I Built a Theme Park of Perpetual Torment in Planet Coaster 

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PRO PLANET COASTER TIP: The human body is the most high velocity item in the game.
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I Built a Theme Park of Perpetual Torment in Planet Coaster - Let's Game It Out
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More about Planet Coaster (from Steam):
Surprise, delight and thrill crowds as you build the theme park of your dreams. Build and design incredible coaster parks with unparalleled attention to detail and manage your park in a truly living world.
Piece-by-Piece Construction: Planet Coaster makes a designer out of everyone. Lay paths, build scenery, customize rides and make everything in your park unique with piece-by-piece construction and over a thousand unique building components.
Landscape Sculpting: Play with nature and reshape the land beneath your feet. Sculpt the landscape to raise mountains, form lakes, dig caverns and even build islands in the sky, then weave coasters through your park above ground and below.
Total Authenticity: Recreate your favorite rides or leave the real world at the door. However you love to play, the most realistic rides and most realistic reactions from your guests make Planet Coaster the most authentic simulation ever.
Simulation Evolved: The deepest park simulation in gaming history rewards your skills and makes management fun. Control every aspect of your guests’ experience and watch as Planet Coaster’s world reacts to your choices in an instant.
A Living World: Every park guest is an expressive individual who thinks, feels and explores your park with their own interests and desires. Together Planet Coaster’s guests will tell you at a glance just how well your park is run.
Park Management: You’re the boss with accessible controls that make management fun. Test your skills in a campaign of creative scenarios, or just build for fun and tweak your parks to surprise, delight and thrill your guests.
Communal Creation: Planet Coaster links coaster fanatics and creators around the world with the Steam Workshop community hub. Trade scenery, rollercoasters and even entire parks with other players, and add the world’s wildest creations to your own park.
Be Inspired: Discover new content from the world’s best coaster park creators every day. Browse and download content from your favorite creators, or choose from the latest designs selected by the Planet Coaster dev team.
Share Your Creativity: Whether it’s a magnificent ice cream shop or the world’s most thrilling coaster, build it, name it and share it with the planet. Join a community of creators and see your designs appear in parks around the world.




27. jan. 2020

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Let's Game It Out
After making this video I legitimately forgot that roller coasters were supposed to be for people to ride and not as like... a battering ram for all our 206 bones.
Ehryn Pants
Ehryn Pants Pred 21 dnevom
Unknown Pred mesecem
Natalie Tanner
Natalie Tanner Pred mesecem
I have 12
Naila Rivera
Naila Rivera Pred mesecem
Oh no
ilias ilioy
ilias ilioy Pred 2 meseci
Oh no this world is dead. (Laugh)
Frank Concemi
Frank Concemi Pred 34 minutami
You must be really fun at parties
Julian A
Julian A Pred 42 minutami
Josh says things that nobody could ever say but he acts like a 5 year old in a candy shop
Lemon Life
Lemon Life Pred 2 urami
I love this video
Cleav Chua
Cleav Chua Pred 3 urami
I think I deserves to go to hell for laughing so hard throughout the entire video. Your commentary killing it
the chaos general
the chaos general Pred 3 urami
I watch this vid in vr and now I have glasses because of the fireworks and everyone calls for eyes
barack obama
barack obama Pred 6 urami
This is BEAN
Fayth Ang
Fayth Ang Pred 7 urami
Rollercosters in real life: uses math to make you scream. Rollercosters for josh: people yeeter 3000
miguel ariel Santos lopez
I was supposed to call my girlfriend but i gave a like instead
Christine Shore
Christine Shore Pred 17 urami
Me: literally uses coasters To ram people 😄😂😂😂
WYNÐEX Pred 23 urami
Damn, thats so philosofic
The Ultimate Reductionist
Republicans / conservatives be like: Make this for real!
The Ultimate Reductionist
TOTAL stuff of nightmares!
Rebekah Nivens
Rebekah Nivens Pred dnevom
The weak carp remarkably clap because bail secondarily examine across a berserk swim. torpid, empty start
The Goose
The Goose Pred dnevom
Can you pls play more planet coaster?
just kids gaming
just kids gaming Pred dnevom
Play it agin
Janet Joinson
Janet Joinson Pred dnevom
Me who’s birthday is tomorrow: 👁👄👁
Kyle Stewart
Kyle Stewart Pred dnevom
I lost it at the shotgun 🤣😂
wot Pred dnevom
14:10 LOL
Movie Music
Movie Music Pred dnevom
The cardio heaven is here
Tricky Beatz
Tricky Beatz Pred dnevom
dude i love your videos, they cheer me up so much. you give such a funny positive attitude! XD
Poison Viper456
Poison Viper456 Pred dnevom
How do you come up with the idea to do this stuff? Are you okay?
When the people ran into the flames 🔥 I cried 😂😂👏
LEE ZE REY Moe Pred 2 dnevi
im dying due to laughter
Siamese Agency
Siamese Agency Pred 2 dnevi
funny thing is this is the Second North Korea
Siamese Agency
Siamese Agency Pred 2 dnevi
yeah people wont die in this game even if they broke most of their bones
Talking Box
Talking Box Pred 2 dnevi
12:02 that's the cartoon cat basically
Katherine Desolidad
Katherine Desolidad Pred 2 dnevi
Masann 3
Masann 3 Pred 2 dnevi
Omg, how can they still have a complete family with 3 of them after all these?
Farjana Sany
Farjana Sany Pred 2 dnevi
The hypnotic clarinet formerly repair because barometer endoscopically suspect excluding a flat egg. voracious, useless pepper
Maya Fischer
Maya Fischer Pred 2 dnevi
This one's my favorite! =D
Link Pred 2 dnevi
This theme park is hells hell
Hazel Tse
Hazel Tse Pred 2 dnevi
Buckle up or don't! I DoN't CaRe!!!
Robi n
Robi n Pred 3 dnevi
U are like:Lets make what Robin Also did do with a lot of Things
Techn0 for life
Techn0 for life Pred 3 dnevi
OMG My cheeks are hurting from smiling and laughing so much at just how damn funny this is, oh lawdy.
Mr. Glober
Mr. Glober Pred 3 dnevi
Josh: built his own coaster park! Me: ohh dad that's a good coaster park lets go in! Josh: deletes the path Me: this is gonna be fun!!!
Mr. Glober
Mr. Glober Pred 3 dnevi
Josh: built his own coaster park! Me: ohh dad that's a good coaster park lets go in! Josh: deletes the path Me: this is gonna be fun!!!
Viktor Iago Ganancial MABBORANG
Where does that other path lead to when you enter it
A-chan _Unknown
A-chan _Unknown Pred 3 dnevi
Finally, I saw people died
dlekS ehT
dlekS ehT Pred 3 dnevi
When the ppl get hit by the rollercoaster, there’s bowling pin physics
X6 Dry
X6 Dry Pred 3 dnevi
Companies should hire him for their game trailers
XxNyaedd Pred 3 dnevi
Call it crying world
billybobthorton Pred 3 dnevi
You know, God suddenly doesn't seem like such a bad guy. Could be alot worse.
Sebastian Aguirre
Sebastian Aguirre Pred 3 dnevi
Cinthia Núñez
Cinthia Núñez Pred 3 dnevi
'it's like confetti but it's bodies' savage af 😂
Luíze Araujo
Luíze Araujo Pred 3 dnevi
whats your pc model
AF - 07SE 754974 Lisgar MS
"Life is like a roller-coaster" Oh you made it
Timtim grimgrim
Timtim grimgrim Pred 3 dnevi
kendall hopper
kendall hopper Pred 4 dnevi
The immense rainbow speculatively charge because line comparably admit lest a tedious distance. enormous, tangible british
Chase Putz
Chase Putz Pred 4 dnevi
this guy makes my day
Odga 423
Odga 423 Pred 4 dnevi
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed more than now 😂
Sauni Pred 4 dnevi
Game Is taking up 37 gigs of Ram... My PC Phone and Laptop dont have this much ram together
Bread That Hates Mustard
This is one of my favourite videos to ever exist!
Fulcruman Pred 4 dnevi
Hiromi Sato
Hiromi Sato Pred 4 dnevi
MY EYES!!!!!!
Darren Ashmore
Darren Ashmore Pred 4 dnevi
But Kaaaaaaaaarl. Where is the Meatdragon?
Aziz Fahrudin
Aziz Fahrudin Pred 4 dnevi
I Love How The Double Barrel Shotgun Shoots Human Bodies and Also The Coaster
Winter Pred 4 dnevi
Broo u psyco😂
ClaryS Show
ClaryS Show Pred 4 dnevi
You voice is the best on that matches with your content🤣
Umbreon is cool _
Umbreon is cool _ Pred 4 dnevi
I like this channel
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter Pred 4 dnevi
How at 10:33 the people are stuck in the ground
Tj Slytherin
Tj Slytherin Pred 4 dnevi
Why is he the chaotic good version of graystillplays....
Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore Pred 4 dnevi
I have literally cried from laughter on every single video of yours I've watched 🤣 absolutely amazing 😂
Sebastian Apgar
Sebastian Apgar Pred 4 dnevi
Ok SLtv you can stop recommending me this now
Sebastian Apgar
Sebastian Apgar Pred 4 dnevi
@mango pie oof
mango pie
mango pie Pred 4 dnevi
recommendations is based on what you watched so basically what you just did is make youtube recommend this kinds of videos more lmao
caseoink Pred 4 dnevi
I have never laughed so much in my life
Sheila Borton
Sheila Borton Pred 4 dnevi
and they all go yeeet
ISUPOWER1 Pred 5 dnevi
ha ha
Alan Severance
Alan Severance Pred 5 dnevi
Lets get josh to 3 mil guys
Mount Bridges mapping
I saw grub hub guy
blueking2211 Pred 5 dnevi
6:21 genuine comedy
Eric Platts
Eric Platts Pred 5 dnevi
Lol just can't stop laughing. I feel evil for laughing
Robert White
Robert White Pred 5 dnevi
Can we just appreciate how long it took to make the double barrel
Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown Pred 5 dnevi
I cried so hard of laughter I couldn't stop
Jackson Wade
Jackson Wade Pred 5 dnevi
Play more of this game
TONE THE RACER Pred 5 dnevi
10 10 :D
Pirard Geoffroy
Pirard Geoffroy Pred 5 dnevi
Josh, I don't know if you'll end up in hell or not, but I am pretty sure you ll get a steady job there.
Michelle St
Michelle St Pred 5 dnevi
Lord Dominator
Lord Dominator Pred 5 dnevi
If you ever decide to do a sequel to one of these, you might try making a giant casino where the people are the moving parts in the games as well as the coin payouts.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred 6 dnevi
The glib anatomy wailly calculate because birthday revealingly challenge given a efficacious spring. open, quizzical bar
Fictious Silver
Fictious Silver Pred 6 dnevi
Michael Mosher
Michael Mosher Pred 6 dnevi
haahahhahhahahahhahahahahhaha i love your vids
Michael Mosher
Michael Mosher Pred 6 dnevi
haahahhahhahahahhahahahahhaha i love your vids
Justine Zausa
Justine Zausa Pred 6 dnevi
Final destination 3 be like
buddered egg
buddered egg Pred 6 dnevi
Game: how fast will the coaster be? Josh: *y e s*
105045林為亞 Pred 6 dnevi
Parents: life is like a rollercoaster. The rollercoaster:
Vien Leniell Manalo
Vien Leniell Manalo Pred 6 dnevi
This is jigsaw but in a roller coster game
Tishyo Saha
Tishyo Saha Pred 6 dnevi
Alright, I'm sold, getting this game right now.
Spike_Not_Found Pred 6 dnevi
What have u done!?!? ITS A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!
Jaelynn Shayla
Jaelynn Shayla Pred 6 dnevi
The confused july disappointingly decay because comma demographically paddle an a inconclusive kevin. outstanding, inconclusive zinc
Kimber Trotter
Kimber Trotter Pred 6 dnevi
Become, a aa air
Both Pred 6 dnevi
Planet zoo: coaster DLC: Allows you to make coasters if you don’t have that extra penny, or use coasters as a expansion from the zoo! Adds: coaster items, zoo size increase (in both normal zoo and expansion to coaster), coaster (must be connected to zoo path or original thing), park size increase (in both normal park and zoo park)
Jade Runnells
Jade Runnells Pred 6 dnevi
1:43 me when i turn the light on at night
Jade Runnells
Jade Runnells Pred 6 dnevi
7:18 i like rollar coasters
Funkey Monkey
Funkey Monkey Pred 6 dnevi
ePlays Pred 6 dnevi
Josh: How many of these can you add? Computer: [starts sobbing uncontrollably]
Scott Weber
Scott Weber Pred 6 dnevi
WOW you can quite literally do ANYthing in this game! Also: Best. Tutorial. EVER.
Isiah Martin
Isiah Martin Pred 7 dnevi
i wanted to go to 6 flags but josh gives me a fear of theme. parls
Isiah Martin
Isiah Martin Pred 7 dnevi
i josh just defies logic and physics
Hakeem Zahardi
Hakeem Zahardi Pred 7 dnevi
All this game needs is blood splattering effect
This Zoo Is 100% Pure Havoc
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