Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Acoustic Video) 

Justin Bieber
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Lonely out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Directed by Jake Schreier
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27. okt. 2020

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Richard Baran
Richard Baran Pred 3 urami
What do you think, was the last straw that made him sing this song?
ameur achraf
ameur achraf Pred 4 urami
this is best song ever JustiN
Alana green !!
Alana green !! Pred 4 urami
This is so real and it’s something from his heart and I love that‼️ also good job at the AMA
Amy M
Amy M Pred 4 urami
So beautiful in every way and never realized he could sing without autotune so smoothly. OMG! Why am I crying? 😢😰
Bacon man 1234
Bacon man 1234 Pred 5 urami
Just stay strong bro I know that
Hector The Well Endowed
It’s much easier to hate or resent a famous kid but now that’s he’s an adult the narrative seems to be changing. Good for you Justin.
Luca Pred 6 urami
En vivo es 10000000000000% mejor, canta hermoso aceptenlo!
Dome Pred 6 urami
I'm not crying, you're crying!
Stefani Pissetti
Stefani Pissetti Pred 6 urami
mano, incrível sentir a mesma coisa que ele transmite cantando
Athen 0mega
Athen 0mega Pred 8 urami
This man’s been through a lot of sh*t so it really makes me mad when people hate on Justin for no reason.
Flávia Tozi
Flávia Tozi Pred 8 urami
Juwel Nath jitu
Juwel Nath jitu Pred 9 urami
Jordan Mariie
Jordan Mariie Pred 9 urami
We see the money and all the people around him and we forgot he’s just a normal human I feel so bad cause he’s saying how lonely he is if real life 💔
Charles Incharge
Charles Incharge Pred 10 urami
What a horrible song...
JUCHA OLA Pred 11 urami
O fuck his voice
popeyed banjo609
popeyed banjo609 Pred 11 urami
Heart strings being pulled!!
GabrielJames28 Pred 11 urami
Don't let life win. Life is supposed to break us. Dig deep and stay strong. We only get one chance at this. Do whatever you can to be happy. Live your life and be happy. I know its not easy but we have no other choice. Be sad or be happy.
the GodFather
the GodFather Pred 12 urami
i 'm not Justin's fan , but this song is his best work at least for me ...
ЭКОПОДМОСКОВЬЕ - конкурс детских экопроектов
Отличная песенка !!!! Слушаем и любим Джастина как певца !!!
Tharuya Chandrakumar
Tharuya Chandrakumar Pred 13 urami
𝓘𝓽'𝓼 𝓼𝓸𝓸 𝓫𝓮𝓪𝓾𝓽𝔂𝓯𝓾𝓵!!!!😍😍😍😍
Silvia Mesquita
Silvia Mesquita Pred 13 urami
Cars And Blades
Cars And Blades Pred 13 urami
The pain in his voice is real. None of us can imagine what stress he went through being as exposed and vulnerable as he was.
Pelin Pred 13 urami
I used to hate him, now i realize his voice is diamond. I still don’t like him, but in love with his songs these days. He is good musician.
supermassivesuarez7 Pred 14 urami
everyone make mistake & do the sins.no one perfect in this world..no one deserve to be lonely..
M Possible
M Possible Pred 15 urami
Honey we are listening, well I am anyways... You're a superstar and I'm just the go to person on my team. But we're both living the same downfall. They assume you have it all, young, pretty and talented (as per their standards). But money don't buy everything. I've never been rich but I know that shit. I'm happy you found God. He will bless you more than money and gold. He will bless you with what is missing in your soul. God bless you my friend. If you do read this, I hope you know that some of us understand. Big Hugs. Cheers!
SHEFA PILTU Pred 15 urami
You don't need to be a fan to listen music, music is free. I hope in future people try to appreciate people's feelings more. Music heals people. 😊😊😊
Timo Holswilder
Timo Holswilder Pred 16 urami
Respect bro
tobeka pamla
tobeka pamla Pred 16 urami
At 44 I can relate. You’ve got soul baby 🥰. Take care of u
tobeka pamla
tobeka pamla Pred 16 urami
I’m a fucking 44 yo and this song just made realise that’s me. Lonely. In fact I would love some Alone time
Samantha Crispi
Samantha Crispi Pred 17 urami
This is such a beautiful song
Taña Goméz
Taña Goméz Pred 17 urami
I love this song, it represents me
Bryan Tree
Bryan Tree Pred 17 urami
Well said sir 👏👏👏👏
Maria eduarda Alves
Maria eduarda Alves Pred 18 urami
Lady González
Lady González Pred 18 urami
Me encanta esta canción es muy hermosa y su voz es muy linda.
Batool Batool
Batool Batool Pred 18 urami
Md. Shakhawat Hosen
Md. Shakhawat Hosen Pred 18 urami
Very Very good song ❤❤❤💗💗
Abir el
Abir el Pred 19 urami
The fact that he sang the whole song closing his eyes is so painful ,he was feeling the lyrics !
wak minfit
wak minfit Pred 19 urami
Who is form Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
triston Noonan happy
triston Noonan happy Pred 19 urami
Tristan Noonan Hi 😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
triston Noonan happy
triston Noonan happy Pred 19 urami
Tristan Noonan Hi 😀👍👍☝🏻
Merve Ozdilek
Merve Ozdilek Pred 19 urami
This is the best song he ever made i think... There is no acting...
Jeshika Barman
Jeshika Barman Pred 19 urami
Ilove this person very much no matters what peoples say about him. ....he deserve love guys think onces everybody have break their heart or break someones heart just for their good✨you guys need to understand 😴✨🙆‍♀with our knowing their stories no body gives you right to judge him ily justin since from the age of 10 n now im just 16 n feel happy that you are happy sometimes we need to be selfish😪✨🙂🙆‍♀💜😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗i will meet you one day thats my promise
Chakib 11
Chakib 11 Pred 20 urami
Legendary song
Maria bianca
Maria bianca Pred 20 urami
Eu amo😍😍
noraziah mohamed
noraziah mohamed Pred 21 uro
It's ok not to be okay...anyone who watch this drama? 😏
Nati Pred 22 urami
#MarcinDubiel teamm
Ibrahim Yousuf
Ibrahim Yousuf Pred 22 urami
This is deep~
wulan saputra
wulan saputra Pred 22 urami
I realized many things ...and i just wanna say thank u so much for this touching song...i should be a grateful human being..
taeyong rose scar
taeyong rose scar Pred 23 urami
As a belieber i am hurt, why did u have to do this to him ?
KIDO X12 Pred dnevom
It’s ok to be lonely
Soraya Mengari
Soraya Mengari Pred dnevom
Even if you are famous and are rich. Money makes everything easier. But it dont make you happy. Beautiful song😍❤so real. Stay strong Justin Bieber💪 Stay save everyone and Stay strong💪
Jacqueline Angulo
Jacqueline Angulo Pred dnevom
Te amoooooooooooooooooo!
Chudy Vlogs
Chudy Vlogs Pred dnevom
I feel the pain in this song this year has been the hardest year of my life because I lost my uncle in a horrible accident and I lost some family friends to illness and I lost one of my best friends to a horrible accident and most recently we had to put my childhood dog down because of cancer and I feel so alone just like the song says I’m so lonely......
Manuela Sanz serna
Manuela Sanz serna Pred dnevom
trasmitiendo felicidad y contado lo que la gente te da día tras día dandole entender que cambie,y no seré el chico que no quiero ser diciendo lo que siento,sin tener miedo dando vida con mucha alegria con la esperanza de ser alguien mejor algún día.
NAYMAN 23 Pred dnevom
just wanted to let you know that there is a slowed & reverb version 👇🏻 sltv.info/label/qtuUytG0aGWbhZA/video Honestly, it hits harder 😞💔
Ryan O
Ryan O Pred dnevom
Hollywood is the devil, poor kid
Morales Guerra
Morales Guerra Pred dnevom
Se siente asi un famoso millonario.. imaginense yo... ..lonely
Guljakhon Khamidova
I hadn't heard such a cute song in a long time.Justin bieber you are very skilled❣💓💓💓💓
JEIBEL MUSIC Pred dnevom
El mejor artista, de estos tiempos ❤️🤭
JEIBEL MUSIC Pred dnevom
¡¡Mi canción "bailando" ya está disponible !! 🔥🔥🔥 en la plataforma de SLtv, los invito a escucharla y que la compartan a sus amigos y amigas ,con mucho amor para todos, bendiciones , no olviden suscribirse y dale manito arriba sltv.info/label/qcSa38q5rHl_fWs/video
Divit Sharma
Divit Sharma Pred dnevom
It's too emotional
Mrrnii Roniza
Mrrnii Roniza Pred dnevom
Hi love you idol
Brigritte Pred dnevom
woow what a diamant i found to night out there. your beautyfull voice touched me deep in my heart. thank you bro. i never heard one of your music befor. i can hear your feelings of your past and i can hear your love and power for your future also. i love your voice and the storry behind. greetings from my heart.
Kantung Guitara
Kantung Guitara Pred dnevom
Vgz9932 Pred dnevom
I’m in love with the emotion in this song!
Katty V
Katty V Pred dnevom
This song makes me crie
CityChronicles Pred dnevom
Dr Phil Rapper IG #kilothearchitek sltv.info/label/l5pr36WwrauFn6o/video
Josh Poi
Josh Poi Pred dnevom
So is everyone changing their perspective and feeling sorry for Bieber after he acted all depressed. The guys a good singer and always has been, but when he was younger he did and said a lot of stupid things especially on topics where he had no knowledge, like healthcare and politics. You don’t garner exceptional hate for no reason.
Erona Jon Mehmeti
Erona Jon Mehmeti Pred dnevom
The fact that i have the most exciting news but no one to share it with is sad
I need jungkook to cover it right now ... ☺
cc Pred dnevom
I'm 61 years old, have always loved new music, always will, definitely been a fan of Justin's from the start, am still, this song touches me deeply! Love You Justin!
J Pred dnevom
i love him for everything. also this is why I never wanna be famous
DeboraMel Pred dnevom
No soy de escucharte, pero conozco tu historia y esta canción me hizo llorar....que loco no cuando uno hace una canción del corazón llega ❤
عبدالسلام مطيع
BIEL FF GAMER Pred dnevom
Oh May Ghosy you ok faz perebens
Rach Reviews
Rach Reviews Pred dnevom
I don’t know why people think he should be perfect because he is a human to and nobody is perfect
Stephen Montecalvo
Stephen Montecalvo Pred dnevom
I’m sorry.
Cathrine YT
Cathrine YT Pred dnevom
This song is so real. I Can hear the pain in your voice. I love this song so much. Everything is going to be okay.🥺 love you❤️🥺
Fátima Slavutsky
Fátima Slavutsky Pred dnevom
I love that he connects the song with his true feelings. Love it so much >3
Lara gabriele Santos neves
Albert Kastiel
Albert Kastiel Pred dnevom
2:19 Did you hear that?
Albert Kastiel
Albert Kastiel Pred dnevom
2:20 Did you hear that?
Billy Neher
Billy Neher Pred dnevom
This song the piano, the lyrics the beautiful range, this song hits me in the feels everytime I hear it. It is a beautifully recorded and live performance. Absolutely amazing.
Kazem Browny
Kazem Browny Pred dnevom
Im sorry for U Justin😶 But we are never Alone or Lonely! Cause The One who Created us is still Watching us! And no its not Jesus! Jesus was an Prophet. Keep that in Mind!
Parker Mitchell
Parker Mitchell Pred dnevom
he's a man now don't hold the past against him
SKIMER Pred dnevom
What was the point of covering the Audio-Technica logo on the right headphones when it's still visible on the left headphones and Benny's headband xD Also 2:19 - what was that sound?
Juan Thales
Juan Thales Pred dnevom
Juan Thales
Juan Thales Pred dnevom
ooooo corasaunn
hobby Sprite
hobby Sprite Pred dnevom
.I'm so looooooonly,guys if I didn't come here again know that I died
okzo Rap
okzo Rap Pred dnevom
Is very good 🙏
D O Pred dnevom
I think he should do a rendition with drake on this song where drake starts singing too
ktoś tam
ktoś tam Pred dnevom
Marcin Dubiel♥️
Can I get a ❤
Yasin Fah
Yasin Fah Pred dnevom
If you do good things on your life no body gonna remmember your good things.but if you do somthing bad. Evry body gonna remmember💔
Ioo Iiiommiihum
Ioo Iiiommiihum Pred dnevom
Me too jb me too get yoself a good girl
Mermaid FaithFleur
Mermaid FaithFleur Pred dnevom
justin Bieber is coming back ** i keep repeat this song
Gb Faou
Gb Faou Pred dnevom
You are not alone
uwu Pred dnevom
"Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass And maybe that's the price you pay For the money and fame at an early age And everybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did As an idiot kid" damn..we probably all feel targeted..😅 gosh, im sure this goes for everyone when I say "i apologize for hating you for your older songs...we understand how you feel now..
Angela Monalisa
Angela Monalisa Pred dnevom
it's sad that when we were young, we hate him just to look cool. i liked him and his songs back then, but i did make a few hate meme on 9gag just to appear cool on the platform. i'm glad that now at least a generation has grown up and the world is more open for us to like the things that we like and to just ignore the things that is not aligned with our style.
MyNamesTotallyNotBianca UwU
i hated Justin Bieber but now my mind has kinda changed...hes gotten so much better....apart from the song Yummy like cmon its catchy but pretty much most the lyrics are just the words yummy. anyways hes gotten better and im starting to really like his new music :)
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