The Life of a Speedrunner 

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23. okt. 2020

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CircleToonsHD Pred mesecem
Tomorrow at 1PM EST I'm gonna be LIVE streaming and opening up a crap load of expensive Pokemon card boxes, BE THERE OR BE... UH... NOT THERE
Russian bear
Russian bear Pred 8 urami
Wubbzy Wow
Wubbzy Wow Pred dnevom
@Michael afton when
Michael afton
Michael afton Pred dnevom
Queen Elizabeth done that
Wubbzy Wow
Wubbzy Wow Pred dnevom
SpeedRun a Wow Wow Wubbzy game please
Billie-Joe Lewis
Billie-Joe Lewis Pred 2 dnevi
@iLikeNoodles just OK man are you a ok mi ok man who are you chating fuck NO SAYING OK NO SAYING IT
Hat Storm
Hat Storm Pred 30 minutami
The doctor: “He’s a speed runner! Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” Swaddles only the baby’s head, takes him to the nearest bathroom, fills the sink, and drowns him in it. Baby when he : “If you tell anyone I took this long, I will kill you.” : “Every single soul in was watching you.” Baby: speed runs ’s death.
Jack N. Offdonkeys
Jack N. Offdonkeys Pred 48 minutami
Those are old strats, new strats are abortion skip
Wolf Army
Wolf Army Pred uro
I mean he wasted like 10seconds
RAFABr Pred uro
He didnt start to run untill it was 13 seconds after the timer started, it was frame perfect but the NPC dialogs made him lose 13 seconds.
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim Pred uro
Patch Update: Now reduced cutscene by 30%. Removed fall off bed glitch. Added new hard mode. Removed instant win glitch. Removed fly glitch. My PB: 23 seconds WR in glitchless: 6 seconds WR in glitches: 0 seconds (used instant win glitch) WR in glitches without the instant win, fall off bed, and fly glitch: 2 seconds. Stick around for more updates.
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim Pred uro
If all the ideas for getting a better run in the comments were true, the baby would've got -8 seconds. If he wants to do -8, he needs to use a glitch, so now he needs to switch from glitchless.
W.D #4
W.D #4 Pred uro
hey what app do you use to animate? love your work!
Iris Pred uro
Why does everyone here sound like they are on crack
SSSpydeR Pred uro
Dreams life lol
Adrian Pred 2 urami
where is dream music
Red Pred 2 urami
Fake, theres no Dream's song here
hannah naha
hannah naha Pred 2 urami
Will he
Will he Pred 3 urami
Miscarriages are just speedrunner's
theprzemko07 Pred 3 urami
It will be Impossible to beat that chinesse girl run
Eduarda Chan
Eduarda Chan Pred 3 urami
Dream be like:
Zalez Pred 3 urami
I got a league of legends add before this video LMAO
Sunflower Pred 4 urami
live footage of dream being born
Lantern Pred 4 urami
There are 2 tests 1) League of legends test 2) Weeb test My brother and me failed a test. We had different results And I'm a weeb.
H C Pred 5 urami
What would a 100% speed run of life look like?
mason medrano
mason medrano Pred 5 urami
Babies been aborted have 3 month headstart on speedrun.
Owen Bennett
Owen Bennett Pred 5 urami
How dream was born
Jordy Ubink
Jordy Ubink Pred 5 urami
In the end you see that the guy was a Buddhist. That it because people with that religion reincarnate, so they can retry the speedrun.
MłodySzczyl Pred 5 urami
you're supposed to twist while coming from the womb, that is meta now. Then you are strangled by the umbilical cord in no time if you do it correctly.
Brian Dizon
Brian Dizon Pred 5 urami
This would have been funnier if it's 0.6 seconds rather than 6 seconds and then he said "Oh I thought I was frame perfect. Damn I'm just 1 frame away from the World Record."
parthianshot _112
parthianshot _112 Pred 5 urami
Speaks Chinese because its faster than English
Arry Playz
Arry Playz Pred 6 urami
Your birth it is worth it
Hasan istekli
Hasan istekli Pred 6 urami
Speedrune time
William Afton
William Afton Pred 7 urami
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 like how you put a lot of effort in everyone’s voices
The Quiet Kid
The Quiet Kid Pred 7 urami
So close
mini cafe.
mini cafe. Pred 7 urami
My brother did the same think :)
dumb crap IRL
dumb crap IRL Pred 7 urami
lol im a speed runner
Mr. Moxfixe
Mr. Moxfixe Pred 7 urami
Cpeed run
Mr. Moxfixe
Mr. Moxfixe Pred 7 urami
Ceed run
Memati Baş
Memati Baş Pred 7 urami
Unlucky spawn, you should use the seed 382595927582 to spawn in China as a baby girl to get 0.1 world record
4ixer Pred 7 urami
28:784 that’s the time it took him to die H e d i d i t 6 s e c o n d s f a s t e r ? ! ?
Katze Pred 8 urami
Guess you could say he was anti vax
mrfm 1704
mrfm 1704 Pred 8 urami
oh okay. now i'm hoping suicide speedrun to be a real life trend
King Studios
King Studios Pred 8 urami
Ha I beat that kid, I got 0:00
ACE Mesa
ACE Mesa Pred 9 urami
I think Dream can do better than that
Connor J Sanderson-Robinson
He lost straight away, the world record is 0:00
Mine gold
Mine gold Pred 9 urami
kid gets abortion the kid in hevan: a world record
Owen SUNDER Pred 10 urami
naruto: there are no shortcuts to become the best speedrunners: bet
Totally A Crewmate
Totally A Crewmate Pred 10 urami
Bro what a noob... he could've just rolled off the bed.
Takai 691
Takai 691 Pred 10 urami
Why did the woman who is giving birth sound like a dude?
Death Samurai
Death Samurai Pred 12 urami
I did the calculations he could have cut seven if not eight seconds if he had moved before his mother began talking
Игорь Васильев
But how does 100% look like?
Al Garcia
Al Garcia Pred 12 urami
0:47 😂
jinhwan Shin
jinhwan Shin Pred 12 urami
jujeka09 Pred 11 urami
Reliable Gachatuber
Reliable Gachatuber Pred 13 urami
Real life nuzlocke: if your child passes out, set him up for adoption
Kazuki Chan
Kazuki Chan Pred 13 urami
Xqc does life speedrun any% every day when he eating gfuel
Aragami R. / アラガミR.
Could've done a backward accelerated hop and bang his head on the floor for some fall damage. Then do a strafe bunny hop to that peanut butter, grab and eat it while keep doing bunny hop until you bang a medical shelf or something, stuff will fall on your head and RNG will be the final judge. Optimally is a vase with water.
rainbow chibi something
speedrun in nutshell:
Angelo Gabriel Rivera
Angelo Gabriel Rivera Pred 14 urami
The Doctor sounds like Dream tbh
Enzo Walker
Enzo Walker Pred 15 urami
Why you insult dream
TheRainbowBearツ Pred 15 urami
Real record is abort
Hermes Perez
Hermes Perez Pred 15 urami
9 months should be added to his speedrun time you need skill to perform birth skip (miscarriage)
Nugget Pred 15 urami
we need to get ready before he speedruns our death
The BeefJerky
The BeefJerky Pred 15 urami
Thats dream in an other universe
Red Zoom
Red Zoom Pred 16 urami
xqc is a close second, soon to be a SUB 25 year life speedrun PepeLaugh xqcFuel
ADekoB pro max ultra
ADekoB pro max ultra Pred 16 urami
Liked this method though.
Terence Orbegoso
Terence Orbegoso Pred 17 urami
Zach Ashton Gornez
Zach Ashton Gornez Pred 17 urami
0:33 he lost time because he was busy talking, I hope he realised his mistakes
Bell Otasaka
Bell Otasaka Pred 17 urami
Baby: Runs to god* Also baby: Hey how'd I do? God: You did it by your personal best by 6 seconds Baby: Oh dammit I thought I did pwetty good
Guyzz Pred 18 urami
hOLy hELl
Vegan Gentle Parenting
Данилов Даниил
Wow! He is my favourite speedruner
Blue Pred 18 urami
The sentence the....Angel? Said "Your personal best" concerns me after seeing the events from this video....so this isn't the first time the baby has game ended itself
Creeper96 Pred 19 urami
It took 28 seconds
jazo bro
jazo bro Pred 19 urami
LoL Haha
Kaylee Widjaja
Kaylee Widjaja Pred 19 urami
Can we just apprieciate how its perfectly 01:00
SCOTTY BS ッ Pred 19 urami
CİRCLETOONSHD:Life Speedrun ME:Nıce 👏
O - O
O - O Pred 19 urami
He didn't do the two backflips needed for the cut scene skip!
Spencer oximina
Spencer oximina Pred 19 urami
I'm I the only 1 who is waiting to skip every cutscene?
Qwee Pred 19 urami
Personal best?
Zillastorm Pred 19 urami
TotallyNot Jonathan
TotallyNot Jonathan Pred 20 urami
He could’ve shaved off some seconds if he didn’t land on his feet
Blitzkrieg C11
Blitzkrieg C11 Pred 20 urami
He should use the stabbing strat
SITO11MAXI Pred 20 urami
Where is the dream music?
Liam Warren
Liam Warren Pred 20 urami
He didn’t do birth skip where he goes out of bounds by kicking the stomach and bouncing into the umbilical cord
Yulman Pred 20 urami
Интересный ролик :D рекомендация ютуба топ
The Tespian _Ethopian
you just explained the birth of DREAM
Xs HuskyBoiii
Xs HuskyBoiii Pred 21 uro
imagine a 100% speedrun
Wilthewise Pred 21 uro
I feel bad for the runners who get a bugged spawn and can’t move their character properly...
Memati Baş
Memati Baş Pred 7 urami
Unless you are in Germany. You can get a secret ending if Hitler is still alive
Cup O’ Coffee
Cup O’ Coffee Pred 21 uro
is this how abortions are covered up
Xobani Pred 22 urami
the woman who just gave birth has a more masculine voice than both doctors
Daniel Cura
Daniel Cura Pred 22 urami
If you unlock the abortion ending, you could beat the record by -9 months
Almost Aurora
Almost Aurora Pred 22 urami
WitherredAway Pred 22 urami
where's the dream music
kitty cat?
kitty cat? Pred 22 urami
They cant even pull off the SID syndrome strat what a noob
hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş
Hey shitass you wanna see my speedrun?
North DJ
North DJ Pred 23 urami
He lost time at the start, he didn't start running immediately
Sans La sansasional
Sans La sansasional Pred 23 urami
Jajaja :3
Spencer Pred 23 urami
Jasiah Thomas
Jasiah Thomas Pred dnevom
Okay that was beautiful
LokiHighness Pred dnevom
He could've animation cancelled on the butter. Easily saves 3 seconds.
DogeDr0id709X // Tia Turbo
DeSinc could just bhop off a cliff
pissed turtle
pissed turtle Pred dnevom
Man I wish I could speed run :(
Squiby Plays
Squiby Plays Pred dnevom
intelectuals: the actual world record holder for speedrunning life is for- baby: mamma why we in planned parent hood house?
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