Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 26 

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The Crew is once again joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
You can follow Eric @ericlinden
Check out Eric's short "Skull: Punisher Reawakened" ► sltv.info/label/gdZ7rrGaaJaCn3w/video
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26. dec. 2020

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Ami Yamato
Ami Yamato Pred 3 meseci
That shot from Hooper is a split screen. As explained here by ILM VFX artist Todd Vaziri twitter.com/tvaziri/status/1231061722275840000
VHSfx Pred mesecem
@Vivaan Antonio 20 minutes huh? He only posted that 10 minutes ago. It's pretty clear you're using a second account to respond to your own posts. Which everyone can see you're posting EVERYWHERE, and responding in the same way. OBVIOUS SCAM!
Brody Lucas
Brody Lucas Pred mesecem
I dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack enjoy!
Anthony Dee
Anthony Dee Pred 3 meseci
@Corridor Crew have you guys seen WW84 yet? Please address the horrible scene with the clear dolls (as children) that wonder woman saves from being ran over...I couldn't believe a big studio let that scene stay in. Thank you guys are awesome
Raf Pred 3 meseci
Yo Amiii, hope everything's ok for you in London right now.
Gate House
Gate House Pred 3 meseci
Do Ghost in the shell, live Acton version
George Edmond
George Edmond Pred 4 urami
Dope Episode!
M Class
M Class Pred 14 urami
would yall consider making these videos longer ;u;?
David Bowerman
David Bowerman Pred 21 uro
This must be old... as we all know now Tom Cruise was not flying any of the jets. They were all two seat trainers. Sure, he knows how to fly... but the Navy said no.
kettlebells 123456
kettlebells 123456 Pred 2 dnevi
If Tom Cruise goes to space he will shoe the world that the is truly flat
Lauren McMichael
Lauren McMichael Pred 6 dnevi
I’d love to see you guys analyze Alita Battle Angel !
Joey Smith
Joey Smith Pred 6 dnevi
Cruise Control Productions lol
slipperypenguins Pred 9 dnevi
The "once upon a time in china series" with jet li
Harsh Dhillon
Harsh Dhillon Pred 12 dnevi
Still waiting for Bollywood react next part....
Cooper I
Cooper I Pred 17 dnevi
You’ll have to do a cgi vid on the second top gun when it comes out. A lot of it (including trailer) is cgi.
Fnefh Pred 19 dnevi
Jackie Chan in "The Foreigner", either in the fight in the house where he rents, the fight in the woods or final appartment fight
Lucas Chudleigh
Lucas Chudleigh Pred 26 dnevi
You guys just don’t do enough to warrant a subscribe (no matter how many pathetic begging routines you put in). If you’re going to do analysis of scenes... do your job. Cruise is in the planes, but not flying them. Important distinction there, yeah? There’s just so little effort in to these episodes, they’re not worth following. Instead of cherry-picking an 8 second scene and learning nothing about it, how about review an entire film? Actually put some effort in? Low-effort = no sub.
nick anderson
nick anderson Pred mesecem
i posted this in another video, but y'all asked for foreign movies. District b-13 and b-13 ultimatum. sltv.info/label/jKuG1bG1goCeg3w/video
Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
If the new Mortal Kombat movie gets a sequel, I think Eric would make a great Kenshi
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Pred mesecem
Fun fact Tom cruise was a complete asshole too the entire crew of the naval ship he filmed top gun 2
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe Pred mesecem
Foreign Stunts: Lookup Emilie Sannom, an early stunt woman from Denmark, Europe. She died in a live stunt show in 1931.
Krulla Chief
Krulla Chief Pred mesecem
Ah yes, Tom Cruise and his running competition with Death.
Eduardo Montano
Eduardo Montano Pred mesecem
You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes Pred mesecem
You guys should look at fireball from 2009. Its a film from Thailand with some really great fight scenes
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio Pred mesecem
4:22 Dad's (like Niko) get this. The guy next to him, I don't think has a kid based on what he says afterward.
Nathan Stuyvesant
Nathan Stuyvesant Pred mesecem
Maybe the best airplane stunt of all time was from the movie 12 O'Clock High. The B-17 crash at the beginning of the movie is not a special effect. That was a very real belly landing in a surplus B-17.
srikrishna devaraya
srikrishna devaraya Pred mesecem
Talk about Bollywood movie Bahubali
Aryeh Rothberger
Aryeh Rothberger Pred mesecem
Have you ever done a react to the foreign movie “chocolate” came out in 2008 starring JeeJa Yanin? Excellent Kung fu movie with excellent stunts
Ian O'Brien
Ian O'Brien Pred mesecem
Guys you have to discuss the fight in Eastern Promises, you know the fight I am talking about. How does someone do that?
SlitherKing11 Pred mesecem
In the “falling in the car” scene, it looked like the glass busted before he hit the car
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma Pred mesecem
Eric can easily be a Hollywood superstar
mukesh chandwani
mukesh chandwani Pred mesecem
You guys need to do a stunt react to the raid films!
Ethan Crail
Ethan Crail Pred mesecem
What if you look at crazy stunts from the movie black panther
Stefan Sharak
Stefan Sharak Pred mesecem
Mask of Zorro 1998 Martin Campbell.
Felix Falck-Næss
Felix Falck-Næss Pred mesecem
Check out the work on some Norwegian films I recommend especially: "Max Manus" sltv.info/label/jcV-mri1iXiebIw/video&ab_channel=jrroenberg (it's about Norway's resistance group during WW2) Headhunters(Hodejegerene) sltv.info/label/a8SgnZGVgWKynoQ/video&ab_channel=FRESHMovieTrailers HeadHunters Movie is a thriller directed by Morten Tyldum, following the story of Roger, a charming scoundrel, and Norway's most accomplished headhunter. He steals art to subsidize his expensive lifestyle until the day he discovers something which makes him a hunted man... The 12th Man (den 12.man) Directed by the same director that directed the remake of "The Karate Kid" the movie is also about the ww2 in northern Norway. there is an insane scene where the main character is on a sled grinding in full speed in a gigantic herd of reminders) sltv.info/label/hbh7ydPbipedqog/video&ab_channel=FTZ either way, I would recommend a lot of different Scandinavian movies the list goes on and on.....
Jon C
Jon C Pred mesecem
8:08 “Casion Royale”?? What??
christian pop
christian pop Pred mesecem
Can we get a vfx react to ww84 and explain why it all just seams.. off
hollywood's biggest star
Stuntman be like:I think i need Tom Cruise for this one. Literally Show me a stuntman who can beat Tom fucking Cruisee. He really is the greatest action star ever
Andy Valentine
Andy Valentine Pred mesecem
Tom Cruise at this point is basically a stuntman whose career took a really weird turn...
Julian Bilcke
Julian Bilcke Pred mesecem
Have you guys done the spider stunt in Beverly Hills Cop III yet? sltv.info/label/fLh5scnTopylm3w/video
Grant Marcus
Grant Marcus Pred mesecem
I was thinking being a stunt man would be a pretty cool job than I saw a guy jump off a roof onto a car
Michael L Quillin Jr
Sharkey's Machine, free fall stunt at the end of the movie?!
Corrupted Files
Corrupted Files Pred mesecem
Top gun
Malvandra Pred mesecem
Have they seriously not done the opening car chase from Beverly hills cop? You watch like 30 cars get destroyed and it was all real
Andreas Bengter
Andreas Bengter Pred mesecem
React to the swedish comedy Cops!? :)
Kerstin tini
Kerstin tini Pred mesecem
foreign action series: Alarm für Cobra 11. It was german TV Series about Highway Police. You will see a lot of fire, crashes and stunts ;)
Lucky 360
Lucky 360 Pred 2 meseci
If the shot is at normal speed in Ballistic, how does the glass break in slow motion?
ArrowSmith95 Pred 2 meseci
Please watch the exigency
shadinio Pred 2 meseci
Casion Royale 🙌
rahmatika fahrina eviyanti
Aman Raj
Aman Raj Pred 2 meseci
You need to react to Bollywood movie called Force starring Vidyut Jammwal and Baghi starring Tiger Shroff. Those aren't typical Bollywood action is 100% real and no CGI.
Ellis Hunter
Ellis Hunter Pred 2 meseci
React to district B13 chase scene.
p RODA ction
p RODA ction Pred 2 meseci
Ivan Dorn - Wasted Check this out, russian music clip, full CG
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Pred 2 meseci
React to velocipastor. Tom cruise tried to be dino for this movie.
Calvin Ryan
Calvin Ryan Pred 2 meseci
Please react to a fight scene from the TV show Warrior! There's 2 seasons on Cinemax and HBO Max and pretty much every fight scene is awesome!
EquityML Pred 2 meseci
Can you react to Christopher Nolan Practical Effects/Stunts?
FanUpFaker Pred 2 meseci
I hate Tom Cruise and stupid beliefs in the dangerous scientology cult. He's barely even a good actor.
Big mac Daddy
Big mac Daddy Pred 2 meseci
My dad worked with a pilot who trained tom cruise in the first movie
Kory Andrew
Kory Andrew Pred 2 meseci
Okay so now I feel stupid for saying you needed to talk about Dar Robinson, when I hadn't fully watched this episode! 🤷 thanks for giving him some love though!
Aion Pred 2 meseci
The fact that there is people who thinks T.Cruise did actually fly the jets just show how good the production was.
Jonah Romero
Jonah Romero Pred 2 meseci
8:06 TYPO ALERT! Casion Royale. Casion of the Christ. Casion cameras.
Lionel Tall
Lionel Tall Pred 2 meseci
I always watch your videos but I haven't yet subscribe.
Phaka Mpembe
Phaka Mpembe Pred 2 meseci
Into the badlands series has some incredible stunts
Marina Alisyah
Marina Alisyah Pred 2 meseci
Hey guys, im from Indonesia, please do GUNDALA for us. By the way im a big fan
Ronan Bracken-murphy
Ronan Bracken-murphy Pred 2 meseci
Have you guys reviewed hardcore Henry?
Robert Munch 69
Robert Munch 69 Pred 2 meseci
You should watch the final fight scene of High Risk/Meltdown from 1995. It's a Jet Li movie that riffs Die Hard, Hong Kong Action, and Bruce Lee films. Barely any Jet Li but that scene goes so hard for no reason at all.
Дельцов Снял
"War" by Alexey Balabanov. It is russian film. And it have very cool and dangerous stuns
Ald Pred 2 meseci
8:05 Casion Royale
PrePostGamer Pred 2 meseci
Please do a review on Kung fu hustle
sandymac04 Pred 2 meseci
The spear duel from Hidden Fortress!
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke Pred 2 meseci
Jackie Chan, “Who Am I” where he jumps off the roof of a building with a rope wrapped around his waste that unravels him as he falls.
Jonathan Wicks
Jonathan Wicks Pred 2 meseci
Ong-Bak! like most of the fight scenes are gnarly as hell
Cameron Burns
Cameron Burns Pred 2 meseci
Scott pilgrim be the world!!
Jesse Romine
Jesse Romine Pred 2 meseci
Black Beltt Jones. Thank you for the. video very awesome
kventin meklod
kventin meklod Pred 2 meseci
in every video, u pushing this subscribe thing, and because of that i accidently unsubscribe for like 10 times now, guys pls staph im confused
GSap Stark
GSap Stark Pred 2 meseci
y'all need to get Ray Park on the show, that would be amazing
Otachi Pred 2 meseci
Stuntmen react (Foreign Movie) : How about do a whole vid on the Ip Man series. Especially the newest one, goddamn. The slow mos with the other dude.
jake b
jake b Pred 2 meseci
i would do that cliffhanger thing for half the money he got, looks fun
Ziv E
Ziv E Pred 2 meseci
hey corridor crew can you react to cobra kai the scene is the school fight
EverShenmueMaster Pred 2 meseci
You guys should check the amazingly dangerous stunts that are performed in "BORN TO FIGHT", a thailandese movie. Especially the truck chase at the begining
Tom Landolt
Tom Landolt Pred 2 meseci
Stunt suggestion: all Jackie Chan Movies!!!!! wait did you do a Jackie Chan Episode?
सुबोध Subodh
Dhoome 3 special effects review please
सुबोध Subodh
Dhoome 3 special effects review please Dhoome 3 special effects review please
Chris Foster
Chris Foster Pred 2 meseci
Well......now I want to be a stuntman....or Tom cruise....probly cruise...but no crazy cult
Rahul Paswan
Rahul Paswan Pred 2 meseci
Why don't you react to Bollywood action stunts
Big Jack Gameplays
Big Jack Gameplays Pred 2 meseci
Do a stuntmen react with Tom Cruise!
Arturo Navarrete
Arturo Navarrete Pred 2 meseci
Tom Davis
Tom Davis Pred 2 meseci
Classic footage from the 20s and 30s, would love to get Eric and Gui's take. More discussion about the business side of stunting
Eugene Jarvis
Eugene Jarvis Pred 2 meseci
The hallway fight from oldboy
Many Martinez
Many Martinez Pred 2 meseci
There are some cool motorcycle stunts in a 1951 Mexican movie called "A Toda Máquina" (Full Speed Ahead) especially towards end there is a scene with a motorcycle stunt show that's alot of fun. Alot of the 50s Mexican westerns have alot of cool horseback stunts. Pedro Infante movies are the ones I would watch when I was younger and some have really neat stuff, especially for the time.
Blue Ninja
Blue Ninja Pred 2 meseci
Do some from Spider-Man
Wyatt Killman
Wyatt Killman Pred 2 meseci
Ichi the killer 😂😂
Marvel-N-Gamer Pred 2 meseci
A gangester reacts to gta 5
DeadlyLazer Pred 2 meseci
i need the million dollars for towels to wipe my palms after watching that zipline scene
crowcawler2011 Pred 2 meseci
I love this series!! Absolutely enjoyable and informative.
Abdul Haleem P A
Abdul Haleem P A Pred 2 meseci
Could you break down the stunts from the Indian film "jallikattu"
Jonathan Hawks
Jonathan Hawks Pred 2 meseci
Casion Royale
Nuzhar Nur
Nuzhar Nur Pred 3 meseci
Foreign stunts? Try Bollywood. Literally any movie
Malthe Desholm Wegeberg
You should do tenet
Dwi Tirta Alamsyah
Dwi Tirta Alamsyah Pred 3 meseci
I'm wondering why we haven't seen the night comes for us yet
H D Pred 3 meseci
Their content is so good. Shame they’re so greedy
Troye Rampaul
Troye Rampaul Pred 3 meseci
maze runner the death cure
Taylor Black
Taylor Black Pred 3 meseci
Ya'll spelled it Casion Royale just sayin
Asif Arafat
Asif Arafat Pred 3 meseci
Wanna see MartialClub as guest , pleas :)
James Pred 3 meseci
I want them to review some of the Cobra Cai fight scenes to see if they can point out all of the extras they can recognize.
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
I have some awful news...