Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Sword Fights 

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Niko and Clint are joined by veteran swordmaster Luke LaFontaine to break down some of the craziest fights in your favorite Hollywood films!
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Red Five
Red Five Pred 8 urami
Lightsabers arent lazers jackass
RandomStuff Pred 14 urami
Where are the "Bad Hollywood Sword Fights"?
Sparky Pred 17 urami
I was waiting for Ewan to slice Maul
Chris Riehl
Chris Riehl Pred 19 urami
I subscribed 3 videos ago. Relax😉
Rts Pred dnevom
The French connection, ronin, die another day(the ice car fight), tomorrow never dies(motorcycle chase), goldfinger
Daniel Dewitt
Daniel Dewitt Pred dnevom
Stunts from XXX with Vin Diesel
R D Pred dnevom
I was really hoping to see a comparison and your thoughts on the Deluge sword fight.
JCWin77 Pred 4 dnevi
Have you guys reacted yet to the sword fighting in the Highlander movies and TV shows?
Cold Stone 2A
Cold Stone 2A Pred 5 dnevi
Should say Stuntmen couldn't make it as actors and talking shit about the movies
Obed Schultz
Obed Schultz Pred 6 dnevi
Baby Driver opening
Project778 Pred 7 dnevi
Why haven't you got Scott in the series
Kid Samurai
Kid Samurai Pred 7 dnevi
the problem is you dont understand that there is a double bladed katana thats for cutting thru ranks of unarmored spearmen
Leonhard Kühn
Leonhard Kühn Pred 8 dnevi
You gotta react to the car chase in „blues brothers“. It’s really awesome.
Balrog297 Pred 10 dnevi
the final fencing scene in scaramouche (1952) I was told it was done in a single take or le bossu (either version 1959 (better swordplay) or 1997)
Marko Susimetsä
Marko Susimetsä Pred 10 dnevi
Wow! Luke LaFontaine definitely knows his stuff! When talking about the Rob Roy fight, I fully expected him to talk about rapiers, but he called the weapon - quite correctly - a transitional rapier. Great episode! We need more of these!
ThE_b0T_01 Pred 11 dnevi
the dude sounds like he has something in his throat
Daniel Rogan
Daniel Rogan Pred 12 dnevi
its made of plasma not a laser
William Allen
William Allen Pred 12 dnevi
Corridor Crew: Let’s look at the most iconic sword fight in movies-shows Star Wars Princess Bride: “As you wish...”
Geoffrey Devereaux
Geoffrey Devereaux Pred 13 dnevi
The thing I have issues with in terms of criticism around Star Wars is the fact you have to ignore their force powers. At which point you’re taking the moves out of context. When something like blocking behind you the way Obi Wan does, it doesn’t make sense from a realistic perspective. But from a Star Wars perspective? The force powers change so much. Genuinely loved this episode but. Love this whole damn series. Yes I’m subscribed 🤣
Subrat Bista
Subrat Bista Pred 16 dnevi
Jackie chans bike stunt in armour of God 2 operation condor
Franklyn Thompson
Franklyn Thompson Pred 17 dnevi
The Raid 2 car chase
Cameron Tennant
Cameron Tennant Pred 28 dnevi
This dude don't know how lightsabers work. Even though lightsabers are TECHNICALLY weightless, they do have a decent amount of gyroscopic force which pushes and pulls on the weilder. Also lightsaber combat is based on shaolin kung fu.
Screamarts dnb
Screamarts dnb Pred 29 dnevi
i already subscribed , stop shaming me hahaha
Screamarts dnb
Screamarts dnb Pred 29 dnevi
about the lighsabers are light: i think they would still smack the swords hard and with force so they cut better when they hit the target.my theory
Michael Montalto
Michael Montalto Pred mesecem
The obnoxious yugoslavian sadly describe because deficit clinicopathologically end circa a best hill. earsplitting, literate betty
Riley Jamerson Tipene Johnston
That parry (star wars kenobi vs maul) is something you do in kendo shiai training and "gohon waza" for blocking "do", "do" is the mid stomach ish area. If you don't have bogu that is how you would block with a shinai (bamboo training sword). I remember reading somewhere Kendo is one of the inspirations for lightsaber duels so that may be the reason)
Jay Walker
Jay Walker Pred mesecem
Ronin (1998) car chase scene was amazing when it came out.
Jc 100
Jc 100 Pred mesecem
Sure these are good scenes but Inigo Montoya vs Westley is on another level
William B. Sullivan
William B. Sullivan Pred mesecem
William Hobbs is the greatest choreographer of Western film fencing, ever. You could do a an hour long breakdown of his scenes and I would watch every minute of it.
Shalom Osei-Bonsu
Shalom Osei-Bonsu Pred mesecem
why does he sound like trump?
matony19 Pred mesecem
Czeschoslovakia is not a thing for like 30 years cmonon :)
IntricaciesRus Pred mesecem
I don't sub and leave likes due to the raycon plugs. Cringe.
AyyGoldy Pred 18 dnevi
raycon is one of the worst
Raiden XT
Raiden XT Pred mesecem
hmm. idk i dont trust this guys opinion and judgment on some the sword fight stuff after just watching the expert swordsman react to most of the same scenes. hes a stuntman not a swordsman
Andrej Linv
Andrej Linv Pred mesecem
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Epic Chaz
Epic Chaz Pred mesecem
Lightsabers are crystals. That’s why they swing hard.
Gujikuj Tutu
Gujikuj Tutu Pred mesecem
Come on guys, czechoslovakia broke apart a while ago. Get it right.
Rudy Martin
Rudy Martin Pred mesecem
First video. Last Samurai is my fav film
Brent Highers
Brent Highers Pred mesecem
Count Dooku actually used a fencing style, note his curved handle so he can poke at weird angles. Other styles evolved when lightsaber duels became rarer. The long slashes also allow for a greater blocking area for blasters
Roman Pred mesecem
Im surprised how actually good was this Avengement movie.
James Bedford
James Bedford Pred mesecem
Can I just say that Avengement is one of my favourite giritty films. Scott Adkins is brilliant in that film
Mathieu Vachon
Mathieu Vachon Pred mesecem
A car stunt that i found impressive is when James Bond is Driving HALF a car.
GannerRhysode Pred mesecem
In darth bane they go into the pros and cons of a double bladed lightsaber. Basically most Jedi and Sith don’t train with or against one so they are intimidated by it.
Janusz Ciechowski photography & videography
😂 ok ok I subscribed 😂 I’m wondering what would you say about that swords fight sltv.info/label/g86M0MWxe6uRnaI/video
Mike Schalkham
Mike Schalkham Pred mesecem
Too bad Tom Cruise is a feckin’ crazy-arsed scientologist..
Elijah Loya
Elijah Loya Pred mesecem
Oo7 car chases
Zak Kena
Zak Kena Pred mesecem
The Freaking bluesbrothers !
Joshua Polites
Joshua Polites Pred mesecem
You young buck should thank that old dog he's the one that made me subscribe to you guys
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Pred mesecem
When I was a kid this is what I wanted to do for a living. Be a stunt man in action movies. Yesterday I hurt my knee looking under my son's bed for a buzz lightyear...
Jolly Green Giant
Jolly Green Giant Pred mesecem
Actually, Lightsabers are magnetically condensed plasma.
Matt Caron
Matt Caron Pred mesecem
Wanted 👍🏼
Robert Fletcher
Robert Fletcher Pred mesecem
I disagree with darth mauls weapon being ineffective its a little harder to wield but it's like a bo staff it can be used just with caution and training.
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah Pred mesecem
Just subbed cos you guys whined and he knows his stuff haha
szepi79 Pred mesecem
to the Rob Roy fight: yes, you can absolutely grab a non-moving, sharp blade. No, it will not cut you. Yes, you can hold onto it. BUT: once it did cut you a little bit, the blood will act as a lubricant and then it can be yanked pretty easily. So part of that scene is contain a lot of thruth in it, but the whole thing is unrealistic.
J Of Oz
J Of Oz Pred mesecem
Supernatural impala crashes
a u
a u Pred mesecem
My man’s lack of star wars knowledge is unfortunate given that in lore the lightsaber is a contained cyclic energy field that generates tons of down force for the user. Still a cool vid tho
raven sailiata
raven sailiata Pred mesecem
Lets jump right i- *youtube ad for verizon 5G*
matthew gallaway
matthew gallaway Pred mesecem
Don’t really understand what makes someone an expert on light saber combat
Sebastian Taylor
Sebastian Taylor Pred mesecem
Most of the James Bond car chases the tank scene in goldeneye is pretty cool! What you guys think?
Mark Slater
Mark Slater Pred mesecem
Robin Ormerod
Robin Ormerod Pred mesecem
Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined
Little Witt
Little Witt Pred mesecem
Man with the golden gun car jump
Inaren Commander
Inaren Commander Pred mesecem
"Ray is really giving 200% in this fight, and it's why no one else will ever be Darth Maul." Sam Witwer: Unfortunately for you, history will not see it that way.
Dennie-Leigh Pred mesecem
Disagree with him saying kightsabers weigh nothing. Yes George Lucas was influenced by samurai but also Erol Flynn and older English movie sword fights. The lightsaber in the first movie was supposed to have weight to it and was akin to welding a greatsword, obviously not quite as heavy but definitely not weighing nothing as stated on this program. The energy of the lightsaber is supposed to give it wieght.
gavvy bash
gavvy bash Pred mesecem
Wow, that scene just scarred me
BattleBjorn Pred mesecem
The car chase from The Dark Knight. When the Jokes hunts Harvey Dent. Or from Dark Knight Rises when Bane robs the stock exchange... Great music with those pieaces too!
richard bradley
richard bradley Pred mesecem
Tom and Jerry sword fights !
FuLy Tomahawks
FuLy Tomahawks Pred mesecem
Kenobi vs anakin Mustafar would be crazy
BatSTUD Pred mesecem
Lightsabers are heavy not because of "light" (Christ almighty) but because of the hilts. You could not fence with them. Do your research.
Eby Winston
Eby Winston Pred mesecem
That guy knows his swords
Ben Mattingly
Ben Mattingly Pred mesecem
I love when people who don’t know science try to explain why lightsabers shouldn’t have weight. They aren’t light, they’re plasma, which still has mass. But ok, let’s say they are made of light.... it still has momentum. Stronger swing=more momentum, so yes there is absolutely a reason why they wouldn’t be fencing with lightsabers.
Adam T
Adam T Pred mesecem
Not real a specific stunt but best car chase scenes I would say jack reacher well since bullet
Cory Richards
Cory Richards Pred mesecem
Iron Eagle .....Plane vs Car race
BirdLaw 101
BirdLaw 101 Pred mesecem
The behind the back parry is not nonsense, it is a highly advanced technique taught in Yagyu Shinkage Ryu.
MaxTB Pred mesecem
A lightsaber is not a beam of light it's a beam of concentrated energy that emits light not the other way around
MaxTB Pred mesecem
Nothing compares to the fuel of the fates
Noah Lanford
Noah Lanford Pred mesecem
Love the series, hearing you guys talk about lightsabers made my fucking ears bleed
Noah Lanford
Noah Lanford Pred mesecem
It’s plasma it’s not light and it definitely does have weight
Henrik Augustsson
Henrik Augustsson Pred mesecem
He’s wrong about dropping the rapier. If Tim had dropped his sword, he wouldn’t have anything to defend himself with later, he HAD to pull the sword away or Liam would kill him later.
Cody Reece
Cody Reece Pred mesecem
Terminator 2 waterway vehicle chase
Jason Jansen
Jason Jansen Pred mesecem
Hook had the worst sword fighting of all time, this guy sucks.
Obskewered Pred mesecem
Lightsabers aren't made of "light" its not a laser. Man. Also the lightsaber have weight. Both physically and emotionally. Jedi AND Sith were known to incorporate force power behind many of their swings and techniques. Obi Wan for example didnt just jump over Maul using some fancy leg work, The Force guides them. There is much weight behind the blade when a Jedi has determined to kill
Frank The Teacher
Frank The Teacher Pred mesecem
The only thing with the Obi-wan + Qui-gon versus Darth Maul fight is that they shouldn't have depicted Darth Maul as being immensely superior to the other two fighters, but then, at the end, after having won the fight, he gets killed in the stupidest of ways... "Oh, look! The Jedi is hanging from an edge... Oh, he is looking at his light saber... Oh, he is jumping over me... I wonder what he is going to do". Sometimes, in hero versus villain battles, plot decisions make me think: "Really? ooookay then... I guess that's how things are gonna roll".
Aliddotia Pred mesecem
Vehicle stunts: Blues Brothers (classic) and the record-breaking car pileup in Blues Brothers 2000
Bulletfoss Bantanner
Correction guys: Lightsabers (despite the name) are actually beams of focussed energy (plasma) which loop back into the hilt. The effect of weight is caused by the resonance of the blade, making it very difficult to fight with. Think of those spinning ball toys that you spin up in your hand for as long as you can. Imagine one of those in the hilt at full RPM, that gives you an idea. This is canon lore guys, a lightsaber is not a laser.
RS Longhill
RS Longhill Pred mesecem
Yeah, people seem to ignore that SW is a space fantasy where George Lucas gets to dictate the parameters of lightsabers and how they function. Their incredible energy makes them difficult to wield and nothing like an earthly sabers. Everyone could be a Jedi if it were that easy.
FatmanLen Pred mesecem
bad boys 2 highway scene!!!
bigdg85 Pred mesecem
The light sabers actually do hold “weight” according to some lore. There’s some type of gyroscope in the hilt that creates a magnetic field. Kind of like haptic feedback in a phone. It’s not real weight but it FEELS like there is.
Diana Barnett
Diana Barnett Pred mesecem
Right. Makes them a bit tricky to use; the blade wants to get away from you if you're not vigilant. Also, I imagine the magnetic containment of the blade is why you never see them sliding the blade in a bind: they stick together.
Jason Thaler
Jason Thaler Pred mesecem
The blade of a lightsaber is not light. the name is missleading. it is actually plasma and pretty heavy accoring to lore. jedi wealding their saber like they have no weight is something the early episodes did not really have and is only possible due to the force and it enhancing their strenght and reflexes...
Mr brick
Mr brick Pred mesecem
Lightsabers where heavy there was energy constantly flowing through it
Justagamer24 8
Justagamer24 8 Pred mesecem
The idea of the Jedi’s fights which they use to explain their behind the back moves is that the force is guiding their movements
Winston Smiths Taxi
Winston Smiths Taxi Pred mesecem
blues brothers for the car stunts
Quinner 85
Quinner 85 Pred mesecem
'Highlanders' Kurgan VS McLeod last battle.
Evbb Jones
Evbb Jones Pred mesecem
For a video about movie sword fights, sure has a lot of Scott Adkins fist fights.
Thomas Alexander
Thomas Alexander Pred mesecem
1:00 u were both in full ork makeup.
Phase Check
Phase Check Pred mesecem
Trinity on the highway
jonathan campbell
jonathan campbell Pred mesecem
Tread carefully when criticizing star wars.
SilverShack Pred mesecem
the lightsaber fight tho,he broke it down quite well, however the way they move has also to do with the story of tar wars and also the force basically
Jon Graham
Jon Graham Pred mesecem
Ok Ill subscribe. Geez
Tanner frey
Tanner frey Pred mesecem
i'm pretty sure theres some sort of jedi trickery where they add resistance to their blade with the force to make it more like a sword but idk if thats actually canon because jedi pedagogy isn't generally the focus of a book
KiritoEzio Pred mesecem
Rurouni Kenshin sword fight
Reshma Paramesvaran
Reshma Paramesvaran Pred mesecem
The Raid 2 car chase