Minecraft, But It Rains OP Items 

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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but it rains OP items! How OP can I become? And can I beat Minecraft? Watch to find out!
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14. apr. 2021

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Itz_ Jb_
Itz_ Jb_ Pred 3 urami
Lps ._.Elłïé
Lps ._.Elłïé Pred 12 urami
hi Sb737 i just subbsribed
5454ej Pred 14 urami
I did
Kyle Vanlandschoot
Kyle Vanlandschoot Pred 15 urami
Kids Youtube
Kids Youtube Pred 18 urami
"I respect that tho, if someone is sleeping in your bed, feel free to murder them unless its me" -SB737
muhammad saif
muhammad saif Pred 21 uro
I subscriber can u pin me now?
shinade lewis
shinade lewis Pred 22 urami
I subscribed and love your vids
Adam Martinez
Adam Martinez Pred 22 urami
I love you sb I love your vids so I hope you reach 2mil subs😀
Blue Hunter
Blue Hunter Pred 22 urami
I sucribed
William Burton
William Burton Pred 23 urami
Malyn Castor
Malyn Castor Pred dnevom
Can you beat minecraft with tiny mod
PerBoom Pred dnevom
i subed
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy Pred dnevom
how to get netherite before getting a wooden pickaxe. 1. creative 2. be SB737
Galaxy Adventures
Galaxy Adventures Pred dnevom
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Bella Miller
Bella Miller Pred dnevom
GO SB737
Bella Miller
Bella Miller Pred dnevom
This pack is the best one EVER no one can beat sb737 he is the best
nikk valkanov
nikk valkanov Pred dnevom
I have the feeling that I have seen this video before, like is this a repost because I have definetely watched this exact video
alisdair mcgregor
alisdair mcgregor Pred dnevom
I subed
Jace Joshy
Jace Joshy Pred dnevom
i like how sb actually posts the datapack links in the discription unlike tapl
Benedek Kovacs
Benedek Kovacs Pred dnevom
U are legit suker
Benedek Kovacs
Benedek Kovacs Pred dnevom
Isub to u suker
Michael Zarate
Michael Zarate Pred dnevom
I watch his vids instead of learning lmao
Macy Villa
Macy Villa Pred dnevom
Ur not an idiot we r big fans
Khloe Yee
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Hi i watch your vid evryday pls say hi 🥰
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Maleea Wilson Pred dnevom
I subscribed
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I did
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Eva Iskandar Pred 2 dnevi
i eat poo
i eat poo Pred 2 dnevi
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Venom So2 Pred 2 dnevi
Omg I never knew turtle shell was so op
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Let's go 👉😳👈
End3rc0re Pred 2 dnevi
i have been subscribed since awesome world episode 400 and i have never unsubed
Sandy Thorsberg
Sandy Thorsberg Pred 2 dnevi
U r my favorite MC youtuber
Sujata Patro
Sujata Patro Pred 3 dnevi
@sb737 plz reply
Lee Suan Tang
Lee Suan Tang Pred 3 dnevi
me: exploded
Sludge Pug
Sludge Pug Pred 3 dnevi
Im an og boyz
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i subscribed
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I subed
Ryan Tucker
Ryan Tucker Pred 3 dnevi
u are da best youtuber ever
Ryan Tucker
Ryan Tucker Pred 3 dnevi
3:04 no ur not
Joice Lee
Joice Lee Pred 3 dnevi
Adam gaming
Adam gaming Pred 3 dnevi
Hi you are my favourite SLtvr
ezell lee
ezell lee Pred 3 dnevi
When you found the diamond leging I missed enchant apple
pickachu Ketchum
pickachu Ketchum Pred 3 dnevi
i subbed, whats your favourite fruit?
Doge Pred 3 dnevi
Derek Pickett
Derek Pickett Pred 3 dnevi
I subscribed
The Gaming Twins
The Gaming Twins Pred 3 dnevi
Jerry Sorte
Jerry Sorte Pred 3 dnevi
This guy is so cool. He never runs out of ideas for his vids.
Ice Spike
Ice Spike Pred 3 dnevi
can you make a minecraft dungen vid its so cool
Nathan's Silly Videos
Ninaad Patel Hadya Rajesh
i subbed
Luke Kelbie
Luke Kelbie Pred 4 dnevi
Finley Allan
Finley Allan Pred 4 dnevi
I've been subbed for years
Kien Bui Chi
Kien Bui Chi Pred 4 dnevi
Penguins: flightless birds SB: just fly you stupid penguin😂😂😂
Death Tuyrl
Death Tuyrl Pred 4 dnevi
I did
Steve Pred 4 dnevi
I subbed!
its mr.ADE
its mr.ADE Pred 4 dnevi
Use the data pack Dan TDM did. When he crouched and items came
CTR Oakplayz
CTR Oakplayz Pred 4 dnevi
I did
Jodi Marsanopoli
Jodi Marsanopoli Pred 4 dnevi
Hi sb this is my first time and my name is Andrew
Angie Watson
Angie Watson Pred 4 dnevi
i subscribrd
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Pred 4 dnevi
nice video thats very creative SB
Majid Almutairi
Majid Almutairi Pred 4 dnevi
i subscribed
Jake Purdy
Jake Purdy Pred 4 dnevi
Your good at Minecraft.
Jacob Halls
Jacob Halls Pred 4 dnevi
i subd
Andrei Altamera
Andrei Altamera Pred 4 dnevi
i subribe you so cool make a 900 and 1000 days now
Master PLays
Master PLays Pred 5 dnevi
i did subscribed
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I subscribed! Love your vids. :)
Saif ur Rahman
Saif ur Rahman Pred 5 dnevi
I subscribed you please give me a heart ❤️
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Man this guy is so good at minecraft also you should make ur own server
Mason Wu
Mason Wu Pred 5 dnevi
Pls continue your survival series
IvarPRO Pred 5 dnevi
Taskeen Memon
Taskeen Memon Pred 6 dnevi
Beat minecraft with nausea 3
Ymus Cortes
Ymus Cortes Pred 6 dnevi
ya its very cool rains OP things?
dap Paul
dap Paul Pred 6 dnevi
Sb we need more penguins stat
Jaylan Nguyen
Jaylan Nguyen Pred 6 dnevi
I'm try7ard
I'm try7ard Pred 6 dnevi
I subed Cuz ur a legend
two sasta youtuber
two sasta youtuber Pred 7 dnevi
hello the fact the big youtubers is not download link of mod in discription but your a god for minecraft players
kurt tenorio
kurt tenorio Pred 7 dnevi
that addons???
Maddalene Sudharsan
Maddalene Sudharsan Pred 7 dnevi
RIP old elytra🖕🦆
Yeni Tang
Yeni Tang Pred 7 dnevi
I subscribed
Jess Harvey
Jess Harvey Pred 7 dnevi
Hey sb I subbed please reply I’ve never had a SLtvr replied to me
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I did
yhan mstery_?
yhan mstery_? Pred 8 dnevi
i subscibed 👁👄👁
Minecraft vids coming when I get computer
I subed yesterday
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you da best youtuber in the world :D sb717 i hope you have a great day!
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I subscribed.
Mahtab jojo
Mahtab jojo Pred 9 dnevi
Izarra Childs
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And I subbed
Izarra Childs
Izarra Childs Pred 9 dnevi
Can u put the link to the good mod ideas in the discreaptuon plz lu. Ur vids COME ON GUYS LETS GET HIM TO 2 million subs let’s go keep up the good work
American Nobody
American Nobody Pred 9 dnevi
Oh and I lovvvvvve allllllllllllllllllll your videos like all all all
American Nobody
American Nobody Pred 9 dnevi
Noob Dot Com
Noob Dot Com Pred 9 dnevi
I subbed........................give me a shout out
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Dont think that you got away from me
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i subscribed to you.
Chris Gibbs
Chris Gibbs Pred 9 dnevi
I subbed
Alligavgaming Pred 9 dnevi
Nanda Doneparthy
Nanda Doneparthy Pred 10 dnevi
The most funniest thing was that dancing bird
Deyaan Puridi
Deyaan Puridi Pred 10 dnevi
hello hiii whatsd uppppp[p
bhumika Raina
bhumika Raina Pred 10 dnevi
I suppose
Sean Mattson
Sean Mattson Pred 10 dnevi
Hey there
King Tozz
King Tozz Pred 10 dnevi
ive been subbed and watching frome 270k subs i love ur vids
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