World’s Fastest Donk (1,500hp) Vs Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang // Hoonicorn Vs the World 

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We know what you’re thinking: what is a donk doing lined up next to the Hoonicorn?? But this ain’t just any donk. This is Donkmaster’s ’71 Z06 swapped Caprice, with a BIG ‘ol turbo hanging off of it. And more nitrous than a dental supply truck. 1,500hp worth of big body power. But, can it put the power down?

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25. nov. 2020

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Donkmaster TV
Donkmaster TV Pred 2 meseci
laplantski Pred mesecem
Fa-sho. Them boys gave you that gap sauce all day...
Draggone Performance TV
@builder broz the dunk has custom slicks.
TarTarus Zelus
TarTarus Zelus Pred mesecem
Gapple bees 🍎🐝🐝
Randy Pred mesecem
@Tomothy Bahamothy listen clearly idiot. He does not have the tunes Block does. And it's not a true drag race. The track is completely different. Stop being such a fanboy and understand the difference between a AWD purpose built car vs a dumpster fire that keeps blowing up. Cletus doesn't have the resources Block does. Look at the Audi that raced him. That's the only car that could keep up and that was pushed to it's limits with their tuning. They crew has deep pockets.. Cletus does not. Not to mention cletus's last race, That mustang passed him like he was standing still.
Randy Pred mesecem
@Tomothy Bahamothy listen clearly idiot. He does not have the tunes Block does. And it's not a true drag race. The track is completely different. Stop being such a fanboy and understand the difference between a AWD purpose built car vs a dumpster fire that keeps blowing up. Cletus doesn't have the resources Block does. Look at the Audi that raced him. That's the only car that could keep up and that was pushed to it's limits with their tuning. They crew has deep pockets.. Cletus does not. Not to mention cletus's last race, That mustang passed him like he was standing still. How about you get that Cletus dick off your chin and stop ignoring facts 🤔
Chad McIntosh
Chad McIntosh Pred 3 urami
Why in allll hell did y’all not let him start in a roll and make it an actual freaking race! That was like this while series!! Do more to make the finish line a closer race!!!!!
Eww those rims are very riced up
akhmad Rahmadi
akhmad Rahmadi Pred dnevom
Duel with rimac concept one
Dudeman9339 Pred dnevom
you got no traction because your low profile tires are stupid and slow.
sean vanio
sean vanio Pred 2 dnevi
Ken needs to give Mike's 1000 HP C7 a go SLtv Street speed 717
tyrone harrison
tyrone harrison Pred 2 dnevi
For donk master to even hang with a full no or fake glass window. Race car hell yea. The race car is sorry haha for letting a street donk do thag
tyrone harrison
tyrone harrison Pred 2 dnevi
Donk master a true street car. Other cars a race car haha.
RetroSesh Pred 2 dnevi
AWESOME! The gearing on that donk would have to be INSANE!
timothy wilson
timothy wilson Pred 3 dnevi
The donk didn’t have a chance with 30” tires
Spencer Dixon
Spencer Dixon Pred 3 dnevi
the donk is all rims n Horse power of course the hoon smoked him
Stephen francis
Stephen francis Pred 3 dnevi
Donk master gots a hypeman
Phan Ba Hoa
Phan Ba Hoa Pred 3 dnevi
Ken Block, god of shifter 😂
Aaron S
Aaron S Pred 4 dnevi
6:15 guys funny
Karington Sheppard
Karington Sheppard Pred 4 dnevi
damien green
damien green Pred 4 dnevi
Ken knows how to control traction, he's not a drag racer but he's excellent in controlling grip and slip. People show up and say they have 1700hp but they can't put it down, Ken only has 1400hp but he is experienced and knows how to control it.
Kay Kottke
Kay Kottke Pred 4 dnevi
The real N..... Shit
Mikey Mike
Mikey Mike Pred 5 dnevi
Don't bring a RWD to a 4WD race, with that much HP. Period! :-)
Mikey Mike
Mikey Mike Pred 5 dnevi
Mr. Donk got spanked. His attitude sure changed quick! Lol....
Steve Gonzalez
Steve Gonzalez Pred 6 dnevi
Andrew Barr
Andrew Barr Pred 7 dnevi
Scraptona vs hoonicorn
alex Gutierrez
alex Gutierrez Pred 8 dnevi
I think the hoonicorn will still beat him in drag track just like done would get better traction so would the hoonicorn is just a higher engineer car you can. Compared millions to thousands
adrian morales
adrian morales Pred 8 dnevi
really ? Those tires bad decision, they would not even have tried, they just wasted their time.
wtf rust
wtf rust Pred 9 dnevi
Hoon unbeatable
TrialMacameau Pred 9 dnevi
The Hoonicorn V2 is easily 10 cars disadvantage capable of doing it... Maybe try it with that we'll see if Ken can catch him up next time you do this.
Gaurav Rana
Gaurav Rana Pred 11 dnevi
Man!!! That donkmonster has got some sexiest wheels
Mind Ur bussines
Mind Ur bussines Pred 11 dnevi
Was I the only one that was frustrated that he wasn’t on slicks
Tech Gorilla
Tech Gorilla Pred 12 dnevi
This is so dumb a dunk car are you kidding me it can have 10,000 horse power and still will lose it’s made for cruising only I see the guy with the glasses and white hat he’s drooling really bad over that Dunk car I call it Djunk cars!!!!! Please race a car that has the very same horse power and suspension and I guarantee hooligan will lose
denniss Dennis
denniss Dennis Pred 12 dnevi
That’s not a drag car that’s a donk master find a real drag car.
ONE HIT GAMING Pred 12 dnevi
Still miss the hoonicorn
Mechotronic Pred 13 dnevi
Dude took it with stride. Great stuff.
Jeremy Burmania
Jeremy Burmania Pred 13 dnevi
Race the S10
SIR ROUND SOUND Pred 14 dnevi
The only worthy opponent to the Hoonicorn would be a sport bike. I wanna see it go up against a Hayabusa
Mr. Russ B
Mr. Russ B Pred 15 dnevi
While watching this, I had the biggest grin on my face for a plethora of reasons: 1. If you’ve seen the Donkmaster series, this was like “a taste of his own medicine” 2. Deep down we all wanted to see the Donkmaster win at least one race 3. I’m convinced the Hoonicorn is possessed like the ‘58 Fury in Christine Amazing series by you guys at Hoonigan!
Thijs Akkerman
Thijs Akkerman Pred 15 dnevi
is it just or is this thing heavier than the truck from last episode?
Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez Pred 17 dnevi
Hoonigan vs Oklahoma Street outlaws
Gamerlux Pred 17 dnevi
I wanna see it vs Bugatti chiron
P Stewart
P Stewart Pred 18 dnevi
I'd rather have the donk, to get groceries in of course.
Игорь СССР
Игорь СССР Pred 18 dnevi
На этой тачке надета резина? Что-то её не наблюдаю.)) я думаю многие догадается про какаю я пишу))
PM Cuber
PM Cuber Pred 18 dnevi
Oh boy, i think you should try it vs UGR Huracan
Keoneilwe Moikgofe
Keoneilwe Moikgofe Pred 19 dnevi
Plz do hoornitruck and hoornicoon
Alejandro Cancino
Alejandro Cancino Pred 19 dnevi
Can’t wait to see the rematch on a track!
John Dough
John Dough Pred 20 dnevi
Lol! Love these guys. No tire manufacturer makes proper stickies in those sizes. I'm actually surprised those wheels don't fall off. Everytime they make it to the end is a win to be honest.
THENOOB22 Pred 21 dnevom
I love this Donk! speed, style, gapsauce!
Alan Villaren
Alan Villaren Pred 22 dnevi
I'd like to see you guys race a Top fuel dragster
Alan Villaren
Alan Villaren Pred 22 dnevi
Donk is cool.
Alan Villaren
Alan Villaren Pred 22 dnevi
You guys racing slow oeople
Adam Muscat
Adam Muscat Pred 22 dnevi
Impala would be so much quicker with smaller wheels and bigger rubber
Jared James
Jared James Pred 22 dnevi
Racing the dorkmaster was a waste of methanol
StuArt Pred 22 dnevi
Even with some rubber the Donk hasn't got a chance against awd. But re run with some drag rubber would be good.
Jerry Delp
Jerry Delp Pred 24 dnevi
Donkmasters car is slow as hell.
Roscox Fox
Roscox Fox Pred 24 dnevi
Irl bigsmoke
Racistbigot Idontcare
Racistbigot Idontcare Pred 24 dnevi
Left early crossed and lossed
Tips 4 truckers
Tips 4 truckers Pred 24 dnevi
I wanted to see a roll race so bad
Nathan Heatherington
Nathan Heatherington Pred 24 dnevi
Race big chief and the crow!
he is risen
he is risen Pred 24 dnevi
Ken block is the man.
Saurabh Lal
Saurabh Lal Pred 25 dnevi
Frankie Romero
Frankie Romero Pred 25 dnevi
Gotta race Cleetus in Ruby or Leroy
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas Pred 25 dnevi
very good
Andre Williams
Andre Williams Pred 25 dnevi
The luxuriant plant simulteneously fetch because duckling enthrallingly regret notwithstanding a courageous dictionary. rough, forgetful file
Cesar Ruiz
Cesar Ruiz Pred 25 dnevi
Podrian invitar un civic awd drag de 7 seg y ver que tal andan ajjajaja
Daniel Fyne
Daniel Fyne Pred 25 dnevi
The hoonicorn needs a 9 speed gearbox now
Imron Check engine
Imron Check engine Pred 25 dnevi
maybe because 4 wheels push so always win steadily
/ Pred 26 dnevi
What's the point of 1500hp if you're running on two layers of isolation tape instead of tires?
Doodle_ Dan
Doodle_ Dan Pred 26 dnevi
Put that car on some actual wheels and not stilts and you might get somewhere lmao
Duane Burn
Duane Burn Pred 27 dnevi
It not fair because hoonicorn race with Donk. .donk is not a drag race car its a dumb donkey car .
CRA 30
CRA 30 Pred 27 dnevi
Waiting for Supra Mk4 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Like for Supra👍
Saurabh Lal
Saurabh Lal Pred 27 dnevi
Big Bird
Big Bird Pred 27 dnevi
I would assume that it's been mentioned Somewhere down below but... It's time that Caprice got the treatment and go AWD like the Hoonicorn. Imagine all of that power through four of those contact patches.
ready2fly14 Pred 27 dnevi
Try against Rimac or some of street outlaws from discovery chanel.
pos209 Pred 27 dnevi
Race Farmtruck! #farmtruckandazn
LeoVomend Pred 27 dnevi
so its a 1500 bhp corvette, donked out and with very very heavy impala steel panels
lucy istanbul
lucy istanbul Pred 27 dnevi
DONK, It remains very HEAVY.
Lucas Wright
Lucas Wright Pred 28 dnevi
On the first race that boi wasn’t gonna pull 😂
Jim E
Jim E Pred 28 dnevi
Two cars with insane horse power and insane tires which are both sick
Ahmed khan
Ahmed khan Pred 28 dnevi
Great video
Zach colgan
Zach colgan Pred 28 dnevi
I wanna see the Firepunk S10 gap that thing
WAFI Fam Pred 28 dnevi
William Chapman
William Chapman Pred 28 dnevi
Its not how much power u have but how much u can put to the road without spinning
Saurabh Lal
Saurabh Lal Pred 28 dnevi
jf 4Rmy
jf 4Rmy Pred 28 dnevi
How many gearshifts hoonicorn??
Mathias Kaljas
Mathias Kaljas Pred 28 dnevi
Get a drag supra
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith Pred 28 dnevi
One of these races...like this one...make Ken start in reverse. That’d be more fair to some of these guys.
Николай Масляков
Idiots... 4wd vs 2wd...
Rez Pred 29 dnevi
Very cool race but let’s be real if this was on a drag strip Dunkmasters Z06 would put a hurting on the hunacorn. For those that don’t actually know look up Dunkmaster racing on the drag strip.
Mayur purkar
Mayur purkar Pred 29 dnevi
do with CHIRON or VEYRON
sABA dABI Pred 29 dnevi
Where the Teslas at???
ksmithca07 Pred 29 dnevi
Run Leroy and cleetus!
Elias Leyva
Elias Leyva Pred 29 dnevi
Cowards only race slower cars then think they are badass
Elias Leyva
Elias Leyva Pred 29 dnevi
Next Episode: Hoonicorn vs Worlds fastest tricycle
Explicit Pred 29 dnevi
Download the app PI on android and ios, it works just like bitcoin and you can mine from your phone. Use NoaOk as your invitation code. Free money😳
DIKY RAHARDI Pred 29 dnevi
So cool
Chris Chaos
Chris Chaos Pred mesecem
T-$hirt/mask: MOPEMUP...all will buy!🏴‍☠️
adrain chester
adrain chester Pred mesecem
Your taking on a car with as much HP but it 2000lb more weight, when are you ever going to be game to take on something equal to your vehicle or even perhaps bigger or faster??
EJcordero Pred mesecem
Hoonicorn vs Leroy!
Leonardo Cruz
Leonardo Cruz Pred mesecem
8:30 look closely when the hoonicorn gets a hood view, it spits flames...
JDMCRZY 1 Pred mesecem
RACE “FRUSTRATE EG” !!!! Gotta do it AWD 4cylinder k series
FUBAR LIFE Pred mesecem
Why don't you race something comparable, it's boring watching 5000lbs junk racing against 3000lbs. Oh right it has to meet you're mop it up narrative 👎👎👎👎👎
Oliffin Pred mesecem
That donk seems heavy as fuck
Alias SmithandJones
Alias SmithandJones Pred mesecem