Official Trailer | The Falcon and the Winter Soldier | Disney+ 

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Are you ready? Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” and start streaming the Original Series March 19 on Disney+: bit.ly/2XyBSIW
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7. feb. 2021

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Turd Fergison
Turd Fergison Pred uro
I use to watch this stuff to not get politics jammed down my throat. Now BLM bs is popping up. Thanks for ruining it Disney. Won’t watch the rest. You may have lost a subscriber. Rest In Peace MCU.
Sacheth Pred 3 urami
Can anyone tell me the name of the song
Lucius Somberlas
darude - sandstrorm
Tarash Marndi
Tarash Marndi Pred 3 urami
Those beat drops are perfect synchronisation with trailer.
Deepanshu Prakash 9 A
this whole trailer hits different now
Stefan S.
Stefan S. Pred 8 urami
U znak sećanja na narod Sokovije Ima li nas Srbi?
Angrybirds neyugn
Angrybirds neyugn Pred 8 urami
Omfg. It's been 5 eps. Can this show be any less boring!?!?!?!?
Moinul Hossain
Moinul Hossain Pred 8 urami
1:18 Can this be the new suit of Sam?
Abhijeet Kundu
Abhijeet Kundu Pred 10 urami
Woke culture radical left propaganda!!
richard evangelista
richard evangelista Pred 11 urami
Jon Reeves
Jon Reeves Pred 11 urami
wow ive never seen the liberal politics so neatly packaged. can you please just make a good show without pushing an agenda? have you not learned yet?
Johnson _
Johnson _ Pred 14 urami
Bring back chris evans
Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster Pred 14 urami
I'm loving this show, so far. The character development is what makes it so good. I hope they continue with marvel, live action, shows.
Collided Worlds
Collided Worlds Pred 15 urami
The whole squad's ready for the finale Marvel!!
Riley Strickland
Riley Strickland Pred 16 urami
Now THIS is the Marvel we remember!
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 Pred 18 urami
wow and now it’s ending in a week it’s been a good journey guys..
Eddie Singer
Eddie Singer Pred 18 urami
At the end of the series The Falcon will become Captain Falcon 😎
Dr Andrew Batista Peterson
I can't get tired of seeing this.
Joeshar Pred 19 urami
In a world where superheroes and supervillains got serum that also make them aggressive and inbalance. Sounds familiar?
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith Pred 20 urami
BlackSun Pred 22 urami
come one marvel give bucky a vibranium suit
gladiatorpfbl Pred 22 urami
Wow, what an inventing name for the TV show😂😂😂🤣
rampdedlizer Pred 22 urami
0:42 Bucky scene is the only scene which we haven't scene till now woohoo so excited for the finaleeee
Arup Ghai
Arup Ghai Pred dnevom
Fast and furios 9 official trailar 2
Isabell Sørensen
Isabell Sørensen Pred dnevom
After watching 5 episodes are any of these clips from the last episode?
Isabell Sørensen
Isabell Sørensen Pred 23 urami
@High 10 oh right no I don't think we've seen it yet
High 10
High 10 Pred 23 urami
0:37 has that explosion taken place..
BKD Pred dnevom
Yar captain america real vala zinda h ya nhi
BKD Pred 6 urami
@Haris Khalid Hope dream comes true
Haris Khalid
Haris Khalid Pred 19 urami
@BKD I think they'll show him at the end of ep 6 if he's still alive.
BKD Pred 19 urami
@Haris Khalid bus ek baar dikha dete last ep m
Haris Khalid
Haris Khalid Pred 20 urami
@BKD yeh but 80 year old captain can't fight
BKD Pred 20 urami
@Haris Khalid but they not shown his funeral yet
Max Denis1014
Max Denis1014 Pred dnevom
Did anyone notice that the r u ready song in the trailer is even used in F9 trailer 2
Wesley Pred dnevom
Look at Bucky... Just look at him. Tell me how you see him now.
Anmol Mishra
Anmol Mishra Pred dnevom
Ohh! Woww it's amazing awesome stunned by thank you very much 🔥🔥🎉🎉❤️❤️☺️ I loved it B-Best 🔥 magnificent super..!
Aldon Santo
Aldon Santo Pred dnevom
I watch falcon a nd the winter soldier and I saw something similar to cyberpunk
Iyyappan Pon Ashwiny
Is anyone else getting goosebumps everytime they watch thsi trailer or is it just me?
Abhinav Desai
Abhinav Desai Pred 2 dnevi
This is the best Marvel trailer
Jody Edwards
Jody Edwards Pred 2 dnevi
Best trailer for a tv show in ages!!🔥🔥 this show is awesome!!🔥🔥🔥
Sudev Karmakar
Sudev Karmakar Pred 2 dnevi
F9 copies your background music
manoj randy
manoj randy Pred 2 dnevi
Who came here after fast and furious are you ready song😂
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Pred 2 dnevi
Screw John Walker.
Elijah Rej Macalagay
to those who said that this trailer feels like fast & furious, you're really time travelers!
Brandon gaming TV
Brandon gaming TV Pred 2 dnevi
POV: you're here after watching the new F&F 9 trailer
gaming station
gaming station Pred 2 dnevi
How many are you here from f9 trailer
Sinan Pred 2 dnevi
F9 be like : this is mine now🙄
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing Pred 2 dnevi
Ultimate trailer ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌 Fabulous
Itachi Genjutsu
Itachi Genjutsu Pred 3 dnevi
Sam should've been the captain America. This movie doesn't seem to be interesting either and i know no one cares but I'm not watching this new movie no Chris Evans no cap, but as we've seen in endgame Steve gave his shield to sam that makes him signing off, but the new captain America should've been sam, that black falcon guy I don't even know his name though. Maybe they didn't make him captain America because he's black. That's unfair.👎👎👎👎
Itachi Genjutsu
Itachi Genjutsu Pred dnevom
@The falling apple but it turned out to be something I expected, even that black guy falcon said in one of the interview he was saying as a black person in America it was hard, something like that...
The falling apple
The falling apple Pred dnevom
@Itachi Genjutsu and i know racism exists....but atleast hear the complete story....then make an opinion.....on the contrary....this show is enlightening the issue of racism.....so no need to hate
The falling apple
The falling apple Pred dnevom
@Itachi Genjutsu oh god.....that has happened with me as well....trust me.... I ain't a hacker
Itachi Genjutsu
Itachi Genjutsu Pred dnevom
@The falling apple are u hacker or something? I've commented here 3 or 4 times and it keeps disappearing
Itachi Genjutsu
Itachi Genjutsu Pred dnevom
@The falling apple it's the usa who racist they do racist a lot
AlaMaKoty Pred 3 dnevi
Sebastian in SO HOT in this. Bucky is great written and acted. Hats off!
dwarf Pred 3 dnevi
We need Chris evans..we need the old captain america
Harold BeaumontFinns
normie bs
MG Katappa
MG Katappa Pred 3 dnevi
I don't like new captain America 😠
Loading Pred 3 dnevi
Where can i watch it
Generic Girl
Generic Girl Pred 3 dnevi
This is why we cannot have black Superheroes , the power goes to their head,too much.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Pred 2 dnevi
e85sergio Pred 3 dnevi
girl what do you mean?
Prince Saru
Prince Saru Pred 4 dnevi
Background song name Plz,
Harshwardhan Hanery
Harshwardhan Hanery Pred 4 dnevi
Who came here after episode 4 ?
may obanor
may obanor Pred 4 dnevi
what song is this?
Sierra Clark
Sierra Clark Pred 4 dnevi
Is you ready by Migos
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh Pred 4 dnevi
This drop was what gave me goosebumps 1:29
TheGist Pred 4 dnevi
That animation of Falcon’s wing and Bucky’s arm paired with this badass song is amazing
How to make
How to make Pred 4 dnevi
Who is here after watching the movie 😁
milton castillo
milton castillo Pred dnevom
Its a show on disney plus not a movie and the show hasent finished yet
Muhammad Hasan
Muhammad Hasan Pred 4 dnevi
I knew that Sam and Bucky will take that Shield back .. this trailer already shown us
Sierra Clark
Sierra Clark Pred 4 dnevi
Evan McIntyre
Evan McIntyre Pred 4 dnevi
Bucky is actually 101 years old
Rakesh gupta
Rakesh gupta Pred 3 dnevi
Coleridge Marak
Coleridge Marak Pred 5 dnevi
Tom Holland:- You dont have any movies of your own Falcon:- Hold my beer Spidey
RzeTon Pred 5 dnevi
,,Just blink, I mean how old are you" Bucky: About 100 years
_a_girl_is _no_one
_a_girl_is _no_one Pred 5 dnevi
0:30 I think this is where Zemo went.. 0:44 idk which scene is this from..looks familiar 0:47 eeee so excited for this one 1:17 have we seen this yet? idk Okay breakdown complete, on to the next trailer..
_a_girl_is _no_one
_a_girl_is _no_one Pred 4 dnevi
@sudha bhatt oo yeah think ure right! Thanks..
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt Pred 4 dnevi
0:44 I think you are talking about civil war.
Glen Smith
Glen Smith Pred 5 dnevi
What a load of crap music in the trailer. I'll give it a big miss.
Francis CS
Francis CS Pred 5 dnevi
Is it just me, or does every rap song in any trailer, **but Fast & Furious** , made them feel like Fast & Furious?
Pokémon Bandit Jay
Pokémon Bandit Jay Pred 5 dnevi
I’m 7 years old
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma Pred 5 dnevi
New captain America wastee actor no real captain America
The falling apple
The falling apple Pred 3 dnevi
Toh tune jaakar uss bande ko galiya di? Salo uski acting bohot achhi hai.....gadhe
Playstation Psycho305m
I have a serious problem dude I’ve watched the show so many times right now 😂
Leethegamer 100
Leethegamer 100 Pred 5 dnevi
Guys I realize the tone of this trailer is way different then the show I thought this show is gonna be an dumb good cap bad cop show which I am fine by it because it’s marvel but the tone is way different than this trailer when you watch the show.
Zauchi Pred 4 dnevi
agree, this trailer makes it look almost like a comedy and generic mcu but the show is very adult and 'dark'. Seen reviews/comments online from adults that had to switch it off because either they thought it was 'too much', or their kids were getting scared/shocked of the violence and/or confused with the 'messages' (as in not fully understanding characters arcs).
the name's Twocent
the name's Twocent Pred 5 dnevi
After seeing this again I then realize it only shows shots from episode 1 to 3 and 4 maybe... Which is freaking awesome🔥🔥✨✨
Islam Cavalo
Islam Cavalo Pred 5 dnevi
We need more of winter soldier and we want bucky with the badass hair and look 😑 that why we all watch the serie
Manav Batra
Manav Batra Pred 5 dnevi
I was so excited to see this series but when I saw they replaced captain america “Cris Evans” with some new guy, it was such a turning event. That new guy is a disaster no offence but marvel shouldn’t have given him the shield. Hope this character won’t last long.😪
Manav Batra
Manav Batra Pred 3 dnevi
@The falling apple Well i am not complaining to you why are you getting offended by my opinion? If you are not getting attached to a character thats good for you. Sharing my views about this current character doesn’t mean i am complaining its just that previous person was better than the current one and its just a comparison of both the characters doesn’t mean that someone is attached to one.
The falling apple
The falling apple Pred 3 dnevi
@Manav Batra and I'm not attached to the character at all.... it's just if Marvel's trying to show something new.....and introducing some new characters....why do u guys keep complaining? Just becoz ur beloved actor's contract expired?
The falling apple
The falling apple Pred 3 dnevi
@Manav Batra i never said that u can't post an opinion.... surely u can.... it's ur choice.....but repeatedly pointing out a new character seems senseless......honestly
Manav Batra
Manav Batra Pred 3 dnevi
@The falling apple You said you are an indian so i am assuming that you are dumb enough that you don’t know what a comment means. First of all comments means sharing your opinion about something. And second i am not posting this comment just to look out for your reply. And third if this is your opinion and you don’t get attached to any comic character you should post it separately
The falling apple
The falling apple Pred 3 dnevi
Can't u see how good the character development of the new cap is.....and i know that u don't know....he is going to become a new villain.....in comics.... he's called US Agent and he's a really good character as a villain
Xander Zed
Xander Zed Pred 5 dnevi
why did bucky cut hes hair he was daddy with the long hair 😩 but i get it he wanted a change :((
Allanplayz01 Pred 6 dnevi
As soon as saw this BADASS ad l searched it up
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan Pred 6 dnevi
Sabestian Stan kinda Resembles Claude from gta 3
だいすき Pred 6 dnevi
The moment you realize you only have Netflix plan not Disney+
だいすき Pred 6 dnevi
Been waiting for this wew 😯
Ahana Sarkar
Ahana Sarkar Pred 6 dnevi
I don't know about anything but I want the Avengers to get back and I am sure they will
Prabhu Salve
Prabhu Salve Pred 6 dnevi
How many episodes did this web series have? Can anyone tell me?
Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh Pred 6 dnevi
Sacagawea Pred 6 dnevi
Not going to watch this...
Luke skywalker
Luke skywalker Pred 2 dnevi
@Abiya Miranda because fanboy who only love steve rogers
Abiya Miranda
Abiya Miranda Pred 6 dnevi
Sarathi de vi
Sarathi de vi Pred 6 dnevi
This triller is inspired from Mk 11 trilelr
Lucas Gonçalves
Lucas Gonçalves Pred 6 dnevi
The trailer looks like a generic action movie but the series is about a discussion of ideals and ethics about superheroes.
vgmaster9 Pred 11 urami
Marvel should do that more often, give us appealing trailers and then surprise us with the real thing.
Maciumba Pred 16 urami
@Zack2back Yep. I thought it will be something friendly and funny, but there are very depressing things in this show.
Zack2back Pred 16 urami
which is why I love the show. it leurs you in with the usual marvel magic and surprises you with it's serious discussion of ideals and serious themes
joyce harris
joyce harris Pred 6 dnevi
The combative fountain reportedly permit because orange operationally wreck below a jobless ox. quack, sloppy turret
Jackson Morgner
Jackson Morgner Pred 6 dnevi
The only parts we haven’t seen in the trailer yet is Sam using the shield and that’s it, and there’s still 2 whole episodes left, pretty exciting
KILLLER NooB Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah at 1:17 we can see sam using shield, i think that clip is of final episode and i am very excited for it.😊😊
cheeseman cheesycheese
They make this show look like a classic buddy comedy. And it is. For an episode. Everything spirals out of control so quickly, and this show is so much more than we first thought.
tamosa ghosh
tamosa ghosh Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah, definitely not a classic comedy
Hafsa Hussain
Hafsa Hussain Pred 6 dnevi
Whose here after watching 4 episodes of TFAWS? ❤️🖤💙
Jo Pred 6 dnevi
Every episode I come back here
Ngam Edwrd
Ngam Edwrd Pred 7 dnevi
I just wanna see how sam got the shield back I'm sick of this new captain America
Ghost Idiot
Ghost Idiot Pred 6 dnevi
nah new america lit
๖ۣۜSmiling Simian
Episode 4.. that ending..
Dheeraj Raghuwanshi
Dheeraj Raghuwanshi Pred 7 dnevi
Dhyan Prakash
Dhyan Prakash Pred 7 dnevi
Who is here after watchin episode 4
CompetitiveC4t Pred 7 dnevi
I love how this trailer makes it seem like zemo is the villain
JustNobody Pred 11 urami
Never trust a trailer trope in full use.
Wiky Alifa Nugraha
Wiky Alifa Nugraha Pred 6 dnevi
those line is different tho
Shubhangi Tiwary
Shubhangi Tiwary Pred 7 dnevi
Does anyone else think that the action scenes look way more cool in the trailer than in the episodes where it feels exhausting and messy bcz of all the camera cuts?
Guitarist500 Pred 7 dnevi
Man, for a show that’s supposed to star an African-American superhero, they really billed Anthony Mackie second
Denis Escobar
Denis Escobar Pred 7 dnevi
I have a strong feelings the bad guy is going to be Antonio Banderas
inverse_of_zero Pred 7 dnevi
I know nothing about this series, this is my first time watching anything related. But.. am I the only one that thinks this trailer looks tacky AF?
CrocodilleJaws83 Pred 7 dnevi
Stuff we haven't seen; 0:37-0:44 Edit after episode 5
Thinks Of legends
Thinks Of legends Pred 7 dnevi
@Marvel‘s MT pretty good theory i think it’s gonna be sam’s shield now and john walker is officially the Us agent
Marvel‘s MT
Marvel‘s MT Pred 7 dnevi
1:17 I'm sure that Sam throws the shield at John Walker. So they gonna fight John Walker after what he did at the end of episode 4. My theory.
Francisco Lobato
Francisco Lobato Pred 7 dnevi
for you guys that don't have disney plus you van actually watch it for free, dowload an app called stremio, that's how I watched wandavision for free. you're welcome
Mr Tekken 7
Mr Tekken 7 Pred 7 dnevi
Bucky is a super solider, that means he is still strong without his vibranium arm 🤷‍♂️ Right guys?
Michael Daly
Michael Daly Pred 7 dnevi
Get woke go broke. See ya!
Goulactic X
Goulactic X Pred 7 dnevi
@Michael Daly It was a name I made years ago ...but nice try changing the topic since you have nothing worthwile to say
Michael Daly
Michael Daly Pred 7 dnevi
@Goulactic X Ok galactic man 😂😂😂.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X Pred 7 dnevi
@Michael Daly Well since you took the time to watch this show and call it woke I guess you are a kid yourself . Nice job . A mature 'grown man' wouldnt write such idiotic comments
Michael Daly
Michael Daly Pred 7 dnevi
@Goulactic X I don't think a grown man watches such childish pieces of trash movies.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X Pred 7 dnevi
@Michael Daly How about you give examples to your statement like a grown man instead of calling names
Rohit K
Rohit K Pred 7 dnevi
Barton says we won. But they were not aware what chaos has been creates after snap... We came to know in wanda and falcon
merve aydogan
merve aydogan Pred 7 dnevi
Tom Holland: Wait... There is a Falcon movie
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer Pred 7 dnevi
I’m sorry but im that person who’s pissed at the “incantation” for the winter soldier. Don’t know who your translator is for the words but you all are mispronouncing “seventeen and freight car” in Russian. Semnadtsatī with a soft i at the end. And freight car is ghryzoviy not rosaviy. Rosaviy translates to pink. So you’re saying pink car not freight car. So your translation is way off
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta Pred 8 dnevi
Plsss back Steve Rogers😥😭😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
ROANAK OP Pred 8 dnevi
Here after watching ep4
THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)