Seth Meyers Shames People Cheating Their Way Into a COVID-19 Vaccine 

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Seth Meyers shares his thoughts on the rich and well-connected skipping the line to get the COVID-19 vaccine early.
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Seth Meyers Shames People Cheating Their Way Into a COVID-19 Vaccine- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




25. feb. 2021

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HeartMagnet Pred 12 dnevi
I'm a cancer patient who wasn't able to start my shots until april 1, it will take a month to get the other dose. I've run into five healthy people who've already had their shots and they aren't elderly. None of them were homebound like I've been forced to be for a year, none of them would have probably have gotten ill from the disease, whereas I would have almost certainly died. They "escorted" an elderly person and lied about being their caregiver. It's pitiful that a search for "disabled not getting covid shots" or "disabled cheated out of covid shots" -turned up nothing but this joke of a video, literally. Stop cheating us out of our lives. I'm not morbidly obese or diabetic, I didn't make bad life choices and caught cancer.
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa Pred 19 dnevi
Someone needs to tell this 18 year old kid on this show that the vaccine 💉 is not needed if you know how to protect yourself. These vaccines don’t prevent any illness and don’t stop you from transmitting any illness🧐
Political Porn
Political Porn Pred 22 dnevi
They can have mine and my family portion!
Kristjan Peil
Kristjan Peil Pred 23 dnevi
Mya Rail
Mya Rail Pred 29 dnevi
Good to find out who is skipping the lines. Low life’s.
St Schless
St Schless Pred mesecem
Ok Tucker! 😂
Sidney Robinson
Sidney Robinson Pred mesecem
Typical and to be expected
Jen Oween
Jen Oween Pred mesecem
This was gold. Thank you, Seth.
Mr Mo
Mr Mo Pred mesecem
Moderna CMO says their vaccine is changing the DNA by introducing a new message RNA. “We are rewriting your DNA code like an operating system.”
Soraya Kapetti
Soraya Kapetti Pred mesecem
Tippe Harrison
Tippe Harrison Pred mesecem
Klara Stern
Klara Stern Pred mesecem
Leslie Roycroft
Leslie Roycroft Pred mesecem
Okay so yeah.....It took me way too long to get the half-jest in this. 😂 Seth continues to impress me with his wit.
yeahsure youbetcha
yeahsure youbetcha Pred mesecem
To funny
ava morris
ava morris Pred mesecem
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Katherine Robbins
Katherine Robbins Pred mesecem
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Dugan Stonewolf Archer
anyone who thinks the vaccine will be fairly distributed is just naive! It will go to the rich first, their kids, they're friends, their babysitters, they're maids, and whoever they can make a profit selling it to, THEN it will be "fairly distributed"! Rich people are rich because they know how to steel!
Billy Stairs
Billy Stairs Pred mesecem
I'm 34 and the va offered me the vaccine...I denied it but they will be wasted if they aren't used. I'm so confused
Aaron Elzy
Aaron Elzy Pred mesecem
Don't see why anyone would be surprised. This is how America works, always has been.
Alain Michel
Alain Michel Pred mesecem
You know, you could also point the finger at some governments, like Israel's which apparently payed its doses 30% over the market price to get priority shipments (wonder why more than Israel's population is already vaccinated?) or the good old US of A which abuses its position of power to get shipments ahead of the EU countries!
Soraya Kapetti
Soraya Kapetti Pred mesecem
Most of it gets produced in the US and exported...
Roger Samuel
Roger Samuel Pred mesecem
Doctor: breaks ethics rules Seth: I'm going to shame you privately Me: I'm fina tell EEVERYBOOODY
Kenzie Pred mesecem
@ the Oscars, are you seeing this? 🏆
Vegan Nurse Traveler
Liu Skye
Liu Skye Pred mesecem
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Michael Ward
Michael Ward Pred mesecem
Thom Looney
Thom Looney Pred mesecem
I hear that Dr. Spaceman will set you up with anything you like ....
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson Pred mesecem
I agree with you Seth. The rich and powerful have always been immoral assholes.
Kim Miller
Kim Miller Pred mesecem
The Sea Captain is in the queue ahead of Seth. He's just trying to get a bit of equality. :)
S. Pociecha
S. Pociecha Pred mesecem
Seth honey, you and your gifted staff are deffo essential workers - but why have you allowed some slightly-damaged mummy figurine jump the line, leaving your beloved spouse Stefon barely visible at the edge of your desk? Fight corruption - prioritize Stefon! xox
bxxx9 Pred mesecem
2nd Chookie
2nd Chookie Pred mesecem
That wouldn't happen if the US had a 'single-payer' healthcare system!
Helen Clement
Helen Clement Pred mesecem
Well done. Seth.
Nathan Croucher
Nathan Croucher Pred mesecem
When are hookers due too get the vaccine?
FRE FLO DO Pred mesecem
Seth, this past year, I've watched your videos more than ever. I consider your contribution of news with a comedic twist an essential service just in helping us maintain our sanity. Between you & Trevor Noah working your craft, these hectic times have been slightly more manageable. Thank you.
judy hyland
judy hyland Pred mesecem
I love Seth!!!a
Bunny, Easter
Bunny, Easter Pred mesecem
Omg that was intense...I'd hate to be one of his kids caught red-handed in the cookie jar 😬
Matt Gaetz on White Ford Bronco
I'm a doc and have yet to receive doses to distribute. To think I was falling for this until he said "$10, $15, no more than $20..." 🤣 That's the cost of administration!
Netra Stocker
Netra Stocker Pred mesecem
Omg 😂😂😂 i cannot with him 🤦🏾‍♀️😂
Deanna Pred mesecem
Has anyone tried the number??😅
Carlos Luna
Carlos Luna Pred mesecem
Dear Seth. Thank you for shaming these horrible people who think their wealth and status in society entitles them to the vaccine ahead of everyone else. This needed to be outed and you did just that. There is another topic that you should also name and shame for and that is the breaking of an election promise by President Biden: to increase the minimum wage. When the Dems have control of both the House and the Senate and could, through budget reconciliation, pass this much needed bill, the Biden administration is now using the ridiculous excuse that the "Senate Parliamentarian" has advised against it. This "advice" can be completely overruled but it seems the Biden administration is NOT going to overrule this advice. This is wrong. This was an election pledge and the President and the Dems are backing out. Please mention this. Bernie Sanders can't do it alone. The President must be pressured into fulfilling this promise, otherwise the next elections could very well give one or both houses back to the Republicans.
Vocal Local
Vocal Local Pred mesecem
I personally don’t care who gets the vaccine, I applaud them for being willing to roll up their sleeves. The more that get vaccinated, the earlier we can get our lives back.
Rodney Smart
Rodney Smart Pred mesecem
I know wealthy parents that paid to put their kids teacher ahead of the line.
SmilingIbis Pred mesecem
I would "jump the line" if I only knew where the line was or how to get on it.
Picket Fence
Picket Fence Pred mesecem
I had my vaccine and booster in January. I am a career RN, 42 years of nursing, and have been working 12 hour shifts for almost a year. They can't force staff to get vaccinated. Only 83% of my co-workers have agreed to the vaccine. Unfortunately, 17% of staff believe the conspiracy theories from, 'He Who Must Not Be Named', and many of them believe everything on Facebook. The rest of us shut them down. We don't want to hear it anymore. Having said that, some of us believe the vaccine should be a condition of employment for those involved in patient care. May you all be healthy. Thank you Seth. ♡ Nurse Carolyn
Fandyllic Pred mesecem
I see what you did there...
Aaron Friedman
Aaron Friedman Pred mesecem
Well it could be argued that a celebrity may travel a lot. Or be at risk of higher exposure. Like it or not big companies rely on celebrities to sell products and services. In many ways a celebrity is far more important to anyone over 75 and retired. It's important not to panic. What he's saying is dangerous. Saying who deserves what is a slippery slope and trust me it never ends well.
Curtis Joseph
Curtis Joseph Pred mesecem
A shame that Seth has to take up this cause.
Dissociated Women Incorporated
I _loved_ hearing Meghan McCain whine about not being able to get a vaccine. It literally happened the day after I had mine. I'm poor, not famous, too disabled to work, and not the daughter of a big politician, I only received it earlier because I'm in an at risk group with my chronic health conditions. For once, the whims of the 1% didn't outweigh the needs of the 99%!
NightRogue Pred mesecem
127 Trump supporters have watched this video, as of 8:18 AM on the 27th of February 😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕
Ayanda Seboni
Ayanda Seboni Pred mesecem
Seth for Justice. But to be sure take the vaccine 'and verify that those unethical doctors weren't 'vaccinating' people with vinegar you have to take it for the sake of Justice
Dean Nilvalli
Dean Nilvalli Pred mesecem
This should hardly be a surprise. In most cases, that is how they got rich in the first place- having no shame, putting themselves above all others, having an intense selfish drive to get more.
Tanvir Khosla
Tanvir Khosla Pred mesecem
Lolll like the “health care providers” decide who gets the vaccine. So please don’t please don’t place blame on these people.
Julie Wake
Julie Wake Pred mesecem
Does an awful lot of this have to do with the obscene amount of money in the USA healthcare system?
Billy Everyteen
Billy Everyteen Pred mesecem
Wasn't expecting a satirical piece. I was expecting him to publicly shame the people that dressed as the elderly to skip the line. And while, yes, that is also morally questionable, it's at least cheating in a farcical and humorous way.
CB BC Pred mesecem
I wouldn't have a problem with the Late Night staff getting the vaccine. It's one of those in-between jobs where it's hard to do it 100% remotely.
Georgia Overdrive
Georgia Overdrive Pred mesecem
One healthcare provider was cut off from the vaccine because they kept giving the vaccine to rich people.
drgnslyer45 Pred mesecem
I have all of the vaccines.
Andre Barbosa
Andre Barbosa Pred mesecem
I don't blame POOR people for jumping the line because the way the US treats healthcare poor folks between 18 and 50 may never get the vaccine
BlueSquirrel Pred mesecem
LOL 🤣🤗🥰
Ro berta
Ro berta Pred mesecem
Lighten up
Xion Memoria
Xion Memoria Pred mesecem
A lot of people are lying through their teeth to get vaccinated at pharmacies and we aren't allowed to stop them. I had SEVEN people in one family claim they all had COPD and were personally caring for an immunocompromised relative. #1. These people use my pharmacy. I KNOW their medical history. None of them even have asthma. #2. Their mother (or grandmother, in two of the younger ones' cases) may be immunocompromised, but they aren't caring for her. _She never moved in from their home country_ And #3. We had to give them the vaccine. To deny them after the all-knowing computer system deemed them eligible based on lies would've constituted a breech of our agreement with the state and meant we couldn't vaccinate anyone. So seven healthy 21-44 year olds displaced seven seniors just today. This has happened every day since we started giving shots. If it weren't for patient privacy laws I would LOVE to publicly humiliate them. Or better yet, send them funeral cards from every. single. senior patient we have currently who dies of covid complications this month.
vbarreiro Pred mesecem
I have what’s gonna be an unpopular opinion: It would be fine for people to pay a massive premium (and I do mean massive) for an early vaccine if it finances the transport and production of future batches. If, say, a thousand early vaccines facilitate the creation, storage, transport, and distribution of a hundred thousand vaccines I say it’s a net good. This of course would have to only be allowed during a certain time period or else it defeats the purpose. That being said, this only works if the extra cash is given back to the cause, but it’s useless if it’s pocketed by a doctor. I say this coming from Mexico, where the recent situation was that there literally was no money for distribution, but no vaccine early purchase was allowed, so a handful of the first few batches accumulated dust for a while when they could have been saving lives.
Ali Hammington
Ali Hammington Pred mesecem
Wow. For a minute there Seth, I was really proud of you!
EST84x Pred mesecem
Seth will make sure that there will be no vaccine left to distribute to those celebrities.
DarkMagicBoi YT
DarkMagicBoi YT Pred mesecem
Seth Meyers is such a kind and caring person!
JP Biscuit
JP Biscuit Pred mesecem
I'd love to see that "news item" he is talking about. Honestly though, Comedy or not? Many people will take this as truth. Seth is not known to do comedy based on fiction. Seth does comedy based on current affairs.
Lynn St Laurent
Lynn St Laurent Pred mesecem
Dr Andy Samberg would have been a good bit, perhaps calling to schedule a needle for Frisbee. Especially after the Colin Jost appearance.
Maerahn Pred mesecem
I'm confused... you don't have what you call 'socialized healthcare' in the US, so isn't it by default the ones who are rich (i.e. can afford healthcare) who are getting the vaccine as priority?
Losaiko Save the Earth!!!
A trash collector deserves to get a vaccine before a billionaire.
MsAnpassad Pred mesecem
As a person that is disabled, have a bad heart , etc and have been alone for one year no (I want to live), I say let the rich get in front of the line.....IF they pay for 1 million persons in the developing countries to get the vaccine too. Not just the price of the vaccine, but the logistics and so on.
Steve HDD
Steve HDD Pred mesecem
Ya right 😒🙄dude's been vaccinated
Saint Exupery
Saint Exupery Pred mesecem
The HUGE Geisinger Heath Care system in PA gave the vaccine to employee's relatives...because they are a HUGE money making health care system and did not give a rat's derriere about cheating.
Pradeep Mulani
Pradeep Mulani Pred mesecem
The number is not real 😞
PopeLando Pred mesecem
As soon as you get into showbusiness you're given a 555 phone number.
Ann Williams
Ann Williams Pred mesecem
I really do think that younger working folks at high risk (eg. Those with asthma, heart conditions etc) should get the vaccine before retired people. Having a breadwinner die leaves a whole family in jeopardy.
macpony44 Pred mesecem
Seth do you want to comment on this? sltv.info/label/Z9hkttHFpneDp28/video
Mary Claire Schneider
This reminds me of the flu shot episode of 30 rock... not to diminish the seriousness of this. Very cool of Seth to do this.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred mesecem
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A. H.
A. H. Pred mesecem
Rich ass holes last year: this is nothing, no pandemic go back to work, Economy! Today: please give me vaccine PLEASE I DONT WANT TO DIE!
Sea Siren
Sea Siren Pred mesecem
I have a fantastic starter-line for vaccine corruption here in Florida! Start: Ron DeSeantis-(850) 488-7146. Next: Vanessa Baugh. Third: Publix, Trump, and all other FL GOP corruption supporters (Rubio, Gaetz, Scott). A lot of names, I know; I more conveniently refer to them as the, "RICO CIVILIAN STATUTE SQUAD." RICO for short.
T. K.
T. K. Pred mesecem
Hey Seth, I'm glad you're doing this. People need realize that using your position of power and privilege is limited to avoiding legal prosecution or get your kids into an ivy league school. Or a job a the Whitehouse. But that is where it ends. This is going too far.
pop5678eye Pred mesecem
Wait a minute... Is he trying to convey a hidden message...?
Mario M
Mario M Pred mesecem
They should be imprisoned
Venkata Sai Tarun Kasiraju
This is oddly specific and suspicious.
Nick Wallette
Nick Wallette Pred mesecem
Haha! :-) Seriously though, I think this is one case where it just isn’t worth getting upset about it. Just get everyone vaccinated. Every shot is a win. The more the better, the quicker the better. Even if you’re the last person to get vaccinated, everyone around you is already helping to stop the spread. Nothing but good news either way!
Spetsnaz 101
Spetsnaz 101 Pred mesecem
I'm going to admit, Seth had me in the first half, I thought he was serious.
Coleen Goodell
Coleen Goodell Pred mesecem
Shannon J. Brooks
Shannon J. Brooks Pred mesecem
Omg I thought he was being sincere, he's the best and most hilarious straight man (not sexuality, I mean it in context of a comedy duo. I.e, Jake and Amir, Jake would be the (mostly) straight man except for the sketches when they switch roles. Look up Chinstrap Beard College Humor, you're gonna thank me, of jorts, you're gonna thank me) lol
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson Pred mesecem
Don't forget the fake or spoiled vaccine that racists are going to flood the inner city and other areas where melanated people live. Trump already screwed the system up when he gave Florida extra everything. These people should be charged the same a killing someone because fewer people will be safe and therefore die.
N R Pred mesecem
line of srs/not-srs is too blurred for me in this one.
njanolo Pred mesecem
great idea 💡
Christopher J
Christopher J Pred mesecem
So this is what we have de-evolved to.
Ava Masquerade
Ava Masquerade Pred mesecem
"We," huh?
Vili Forsell
Vili Forsell Pred mesecem
The joke aside, I think the most important thing in healthcare and vaccines is trust. Trust that you get proper and effective care. Buying a vaccine from a person outside certified channels who does it for personal profit, does not sound trustworthy to me. A counterfeit is generally more profitable to sell than the real deal, and at least I can't visually separate a good and bad injection from each other. Of course, if we go there, you'll also need to trust the government and healthcare professionals who are the "official" channel, and even they may not always be in it for the citizen's benefit (nb. GOP, fake science conferences, etc.), so it's not really a clear cut issue.
SarahSayAnything Pred mesecem
God Bless you, sir!
Halloween Knights
Halloween Knights Pred mesecem
I honestly don't want a vaccine until I see the results of vaccination at least midway through 2021.
John Matthias
John Matthias Pred mesecem
The war on drugs was fought in much the same way.
David Anderson
David Anderson Pred mesecem
I'm not sure I should be taking this segment seriously. In any case, I'd be shaming the so-called celebrities and rich who jump the line. We already have a pair of such millionaire pigs in Canada and their names are all over the news.
Wyo Classes
Wyo Classes Pred mesecem
tomas roca
tomas roca Pred mesecem
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Kathleen Sposato
Kathleen Sposato Pred mesecem
We’re on to you ... :)
Kristina Pred mesecem
I know people who have done this and it makes me sick!
Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!
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