Kyrie Ejected! Lakers Beat Nets Without LeBron, AD! 2020-21 NBA Season 

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11. apr. 2021

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eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 19 dnevi
Vogel deserves credit, he has been a terrific coach.
Traubo Bis
Traubo Bis Pred 24 dnevi
Thats why lebron he will never be a goat all of 4 championship on stacked team or superteam compare to Mj kobe first championship not superteam
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod Pred 24 dnevi
Kyrie shoes are spicy
Jung Kook
Jung Kook Pred 25 dnevi
La and blake trashhh cannn older
jessica garcia
jessica garcia Pred 25 dnevi
Lakers in 5
XtraUnormal Pred 25 dnevi
LeLakers vs DurNets
MR. AF Pred 25 dnevi
The Lakers D is something that needs to be discussed. Vogel is some CotY material rn
Even Pred 25 dnevi
The frist time i buy a NBA game, Kyrie gest his frist ejection of his whole career. What a great timing!
aiden powell
aiden powell Pred 25 dnevi
Lakers blow out nets in, what a squad
Baller Doge
Baller Doge Pred 25 dnevi
Kyrie getting himself ejected with a below-average player shows his level of maturity
GT GOKU Pred 25 dnevi
How y'all nets fans feel 😂👀
kiDavid Pred 25 dnevi
Kyrie wanted that ejection so he could load manage a bit more
Hamiisii M.
Hamiisii M. Pred 25 dnevi
the incense got him high
Gang M Gang
Gang M Gang Pred 26 dnevi
You know Shannon Sharpe is going to have a field day with what happened 😂
Rosdy Dimaporo
Rosdy Dimaporo Pred 26 dnevi
brooklyn nets trade compilation failed
Death Row
Death Row Pred 26 dnevi
Note, kyrie was there when lakers had the lead so he didn’t matter. Nets got their assses whooped
Daya Kishor
Daya Kishor Pred 26 dnevi
I wonder how the lakers would do if they never even had LeBron and Davis they would still have Drummond and the other players
TheGreatest Pokemon Fan
How Drummond should've played in his first game as a Laker
Curt Anderson
Curt Anderson Pred 26 dnevi
Deshaun A. Virinia
Deshaun A. Virinia Pred 26 dnevi
Schroder- The Earth is roundd!!!!!! Kyrie- The Earth is flat!!!!!!!!!!! Ref- Technical foul!
Muhammad Arya Maulana
Muhammad Arya Maulana Pred 26 dnevi
when your beard soo big that even your mask can't cover your nose 0:04
Ádám Holler
Ádám Holler Pred 26 dnevi
It's just so funny to hear the excuses from Nets fans...😂😂
shugbz1 Pred 26 dnevi
KD mom dancing for that loser! #getheramap
David da Cunha
David da Cunha Pred 26 dnevi
Ever since kyrie left Cleveland he has been nothing but a 🤡
Q D Pred 26 dnevi
Dennis said bro you need a cut kyrie went ballistic
Keith CookII
Keith CookII Pred 26 dnevi
Damn that’s crazy......nets in 5
Kidus Tessema
Kidus Tessema Pred 26 dnevi
apparently dennis called kyrie a n word
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez Pred 26 dnevi
We'll see both at full capacity, everyone healthy and of course the nets NEEEEEEEDDD to fix they're defense! Nets in 6!
Wagwan 6ix - Topic
Wagwan 6ix - Topic Pred 26 dnevi
Let's go
mike Pred 26 dnevi
Lakers In 4
Ugo Ricci
Ugo Ricci Pred 26 dnevi
Lakers in 5
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Pred 26 dnevi
Dennis aint shit
armando nava
armando nava Pred 26 dnevi
Djmecchy does fake voiceovers
Lascelles Powell Jr.
Lascelles Powell Jr. Pred 26 dnevi
Well it means nothing!!! Just a regular season irrelevant game
DoubleDipYT Pred 26 dnevi
Is it just me that don’t see the point of wearing a mask if you’re not covering your nose?
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great Pred 26 dnevi
A storm is coming only us lakers fans know about🌪️👑🔥
Tyler Pred 26 dnevi
Nets are overrated
Jonathan milton
Jonathan milton Pred 26 dnevi
I sit back and say I told you so😊 folks got on me and laughed saying the Nets are better I said okay. The Lakers are way better and for us to beat them without our two Superstars and y’all had all of yours cmon bruh
ワHades Pred 26 dnevi
Heat vs Nets in the Conference Finals...
ワHades Pred 26 dnevi
@Death Row attack? what you gonna kill them?
Death Row
Death Row Pred 26 dnevi
Heat would beat them. All they have to do is attack nets bigs
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred 26 dnevi
Even Kuzma was sitting out 💀
Jeff Desir
Jeff Desir Pred 26 dnevi
Greenstreet cafe
nick T
nick T Pred 26 dnevi
Lakers are most stacked team in nba
Daniel Madrid
Daniel Madrid Pred 26 dnevi
panis irving😂😂
Edgardo Rodriguez
Edgardo Rodriguez Pred 26 dnevi
That shows the nets are beatable with or without the superstars
Sexy Gemini Man
Sexy Gemini Man Pred 26 dnevi
"The world is round Kyrie" LOL Smdh 🤷🏾‍♂️🙂
ItsNoahGF -_-
ItsNoahGF -_- Pred 26 dnevi
It is 1 game so don't really mean anything
Vidal Solis
Vidal Solis Pred 26 dnevi
Lakers are chip
C Pred 26 dnevi
Lakers in 6
The Fun -_-guy
The Fun -_-guy Pred 26 dnevi
That’s some CHEESE
woadie woe
woadie woe Pred 26 dnevi
Our depth is insane 🔥🔥🔥
Iason k
Iason k Pred 26 dnevi
Vinz Mata
Vinz Mata Pred 26 dnevi
It shows that Harden is the most important player for the Nets. The presence of James creates a lot of difficulty for the other team defensively. Harden attracts multiple defenders thereby freeing up the other players to easily score..
jdelgado216 Pred 26 dnevi
Huge firepower with awful defense, nothing new
Yo ?
Yo ? Pred 26 dnevi
The nets not tryna show off in the regular season
What's So Good About Indy ???
LeBron put a battery in Schroder.
Gee Boi
Gee Boi Pred 26 dnevi
Chris smoove is sad right now cause he loves kd so much.
Stephen A Wrong here is why
Smooth: that was a Crazy layup Kyrie: Ah man I am oppressed stop playing with me I’m not a Gayfish
Tamir Hall
Tamir Hall Pred 26 dnevi
If kyrie was a fighter, he would whoop that noob easy.
Dez Wattronica
Dez Wattronica Pred 26 dnevi
Drummond was a great pick up for the Lakers.
Rico McCard
Rico McCard Pred 26 dnevi
Nets are the storm!
Eric Pred 26 dnevi
What’s his momma dancing about now?
Showtyme Ty
Showtyme Ty Pred 26 dnevi
2 game for in months for Kd he also came off bench kyrie ain’t playing all game you know he gets crazy in the 4th and no harden.....
Deandre Jackson
Deandre Jackson Pred 26 dnevi
What who did Lakers have lol?
My City Sucks
My City Sucks Pred 26 dnevi
Nets are now interested in Luka, Vince Carter is coming out of retirement and Phil Jackson will coach
I'm gay but
I'm gay but Pred 26 dnevi
So funny 😐😐😐
Black Titan
Black Titan Pred 26 dnevi
Not even Kd could of saved that 2nd half
Mohamedlamin Donzo
Mohamedlamin Donzo Pred 26 dnevi
*No kuz
George Irizarry
George Irizarry Pred 26 dnevi
Lake show. Born a genius. Irving knew they were not coming back from that whooping
I'm gay but
I'm gay but Pred 26 dnevi
It was literally a 4 point game what whooping?
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Pred 26 dnevi
Jamie Canada
Jamie Canada Pred 26 dnevi
I can only imagine how Skip feels.
Dugis Pred 26 dnevi
every team have bad games
kazu kyo
kazu kyo Pred 26 dnevi
One game don't make a difference. But gud on the LAL
Joe'l Fofana
Joe'l Fofana Pred 26 dnevi
The nets are a fluke, just wait till the Lakers are healthy, then there’s gonna be silence and a change of the narrative
The Dynamic Flashy
The Dynamic Flashy Pred 26 dnevi
Durant's mom is a little too prominent. Does he not have any other family members, girlfriend, wife etc?
flashinthepan1 Pred 26 dnevi
Ha Ha,, kyrie will need some personal time off now!!!
Garrick Carpenter
Garrick Carpenter Pred 26 dnevi
Why am I just now noticing Ben Mclemore on the lakers?
Garrick Carpenter
Garrick Carpenter Pred 26 dnevi
Everyone is getting a buyout🤣
Sorrow City Bandit
Sorrow City Bandit Pred 26 dnevi
Because the lakers just got him in the buyout
NV Pred 26 dnevi
Harden > KD
Harry Bito
Harry Bito Pred 26 dnevi
Nick Medeiros
Nick Medeiros Pred 26 dnevi
Brons old work getting in to it w his new work lmao
Kelvin Lee
Kelvin Lee Pred 26 dnevi
Lakers in 7
CBE DAYDAY Pred 26 dnevi
Dennis: the worlds round Kyrie: and I took that personal
Henry B
Henry B Pred 26 dnevi
Nets are a joke!
Bakari McAllister 41
Bakari McAllister 41 Pred 26 dnevi
That Kyrie fro is nuts
maxwingame_619 Pred 26 dnevi
Cant wait for skip and Shannon first take 😂
IBRAHIM Alowonle
IBRAHIM Alowonle Pred 26 dnevi
Kyrie getting ejected'when have you seen that.🤔
IG Live Plug
IG Live Plug Pred 26 dnevi
FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WAVENT READ THE COMMENT DONT there all Lakers fans so it’s biased
Srikar Velavarthipati
Srikar Velavarthipati Pred 26 dnevi
Is it me or is it just weird seeing a center wearing #2
ItsMeMario Pred 26 dnevi
Still got nets in 4 when nets fully healthy
Usapang Basketball
Usapang Basketball Pred 26 dnevi
KYRIE told schroder Earth is Flat!!!! :)
HT - 11ZZ 673994 Louise Arbour SS
zoren mataro
zoren mataro Pred 26 dnevi
I think Nets need 2 more Allstar.
JusSick24 Pred 26 dnevi
It doesn't matter.
KOT1Q Pred 26 dnevi
Lakers in 6
Baniu Gameplay
Baniu Gameplay Pred 26 dnevi
Nets are beatable... Lakers is incomplete in lineup! And have a great game... Hope Nets Don't choke in playoffs.. But I am a warriors fan :D
George Jeffery
George Jeffery Pred 26 dnevi
Goes to show u that Durant can’t carry a TEAM!!!!!
Brad Butler
Brad Butler Pred 26 dnevi
What.. for real.. damn
Jesse Sowah
Jesse Sowah Pred 26 dnevi
Ben McLemore lol 😂
Romer Castellano
Romer Castellano Pred 26 dnevi
Nets soft
Diogo Teixeira
Diogo Teixeira Pred 26 dnevi
smoking that Nets pack
NJM Pred 26 dnevi
You right we are
I'm gay but
I'm gay but Pred 26 dnevi
Without their 2 best players and KD on a minutes restriction 👍👍👍
Mike The_Tigir
Mike The_Tigir Pred 26 dnevi
Nets: No D needed Drummond: They can’t guard me
Anthony Zoldork
Anthony Zoldork Pred 26 dnevi
So why is Kyrie such a brat?
Gatorage Pred 26 dnevi
they got a steal with Drummond... last year #1 in both rebounding categories #1 in big man steals and top 10 in basically all other center stats.
Happier Than Ever
Ogledi 11 mio.
Happier Than Ever
Ogledi 11 mio.