LEGO Calls Seth Out for Saying "Legos" 

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Seth Meyers responds to comments once again correcting his way of pronouncing Mad Max's "The Doof Warrior" and the plural of "Lego."
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LEGO Calls Seth Out for Saying "Legos"- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




12. feb. 2021

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Mary Ann Farley Music
Sorry LEGO, but your LEGOs have entered the world of Kleenex, Q-tips, Boogie Boards, Xerox and Coke...all at one time corporate names but are now accepted nouns, even tho they're still proprietary. Often, companies consider this a GOOD thing. You think Google hates that google has become a verb? Snap out of it!
Marbeth Joy Fara-on
Marbeth Joy Fara-on Pred 8 dnevi
Blackness Wirefly
Blackness Wirefly Pred 12 dnevi
I looooooove this segment
The generic term to include Lego, Mega Bloks, and other similar interlocking building bricks is, "stud and tube connector blocks".
mars Sh
mars Sh Pred 16 dnevi
OMG this is amazing😂 I don't know to be sad or laugh about it
Tori Terence
Tori Terence Pred 19 dnevi
Seth is losing his mind
Josefine Matilde Hansen von Killinger
Hahah! The richest family in Denmark. Of course they want you to pronunce there product correct. (In danish) LEg GOdt (see no space for ssssss here) (In english) PLay NIce (ssss) Hahahaha!
D. Roman
D. Roman Pred 21 dnevom
That was awesome...ha ha ha hah ah
lochfoot Pred 22 dnevi
Boy am I loving these
Rodrigo Trujillo
Rodrigo Trujillo Pred 22 dnevi
Lego Bricks is actually the Doctor not the monster.
DRE Eze Pred 25 dnevi
I thought it was LEGOS
Marion Petite
Marion Petite Pred 27 dnevi
Seth Meyers is strictly a Lincoln Logs show
Oshungurl Pred 28 dnevi
We ALL say Legos, so they should just change it, for cryin out loud. The end.
Apathetic Mastermind
"Ohhh my, he said "Legos," not "Lego".. I'm hurt!" .. Offended lil bitches.
Stephanie Briones
Stephanie Briones Pred mesecem
The talented lan thermodynamically worry because lan consecutively cover apropos a opposite taiwan. early, windy number
James Helferty
James Helferty Pred mesecem
The correct pronunciation is 'caltrops'
Johan Vajse
Johan Vajse Pred mesecem
CORRECTION: danish the pastry does not come from Denmark we call that Vienna bread
Nigel Nix
Nigel Nix Pred mesecem
Legos is a Greek island.
TheIrvy Pred mesecem
Clearly, some people need to pull themselves together and stop throwing themselves out of the toy box. Someone's going to end up walking on them in their bare feet and damn, that hurts.
slivertoe Pred mesecem
This was hilarious and very endearing.
G M K Pred mesecem
Maybe the writers can "surripetitously" sneak in references to plural lego and the dhʊf (?) warrior.
Ren S.
Ren S. Pred mesecem
I think I’ll just refer to them as bricks of LEGO. People say cans of Coke here in the US so I figure it’s fine. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
hannxhs Pred mesecem
this is so funny lmaooo
Leigh Colby Greenwald
This made my day.
TheLongView Pred mesecem
Here's the thing. As someone whose job is (partially) to help define and keep the way the products are talked about within the company consistent, Seth isn't Lego's employee and he can call their stupid legos anything he wants.
NotYourNormal Luna
NotYourNormal Luna Pred mesecem
You should have done this as the kind of story we need right now
HeelTaker7 Pred mesecem
Seth is 100 billion times funnier when he is either off script, or loosely following a script. I literally stopped watching his monologues cos they are so stilted but if he would do more off the cuff style like this in the monologues they would be much watches.
got2snowboard Pred mesecem
Take out the visual and this is totally a podcast piece
generalxanos Pred mesecem
dude, it's spilled doof, but pronounced "dude, you spilled my duff! doh!" Duuude.
Daniel Aart
Daniel Aart Pred mesecem
I really wanted this to end with a Mad Max Lego set after he said he wouldn't talk about either of them any more
Marius Klar
Marius Klar Pred mesecem
Hello Seth, regards Form Germany - you did it right! We also use "Legos". Absolutely Common. "Lego Steine" (=Lego Bricks) is possible. It's just longer, but politically correct. What the Hell do you need political correctnes in childrens rooms? Oh, and "doof" in German is an attribute that means "dumb"...
Toni Pwneroni
Toni Pwneroni Pred mesecem
Hey Seth or Seth's team. I'm an Australian that can cover all of our local accents and most of our dialects. Drop me a message and we'll work something out.
nervmich.net Pred mesecem
Once you can say "Oachkatzlschwoaf" you mastered Austrian as well. And I DO think the directos actually used two f's or something like that.
Megan Scheffe
Megan Scheffe Pred mesecem
I've started watching this every day... It's my quarantine vibe...
Beth Webster
Beth Webster Pred mesecem
What about Duplo? Same as Lego, no s for plural? You know this is only an issue because people don't know what to do without a new Trisis (Trump crisis) to focus on every day. There's another one that's a plural anomaly-crisis to crises.
Tobias Benedict Dräger
I would say that the vowels in "doof" aren't stretched as Seth says it and less stressed.
Waffle-Cakes Pred mesecem
“Hey! You wanna play with some LEGO bricks?” Said no child ever.
Suzanne Santos
Suzanne Santos Pred mesecem
I’m Australian and I say Legos. I feel the injustice. Lmao. That warrior business is hard. We Aussies tend to say it as a cross between oof and uff. Just kinda smush Em together. Good luck with that one. ROFL
Merry Walsh
Merry Walsh Pred mesecem
Is there anyone who has never accidentally stepped barefoot on a damn LEGO?
ToyFabrik Pred mesecem
The correct plural is: Incredibly overpriced pieces of plastic junk from the LEGO factory. Really not that hard to learn!
Roman Pred mesecem
We do say our vowels differently :) Don't worry bout it Seth.
Ghoti Hook
Ghoti Hook Pred mesecem
I loved Legos as a kid. Even my phone auto corrected to "Legos".
wendy graham
wendy graham Pred mesecem
he seems truly defeated at points in this vid and it's killin me LOL
Tiara Roxeanne
Tiara Roxeanne Pred mesecem
It's a missed opportunity for LEGO. A wiser brand will seize this opportunity to strengthen their brand, rather than being a smart-ass about terminology. After all, Seth Meyers and his show is hugely popular not only in the US, but also internationally. If I were in charge of LEGO branding, my Twitter would be like this; "Hey@SethMeyers, the plural term for LEGO is LEGO BRICKS, not LEGOS. But thanks for mentioning us in your show. To commemorate this occasion we have our artists making a miniature of your studio using LEGO BRICKS. Here is the picture. The real thing will be delivered to your studio. Hope you like it."
Jessica Verdugo
Jessica Verdugo Pred mesecem
Mexicans say Legos, too. No worries, Seth, we love you.
Lauren Higgins
Lauren Higgins Pred mesecem
Exasperated Seth is hilarious.
mmmhorsesteaks Pred mesecem
That's actually not how you pronounce "sleep regression"...
Rachel Daniels
Rachel Daniels Pred mesecem
Sleepregression, wonderful!
R L Pred mesecem
this is your cancel culture seth arent you glad you partook... haha
gagaplex LPs
gagaplex LPs Pred mesecem
Surely, not all LEGO pieces can be considered "bricks", though?
Missy Gardner
Missy Gardner Pred mesecem
Ever get some Legos stuck in your foot.?
Missy Gardner
Missy Gardner Pred mesecem
I've always said Legos. So guess I'm in same boat as Seth.
jon cena
jon cena Pred mesecem
only road to redemption now Seth is to build a lego kit on Air, you must.
Tazzie Gee
Tazzie Gee Pred mesecem
as an Australian Seth even Australians do not agree on how to say vowels.
Katrina Miller
Katrina Miller Pred mesecem
Andrew J
Andrew J Pred mesecem
How can you not hear the difference though. Even if you can't say it, that's fine, but it does sound different.... Not that it actually matters at all!
SoreWaSore Pred mesecem
I remember that when I played Legos I'd only pick the Lego cubes and the Lego cuboids when someone would ask me for 'Lego bricks', which is exactly what that person had expected from me. So saying Lego bricks is the general plural of Lego is a bit weird for me too
Organon Pred mesecem
It's not a Danish problem, it is an American problem, Seth.
Peter Clarkson
Peter Clarkson Pred mesecem
Just came here to see Gav and Krupa.
Not Rappaport
Not Rappaport Pred mesecem
I considered suggesting that he hire an Australian au pair to help with the sleep thing. But then the pronunciation police would come after him for that, too.
Is Downing
Is Downing Pred mesecem
It’s Legos. Fight me 😂
misium Pred mesecem
Comment vultures can sniff weakness from kilometres away.
Ana B
Ana B Pred mesecem
Don't worry. From a descriptivist point of view, you are fine. Even if "LEGO bricks" is the prescriptive plural, the descriptive plural can still be "Legos" because that is what a lot of people use. Language evolves.
Sappho Culloden
Sappho Culloden Pred mesecem
As an Australian, I would be happy to volunteer my wife for your Australian-on-Staff. She'd be perfect. She's spoken to Americans before, so she does know all of your eccentricities and she grew up in a VERY Australian part of Tasmania (which, to be clear, is a real place, and is home to Tasmanian devils, which look nothing like a certain cartoon character). Please get in touch urgently! It's clear you need the help. Alternatively, I can recommend a lovely Australian friend who is now living in Denmark. She might be the perfect fit, after all.
King Idk
King Idk Pred mesecem
The gabby kangaroo greely disappear because particle generically step underneath a tenuous goat. fallacious, poor television
steve S
steve S Pred mesecem
Wanna see ultra passionate about ridiculous things, go on tiktok
Dave S
Dave S Pred mesecem
It was a good run, Seth. Now that you've made a mistake, we can never trust anything you say ever again.
cody1234 li
cody1234 li Pred mesecem
The ahead armadillo firstly switch because blow suddenly program with a laughable snowboarding. orange, yellow study
The Whizkid
The Whizkid Pred mesecem
Mr. Lego who's living in the oldest of all Lego lands (in Denmark), basically the Legolas of Legos, would not be amused to hear that the plural of one word are two words. Think about brand names that found their way into our language like pampers, plexiglasss 🤣 and catseyes... or Lego/the Legos. Did you know that Heroin is also such a thing? Actually its trademarked by the company Bayer^^ So tell me what's the plural of that now? There we go... you see? It does not make sense. (Chewie high 5)
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Pred mesecem
The Doof Warrior thing makes me thing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine... Seth is Peralta, and the internet is Boyle... "Nikolaj"
TheyCallMeMrTibbs Pred mesecem
Brinta Pred mesecem
Saying Legos is perfectly Legol.
Mansi Vyas
Mansi Vyas Pred mesecem
J 10ant
J 10ant Pred mesecem
But the plural of Mountain Dew, is it Mountains Dew or Mountain Dews
viddork Pred mesecem
Can we also remind the people at LEGO that they don't heat their food in a microwave. It's a microwave oven. I'd better not hear any of them taking verbal shortcuts.
DuelingBongos Pred mesecem
Did Eggo have to pay a license fee to Lego to use the slogan "Lego my Eggo!"?
kila11 Pred mesecem
Can we please get A Closer Look on parties?! 🤣🤣🤣
Deborah Muscat
Deborah Muscat Pred mesecem
I’m Australian so if Doof is like roof you are saying it fine. Btw my daughter needs work in this industry so if you need an Australian she’s a legend 😁
c_e Pred mesecem
No brainer, just like a Red Sox player is not a Red Sox nor a Red Sock.
Sandra Lewis
Sandra Lewis Pred mesecem
Language is constantly evolving and it is natural to pluralize words that have come into common usage even though they might be brand names, like Kleenex and & Kleenexes. Q.E.D.
Jason Beard
Jason Beard Pred mesecem
jaclyn hendricks
jaclyn hendricks Pred mesecem
I feel like Seth really needs a hug right now.
Jean Vignes
Jean Vignes Pred mesecem
Oh. My gosh. These are people who can't say Tchoupitoulas or Sequim to save their lives. How dare they be mean to Seth? LMAO!!!
Tomm J
Tomm J Pred mesecem
I like defensive Seth
Mojave 702
Mojave 702 Pred mesecem
First world problems
canaryinacoalmine Pred mesecem
The plural is LEGOS it’s always been LEGOS. The company LEGO can disagree but the vernacular of literally everyone I know says otherwise.
Barry Purcell
Barry Purcell Pred mesecem
One of the five completely reliable ways to identify Americans in the wild is how they say Legos instead of Lego.
Heather M
Heather M Pred mesecem
Legos Legos Legos 😆
Julez Pred mesecem
In Germany wie say: "Der "Held der Steine Inh. Thomas Panke" wurde wegen der gleichen Angelegenheit schon vor Wochen von Lego angeschissen und nimmt jetzt zahlreiche Videos neu auf. Dass sie auch bei Seth Meyers deswegen eingreifen, zeigt nur, wie weltfremd dieser Konzern heutzutage operiert." ...and I think thats awful.
Dave Grimes
Dave Grimes Pred mesecem
I'm an Aussie and I'd work for you anyday, so chin up. One condition: I'd want to be the voice of the Sea Captain's lost Australian twin brother...
Heather M
Heather M Pred mesecem
Oooh! I _so_ want that now! Yes!
Space2050 Pred mesecem
I still prefer playing with Legos.
Lisa Schreiber
Lisa Schreiber Pred mesecem
LOL after my parents stepped on them, I assure you after the profanity came legos not lego or lego bricks... I too will forever say legos.
Timothy Graham
Timothy Graham Pred mesecem
At least, you didn't have the inventor of GIF coming after you!
Bernard Booth
Bernard Booth Pred mesecem
To make all of this easier, the way we pluralise words in English is to add "-s" or "es". If the word "Lego" is used in English as a noun, then "Legos" is the way it would be pluralised *in English*. If the people at Lego complain, just point out that if their company was broken up (a la Ma Bell), then you could legitimately end up with multiple Legos.
Laine T
Laine T Pred mesecem
We love you, Seth. Let go of Lego.
Vanessa Cazares
Vanessa Cazares Pred mesecem
Awww, Seth. We have always said LEGOs with an ‘S’ at our house. Even the guy who ran the Lego Kid Club as a private camp asked the kids to put away their LEGOs at the end of the day. Only a total duf would say, ‘Wanna come over and play with my Lego bricks’. Cheer up. Everyone (pretty much) loves you.
Summer Madison
Summer Madison Pred mesecem
The black-and-white slime strikingly protect because authorization nationally complete upon a dusty equinox. plant, unsightly ashtray
Michael W
Michael W Pred mesecem
Sorry...common usage English in the US is not "Lego bricks". It is Legos. As in : "Who left all their damned Legos on the floor!?!?" And yes...I capitalize "Legos" in my speech each time I scream this every other evening.
W M Pred mesecem
Big deal it’s always been Legos
T. kuvesi
T. kuvesi Pred mesecem
Guys, if you got to correct Seth about how to pronounce something, but you're unfortunately limited to text-based comments, just use international phonetic alphabet. Y'know, /ðɪs θɪŋ/. That's what it's for. I doubt Seth can read it. Not many people can. But at least you would be using the right tool for the job. Like the clearly superior pronunciationnazi that you are.
Lynne B.
Lynne B. Pred mesecem
Aw Seth! We love you! And - I'm 67 yrs old, raised four kids to adulthood, have three grandkids, all with lots of LEGOS in the house. We all say LEGOS!!!! Except when we step on them... (I don't know who or what Doof Warrior is, but you said it the same as the director). And if anyone still complains, just say they don't understand YA BAHSTIN ACCENT - that's my excuse. LOL!