Asking My Best Friend If I Should Break Up With My Girlfriend... 

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Today I cut some dudes hair and cut my girl off.... LOL
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Im here to change Hollywood not let Hollywood change me. ChristFirst




25. nov. 2020

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Dennis Thao
Dennis Thao Pred 14 dnevi
0:05 I love George how he said parkour and then he says owwwwwwwwww
loaf lan
loaf lan Pred 21 dnevom
Haha the belle bit was great! Logan knew it lol 8.7
Chase Elmore
Chase Elmore Pred 27 dnevi
She is always rocking some form of mom pants..👌
Chase Elmore
Chase Elmore Pred 27 dnevi
George looks like a high school stoner with that Jerry curl..lol
Simran Bhatti
Simran Bhatti Pred mesecem
When did George get a puppy 😃
Edd besicc
Edd besicc Pred mesecem
3:45 he saw him
Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards Pred mesecem
Alex Stanciulescu
Alex Stanciulescu Pred mesecem
Didn't George had a Mercedes?
Zach Hipolito
Zach Hipolito Pred mesecem
That is ksi chef
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez Pred mesecem
Damn George fu@ked up that guys hair 😐
Billybobjoe Pred mesecem
Are we not gonna talk about how that’s KSI’s chef
Kane Holmes
Kane Holmes Pred mesecem
Isn't the chef, the chef ksi has leading up to his fight with logan?
abdulrahman marzouqi
That’s the same chef that ksi had for his camp
adam archer
adam archer Pred mesecem
lolll everyone says No....
VIPER SPIKE Pred mesecem
This vlog screams quality 😂
YoungTO Pred mesecem
1:12 I like ya cut G
- Spice
- Spice Pred mesecem
Funnier prank if you actually go through with it
Nikolas Miceski
Nikolas Miceski Pred mesecem
Damn how’s mikes flippers 😂
Dennis Gutierrez
Dennis Gutierrez Pred mesecem
George’s Mercedes... wtf happened to it?
Lekkim_Kush _
Lekkim_Kush _ Pred mesecem
Goodbye new floor 😂😅
MonsterRacing 38
MonsterRacing 38 Pred mesecem
The first half of this video felt like George couldn't think of anything to do for the vlog.
Porkchop Pred mesecem
I’m single and want to date Vicky
All She Knows
All She Knows Pred mesecem
My favorite way to mop the dang floor
DigitalWave Pred mesecem
Fun vlog😂..keep the fun in vlogs💪🏼
shawn marston
shawn marston Pred mesecem
thats KSI's chef for the rematch
CEO GEFF Pred mesecem
Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 1k with noti my goal.💫
Stacie Lynn
Stacie Lynn Pred mesecem
Lol you didn’t know that was dog was there lmao
the nael next door
the nael next door Pred mesecem
George kinda looks like borat now
Curtis Summers
Curtis Summers Pred mesecem
Bruh you messed his shit up man lol
Ananay Khandelwal
Ananay Khandelwal Pred mesecem
Is that chef the same guy who ksi hired for his Logan Paul rematch. You can check it on sidemen 10000 calorie challange usa edition
Lynne Naranjo-Milliken
George your car is so dirty at the beginning of the video when you try to slide across it you can see what your leg hit it you could see where it picked up all the Dust
Sean B
Sean B Pred mesecem
Damn logan can smell a prank a mile away lol
Stewart Gardner
Stewart Gardner Pred mesecem
George that was proper funny with logan and Logan's chef it goes to show they are legit good people i would let you cut my hair any time 😉😆🙂
Pavan Pred mesecem
What happened to his Mercedes
Rion Duh
Rion Duh Pred mesecem
This intro song🔥
Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams Pred mesecem
That fucked up haircut got me dead🤣
NLE Shoppa
NLE Shoppa Pred mesecem
Logan’s build is so neat
NLE Shoppa
NLE Shoppa Pred mesecem
George lookin mad tall in the thumbnail
Blivbop -_-
Blivbop -_- Pred mesecem
Half way through the vlog, aight ig thats a weird way to start the vlog lmao
qwerty bups
qwerty bups Pred mesecem
Yo, why is Logan not making content anymore???
Reich Cerna
Reich Cerna Pred mesecem
wheres ur benz bro
Jessica Daveee
Jessica Daveee Pred mesecem
You’re videos are so pointless
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Pred mesecem
Buzz Buzz
Osvaldo Galindo
Osvaldo Galindo Pred mesecem
When mike said that dog is an obstacle 🤣🤣
Rivo Oja
Rivo Oja Pred mesecem
Gordon Ramsay VS Logan Paul chef. Who else want see the results? Paypal: oja.rivo@gmail.com
Bipin Bipu pokharel
Bipin Bipu pokharel Pred mesecem
I think you no lord Buddha 😀🤣
Bipin Bipu pokharel
Bipin Bipu pokharel Pred mesecem
Hy george I am from Nepal👍your vlog is enjoys Abel but after opening the theme lock down well, come to Nepal, please come.👍🙏
Alexander Curtis
Alexander Curtis Pred mesecem
Aye thanks man The past few months have fucked and yo positive energy and vids really help make my day better more then u will know
Abed Kayed
Abed Kayed Pred mesecem
The chef was ksi chef during ksi training camp against logan
Rejoy pereira
Rejoy pereira Pred mesecem
What a great way to clean your house George, you dumb mop 😂😂😂
Silva Sends
Silva Sends Pred mesecem
that guy is incredible to that haircut!!!! wowww
William Goldberg
William Goldberg Pred mesecem
George its you that’s actually need a haircut😂
D XI Neelansh Mishra 31
Please buy a new car
Platon Dokhturov
Platon Dokhturov Pred mesecem
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Lil Youtuber
Lil Youtuber Pred mesecem
Video is 5 mins and after 3 mins george : welcome back to the vlog
Prasanna naik
Prasanna naik Pred mesecem
Thumbnail made me to watch this video
Ana Padilla
Ana Padilla Pred mesecem
Bring mark back to your vlogs. Miss you guys hanging out together! 😭
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers Pred mesecem
I think u need a haircut
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers Pred mesecem
I would break up with you with that hair
Mack Pred mesecem
funny stuff and all but why you going to a supermarket touching random peoples hair in the middle of a pandemic? Not cool George.
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters Pred mesecem
Someone needs to talk to George about his hair...
hqhqhqhqh Pred mesecem
Intro song name?
10kWithNoVideo SubCauseWhyNot
uh so wb vicky and justins story?
Bradley Fierro
Bradley Fierro Pred mesecem
I feel so bad for the guy who got his hair cut😭
Shruti Parashar
Shruti Parashar Pred mesecem
Well he got a free bike now
Cody Marshall
Cody Marshall Pred mesecem
Never leave a girl that loves u like that girl doee believe me
Himasha Herath
Himasha Herath Pred mesecem
That poor dude I feel bad tho hope that it was planned
Jay Chadwick Rugby
Jay Chadwick Rugby Pred mesecem
AKHILESHWAR Mehta Pred mesecem
Where is his Mercedes ? I thought he had 1
FireballSteph Pred mesecem
The chef is the coolest sweetest most genuine guy, love him❤
Aaryarohit Pred mesecem
And people asked him why he got corona
Albie Peralta
Albie Peralta Pred mesecem
i love the chef bro he’s a real dude
Number_one _Thug
Number_one _Thug Pred mesecem
Yo... my man jacksepticeye is doing something on December 13th it's called #thankmas.
Royce Vailan Dsilva
Royce Vailan Dsilva Pred mesecem
Yo I Love These George Pranks We Need More
Royce Vailan Dsilva
Royce Vailan Dsilva Pred mesecem
We Need Gorge To Show Us More of The Same Maverick House content No one Else Shows Like What's Goes On Before Podcast Etc
Royce Vailan Dsilva
Royce Vailan Dsilva Pred mesecem
Logan Almost Found The Camera He Looked Near It's
Carol Tassin
Carol Tassin Pred mesecem
Everybody loves Belle, I wouldn't even put that out there!!!!!
Ronan Chetty
Ronan Chetty Pred mesecem
If your floor is wooden you shouldn’t be putting that much water on it
Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan Pred mesecem
bro you might have jinxed it
Sudhanshu Tidyal
Sudhanshu Tidyal Pred mesecem
O george 😂
cammy a
cammy a Pred mesecem
Also is Logan a giant or George is short 🤭
cammy a
cammy a Pred mesecem
George is so hairy 😳
Jakob VanWie
Jakob VanWie Pred mesecem
I love how humble you are. You’re not worried about a new Ferrari or a bizzare vehicle. Rocking an 08 Carola just fine.
Zeroedge Gaming
Zeroedge Gaming Pred mesecem
He just didn’t know how to tell you it was wack😂😂
Josh Osaghae
Josh Osaghae Pred mesecem
🤭🤭 omg his hair
Annoying Gujju
Annoying Gujju Pred mesecem
Logan Be Like : B*tch plz u Can't Play Games With Me 🤟 do u even remember Prank wars if It Starts again u will be f*cked up 😂😂😂
Supremepanda11 Pred mesecem
Sahil Bassi
Sahil Bassi Pred mesecem
Hey George just to let you know that spilling to much water on wood or laminate floor can damage the floor and can rise up. This was just to let you know so you don't do that again.
Dyllan Beneckhe
Dyllan Beneckhe Pred mesecem
george you mad man
Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez Pred mesecem
Only 5 fucking minutes goergie? 5 fucking minutes???????? How dare you, we don’t click on your videos just to see only 5 minutes of Georgie!!!! We need Atleast an hour thank you . Enough of the 5 minute bullshit please. We need more of Georgie ❤️
XL_Roman Pred mesecem
Damn didn't last that long
Loomszy_ Pred mesecem
water is bad for your floor
Jason Jaime
Jason Jaime Pred mesecem
Is it just me, or when you look at George now, all I can think about is the bad Guy, the bad Knight, from A Knights Tale with Heath Ledger!?!? HAHAHA. #NoCap #Frealz
Mehul Khatana
Mehul Khatana Pred mesecem
H Pred mesecem
2:12 I can't tell if that's George's leg hair or the hair from that stranger's haircut on the floor 🤣
Matthew Fowl
Matthew Fowl Pred mesecem
I wish that George was my friend
Allmighty Push
Allmighty Push Pred mesecem
Shave those legs god dammit
Entreprenoles Media
Entreprenoles Media Pred mesecem
0.23% of people have commented on your video bro...kinda crazy, you’d think it’d be higher
Rodrigo Gutierrez
Rodrigo Gutierrez Pred mesecem
Can someone tell me what happened to George Mercedes and what video does it just disappear
Ben Zino
Ben Zino Pred mesecem
This type of vlog you post before you ask her to marry you! Do it Georgey!