamond Pred 2 dnevi
BeztBoiz Pred 2 dnevi
Grian should make the Barge 2.0 in season 8
LilAdriMcGee :D
LilAdriMcGee :D Pred 3 dnevi
Remember when the barge was just a tiny little raft? That was like 5x5? And sold sand and gravel and that’s basically it?
MikeJr U2b
MikeJr U2b Pred 3 dnevi
I love Capitalist Grian
Carl Iscool
Carl Iscool Pred 4 dnevi
Grian: Let's get back into the timelapse where we- Ad: We designed this mower to give you a ride you'll never forget!
AB TechGen
AB TechGen Pred 4 dnevi
both of them try different ways to collect sand in the fastest way *SAND DUPER still exists
Izaya Silman
Izaya Silman Pred 4 dnevi
You know that you’re rich when you got a private desert
vicky hamlin
vicky hamlin Pred 5 dnevi
why do i feel like i've watched the intro to this video like a few months ago?
Soup Magoosh
Soup Magoosh Pred 5 dnevi
HCBBS = hermitcraft bumbo baggins society
Dre Pred 6 dnevi
Hello Grian, I know you won't see this but I want to say thank you. Your channel has always helped me when I felt left out or sad. So thank you for every thing you do.
SushiSlappedGaming Pred 6 dnevi
U can make the “shopping experience” have three sections. One is the normal world with shulcker boxes full of normal world stuff, another is the nether with nether stuff, and the third is the end with shucker boxes with things from the end.
Lotti B
Lotti B Pred 6 dnevi
Who else loved every stage of the barge?
Icy Nova
Icy Nova Pred 6 dnevi
Dig to sandstone, torch in offhand, dig bottom block and place a torch. Saves durability and faster than just digging. Even better the higher the sand is, probably faster than tnt in deep sand. Gravity/tnt test?
Jess Frey
Jess Frey Pred 7 dnevi
I love the rain in MineCraft, I wish there was a setting to make it always rainy.
REM RED Pred 7 dnevi
The only time I seen Grian give up is on the back of the mansion
Sylas Geisweit
Sylas Geisweit Pred 7 dnevi
Nobody: The Barge: this isn't even my final form
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Pred 7 dnevi
Every single time he starts a time lapse an add pops up 😂
Mogang Drawing
Mogang Drawing Pred 7 dnevi
Download world
thenethermob13 Pred 7 dnevi
why do you have a skeleton horse inside the barge?
Thicker Planes ツ
Thicker Planes ツ Pred 7 dnevi
Cant believe this went from a few campfires on the water to this amazing building
BMB 15
BMB 15 Pred 8 dnevi
If you showed people the barge at the start of the season and the barge in this episode, they won't tell its the same buildinf
Rixer_1 Pred 8 dnevi
The barge is Freeza.
Will Gartner
Will Gartner Pred 8 dnevi
Impulse Buys should be like the gift shop to the ride!
Sharang Ramakrishnan
Hey grian, expand your trading hall and sell glass which you can get from librarian villagers instead of smelting sand. Keep the stalk of glass at the second barge build.
Alfred % Setiadi
Alfred % Setiadi Pred 9 dnevi
Grian Haven't seen Endermans for Month of corse he doesn't know about Enderman.
Josh Knab
Josh Knab Pred 9 dnevi
The music should start speeding up towards the end to show that it's ending soon. And that would shorten the length of the song.
Artsy Gymnast
Artsy Gymnast Pred 9 dnevi
Think about this HCBBS Hermit Craft Big Barge Sweep HCBBS Hermit Craft Big Base Swap
Anton Niño de Guzman
there is nothing like watching Grain and having a snus in my mouth on my room without my parents knowing
Andy Dandy
Andy Dandy Pred 9 dnevi
Maybe they should add a jukebox minecart
Zishan Shakir
Zishan Shakir Pred 9 dnevi
Give the players blindness
Radzma Inuk
Radzma Inuk Pred 9 dnevi
Team barge
Tinyt Gamer
Tinyt Gamer Pred 9 dnevi
Swimming along singing a song Planting pickles all day long
Brayden Miller
Brayden Miller Pred 10 dnevi
Mining sand with tnt costs SAND!!
Brayden Miller
Brayden Miller Pred 10 dnevi
Waste of time
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller Pred 10 dnevi
start calling the song a track and the track a rail.
marissa tredez
marissa tredez Pred 11 dnevi
Clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above~ The barge before: small raft But if you close your eyes The barge now: big shop Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all
Jacob King
Jacob King Pred 11 dnevi
The ride and music and whole thing gave me Disney ride vibes
Wolf Commando
Wolf Commando Pred 11 dnevi
Upcoming conversation: Mumbo: "Grian, your barge shop minecart ride is jiffed!" Grian: "What?" Mumbo: "I paid ten diamonds, right?" Grian: "Well, yes, that's how it works." Mumbo: "I got one piece of cobble. You jiffed me!"
Manuel Stampfer
Manuel Stampfer Pred 11 dnevi
Pickles?... I’m getting season 6 ptsd
Lullpy Pred 11 dnevi
I like how’s there not even a barge left
EpicBlur Pred 11 dnevi
Grian: I had more fun with the shovel than tnt Me: HOW DARE U TNT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!
Siral Starborn
Siral Starborn Pred 11 dnevi
I STILL can't believe you've cut down half of the alley... Am I the only one who is blthered by that fact? The beautiful boulevard is now destroyed and asymmetrical ;( Nice to hear (belatedly though) that you had Scar's permission. Tiny comfort. I hope this was really the final barge upgrade. Otherwise I might have to fear for the other half of the alley... * sad smile*
Dez&co love
Dez&co love Pred 11 dnevi
i got 3 in a chunk debris
Marko Brainz
Marko Brainz Pred 11 dnevi
Amazing!! Keep up the good work, Grian!
Phantasmagoria Pred 11 dnevi
I’m gonbebusybee today - Grian 2021
ImpaledBerry Pred 11 dnevi
Grian that's no longer a barge
maarc lawrence orcales
use turch sucker to get the sand faster
Briam Garcia
Briam Garcia Pred 12 dnevi
10:04 What it is: a barge What i see: the greenhouse for the mansion
Funny Flewf
Funny Flewf Pred 12 dnevi
Make the roller coaster as Long as the song
Ryan Feng
Ryan Feng Pred 12 dnevi
How to join hermit raft
Redhoney sugarOrange
Redhoney sugarOrange Pred 12 dnevi
If I really want to do we could turn the barge into an evolution game
james mcvay
james mcvay Pred 12 dnevi
The pickles bring back memories (Grians season 6 shop
Katie Wawersich
Katie Wawersich Pred 12 dnevi
Anna Sweet
Anna Sweet Pred 12 dnevi
Lil Nate T
Lil Nate T Pred 12 dnevi
What you need to do G is use tnt then shovel to clean it uo
Dilip Kulkarni
Dilip Kulkarni Pred 12 dnevi
All I want to see is grian wearing a chestplate
Jim Lusink
Jim Lusink Pred 12 dnevi
Yes started with a tiny small small small raft
Blizzard Hammer
Blizzard Hammer Pred 12 dnevi
Grian should add a hint card for a fair costly price where it tells the buyer of the card what shulker he should look for
Moonlord !
Moonlord ! Pred 12 dnevi
Put nether bricks in as fake netherite
joanna nuevo
joanna nuevo Pred 12 dnevi
14:40 “ they say that the bees are disappearing, i found them. *they’re in my minecraft nether tunnel* ” what an underrated comment LOOLL
Lucy Guzlowski
Lucy Guzlowski Pred 12 dnevi
The ride of your lif- um shopping fun!
ChrisThePhantom Pred 12 dnevi
Grian on season 7 is like that one video where Luigi sings about sea shells
leftyz Pred 12 dnevi
"basicly i've bitten more than i could chew and it would be great to get someone else involved" 6:23
Sir Boogie Mallow
Sir Boogie Mallow Pred 12 dnevi
I've been playing Minecraft for 3 years
Sir Boogie Mallow
Sir Boogie Mallow Pred 12 dnevi
I'm tod to you
tre seme
tre seme Pred 12 dnevi
that barge might end up becoming like a huge mall...
sunsvilis Pred 12 dnevi
I forgot that the barge was inspierd by grians building vs redstone video 🙃
Loaf Of Foxes
Loaf Of Foxes Pred 12 dnevi
Use tnt then clean it using shovel
Hermit purple.
Hermit purple. Pred 12 dnevi
how i would do the HCBBS would be the player puts in a music disc the minecart goes the track is the same but there is this shopping mall vibe with shelves beside you and shulker boxes are inside the shelves.
Loaf Of Foxes
Loaf Of Foxes Pred 13 dnevi
Can you even call it a barge anymore
Ac.e Pred 13 dnevi
20:17 best clip
Cameren Hotmap
Cameren Hotmap Pred 13 dnevi
minecraft should make a jukebox in a minecraft. that would the greatest thing in minecraft.
Narizones503 Pred 13 dnevi
Why does he never use tnt dupers.!?!
Rockgirl 678
Rockgirl 678 Pred 13 dnevi
Rockgirl 678
Rockgirl 678 Pred 13 dnevi
I love the music
Illusionary Gull38
Illusionary Gull38 Pred 13 dnevi
The barge has literally went from a little raft all the way to a full on mall with rides and stuff, you know the works.
Draco Pred 13 dnevi
We finally reached peak barge performance
Lava Claw7
Lava Claw7 Pred 13 dnevi
Lol, now my barge t-shirt is outdated!
Safiya Pred 13 dnevi
I have seen about 6 comments about the bees and none of them answered the question Wtf did the bees come from
Greeny Pred 13 dnevi
The Barge is like Grian’s son,ah how much it’s grown
SoMoSkel Pred 13 dnevi
wow grian, you know so much about minecraft as we can see in the end 👏
Time to have fun
Time to have fun Pred 13 dnevi
Grian how did you get in to hrimetcraft
Sneak Is cute
Sneak Is cute Pred 13 dnevi
benthekitten2020 Pred 13 dnevi
KongFei Sin
KongFei Sin Pred 13 dnevi
Grian you said you did not like tea you’re a disgrace to Chinese kinda : (
Mika Heckelmann
Mika Heckelmann Pred 13 dnevi
theme the HCBBS with Bdubs face just for scar hahaha
Alex Pooler
Alex Pooler Pred 13 dnevi
Hey Grian do you think I could join hermitcraft server?
Quinn Beyers
Quinn Beyers Pred 13 dnevi
i think he should promote impulse to assitant manager
Ethan’s Savage stuff
What happened to you stealing doors
Irish Potato
Irish Potato Pred 13 dnevi
to think, the barge used to be a p l a n k
Beens Baked
Beens Baked Pred 13 dnevi
Grian: The barge is definitely the largest shop Mumbo and Iskall: Allow us to introduce ourselves
whalesinspace :p
whalesinspace :p Pred 13 dnevi
yey hermitcraft! lm going to sleep after this holy crap Im tired
Dove_inblack !
Dove_inblack ! Pred 13 dnevi
Only time paying with exposure works.
Ffion Supple
Ffion Supple Pred 13 dnevi
What if you sold billboards with the hermits in them?