Behzinga Takes On The London Marathon | How To Be Behzinga 

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Behzinga's decided to run the London Marathon but in between training and pulling a fire engine with just a rope, he also has to figure out how he’s going to run 26 miles without going to the bathroom. Forget coming in at number one; how’s he gonna deal with a number two?
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0:00 My Biggest Challenge - EP Teaser
1:00 Meeting Mummy Behz
2:05 Opening up about my Childhood
5:57 I am running the London Marathon
6:16 How I got Fit
8:19 How to run a Marathon
10:32 My Big Announcement!
12:39 Finlay's Story
14:34 I pulled a Truck with Eddie Hall
21:17 COVID ruins my plan - EP2 Teaser




19. okt. 2020

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Behzinga Pred 4 meseci
I'm so happy to finally share this massive project with you all! Starting today with episode 1, ALL episodes of #HowToBeBehzingaYT will be FREE to watch on my channel. Stay tuned for Episode 2 tomorrow.
Real_rage777 Pred 4 urami
Keep on legend
Tom Isbell
Tom Isbell Pred 12 dnevi
hotblaze481 Pred 17 dnevi
Ur the boss man u deserve wat u have
Toastur Pred 20 dnevi
Kris Gasperowicz
Kris Gasperowicz Pred 22 dnevi
It’s amazing what you have done your so inspirational keep going
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones Pred 2 urami
Big beza I did cry every single time I watched this
Jake Rapaea
Jake Rapaea Pred 9 urami
Why did people diss like this video! This video is amazing 🤩 and inspiring
Rachiell Roberts
Rachiell Roberts Pred 11 urami
My Motto is F.E.A.R. Face Everything And Rise! You are the epitome of this Motto. You've been through it and you didn't give in. Be blessed. So inspirational!
Mustafa Rabie
Mustafa Rabie Pred dnevom
Who cried like me
Jinx - Cosmic Pvp
Jinx - Cosmic Pvp Pred dnevom
Someone was behind the tank while Eddie was pulling it tho...?
White Diamond
White Diamond Pred dnevom
*B A Z I N G A*
Dylan Burke
Dylan Burke Pred 2 dnevi
Love it
Lukeey Pred 2 dnevi
Ethans a good man
MegaDanne35 Pred 2 dnevi
This video basicly just said to me change tour life and be happy every day no mather what
ValticSky1 Pred 2 dnevi
Eathan is such an inspiration
Oisin O Sullivan
Oisin O Sullivan Pred 3 dnevi
Your my fav sidemen out of all of them
Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor Pred 3 dnevi
This man is such an inspiration
Layla Kearns
Layla Kearns Pred 3 dnevi
There was a grandpa in the tank 😇
Joe Carter
Joe Carter Pred 3 dnevi
Lets face it.Ethans mum is a soldier.
D Tro
D Tro Pred 3 dnevi
Why is this legit my story if I was born in England. Wow someone else like me that’s a little further down the road for me. Starting my transformation this year.
Kaiyah K
Kaiyah K Pred 4 dnevi
wow. just wow.
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes Pred 4 dnevi
The thing i like about tik tok is it doesnt have a dislike button (and also them big booties) but yeah
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes Pred 4 dnevi
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes Pred 4 dnevi
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes Pred 4 dnevi
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes Pred 4 dnevi
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes Pred 4 dnevi
Zafir Siddiqui
Zafir Siddiqui Pred 4 dnevi
I just want to see his fathers reaction to this
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes Pred 4 dnevi
I have something to say to the people who disliked
Fluid Nugget
Fluid Nugget Pred 4 dnevi
If you ever need a poo in a marathon just stick a bucket to your ass I don’t know how you are gonna do that but just do it
Curtis_Uchiha Pred 5 dnevi
Not gonna lie this was sad but when I saw you without your shirt on I said “look at dem tiddies” but for real you have changed alot
Liam McFerran
Liam McFerran Pred 5 dnevi
Mate you went from being the most average sideman, to the realest and most inspiring
Phantom_ 5KU11I0N
Phantom_ 5KU11I0N Pred 5 dnevi
My mum had cancer at a young age and it really affected me
XXX_ACE_XXX CLAN Pred 5 dnevi
It inspires me how he has never gave up
Gamer Pred 6 dnevi
He didn't pull that truck someone was in the truck slows driving it
Oceana Kino
Oceana Kino Pred 7 dnevi
This is good
Dionne Hooker
Dionne Hooker Pred 7 dnevi
This is amazing we are all so proud of you you have come so far don’t give up
Thomas Cove
Thomas Cove Pred 8 dnevi
Imagine disliking this
Samson Steele
Samson Steele Pred 8 dnevi
This makes me more eager to do more and improve on myself
Ian Janssen
Ian Janssen Pred 8 dnevi
you are a legend son a true inspiration
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Pred 8 dnevi
Good video 👍👍
Finners Good
Finners Good Pred 8 dnevi
I have watched this like 7 times. It is so inspiring
Sidemen Shorts
Sidemen Shorts Pred 9 dnevi
Its not time For jokes but I have never seen Behz too serious like that
Arran Sutherland
Arran Sutherland Pred 9 dnevi
ngl being adopted really makes the first part hit hard
christopher zeppa
christopher zeppa Pred 9 dnevi
Absolutely insane
Alicia Cox
Alicia Cox Pred 9 dnevi
Who the hell was cutting onions next to me all though this
Dafydd thomas
Dafydd thomas Pred 10 dnevi
This video was one of the best videos
Ava F
Ava F Pred 10 dnevi
Josh is so empathetic and good as putting into words what other people are going through, definitely someone who’s gone through a lot them self
Joao Pina
Joao Pina Pred 10 dnevi
I was 126 kg when i was 13, and I've lost 16kg in 4 weeks, at same point everything changed because i was focus... You're the only who can make that difference, i know what how he felt. Keep going props
Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll Pred 10 dnevi
Wow that was an amazing video
Luke Walton 7
Luke Walton 7 Pred 11 dnevi
You are a strong family stay safe and be happy
Molly Tracey
Molly Tracey Pred 11 dnevi
Balling my eyes out throughout this! Incredible story, I look forward to watching the other episodes. I'm hoping the inspiration from this will help me get myself in shape after how Lockdown has treated me or rather how I treated my body during lockdown.
Let's go Romford for the fucking win Bois
Henry Johnston
Henry Johnston Pred 12 dnevi
So inspiring. Big respect✊
Darkz Pred 12 dnevi
honey and fivver ads anyone?
Big Jill
Big Jill Pred 12 dnevi
Stay strong 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Sean Dhuna
Sean Dhuna Pred 12 dnevi
Lol behzinga if u ever do read this what you've done and achieved is amazing
Vicki Andow
Vicki Andow Pred 12 dnevi
never realised how green bezhez eyes are
Dusk Gaming
Dusk Gaming Pred 13 dnevi
I fcking love this documentary
Dtwstorms Pred 13 dnevi
I don't know how you can look so happy in other videos
Sam Barter
Sam Barter Pred 13 dnevi
I have a feeling the tank wud be harder bcz of the tracks
Eternal Gaming
Eternal Gaming Pred 13 dnevi
His dad tho
juss stuff
juss stuff Pred 13 dnevi
You can tell eathans primary teacher was a Karen 🤣
Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick Pred 13 dnevi
People who dislike the video have problems with there head .
Xenqsz Pred 13 dnevi
Amazing a true inspirational story !
Imi B
Imi B Pred 14 dnevi
A real life superhero
J H1UP Pred 14 dnevi
Fair play man such a strong guy 💪🏼💯 anything’s possible
SxV Vision
SxV Vision Pred 14 dnevi
A true inspiration and hero
The Gaming Unicorn
The Gaming Unicorn Pred 14 dnevi
I cried the entire time watching
Christopher Pred 14 dnevi
What were the people in the tank for?
Rob Pelham
Rob Pelham Pred 14 dnevi
We love you Bez😍
No Members
No Members Pred 14 dnevi
Where all in this together
richard humphreys
richard humphreys Pred 14 dnevi
Crucible if yrtsge
Tiernan Watson
Tiernan Watson Pred 14 dnevi
I can’t believe people would dislike this video - some people have no heart
The Drunken Bananas
The Drunken Bananas Pred 14 dnevi
Next time I do cross country ima eat 5 beetroot and win
Katie Haper
Katie Haper Pred 14 dnevi
This has inspired me I love your videos
its Eclipser
its Eclipser Pred 14 dnevi
then pulling stuff the fire in the back 🔥
Jr chavez
Jr chavez Pred 14 dnevi
The human body isn't strong you now why because what would happen if there's no rope.
euan mcnab
euan mcnab Pred 14 dnevi
Inspired me
euan mcnab
euan mcnab Pred 14 dnevi
Inspired me
euan mcnab
euan mcnab Pred 14 dnevi
Inspired me
Tornike Bakradze
Tornike Bakradze Pred 14 dnevi
His car I probably worth his moms house
Synx_Youtube Pred 14 dnevi
Lmao the dude just sittin in the tank while my man is struggling to pull it
Perry Tristan Wheelie
Perry Tristan Wheelie Pred 14 dnevi
Im 12 and I’m 14 stone but from this I’m going to try to get to 10 stone
Alfie Leonard
Alfie Leonard Pred 14 dnevi
Is there anyone who can just make me laugh and keep my mind of something need someone funny to play Xbox with family issues Happened
the Silenced one
the Silenced one Pred 14 dnevi
Why are there people in the truck if he's going to pull it???
Orley Stiderz
Orley Stiderz Pred 14 dnevi
This man inspires me
MrBanditBC Pred 14 dnevi
What a Unit. This is what I inspire to. 🥇
excquted Pred 14 dnevi
No one talking about that fire in the background at 20:09
Deviltopperz Pred 15 dnevi
What a man
Tayla Pred 15 dnevi
Why am I only watching this now
Stutz Chaksworld
Stutz Chaksworld Pred 15 dnevi
Don’t talk whilst running wastes breathe
luke.amin478 Pred 15 dnevi
Bit late for that
amber louise
amber louise Pred 15 dnevi
Amazing 💙
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens Pred 16 dnevi
Welcome mate
NAERK Pred 16 dnevi
Success is the strongest revenge for people who destroyed you
Harty Junior 06
Harty Junior 06 Pred 16 dnevi
The fact he pretty much Pulled a truck is unbelievable
cgal Pred 17 dnevi
Afnan Islam
Afnan Islam Pred 17 dnevi
Yo he is over inspirational
xLutay Pred 18 dnevi
Exotix12 Pred 18 dnevi
This is so inspiring I wish you and your mum the best in the future
Gurjet Singh
Gurjet Singh Pred 19 dnevi
I am kinda not sure did your dad passed away or he left you and your mum all alone
Ultraozzyben Pred 19 dnevi
You have come so far well done!!!!!
Macy S
Macy S Pred 20 dnevi
your mum is so strong
Macy S
Macy S Pred 20 dnevi
it’s just hay fever...
shashank krishna
shashank krishna Pred 20 dnevi
The brief option natively deceive because memory therapeutically float amidst a ragged jam. deranged, breezy spandex
The rake player Doggo
The rake player Doggo Pred 20 dnevi
I searched up bazinga and found this
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson Pred 21 dnevom
Wow me and Ruth have the same armchair
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson Pred 21 dnevom
Wow me and Ruth have the same armchair
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson Pred 21 dnevom
Wow me and Ruth have the same armchair