VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 8 

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The Crew is joined by VFX legend Andrew Price AKA "The Blender Guru" as they react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Corridor Crew
Corridor Crew Pred letom
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Andrew Squires
Andrew Squires Pred 3 meseci
React to The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (2005)
Ashton Klein
Ashton Klein Pred 6 meseci
...Clifford the big red dog... etx
Zechariah Whooley
Zechariah Whooley Pred 6 meseci
You guys should do Stranger Things
Chrisical Pred 6 meseci
Jeg Hej
Crash Gaming
Crash Gaming Pred 6 meseci
How can you see the light arround the black hole, if the gravity pull of the black hole is so strong that it pulls the light towards it, thus not reaching your eyes?! :)
JadedeaJade Pred 3 dnevi
So what you're saying is, if we can render something for a movie, it probably would work in real life? So i'm going to need someone to render what the enterprise would react going warp speed in this reality. :)
Tanvir Hussain
Tanvir Hussain Pred 6 dnevi
The only donut i like is blender guru's donut
Henrik Andersen
Henrik Andersen Pred 8 dnevi
Would love to see you break down the plane crash scene from 1917
shabi The snail
shabi The snail Pred 9 dnevi
You have to react to "kung fury"!!!
Jeremie BP
Jeremie BP Pred 9 dnevi
Andrew said Wren did ALL the special effects at Corridor Digital on his channel. Lol
1000 Miles Per Hour
1000 Miles Per Hour Pred 10 dnevi
do maze runner pls
jon homuth
jon homuth Pred 12 dnevi
You should look at the accountant with Ben a fleck for stunts or effects
Drakmaa aaa
Drakmaa aaa Pred 14 dnevi
I'm gonna bust your balls on something. Saying the lego movie killed stop motion animation whilst showing kubo. That movies a masterpiece and I won't hear anything on it
Zaki Chandra
Zaki Chandra Pred 18 dnevi
Pls react to Stranger Things and Godzilla VFX
Stela Barberis
Stela Barberis Pred 21 dnevom
Do Indiana jones
Nuzhat Mirza
Nuzhat Mirza Pred 25 dnevi
Hey the middle guy is the donut guy 🤣
Khalil Boss
Khalil Boss Pred 26 dnevi
I didn't know that Andrew has a 3D encyclopedia in his brain What a genius!
Molly Cutpurse
Molly Cutpurse Pred 26 dnevi
You speak of photographing a black hole and there's nothing there. It reminded me of one of my novels, Supertranny who has to defeat a monster who has created something which slows down light enormously to perhaps a few feet per second. Of course the light values would shift perhaps to the red and beyond. I'd always wondered how that would be filmed if the light went beyond what we can see. Great stuff guys. I'm binge watching!
Josh John
Josh John Pred 27 dnevi
I'm currently on part 7 of his Blender beginner donut tutorial. He is awesome.
Anthony Senior
Anthony Senior Pred 28 dnevi
I'd like to see an older film (20 year's ago) called Starship troopers! There lead cast is Niko if that helps you find it. IT'S SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!
rmordica Pred 29 dnevi
Black holes dont suck. Things fall into the black hole much as the same way things fall to earth.
Tim Hill
Tim Hill Pred mesecem
The Lego movie was a computer graphics..
I am not interested in your video
The lego movie was the only movie that o couldn't believe it was CGI, especially those damn imperfections i really thought it was stop motion
Disliking Pineapple Pizza Is Immoral
The director of The Mist always intended to make a black and white movie, but the studio forced him to make it in color. It's just another instance of soulless corporations vs art, no one should ever watch the color version
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol Pred mesecem
13:15 “a black hole you can’t photograph it” well yes but actually no.
Netopir Pred mesecem
Nice legs!
Lego Mush
Lego Mush Pred mesecem
Lego move 2
Kyle Holman
Kyle Holman Pred mesecem
Fincher does a couple similar CG shots like in Panic Room in Fight Club.
Michal Krasko
Michal Krasko Pred mesecem
I've always thought that the LEGO movie was mostly was made with actual legos and not animating.
Ben SJ
Ben SJ Pred mesecem
You guys should make a movie playlist
Louis Griffin
Louis Griffin Pred mesecem
Do the last part of Harry Potter!! 🙏🏼
Lego With Spen
Lego With Spen Pred mesecem
Can you or have you reacted to the clone wars?
QuantumS1ngularity Pred mesecem
Wait wait wait a minute. Hold the horses. Are you trying to tell me Interstellar is 7 YEAR OLD MOVIE?!?!? Dafuq man?!?!? It was like just last week when i went to the IMAX to watch it. Did we pass near some black hole in that time.
Voy Tracker
Voy Tracker Pred mesecem
They react like never seen any movie ever
WYDRAULON Pred mesecem
oh shit a donut man
RsGame Winter
RsGame Winter Pred mesecem
3:52 You can even see the fingerprints on the wall, and in 3:49 same thing with his "hair?"
Mr Chidlers
Mr Chidlers Pred mesecem
It blew my mind when I found out the Lego Movie wasn't real stop motion
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Pred mesecem
Black Hole from Interstellar, Gollum from Lord Of The Rings and Thanos from Avengers IW & Endgame are some of the greatest achievements in animation and VFX industry ❤️
Thanh Le
Thanh Le Pred mesecem
Hi Andrew
Henrik Nilsson
Henrik Nilsson Pred mesecem
From Anime, Black clover, great and bad animation, think it's around asta's first black form scene where there is some funky cgi. seven deadly sins just because I enjoyed the show, and Tower of god, it's a bit new as a anime but could be done as a episode in the future when the show has come along more, great manga so have high hopes for the show
Digital Olimon
Digital Olimon Pred mesecem
Chappie (Short Circuit) and District 9 are amazing and forget it's even cgi
TP G! Pred mesecem
I like how the background behind the coffee pot is distorted as the camera moves closer.
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR Pred mesecem
Clint's genuinely having his mind blown in this one lol. Fun to watch!
Luca Caligaris
Luca Caligaris Pred mesecem
Please react to Love Death & Robots
matteo di paola
matteo di paola Pred mesecem
pls check "il commissario ricciardi" on rai play (or check it on youtube with "commissario ricciardi fantasma")
Grape Kun
Grape Kun Pred mesecem
I heard from someone that the reason why they used pre-existing pieces of lego (that are serialized like the real ones) was so you can build the scenes yourself
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio Pred mesecem
I've seen every "VFX artists react", and this one is probably the best.
Eejit Pred mesecem
No cgi is good ever .. film me at film not green screens , This is one thing the old days truly were better .. not one cgi movie is good . Period , my opinion may not matter but I would never put one dollar of my o ey I to another persons hand for any cgi film, I’d pay real mo ey to see a real car explode, a real guy do a stunt and yes fireballs fro the eighties .. no matter how good you take water it will suck ,,
Every Man
Every Man Pred mesecem
black holes don't suck, they deflect and direct
Brian Choke
Brian Choke Pred mesecem
Holy sh*t, it's Andrew "the Anvil" Price xd
Queen Boo
Queen Boo Pred mesecem
react to dr who the eleventh hour (specifically prisoner zero)
Partha Shankar
Partha Shankar Pred mesecem
You need to do the "Docking" scene from Interstellar!
Mantas sinkevičius
Mantas sinkevičius Pred mesecem
Why no reaction to CGI donut in blender?
Josiah Cole
Josiah Cole Pred mesecem
“Nail in the coffin for stop motion” *Aardman Animation* “Huhum 🤨 “
The Grand Crosser
The Grand Crosser Pred mesecem
Another title for this video can be VFX artists stunned at blackholes and how they work.
Mohamed Hady
Mohamed Hady Pred mesecem
Plz do Greyhound the movie :)
SpaceFighter2004 Pred mesecem
Camera: *Does zoom-in trick Clint: No no no NO NOO NOOOO
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred mesecem
The lamentable bead synchronously exercise because back advantageously tie per a hurt pail. scientific, zany volcano
jyothis . N
jyothis . N Pred mesecem
Favorite movie is interstellar and favorite tv series is Attack on titan Probably the best choice a man can have
i am human
i am human Pred mesecem
wtf? that black hole is literally amazing! math being combined with vfx seems fascinating
i am human
i am human Pred mesecem
i love andrew's reactions :D
TheTemperedWolf Pred mesecem
You need to have Andrew do more of these! Blender Guru is the best.
Ash Fuel
Ash Fuel Pred mesecem
i see interstellar on thumbnail i click and YES i would love to see content about TARS and CASE 12:30
Red Means Go
Red Means Go Pred mesecem
Study your math kids, key to the universe.
Jeffrey Ballinger
Jeffrey Ballinger Pred mesecem
Geez. All I can do is CAD and use Photoshop. This way above my level.
Rick te Kronnie
Rick te Kronnie Pred mesecem
Yes yes yes yes the explanation about the Lego movie, Aces engine and the sun yadayadayada is very interesting BUT, it was filmed in some family's basement
Lachlan Kren
Lachlan Kren Pred mesecem
Can you guys do an FX breakdown of interstellar? Unless you have already and I haven’t seen it yet lol
Long John
Long John Pred mesecem
*Now do Ian Hubert So he can nitpick the Lazy assets*
Gino Gallacchi
Gino Gallacchi Pred mesecem
7:15 A non looking real shot.
PIO Pred mesecem
That guy in the blue acts the way all alcoholics do when they are buzzed heading to the drunken state.
TNT davis
TNT davis Pred mesecem
how bout CARS?
Min McMahon
Min McMahon Pred mesecem
react to pacific rim and midway
Niiko Vision
Niiko Vision Pred mesecem
hey guys , Please react to amazing spiderman 2 with andrew Garfield, the graphics and vfx in that movie are beyond crazy
Awesome Manhar
Awesome Manhar Pred mesecem
Andrew looks like Vexx
Michael Mol
Michael Mol Pred mesecem
Can you please react to Cipher (2002) and Dark City (1998)?
Pratham Bajaj
Pratham Bajaj Pred mesecem
Pls do a vfx breakdown on real steel movie
THECREED111 zzz Pred mesecem
What about The Witcher???
Ko Jinseo
Ko Jinseo Pred mesecem
Guys, please do the host 2006
Student Tom Rathjens
paw patrol
Cock of the Rock
Cock of the Rock Pred mesecem
I love that the picture we got of a black hole actually adds up to the render.
Pacificbluegamer Yteddy
“A black hole, you can’t photograph it.” NASA be like: haha insane cameras go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Israel Maureira
Israel Maureira Pred 2 meseci
React to real steel
Zibran Ibrahim
Zibran Ibrahim Pred 2 meseci
Wow the mist is on here
Ethan Gabriel Caridad
Ethan Gabriel Caridad Pred 2 meseci
“You cant take a pic of a black hole” Nasa: we have proof
Brendan Santore
Brendan Santore Pred 2 meseci
Saying you can't photograph a black hole is right but not right. Saying you can't is like saying you can't photograph any black object. Technically you can't photograph it because there is no light being received, but you can photograph it by having reference placed by it so you know that there is a black object there. So with any black object you could put it in front of something white, or with a black hole you could put it in front of stars or give it a accretion disk.
TheCosmicCat Pred 2 meseci
Plz do Tron:Legacy, I’m pretty sure Clu is CG
Ms. Monica Ahersawant
Ms. Monica Ahersawant Pred 2 meseci
React to We can be Heroes
Denali Berry
Denali Berry Pred 2 meseci
@Corridor Crew. Make a VFX react but you guys are making YOURSELVES ( on the couch ) IN VFX- then have the other dudes react to your VFX CORRIDOR GROUP reacting to other videos?
Samuel Ahiwe
Samuel Ahiwe Pred 2 meseci
hey its the blender doughnut guy ,my icon is the doughnut i made from ur tutorial
Dat boi
Dat boi Pred 2 meseci
Itss himmmn oooooo
Ynsahmet7 Pred 2 meseci
Gašper Sodja
Gašper Sodja Pred 2 meseci
Blender guru: makes a donuth tutorial in multiple episodes CgMater/Default Cube: makes a donut tutorial in 1 minute video
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred 2 meseci
Erebos ThorX
Erebos ThorX Pred 2 meseci
Today we have a special guest it iiiisss: ....... Tom Cruise! Or is it?😂
David Penfound
David Penfound Pred 2 meseci
don't get me wrong I like your channel But everything you review is not made in blender. why don't you use and talk about production software ie max, maya, Houdini and Nuke. Again with renderers. Vray, Arnold and Redshift. Turning all your reviews in to blender. I know blender can do cool stuff but its not really a production tool. in the future it maybe but I have never seen it in a studio on real projects. But carry on with the cool vids.
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn Pred 2 meseci
Because they already do that often...
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn Pred 2 meseci
Travis Montgomery
Travis Montgomery Pred 2 meseci
I've done the donut!
Raun Tilson
Raun Tilson Pred 2 meseci
I would follow Blender Guru when I was trying to teach myself Blender. Awesome tutorials btw
SkyY Pred 2 meseci
Yoooo it’s blender guru!
Zahid Efendiyev Jr.
Zahid Efendiyev Jr. Pred 2 meseci
I've been watching your videos right from the first one but somehow missed this one. If you've started with Interstellar, then you should definitely throw in some Ad Astra and First Man too, guys. Btw, can't wait for the Harrry Potter video!
Samrat Mukherjee
Samrat Mukherjee Pred 2 meseci
He is Guru Man beautiful
zman Pred 2 meseci
Please do ready player one
Gummydalf Pred 2 meseci
Forrest Romary
Forrest Romary Pred 2 meseci
Please do the first scene in The Expanse!
We Remade TRON in One Day