Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF? 

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
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20. feb. 2021

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EvanTubeGaming Pred 5 dnevi
guess im the crying child guys
Top Knotch
Top Knotch Pred 4 dnevi
I mean Evan made my childhood
Train guy 1 A
Train guy 1 A Pred 4 dnevi
EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood Pred 4 dnevi
if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood Pred 4 dnevi
@Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story
Sleepy Eliza
Sleepy Eliza Pred 4 dnevi
who u?
gracethewolf 7705
gracethewolf 7705 Pred 2 minutami
Not to give you more work but im the new trailor for security breach the kid in front of the computers has 2 gray stripes on his black shirt n roughly has the same color hair meaning we might see him again which also leads to security breach being before fnaf 4 cause my guys alive
Extra Rares
Extra Rares Pred 3 minutami
Guys, the crying child's name is Evan STOP USING CHRIS!!
mask with lil sister
mask with lil sister Pred 5 minutami
how about this J - Jake E - Evan N - ( from logbook 9:41 ) S - Simom. =JENS
Katie Ortowski
Katie Ortowski Pred 9 minutami
MatPatt please make a discord server for everyone to discuss theories please
tali E
tali E Pred 10 minutami
Matpat: *finishes theory* yes finally I can rest for a few weeks Security breach trailer released five day later: *wE rIde aT dAwN bItChEs*
Anna Pred 11 minutami
11:54 when ur dad watches peppa pig
TheDaringPastry1313 Pred 12 minutami
Really good Pennywise impression with great inflection on the voice from the newer IT movie MatPat.
Funtime foxy
Funtime foxy Pred 16 minutami
I always thought that the crying child name was Chris The younger sibling in the Afton Family
CrazyGurlWarrior Pred 28 minutami
I came here cuz the new fnaf security breach trailer just dropped
ShanayaPlayz Pred 34 minutami
Everyone just forgot about Chris Afton-
Chriscraft6190 Pred 27 minutami
Chris Anton is a fan name, it’s not a real name. It has no evidence backing it.
Godwin Pernito
Godwin Pernito Pred 35 minutami
Yes i think scott is trying to hide something from the crying child real name but i think it chris afton econo rings a bell to me
Rahma Shifa
Rahma Shifa Pred 36 minutami
Guys I think I know the fnaf 4 lore. Here is my opinion. The crying child Is being manipulated by his golden Freddy plush. He wants the crying child to think that all the animatronics are bad and that he's the only good one. the way he made these nightmare animatronics in the child's mind is by using the illusion disc. And you may be thinking oh if this is an illusion then how come the child dies after being caught by one? see on the side of the bed he's in medical treatment. I think that means you can't really see anything scary cos he has like anxiety and I think he might get a heart attack or something and die. that is all I can explain. I'll try and give you the lore of nightmare but it's just been really hard and stressful, but if you can reply to this with the lore of nightmare before I'm able to update this then congrats, and like I said finding the lore of nightmare has been extremely stressful and hard, but I think that nightmare is golden Freddy's spirit. As you can see, nightmare has a golden top hat and a golden bow tie. That's all I can say for now I don't really have more info.
1up Family
1up Family Pred 37 minutami
Okay so the new security breach trailer just came out today and someone pointed out that if you put a certain filter on the part where the kids looking at the screens you can see a black shirt with white stripes and people think he's holding a bear in his hand so it might be the crying child
Lol why am i Like this
Lol why am i Like this Pred 39 minutami
Dude thank you so much for not spoiling the book ❣️
Triforce of Stupidity
Triforce of Stupidity Pred 41 minuto
Terraria theory one day?
Zhang Shock
Zhang Shock Pred 43 minutami
ok, me being part of a community i have seen that most of the community im part of calls the crying child "chris" and thats what i have been thinking but since i turned to finding it myself there have been none "chris" names for the crying child but evan could be the name for him?.
Adam :D
Adam :D Pred 43 minutami
Matpat, if you look closely at the new fnaf security breach trailer you can see that when there's a kid standing in front of the monitors you can see gray stripes on the back of his shirt. And guess who also has gray stripes on the BACK of his. shirt. The crying child. So is the kid standing in front of the monitors aka Gregory. Also the crying child?! Maybe?!
unicorn heart
unicorn heart Pred 44 minutami
Crying child's real name is Christopher afton chris for short
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• Pred 25 minutami
No Chris is a fanmade name
SPACE MAN Pred 45 minutami
Oh man i thought you where done with this
The Fox Creation
The Fox Creation Pred 53 minutami
When MatPat sees someone else doing valid theory: **NOT APPROVED**
Kiley Will
Kiley Will Pred 54 minutami
Hey Matt! Tiktok user @_nj_here_ pointed out something about the new Security Breach trailer that corresponds with this video in a way, as well as Into the Pit from the Fazbear Frights series, and I want to expand on it a bit. She shows the scene with Gregory standing in front of the monitors while a voice speaks to him (“Ill get you out of here”) And upon looking at it, she points out how his shirt is dark colored with two grey stripes, just like the Crying Child’s. Of course, Gregory isn’t the crying child, but will he play a role in revealing his name? I was also watching your video talking about “Into the Pit” and the murders of 1985, and how the rabbit shows off the 6 children they’ve killed. You also mentioned how you thought we might see some of that in the new game, so I wonder if we’ll see some of Vanny’s crimes tie into other aspects of the series. Could this have bigger implications later on? Who’s to say, for now anyway. I’d love to see your thoughts on the new trailer!
civil wither
civil wither Pred 56 minutami
the crying child was gregory its all in the new trailer
klucas Pred 56 minutami
*me after watching the new trailer* "Gregory 👁👄👁"
Sophisticated Sophie
Sophisticated Sophie Pred 57 minutami
Do a game theory on the little nightmare series!!
Deirdre Gacha Queen
Deirdre Gacha Queen Pred 59 minutami
I have heard this theory alot though I needed to see all the evidence it deffinetly makes sense though I've seen too much fnaf gacha content and I don't think i'll be able to stop calling him Chris T-T
•Milk Coffee• ツ
The name of crying child is Christofer afton (chris afton for short)
thomas krol
thomas krol Pred uro
There is a game called astroneer and i was wondering if you would be interested to do a theory on it so basically you are a astronaut for a company called exo and you are starting development in a solar system either alone or with friends and through out the game there is a bunch of wreckage of some thing you can make in the game as well as non expanded version of the space pod you get to the starting planet on so that means either the company is wasting pods or other astroneers came there before you and since you cant find them they are probably dead also im pretty sure you can find the backpacks that arent from your deaths maybe the wreckage of the stuff that you can make is stuff the dead astroneers made
Bogdan Benea
Bogdan Benea Pred uro
What if in the box there are two souls trying to escape?
cactus_ dude567
Its cristopher afton
Shrek Shampoo
Shrek Shampoo Pred uro
Me: Let me go watch a FNAF theory to celebrate a new Security Breach trailer.
Gamerul Xonic
Gamerul Xonic Pred uro
Krystiana Lyons
I need help understanding the lore of ‘Little Nightmares’ especially since the second game came out a few days ago. Could ya help a girl out Matt?
Marcus Leon Camus
I do not understand why do you need to know the name? When has that ever been important bc he's ded so no one will mention him again unless he's mentioned in FNAF SC
Toy Bonnie SFM
evan sounds like a cool name
Sky wilson
Sky wilson Pred uro
It took me three/four days but I finally watched every theory for fnaf these guys made
rip issac what a mood
Ruby Simon
Ruby Simon Pred uro
The new fnaf trailer came out today, in that trailer the person you are playing as has blondish hair and a shirt that has 2 stripes in dark gray and light gray. Exactly like the crying child. But the name he is giving is Gregory. But we don't have much to work off of.
can we all just thank matpat for not randomly adding a jump scare
living_ pancake
Hey mat the new trailer for the new fnaf game the kid in the trailer has the same shirt as the crying child any theories on that
J1y25 Pred uro
If the crying child died young, then how did he become father?
chicham padz
chicham padz Pred uro
mike/michel is the crying child idk if im sure?i typed what is the name of the crying child it says mike/michel is it because lost of his memory but it says i read it says this mike/michel is the crying child because after the bite of 83 he had lost his memory of his name and what happend then he was put back together. and that what it says
Anne-Marie Fitzpatrick
chris afton
Danny R
Danny R Pred uro
I just feel like even with this being a story to Compare with similar names, it doesn’t make sense that Evan would be old and having kids despite being killed as a child and haunting an animatronic bear? It’s too much to overlook to be sold on this theory but very close
Jhayzie Fernandez
its not evan its chr_s huh-
WTFVujke Pred uro
The crying child is Cassidy. The Crying Child after death knew what caused his death, so he tortures his own father. And what about when each time you get jumpscared by Golden Freddy? That IS the face of the Crying Child. Because, remember, Fredbear caused Crying Child to die in "The Chomp of '83". And then Fredbear was scrapped, and some of the pieces were used to remake Golden Freddy. That's why I think The Crying Child = Cassidy. Cassidy is torturing his own father for all his crimes, and all the deaths he caused.
Jassprit Singh Kalsi
Theory- Is W.D. Gaster is the father of sans and papyrus
Jennifer Gonzalez
Chris afton
Hun-Faateer Pred uro
The fact that I have retained the information I’ve digested from all of these theories is probably the reason I’m failing math.
Jennifer Gonzalez
Kenny Escarcega
The criyng child is gregory
Cute Doggo
Cute Doggo Pred uro
Hey mat pat look at the most recent trailer for fnaf security breach then when Gregory is looking at the cameras but youll see his shirt is the exact same as the bite victim or Evan in the theory
Archive 7802
Archive 7802 Pred uro
Hey, Mat. I would usually put in some sort of funny comment, but I just want to take a moment and say thank you, for everything that you have done for all of us for the past few years. I hope this brightens your day, and I look forward to what you all have in store for us in the future. I wish you all a wonderful day. 😊
Black Shadow
Black Shadow Pred uro
Man I must hate sleep if I'm still watching these
hee hoo
hee hoo Pred uro
MATPAT I HAVE SOME THINGS TO SAY. Since the new trailer has the back of Gregory I noticed that he has a striped shirt. And from the figure he has brown hair. Alot like the crying child.... I have more If I am correct then the pizza plex is open the same time that fredbears is open. Which means he went to both at sometime. When he got chomped and subsequently put back together maybe the glamrock animatronics were there at that time. So maybe the animatronics told the crying child that he is a robot since they are sentient as well Also if vanny in her normal night guard self hears this then as a psycho working for afton she might get the orders to restart him. Which might be a game mechanic making you hide in freddy while he tries to help you through the night WHICH MEANS THE CRYING CHILDS NAME IS GREGORY also in fnaf vr we find vannys mask in a old barn. It looks old and....used. So that means in vr canny has already gone on her rampage I rest my case.
Shadow Walker
Shadow Walker Pred uro
i have thoughts of it being gabriel
peanutswerve Pred uro
heyyyyy mat, we got some news for you
Angel Molina
Angel Molina Pred uro
Mat Pat their is a video on tik tok that blew up about fnaf security breach the video is on _nj_here_ she found some Easter eggs😦
Star Pupils
Star Pupils Pred uro
Me at the intro: *Pennywise? Is that you?*
American Toast
So one thing that I thought is that if jakes father was supposed to be related to the crying child, then why isn’t he the one who goes on to possess the doll and go onto the stitchwraith. I mean if jake was the one to share a similar story to the crying child then wouldn’t it make sense for the crying child to be named jake instead?
quentin hampton
Matt if you read this buddy try and take this advice your thinking way to hard sometimes the easiest way to get across the street is to walk it
I'm The Real Barney
I'm The Real Barney Pred 2 urami
Arie Pred 2 urami
I'm pretty sure the child's name is Gregory because in the new security breach trailer they showed a kid named Gregory and if you look closely his shirt has 2 grey stripes
Arie Pred 2 urami
But the child had blonde hair in the security breach trailer so it's confusing
Lee Crow
Lee Crow Pred 2 urami
Mike and Evan sound good as a pair of brothers, so yeah, let's go with it.
Datu shane Ago
Datu shane Ago Pred 2 urami
mēlīssä Pred 2 urami
Um actually there is 8# book..
Victhor yain Vargas rocha
I have a theory it is that the reddit user was secretly scott trying to help without us knowing it
Caden Boulden
Caden Boulden Pred 2 urami
The crying child nale is greagory
im a noob
im a noob Pred 2 urami
Yeah Scott called and said he wanted a new theory
TBG_Nyx Pred 2 urami
His name is Gregory
hey_its_me_ friends
hey_its_me_ friends Pred 2 urami
People keep saying that Gregory looks like crying child but he's dead and not blonde
Dave Malfoy
Dave Malfoy Pred 2 urami
and ladies and gentleman thats how matpat survived escape the night
David_xxx Pred 2 urami
The new five nights at Freddy’s is com in Thursday 25
Za Crusher
Za Crusher Pred 2 urami
Why do I keep thinking Evan is the brother of the crying child instead of the crying Childs name? Lets think about it, the doll inside the cabinet is the tumor kid's father, Evan. In the fnaf game, foxy (crying Childs brother) is shown to hide in a cabinet and does a jump scare that doesn't kill us...I'm very convinced that the name Evan goes to foxy. Either that or I'm just being stupid.
Other Worldy
Other Worldy Pred 2 urami
It's been years.... And this Video is calling me back from all of those horrifying years..
Benjamin Flores
Benjamin Flores Pred 2 urami
Ethan Gaytan
Ethan Gaytan Pred 2 urami
That hollow knight theory still annoys me. I know it’s wrong but it still annoys me. Maybe I’m just weird.
Ryan Guttman
Ryan Guttman Pred 2 urami
Here's an idea: We've already established that FoxyBro is Michael Afton, right? Well, this is how the Foxy magazine and the tally marks can be related: Evan's name is broken apart. The E,V, and A are found in one way, but the N is found using the tally marks and the foxy magazine. Foxy provides one segment of the answer, and Michael provides another. If FoxyBro and Michael are the same guy, then Michael is giving us the clues to help put his dead brother's identity back together, just like the FNaF 4 quote on the crying child's deathbed: "I will put you back together." Cassidy also helps along with him in the logbook, providing the other three letters. This is why the FNaF 4 quote is in gold: Because she is speaking through Golden Freddy. She and Michael put him back together by reassembling his name, therefore giving him identity and have him "Be Complete" as Scrap Baby would say.
TonyTheTaco Pred 2 urami
TTK_ticks Pred 2 urami
Game theory if u look at new trailer when it shows the boy u can kinda see 2 gray stripes on his shirt and if u look at crying child he has 2 gray stripes pls see this
Jessy Pred 2 urami
Yo matpat have any ideas of security breach changed with the new trailer?
Robyn Pred 2 urami
Brugboi123 __
Brugboi123 __ Pred 2 urami
Warvock The gamer
Warvock The gamer Pred 2 urami
the next theory channel should be book theory so you can move the fazbear frights book theory’s to that channel when the cliffs comes out Tuesday
Camden Sturgeon
Camden Sturgeon Pred 2 urami
Fan Theorist:LOOK! A NAME!! YESSSSD!!!! Scott Who's just now realizing there is another name you can spell in the grid:"Huh...look at that..."
Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez Pred 2 urami
Cassidy said- it was for you- and Michael said it was for me which he meant his BIRTHDAY! Michael is also Golden Freddy because it says ITS ME which Michael wants to give attention to His dad. If Evan is The crying child then why did they call him Michael Afton? Wait.. EVAN AFTON!! We don’t know Cassidys parents but they may be figured out but Cassidy and Evan(Michael) are Golden Freddy.
—0 Rawr—
—0 Rawr— Pred 2 urami
Me waiting for a theory on the new trailer of security breach: 👁👄👁🥛
Fandom Universal
Fandom Universal Pred 2 urami
ZiggiZagg Pred 2 urami
Not scary
Chloe Catron
Chloe Catron Pred 2 urami
A new trailer dropped can you do a video on it?
William Page
William Page Pred 2 urami
In the new fnaf sb that came out on the sign it say S.T.A.F.F
Cannon Russo
Cannon Russo Pred 2 urami
Do you think matpat is slowly going insane throughout all these fnaf videos
Offbrand Pred 2 urami
I want to see scrap trap with out the suit as I call it “ building afton”
Chloe Catron
Chloe Catron Pred 2 urami
Your evil voice sounds midwestern😂 like "hiya Georgie! Its colder than all heck out there dont ya know. Ope you dropped your paper boat there"😂😂
Dhanvanth Karthik
Dhanvanth Karthik Pred 2 urami
a new trailer dropped for security breach
Neo epicslovakia
Neo epicslovakia Pred 2 urami
he said he wasn't gonna spoil some of the twists in the real even then spoils some more of it later on lol
m9lvin Pred uro
that bothered me too I was gonna go read it lol
Bethany Jenkins
Bethany Jenkins Pred 2 urami
My dog's name is Jake and let me tell you he was very confused when I started this video
Amanda Cruz
Amanda Cruz Pred 2 urami
Can you do another video where you go over the whole storyline again before the new game
Rain Feather
Rain Feather Pred 3 urami
I think crying child is Gregory from the new game. They have similar hairstyles and the shirt looks the same. The end of the new game trailer even has the hand of a nightmare animatronic... Maybe even Nightmare himself. Who we already think is haunting the child with the head injury (crying child) the trailer also has quotes " when fear takes hold, when reality fails." "And insanity prevails." All things that can be from a severe head injury or trauma. The word fear can even link back to nightmares just going to add to this. to further add to my theory that crying child and Gregory are the same person... the theme with the animatronics and even in their name is Glam rock, glam rock in America got really popular in the 80's. what if this place is not in the future or current time... but takes place in the 80's. now part of that can both derail my theory and support my theory about the nightmare animatronic. we could play as the boy getting ready to be bitten, or playing as the boy in the later 80's after having recovered from his near death of the bite?
Fishing with Big J
Fishing with Big J Pred 3 urami
When the new game comes out we’re gonna go threw this again
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