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Josh decided to join me in the gym for the first time after we filmed a video over on his channel, If you want to follow more workouts like this then make sure to like the video and subscribe for more!
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29. jul. 2019

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sj_leee Pred 2 meseci
2:06 Kon did the Nate Robinson
YT_ACEHD Pred 2 meseci
The title sounds so sad ngl😂😂😅
ashley poulin
ashley poulin Pred 4 meseci
Big Boy420
Big Boy420 Pred 5 meseci
Is it just me but Josh just ruined the whole video because he was never serious.
Stuart James Anderson
Stuart James Anderson Pred 5 meseci
get him to 5 mil by the end of the year
Danny M
Danny M Pred 8 meseci
if u can 10 rep a whole stack, the only thing you should be doing is the stack
Hamza Rasul
Hamza Rasul Pred 9 meseci
4:17 look at josh's arm.
Ayden Sandoval
Ayden Sandoval Pred 9 meseci
DR Tinnis
DR Tinnis Pred 9 meseci
Is it only me that could hear the swedish national anthem in the background at 10:46
RBA NAE Pred 9 meseci
Find me a sofa pls (;)
Brad Ritchie
Brad Ritchie Pred 10 meseci
Eathan legit a sick gym buddy motivating complementing form and adjusting when slightly wrong fair play
Rhys O Hara
Rhys O Hara Pred 10 meseci
What is Josh on
blaze • 7 years ago
blaze • 7 years ago Pred 10 meseci
Behz is lokey pissed that Josh is messin about
BenjoBanjo Pred 10 meseci
Is that the swedish national anthem at the end?
cogamers84 Pred 11 meseci
cogamers84 Pred 11 meseci
0:20 Why's Josh Tryna be a pimp
Cooper Henderson
Cooper Henderson Pred 11 meseci
0:12 josh throwing up gang signs
Víðir Gunnarsson
Víðir Gunnarsson Pred 11 meseci
Did Josh get into Harry's stash before this video?
[ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг
Josh out Here Tryna Prolong dat Old Life....
Mika Singh
Mika Singh Pred 11 meseci
Behz just wanted to work out 😂😂
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 11 meseci
Amazing video 😂
Howie Taylor
Howie Taylor Pred letom
Anyone got a link for behzs pants he is wearing, can’t find on the site
SaturnWasTaken_ Pred letom
1:50 Josh: Clout Pose Kon: *Trout* Pose
Molly Anderson
Molly Anderson Pred letom
Do it with tobi!!
TSM_ Mythical
TSM_ Mythical Pred letom
Ngl do the guy on the right to be hittin different doe
Jonty Richmond
Jonty Richmond Pred letom
I love hearing Kon speak Russian (7:20)
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos Pred letom
How people can call Josh boring??? ffs!
ACE_ JP Pred letom
Do more workout videos
Nice Person
Nice Person Pred letom
Cable row and ex bar were the only two things they looked like they were really attacking the muscles in this vid. Rest felt like a deload day. But good vid nonetheless.
Zephyrus Pred letom
Where’s the vid coming with another of of the sdmn
boban Play
boban Play Pred letom
Так, сейчас я буду делать
boban Play
boban Play Pred letom
4:09 the guy in the background just instantly turned around
Osku Pred letom
you should check omarlsufs video about rear delt flys!
Kuba Wieszczek
Kuba Wieszczek Pred letom
SooWooop Josh XD
Abbie Pred letom
As soon
Natasja Yvonne
Natasja Yvonne Pred letom
Why is this video so motivating 🤷‍♀️💕
JungleXR Pred letom
i officially hate josh
rattan Pred letom
Why did you play the swedish national anthem in the video? 10:45
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris Pred letom
Josh looks like Luiz Suarez in the thumbnail
Wolf 1503
Wolf 1503 Pred letom
Was this a pull day
Roxozone Pred letom
sorry!!! pause at 2:37
Zoned Out
Zoned Out Pred letom
2:07 jheee con the calves
KAOS Pred letom
I'm watching a video of a gym workout and I get a fucking DOMINOS ad 😂😂
CREED Pred letom
Behz you should look at Magnus Midtbø for rock climbing
Shelby -_-
Shelby -_- Pred letom
1:00 music 😁😁😁
Mr Myren
Mr Myren Pred letom
I swear kon looks confuse during this whole video. 5:40
Gardjuju Pred letom
Josh looks like every 14 year olds gta character
Jordz Pred letom
Could zerkaa be anymore annoying 🤕
Jordz Pred letom
Bogzy stfu u bitch
Zinzz Pred letom
Jordz Snnss wdym annoying shut it
ggukuroo Pred letom
3:57 lmao Josh
Adeeb Howdhar
Adeeb Howdhar Pred letom
Josh is fucking ripped😂
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown Pred letom
My mans at 4:10 definitely watched get out 😂😂😫
kalle lundquist
kalle lundquist Pred letom
ayy big man with the swedish national anthem, you're welcome here at any time
Fraser Welsh
Fraser Welsh Pred letom
*gets camera man to film camera man*
Gautam Menon
Gautam Menon Pred letom
I've got a question...instead of using the machines for the rear delt, why not do dumbbell flies ? it will be a compound movement hitting many muscles instead of just the rear delt
k k
k k Pred letom
Behnzinga had a face surgery or something?
Tj Anderson
Tj Anderson Pred letom
good to see your dad get some muscle
Thenoobkingtv Pred letom
shadza123 sm
shadza123 sm Pred letom
do one with chrismd but like a challenge
Samuel Karlsson
Samuel Karlsson Pred letom
LOL The Swedish national anthem in the end xD
MsTeemoxD Pred letom
love the instrumental swedish anthem at the end :P
Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson Pred letom
What happened to afc sidemates
SMS Pred letom
I always wondered what zerkaa looked like without a beard
aidan miles
aidan miles Pred letom
Why don't you guys do a gymshark/sidemen clothing collab
Bradley Taylor
Bradley Taylor Pred letom
I feel like noobs to the gym would have absolutely no idea what you’re saying. 😂
Алексей Клюшников
Such a pleasure to hear Kon speak Russian. Привет из Москвы!
NightCore ~ TempZ
Awesome vid man loving the gym content, you've inspired me to also get into shape(first gym session finished this morning) Keep up the good vids :)
Genaro Vargas
Genaro Vargas Pred letom
0:13 My man zerkaa is a blood?💀😂😂😂
R1iber P
R1iber P Pred letom
josh looks like a weird van persie
stephanie kraus
stephanie kraus Pred letom
“Save the turtles and beat raw” Literally howling🤣🤣🤣🤣
Azad -
Azad - Pred letom
stephanie kraus I don’t get it
william hayes
william hayes Pred letom
can i kiss you?
Dev J23
Dev J23 Pred letom
Going the gym isn’t a personality trait
Aiden Fenney
Aiden Fenney Pred letom
The anime wow @ 7:22 😂
Overratedutube17 Gaming
do another strongest sideman
Alexander Kilsgaard
KSI: am I a joke to you
GLATT Pred letom
How is Behz only on 3.1 mil subs, he should be on like 8 mil, he’s so funny😅
Madelfall _
Madelfall _ Pred letom
He really throwing up the “bloods” signs
Ewyn Ashton
Ewyn Ashton Pred letom
Josh 😂
Dan Marston
Dan Marston Pred letom
Josh actually did good
Adrian Pred letom
Train with Deji
Icaro Eduardo
Icaro Eduardo Pred letom
5:20 thumbnail
ESTIsLaced Pred letom
Why is Josh out here throwing up blood signs..
Tyrone Pred letom
Always walking like homie got watermelons under his arms but he's small asf.
Amberr Pred letom
This video is just josh making behz uncomfortable and it’s honestly so fucking hilarious😂😂😂
Mitchell Bonham
Mitchell Bonham Pred letom
Kon has massive calves
Jack Churchill
Jack Churchill Pred letom
The scapula is a bone you prat
Bxrderz Pred letom
song at start
Zeshii Pred letom
You should do this with all the sidemen so that they're prepared for the 20th september.
axel perez
axel perez Pred letom
wtf josh a blood LMAOO
Powermovebacca Pred letom
So we gonna ignore the fact josh was throwing up blood at the start of the video 😂
TDMG YTB Pred letom
Behzs videos and just seeing him after all his hard work makes me so proud and happy
Cole skuxx
Cole skuxx Pred letom
Curls get girls
RiZeN Pred letom
Hope freya doesnt see this
it yo dad
it yo dad Pred letom
Simon should do this instead
Ben Ross Russell
Ben Ross Russell Pred letom
Swedish national anthem at the end there
Simon Farrar
Simon Farrar Pred letom
Save the turtles be raw bez 2019
Giovanni Trejo
Giovanni Trejo Pred letom
0:14 Josh can never step foot in LA ever again
shameir nembhard
shameir nembhard Pred letom
Yup Josh is definitely a dad
Discount Ronaldo
Discount Ronaldo Pred letom
Honestly dont see josh improving he takes working out too much of a joke
Rory Kingsnorth
Rory Kingsnorth Pred letom
Keeping shoulders back at all times ? Should be stretching the back out as much as contracting it. No hate but don’t make videos saying all this when u really need to learn it properly
ESSGEE Pred letom
cant believe they aren't brothers brothers
Yes Freezer
Yes Freezer Pred letom
Zerkaa’s Yeezys be lookin like b-tech Nike’s 😂😂😂😂