Here's What My UGLY Mercedes S65 AMG Was HIDING Under Its NASTY Black Vinyl Wrap 

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Today, I remove the nasty matte black vinyl wrap from my new daily drive, a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, and it's a little worse than I thought underneath. OK, maybe a lot worse.
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4. apr. 2021

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Tavarish Pred 7 dnevi
Get 20% off + free shipping and two free gifts with code TAVARISH at mnscpd.com/Tavarish
Squiggy Wigginz
Squiggy Wigginz Pred 18 urami
What is this? A new hypercar?
bigdaddy741098 Pred 3 dnevi
@Liten Fara 😅😂🤣🤣 This is a hilarious coincidence... I never read any of these comments, including yours. To start with I had no idea what you were talking about, then I read Your comment and understood. It really does sound like I was responding to you 🤣 Nah man, that's my thoughts to the question Tavarish asked. I was saying with the quality of the finish, even though I wouldn't choose black, it's close enough to the colour I would want. And he would have to really dislike them to justify the expense if he was going to do just that. But dislike is actually the same as saying it would have to really bother him, or stand out to him etc. It really isn't strong language at all even if I was responding to you. Not trying to be a douche, but it seemed like you thought I was being confrontational, which isn't really how that word is used imo. Anyway, have a good one mate 👍👊
Brannon Hazelrigg
Brannon Hazelrigg Pred 4 dnevi
@Damicske ,'
Liten Fara
Liten Fara Pred 4 dnevi
@bigdaddy741098 Dislike is such a hard word. I only made a proposal.
Reindjan van de Hel
Reindjan van de Hel Pred 5 dnevi
make a red line round the wheel
Lee Russon
Lee Russon Pred 40 minutami
So you replaced your "Clown" steering wheel with one that looks like Sid from Ice Age.
Mark Camaro
Mark Camaro Pred 53 minutami
I still dont like the black wheels
Mazakan TC
Mazakan TC Pred uro
white looks ugly on an s class. sorry didnt like the matte vinyl, neither does white look good.
Joanna Pred 4 urami
Love how the last vid was sponsored by keeps: a hair growth improvement service, while this vid is sponsored by man scaped: a shaving service 😂😂😂
B - rad
B - rad Pred 5 urami
Looks at the crap on the ground. Venom is dat you? :O
Joanna Pred 4 urami
The McLaren is my daily. I only drive the Bentley on weekends.
teo delfuego
teo delfuego Pred 5 urami
Change wheel color!
MrKnowwun Pred 6 urami
Its WHITE OMG Thats worse, Still at least you can hire it out as a wedding limo.......
Neretil Derem
Neretil Derem Pred 7 urami
"originally" it looked like something the Goonzquad would do to a car
Leonardo zobaran
Leonardo zobaran Pred 7 urami
New to the channel and already liking but no need to over half an hour for an unwrapping
robert thomas
robert thomas Pred 8 urami
why would anyone wrap interior bits and (ed.) headlights!
Usman Suhail
Usman Suhail Pred 8 urami
The S63 is not ugly to me
Gvx 3
Gvx 3 Pred 9 urami
1:14 hmm
Fantom Pred 10 urami
Is it just me or are blacked out grills, done PROPERLY, way nicer to look at than chrome?
XRAYAN MHX Pred 11 urami
i like that almost every one dont like murdered cars cz if you say something like hate it all black all kids and 20 year old comes running to you
Bboy RSA
Bboy RSA Pred 11 urami
Don't keep the wheel colour, please.
Elijah Carr
Elijah Carr Pred 12 urami
New steering wheel is sick! Audi and Mercedes make the best
Spazik86 Pred 13 urami
LOL what kind of idiot wraps light black... :D
Samnang Dara
Samnang Dara Pred 16 urami
24:27 that VENOM
Miquel Williams
Miquel Williams Pred 18 urami
Leave the wheels love them. Love the new wheel as well
GRE 3NE Pred 18 urami
I did not see the cracked headlight coming.. the owner is a schmuck for just tinting over it instead of replacing the headlight.
Squiggy Wigginz
Squiggy Wigginz Pred 18 urami
The McLaren is my daily. I only drive the Bentley on weekends.
Squiggy Wigginz
Squiggy Wigginz Pred 18 urami
Maybe she should not be texting and driving with her phone open and she wouldn't be so distracted when getting rear ended. 🙄
MADE by LAWS Pred 18 urami
BetioBastardDoc Pred 19 urami
The black pile of vinyl looked like VENOM the Marvel character
Will Hart
Will Hart Pred 19 urami
Come on, you know how good those chrome S65 wheels look originally.
PJ Ludda
PJ Ludda Pred 19 urami
Yeah, I don't know why someone would wrap a beautiful paint job like that. And with THAT color. Also leaving it in that classy color hides dirt.
Adrian Hermosillo
Adrian Hermosillo Pred 20 urami
You gotta keep those black wheels... it looks clean with the stormtrooper look
Jovawn Guthrie
Jovawn Guthrie Pred 20 urami
The wrap doesn’t affect stickers I wrap cars and have never had a customer tell me their sensors stopped working. Also heating makes removal 1000% easier and faster
soinu foig
soinu foig Pred 21 uro
I like how in every time the camera catch Jared it shows him smiling.
WhatTheFuck Pred dnevom
WhatTheFuck Pred dnevom
Please put diff wheels on it
soinu foig
soinu foig Pred 21 uro
Chrome wheels, black wheels plus white car looks tacky
winsow tosigh
winsow tosigh Pred dnevom
The unarmed alley considerably amuse because makeup nally rhyme including a reminiscent blow. fixed, annoyed kale
J_91Ford Pred dnevom
Change the wheel color, make them a gray or carbon silver
ThePatUltra Pred dnevom
Tinting headlights is a style bro- it's the anti-thesis of the people that need the archillean death star to be able to see at night. Not everybody is enthused about headlights that measure in the trillions of lumens. You need to be able to see the road 500 feet away, not 500 miles away.
Yhoel RD
Yhoel RD Pred dnevom
How you call this ugly bro ?
boogie153 Pred dnevom
Looks so much better, although white is not one of my favorite colors, but it suits the S65 very well.
Spear Shaker
Spear Shaker Pred dnevom
Buy a white car then wrap in black?
william willie
william willie Pred dnevom
Awesome work..... Have you tried the boiling water trick on the wrap, especially the headlight stuff? always works pretty well for me (just try not to burn yourself lol)
Arjun Sanchez
Arjun Sanchez Pred dnevom
Do a maybach conversion 🤩
Stefan Czartoryski
Stefan Czartoryski Pred dnevom
v12 daily??? more like kill me fairly lol
MrLiffeloffe Pred dnevom
What Song is played around 16.00 ? Cant find it in the description section
Glauber Makoto Ikawa
Just wrap up again and pretend you didn't see any damage to the paint! :D
Eüro Nasty
Eüro Nasty Pred dnevom
That was definitely a drug dealers car (and obviously a successful one). Matte black wrap. An 63 murdered out like that says shady all over it
Robert FromOC
Robert FromOC Pred dnevom
Freddie, I hope you go with a grey, or a little darker grey, wheel with this car. I think black makes it look like there's gapping holes at all four corners whereas grey will still be darker than chrome/polished aluminum wheels and give you the look it sounds like you might be going for.
Robert FromOC
Robert FromOC Pred dnevom
Freddie, I hope you go with a grey, or a little darker grey, wheel with this car. I think black makes it look like there's gapping holes at all four corners whereas grey will still be darker than chrome/polished aluminum wheels and give you the look it sounds like you might be going for.
Tomás Mestre
Tomás Mestre Pred dnevom
Chrome wheels, black wheels plus white car looks tacky
Cupid Macintosh
Cupid Macintosh Pred dnevom
Really? Have you ever been to the Netherlands? Because they all drive em looking like that....
Cupid Macintosh
Cupid Macintosh Pred dnevom
In fact, the first place I ever saw a matte black car during the start of the trend was in Amsterdam. It was a blacked out matte M5. Also I have seen quite a few blacked out German cars on the autobahn also.
Sagar .A.R
Sagar .A.R Pred dnevom
Man!!!!!, Stop calling it ugly, it hurts a lot.Please have some good thumpnails.
mrdummy Pred dnevom
Someone bought probably by accident white car, don't like bright color, but paint it black is more expensive than wrap it in vinyl... so yeah this was cheap way to make it black. But vinyl is softer than paint, so after some time, you will see white lines showing, because vinyl is easy stratched away and white spots will visible. That is more ugly. It's weird to see full wrapped car - thought it's normal for printed vinyl, but not for single color vinyl! It put value of the car more down than up due uglyness of matte vinyl color. And more weird.... tinted front lights. That is most dumb choice in safetly. It will give less light in dark and that is more dangerous on roads. I want see how many police mens saw it and fined the driver with illegal car modification on lights. Tinted back lights is not huge problem, it happens pretty much in car mods, but still it gives less light. But never tinted front lights!
Wayne Pred dnevom
Did you catch that Rich Rebuild dig?
P.C Willis
P.C Willis Pred dnevom
"nice and chrome" 2 words that don't work together, chrome on modern cars is straight up ugly af
06:30 that engine thoo🥶🥶🥶 Why would you do this to a Mercedes bro, who ever did this should be in jail
Aung Min Khant
Aung Min Khant Pred dnevom
Might look sick with some dark Vossens on.
tr ap
tr ap Pred dnevom
that music alone is pure porn
fdz 2
fdz 2 Pred dnevom
Josh Ferry
Josh Ferry Pred dnevom
Ok I just woke up the house laughing at the clown face. Ruined the entire car with a quick camera shot! Hahah
Gideon Daniel
Gideon Daniel Pred dnevom
2:25😂🤣 so glad you don’t have a step-mom cameo👍
Dr. Vinnie Boombatz
Wrapping on a car can be okay in the right colours and if done correctly. However I still haven´t seen a car with a black matte wrapping that looked great. It just looks cheap and looks like the car needs a good polish and coating. I have never really understood why people put matte black wrap on their expensive cars.
JakeQwi Pred dnevom
First world problems: Mercedes S65 AMG as a daily driver. Poor baby.
mtb_HT Pred dnevom
TheRealSnowman Pred dnevom
Matt black rims on a shiny white car is a big no-no. Glossy black or better yet chrome. I'd pick chrome myself. =)
Sam TheGuitarMessenger
Jared is so cool and humbled! I love how he doesn't agree with you but he's like "ummmm yeeeah" and damn he's faster than you and did a better job on the headlights lol
MrFelix Pred dnevom
where is the manual swap mercedes sl55 ?!
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Pred dnevom
it comes off like apple sauce.
D Choi
D Choi Pred dnevom
Totally better white color
Alan Here
Alan Here Pred dnevom
Keep the wheels black
ThePopcyclePete Pred dnevom
I know wheels and wheel color are a very personal thing for everyone but the all black wheels just get lost on that car. If you really want dark wheels why not do a gun metal grey? or Hyper Silver...
Mike Schmalz
Mike Schmalz Pred dnevom
Does this car have ABC? If so, is it broken? Thinking about buying one or one of a few other models with ABC, but I would plan on a coilover conversion.
Jim Garrett
Jim Garrett Pred dnevom
Black wheels.
LonelyGnome Pred dnevom
Keep the wheels
Rameik wharton
Rameik wharton Pred dnevom
Gift me a car I want one 😩
KINGDUM Media Pred dnevom
So it’s ugly be because it’s wrapped ?
Jim Gilligan
Jim Gilligan Pred dnevom
Was it stolen? Vinyl covers a lot of crime!
MadMojo97 Pred dnevom
Don't keep the wheel color
TheCobruhAlienat0r Pred dnevom
I need that huge chicken in my life. Amazon?
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred dnevom
"Welp, my grill is a bit hazy, guess I'll have to redo the entire frontend" -Tavarish
Jerry Lynch
Jerry Lynch Pred dnevom
Keep the wheels.
Matthew O'Leary
Matthew O'Leary Pred dnevom
I worked in a place that does wrapping, plenty of dodgy jobs hiding crash damage and nice cars being ruined with this kind of thing. Nice job doing it the other way round!
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred dnevom
americans taking the piss out of a German car?
Chet Williams
Chet Williams Pred 2 dnevi
it comes off like apple sauce.
Rilwan Solarin
Rilwan Solarin Pred 2 dnevi
who else like the wrap before it looked mean as hell 😈
Rilwan Solarin
Rilwan Solarin Pred 2 dnevi
who else though the wrap look mean af 👿 😈
Mircea Caraiman
Mircea Caraiman Pred 2 dnevi
i think you should try pouring hot water on the headlights to peel them off. of course, not too hot to the point that it will damage the plastic. Or steam.
turbanwearersblow Pred 2 dnevi
For the money, I’d keep the wheels the way they are. At least they look like a quality job. Plus the taillights don’t look bad either
Nico Huttunen
Nico Huttunen Pred 2 dnevi
I dunno, but that previous owner had literally 0 taste when it comes to modding car. That wrap and tinted head and taillights brought me some spew to my mouth. Damn, previous owner should be prohibited to own a car ever again!
Sebastian Kowdrysh
Sebastian Kowdrysh Pred 2 dnevi
If someones got the $ to buy an S65 amg, why on earth would they put carbon fibre wrap, just buy carbon trim pieces, like its not a base S class🤦‍♂️
Seth Sundeen
Seth Sundeen Pred 2 dnevi
John Pred 2 dnevi
Very funny at 6 minutes in. Tavarish is un-wrapping and Jerrard is watching MIB in the background. Fantastic. As for cleaning those small hard to reach little place on the grills etc, try an ultra sonic cleaner, it might work. Keep the wheels in black, its a Tavarish thing
TwoWheel Terror
TwoWheel Terror Pred 2 dnevi
Sooooooo sick of Manscaped ads. Big effort to sell useless and unnecessary products to men. You can buy all the products needed for grooming from the grocery or drug store. Don't waste your money guys!
Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett Pred 2 dnevi
What is this track playing during pealing, I really need to get my hands on this for creative reasons!
aspen84 Pred 2 dnevi
Was that car dipped?
Amandie Serela
Amandie Serela Pred 2 dnevi
when you peel bat mobil...lol
Ryan Lewandowski
Ryan Lewandowski Pred 2 dnevi
Keep the black wheels
John Dix
John Dix Pred 2 dnevi
americans taking the piss out of a German car?
Dennis Glover
Dennis Glover Pred 2 dnevi
Rich guy problems. The next thing you know his polo pony will be off it's feed...
5tay Tuned
5tay Tuned Pred 2 dnevi
I cannot understand the mind of someone who buys a S65 and then puts fake carbon fiber wrap on the interior trim, absolutely baffling.
ShamblerDK Pred 2 dnevi
Man, white is just so much more beautiful than black.
ZeidGho Pred 2 dnevi
"Very, very"
Goodcat Pred 2 dnevi
Glossy black rims would look good on this auto. The new steering wheel looks great.
Goodcat Pred 2 dnevi
Larry of A;;: used hot water to remove the film off of a sports car.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Pred 2 dnevi
"Welp, my grill is a bit hazy, guess I'll have to redo the entire frontend" -Tavarish
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