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10. mar. 2020

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Komentarjev 100   
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Pred 5 urami
Wow! This was like his last real vlog.
lexi lex
lexi lex Pred dnevom
Redacted Miner
Redacted Miner Pred 3 dnevi
3:22, brings a new meaning to deeptroat
Roh P
Roh P Pred 3 dnevi
Who misses these vlogs ?
Sheik Frank Ice Chibu
SoooooOOOOO how are you feeling about that clown now?
Alexis Cruz
Alexis Cruz Pred 6 dnevi
Damm why you had to do it man
Joergie Pred 7 dnevi
Πέτρος Ρενιαρης
Where's dababy;
Aliyah Maravilla
Aliyah Maravilla Pred 7 dnevi
Fucking asshole
Stinky Pete
Stinky Pete Pred 8 dnevi
These cretins make me sick. If you want a better world stop sucking up to the bullies
liz a
liz a Pred 8 dnevi
rip to davids career ayy
Truly Honest
Truly Honest Pred 10 dnevi
DeepFriedNugget Pred 10 dnevi
I bet corina cant go that deep
Adil khan
Adil khan Pred 12 dnevi
Shift Automotive
Shift Automotive Pred 12 dnevi
Had a straight face the entire video 😐
Shift Automotive
Shift Automotive Pred 9 dnevi
@Luke Hotty and that was last time watching his boring video. you guys really find this entertaining and the fact he makes his so called friends do some crazy risking their lives for trash content really shows how amateur his fans are
Luke Hotty
Luke Hotty Pred 9 dnevi
ahmedmusaib Pred 10 dnevi
Shlok Gala
Shlok Gala Pred 13 dnevi
Rawnak Rafiq haque
Rawnak Rafiq haque Pred 13 dnevi
for some reason like suzy really much
Wmr Cats
Wmr Cats Pred 13 dnevi
God loves you
SUDIRMAN67 Pred 15 dnevi
Good luck 👍👍
SUDIRMAN67 Pred 15 dnevi
Peace 👍👍
SUDIRMAN67 Pred 15 dnevi
Ia The best 👍👍
Karlo Rakić
Karlo Rakić Pred 18 dnevi
•Black_Zach• Pred 19 dnevi
I am ur 10.100 dislike✌
Jeppe Amstrup
Jeppe Amstrup Pred 14 dnevi
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Pred 24 dnevi
Ending song is money for nothing by Dire Straits for those who want to know :))
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Pred 21 dnevom
@Camosaurus HAHAH whoops that’s my bad, I had who can it be now by men at work in my head lol
Rya Calico
Rya Calico Pred 21 dnevom
Men at work ? 😂
Camosaurus Pred 21 dnevom
Dire straits general
Sasha Al
Sasha Al Pred 25 dnevi
🌿اللهم لا أشأم و انت حسبي،ولا افتقر وانت ربي،بك استعين و بك استجير و بك اكتفي،اللهم برحمتك استغيث اصلح لي شأني كله ولا تكلني إلى نفسي طرفة عين"🤍 🌿اللهم انك سلطت علينا عدواً بصيراً بعيوبنا مطلعاً على عوراتنا يرانا هو وقبيله من حيث لانراهم اللهم فأيْسهُ منا كما أيسته من رحمتك وقنطه منا كما قنطته من عفوك وباعد بيننا وبينه كما باعدت بينه وبين جنتك 🤲🏻 ❤️❤️ 🌿اللهم اني اعوذ بك من الهم و الحزن و العجز و الكسل و البخل و الجبن و اعوذ بك من غلبة الدين و قهر الرجال🤲🏻❤️❤️ 🌿سبحان الله و بحمده و الحمد لله ولا اله الا الله و الله اكبر تبارك الله و استغفر الله العظيم و اتوب اليه اللهم صلى وسلم على نبينا محمد❤️❤️❤️
R E D E Y E Pred 17 dnevi
Allahu akbar💣
Hannah-Lynn Watson
Hannah-Lynn Watson Pred 25 dnevi
Zoya Vlog
Zoya Vlog Pred 26 dnevi
Dr dislexio
Dr dislexio Pred 26 dnevi
ah... when times were simpler
spoilt milk
spoilt milk Pred 26 dnevi
...and people watch this unironically? embarrassing.
DIEGo Leal
DIEGo Leal Pred 27 dnevi
Are they on DXM?
joel peugot 206
joel peugot 206 Pred 26 dnevi
DMX is dead
luke wilson
luke wilson Pred 28 dnevi
Here after the incident
Mauro Soto
Mauro Soto Pred 28 dnevi
why was corina grossed out when david blain ad a hanger in is throat she all ways as stuff in her throat
Laurence Kim
Laurence Kim Pred 29 dnevi
These people suck.
RaveMarksMan Pred 17 dnevi
@Laurence Kim I mean ur not wrong
Laurence Kim
Laurence Kim Pred 25 dnevi
@Moodinator 429 that's fair. I do realize the manipulation of vulnerable people involved, which is partially what makes it so repulsive.
Moodinator 429
Moodinator 429 Pred 25 dnevi
Nah. 75% of them do. Some of them are innocent.
Laurence Kim
Laurence Kim Pred 26 dnevi
@Omar Calvo not so mad... more like disgust and revulsion. 🤢🤮
Omar Calvo
Omar Calvo Pred 26 dnevi
@Laurence Kim imagine getting mad 😂
Izaiah Cunningham
Izaiah Cunningham Pred 29 dnevi
That was not drake
Epic90 Dab
Epic90 Dab Pred 29 dnevi
You sti**
Dakota Godwin
Dakota Godwin Pred mesecem
Best part of the car wash is kc and the sunshine band playing
Elena Chapman
Elena Chapman Pred mesecem
the "suzi after she meets drake" had me deadasssf
Dipen Gautam
Dipen Gautam Pred mesecem
0:03 jason's laugh is everything 🥺❤️
Dipen Gautam
Dipen Gautam Pred 29 dnevi
@Daniella Orozco idc !
Daniella Orozco
Daniella Orozco Pred 29 dnevi
@Dipen Gautam no, ppl would agree it’s weird
Dipen Gautam
Dipen Gautam Pred 29 dnevi
@Daniella Orozco ohh so you gonna teach me what's weird and what's not weird ? boi I don't play by your rules the things that are weird to you isn't for me and the things that's weird for me isn't for you. We ain't same bro! ! Respect the individuality! Damn people these days!
Daniella Orozco
Daniella Orozco Pred 29 dnevi
@Dipen Gautam you can, but don’t baby it. that’s weird
Dipen Gautam
Dipen Gautam Pred mesecem
@Daniella Orozco then what ? You are not allowed to admire a 50y/o's laugh ?
Something new is what we do
Ah the car wash 😱
Zakary Novak
Zakary Novak Pred mesecem
David dobrik is funny af y do people want to cancel him
Michelle V.
Michelle V. Pred 26 dnevi
@Omar Calvo I wasn’t aware about the Cardi B issue. Wow! She should not only get cancelled but be legally processed as well. But yeah, David is still an accessory to the crime itself, even if he ‘just recorded’. This is all so messed up.
Omar Calvo
Omar Calvo Pred 26 dnevi
@Michelle V. crazy how davids getting canceled even tho he didnt rape anyone like yea he recorded but bruh, OO BUT CARDI B openly admitting to drugging men isnt getting canceled? CRAZY
Michelle V.
Michelle V. Pred mesecem
Seriously?... Please, go catch up on what’s going on...
DLP Pred mesecem
Who else just misses the vlogs so fucking much? :(
Arnold_____ Pred mesecem
How can you people not forgive David but can forgive Trisha, how does that make sense
KANGO Pred mesecem
3:20 why can't my girl do this?!?!?!?!😡😠😠😤
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Pred mesecem
The wiry joseph coincidingly identify because revolve histomorphometrically fold underneath a deep wallet. fresh, outgoing brazil
Joe Cranpop
Joe Cranpop Pred mesecem
Joshua Gutierrez
Joshua Gutierrez Pred 29 dnevi
No reason lol
Bradley Niu
Bradley Niu Pred mesecem
Marcos Flores
Marcos Flores Pred mesecem
Lol k
MrIACP Pred mesecem
Been a year 😔
Gonzalez400 Gonzalez600
Still watching em 🤣💯
Fabiola Reynoso
Fabiola Reynoso Pred mesecem
I cant stop laughing his vlogs are so funny....😐😒
Joshua Gutierrez
Joshua Gutierrez Pred 29 dnevi
Me too 😂
Jacob Soldat
Jacob Soldat Pred mesecem
The short oil conversly wrap because weeder anecdotally pack off a squalid attic. curved, plain donkey
Reptilian Richard Ramirez
Yikesssss..... What type of utter manchild degenerate actually watches this weirdo normal content. Give me back my brain cells immediately
Venize Pred mesecem
Rewatching all this shit before Cancel culture takes it all away...
Michelle V.
Michelle V. Pred mesecem
@Bradley Niu David is an accessory to a crime so... even though he didn’t perpetrate it himself, he’s still involved.
Zeke Yeager
Zeke Yeager Pred mesecem
@Bradley Niu David was there and did nothing about it and he made a video about it. It’s called guilty by Association
Bradley Niu
Bradley Niu Pred mesecem
@Zeke Yeager dom did the crime so why are more people focused on david
Zeke Yeager
Zeke Yeager Pred mesecem
It’s not cancel culture it’s a crime you dumb ass
Christopher Knowles
Christopher Knowles Pred mesecem
Fuck dom
GlxcierFreeZe Pred mesecem
@Antaisa Thompson English
Antaisa Thompson
Antaisa Thompson Pred mesecem
@GlxcierFreeZe like right you're not doing nothing
Christopher Knowles
Christopher Knowles Pred mesecem
@GlxcierFreeZe fuck dom
GlxcierFreeZe Pred mesecem
My guy really commented on all his vids thinking he did something
Jacob Soldat
Jacob Soldat Pred mesecem
The simplistic address expectably flood because spider ecologically report in a pathetic use. aback, sordid fender
Satisfied Key
Satisfied Key Pred mesecem
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s Pred mesecem
Watching this feeling sick I ever supported this man and his sicko friends
meghan arora
meghan arora Pred mesecem
Still love him
Michael Raymundo
Michael Raymundo Pred mesecem
Your dumb bye
Zoey Z
Zoey Z Pred mesecem
@Antaisa Thompson yeah yeah I understand that ..
Antaisa Thompson
Antaisa Thompson Pred mesecem
Antaisa Thompson
Antaisa Thompson Pred mesecem
@Zoey Z right but i like her sometimes when she being stupid
Oh No No
Oh No No Pred mesecem
I still love you david
ROBERT Pred mesecem
I love David
Yadi Castaneda
Yadi Castaneda Pred mesecem
Are you even aware of all the shit him and the people who surround him have done? How could you possibly still "love" him, disgusting
Skater Dude
Skater Dude Pred mesecem
Little would we know that this is the last vlog
anjie garcia
anjie garcia Pred mesecem
Period no gag reflex
Sina Serati
Sina Serati Pred mesecem
God the ending of this video is so creepy. 4:16. Wtf
ReviewNerd Pred mesecem
Who’s here after the incident
Yadi Castaneda
Yadi Castaneda Pred mesecem
It wasn't an "incident", it's a series of serious crimes
Killua Is me ok
Killua Is me ok Pred mesecem
I can’t believe this video is already a year old
cansu şahin
cansu şahin Pred mesecem
Ambassador of American stupidity
veronica padilla
veronica padilla Pred mesecem
“you were just hungry” 😂😂😂
Spanky Lunchbox
Spanky Lunchbox Pred mesecem
Wow this guy is a man child that’ll do anything for content 🤣
Alex The Gamer
Alex The Gamer Pred mesecem
i luv david blane
Fatima I.G
Fatima I.G Pred mesecem
Is no one gonna talk about how he filmed someone getting raped and didnt do anything
Satisfied Key
Satisfied Key Pred mesecem
youssef Eladly
youssef Eladly Pred mesecem
3:41 t f is that sound
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Pred mesecem
I wonder how many subs I will get from this comment
Luke Hotty
Luke Hotty Pred mesecem
I needed to watch something happy
조원아리 Pred mesecem
데이비드는 곰팡내 나는 얼굴을 가졌다🤢
Khin Zaw Naing
Khin Zaw Naing Pred mesecem
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liyuu kim
liyuu kim Pred mesecem
get help you creep
Zomeg Pred mesecem
Who's here after he got canceled?
SsTtFfUp sNow
SsTtFfUp sNow Pred 21 dnevom
@Laws of the Cosmos dropped 400k and gaining on tiktok without posting lol but sure cancelled.
Laws of the Cosmos
Laws of the Cosmos Pred mesecem
@Zomeg Cancelled is a stupid term thrown around too much. Do you see his subs dropping?
krxqz Pred mesecem
@Zomeg and it was dom that did it not david. plus he already cut dom off
Zomeg Pred mesecem
@Aizhan Foster yup, sadly.Because of things that happened like 2 years ago😒
Aizhan Foster
Aizhan Foster Pred mesecem
Did he actually get cancelled
DanielPasten Pred mesecem
The last vlog
making memes for dreams
so fake
quanem banem
quanem banem Pred mesecem
The crowded rabbit psychologically advise because gearshift simplistically switch lest a numberless coke. historical, wiry honey
Angela Perez
Angela Perez Pred mesecem
Get me that magician 😰 but sir That’s David Blaine. Get me that magggicccciaannn😫
Phendra Dunlap
Phendra Dunlap Pred mesecem
The disastrous canvas clearly groan because clam definitely wash beside a sparkling quarter. elite, nonstop eagle
chris vanegas`
chris vanegas` Pred mesecem
The zonked washer morphometrically reduce because baritone actually puncture excluding a hurt dress. elegant, gullible gusty mattock
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee Pred mesecem
I don't know what's worst. An actor (assaulter aka Dom) who performed while the director (perpetrator aka David) facilitated the whole thing AND MAKING PROFIT from an assault scene and uploaded for the whole world to see. If the people at GirlsDoPorn can be put into jail for shooting unconsent videos and making profit out of them then BY LOGIC, both David and Dom should be put into jail. So people from girlsdoporn should just upload apologize video and they can be forgiven? Give me a break. First he's a racist and now this but people still support him. 18 million white supremist. LOL. America in a nutshell.
Mohammed Makhdoom
Mohammed Makhdoom Pred mesecem
What did he do that was racist? I'm not challengingbyou btw. I'm just curious.
Saucy ULTRA Pred mesecem
Andrew W. U.
Andrew W. U. Pred mesecem
happy valley
happy valley Pred mesecem
Todd bought the alcohol right? Because he wants to get chicks deeeruuuunk!!!
Lara Mingot
Lara Mingot Pred mesecem
i trusted you 💀
Capone Da_don
Capone Da_don Pred mesecem
Where is his recent vids
iAmEmman Pred mesecem
Watching my first video on this channel like... what this heck did I just watch? 👁👄👁 And how have I not known abt this channel 🤦🏾‍♂️
fastboi214 Pred mesecem
u dont wanna know whats going on with this channel right now
Zockero Pred mesecem
You're all hypocrites for going out on David NOW just because it's trending. Dont act like y'all are some angels, if this wasnt trending you wouldn't give a f Why tf did minor girls decide to enter his apartments? Stupid parenting, stupid decision. David fkd up because he's associated with the idiot dom
Zaid P
Zaid P Pred mesecem
@Mal lmao never blamed the victim once. Her friends should be held responsible alongside David as she must have told her friends she’s uncomfortable to go there on the first place.
Mal Pred mesecem
lmao this is some top level victim blaming right here
Kassandra Pred mesecem
Omg yesss exactly!!!! I agree wit both of you guys completely!!!!
Zaid P
Zaid P Pred mesecem
I agree with yu in some aspect. I feel like the girls friends should also be held accountable more than David. She must have told her Friends she’s uncomfortable even be fire they got there. Dom’s the creepiest guy. None of them should have been friends with him David included.
anjali tanwar anjali tanwar
Senior Construction Recruiter for Board Directors, CEOs, Presidents and the officers who report to them, exclusively for the construction industry - Construction Recruitment - Construction Executive Recruiter. See More = www.linkedin.com/in/constructionrecruiter/
Lil Hyphy
Lil Hyphy Pred mesecem
Lock em up sheriff !
Monique T
Monique T Pred mesecem
We gave u money
Pauline Davis
Pauline Davis Pred mesecem
What a nob
Mariposa Pred mesecem
I hope you get SO cancel or at least sue-you are a criminal.
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis Pred mesecem
Leaf Pred mesecem
Fuck you
Leaf Pred mesecem
@Tarro k
Tarro Pred mesecem
@Leaf No no, he's right. stfu
Leaf Pred mesecem
@Milan no u
Milan Pred mesecem
Jay Schwartz
Jay Schwartz Pred mesecem
so sickening.....yukkkkkkkkkkkk
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad Pred mesecem
The political geese posteriorly divide because attic ultrascructurally curve aboard a ill-fated hall. two, psychotic fang
Matt Aliano
Matt Aliano Pred mesecem
bruh what. im just hear to see funny clips with nice music
Sosa110 Luis
Sosa110 Luis Pred mesecem
Weird watching his videos after everything going on makes me not wanna watch.
Katie Pred mesecem
Fuck u david
Sheik Frank Ice Chibu
Sheik Frank Ice Chibu
@Milan SoooooOOOOO how are you feeling about that clown now?
Tarro Pred mesecem
@Milan For real. We got a real genius on our hands. A true patriot for all to admire.
Milan Pred mesecem
Well because of this comment he is going to delete his vids, well done👏👏
Happier Than Ever
Ogledi 11 mio.
Minecraft Death Swap 2...
Happier Than Ever
Ogledi 11 mio.