Ice-T Wants Law & Order: SVU to Last 30 Seasons 

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Ice-T talks about Law & Order: SVU setting the record for the longest-running television drama in history, reveals why he has starred in the show for so long and shares what he's learned from his legal show The Mediator.
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Ice-T Wants Law & Order: SVU to Last 30 Seasons- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




25. feb. 2021

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Megan Pred 26 dnevi
such a great guest, love to see him!
AnimeGirl 8792
AnimeGirl 8792 Pred mesecem
NCIS and law & order svu longest run ever
Txart* chick
Txart* chick Pred mesecem
Funny because I binged SUV for 2 days recently.I love your show 🤜💥🤛👍🤣
Pepetenpiku Pred mesecem
Cathy Decarles
Cathy Decarles Pred mesecem
I love this Show ICE T this is my favorite show on TV
Shaheed Simon
Shaheed Simon Pred mesecem
Make it infinity seasons 😁
Zachary Carns
Zachary Carns Pred mesecem
By then he will be a great grandpa.
Ange Maidment
Ange Maidment Pred mesecem
Blew me away when Ice-T said he’s been working with Dick Wolf for 25 years.
Christina Rice
Christina Rice Pred mesecem
That’s crazy!
Phillip Siddiq
Phillip Siddiq Pred mesecem
Of course he would...the royalties!!!!🤣🤣🤣 AND New Jack City in which he played a cop going after Wesley Snipes!🔥
Viickii Campbell
Viickii Campbell Pred mesecem
Got to watch out for Chicago fire 😂😂yes you do! And p.d and med, season 30 for all dick wolf shows, he's one amazing guy for his amazing shows
Brian Davidson
Brian Davidson Pred mesecem
Finn a bad boy. Boss type with integrity
Just Kate
Just Kate Pred mesecem
sonny carisi? in my ice-t seth meyers interview? its more likely than you think.
Josiah Archangel
Josiah Archangel Pred mesecem
I met Ice T back in season 12, such a nice dude!
cathy sample
cathy sample Pred mesecem
Richard Belzer
Rachel C
Rachel C Pred mesecem
30 seasons sounds awesome!!
215mookies Pred mesecem
It's time to crunch some numbers in Alphabetria
215mookies Pred mesecem
It's Water Tee
introverts Rock
introverts Rock Pred mesecem
Ncis is on their 18th season. But feels like L&O will survive longer
Linda Burton
Linda Burton Pred mesecem
I imagine he does - great paycheck until retirement.
s andy
s andy Pred mesecem
his svu character is my favorite! mariska looks old and haggard with the long stringy hair.
SenSen Pred mesecem
I just love him.
IceCream4More Pred mesecem
Love Body Count!
Live your life cause no harm
Most shows last 10 season on average!
BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!
I miss Ice's tweets after getting myself banned from Twitter. He murderized trolls.
Jonathan Thurston
Jonathan Thurston Pred mesecem
John Mulaney must have been excited of this guest. .
A OneDayDeals
A OneDayDeals Pred mesecem
Ice T just gets it. the problems around us and what goes on. never change
SuperPowderpig Pred mesecem
All school is daycare so parents can work.
iloveperfume Pred mesecem
I don't think starting preschool in the middle of a pandemic is a good idea, but generally kids learn so much from a preschool setting, especially socially. Plus you learn so many life skills.
Stephanie Flynn
Stephanie Flynn Pred mesecem
I adore Finn. This character is excellent and I love it when Finn is the main person in the episode.
Patrick Drazen
Patrick Drazen Pred mesecem
I had to give up on SVU because all the eps were running together and focusing primarily on some really depraved people...
Chris McClellan
Chris McClellan Pred mesecem
Oh man! I have full respect for Ice T. ❤️👍
pangaeus Pred mesecem
I love Ice
John Pett
John Pett Pred mesecem
How else is he going to keep up that aquarium?
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith Pred mesecem
LaO: SVU is terrible compared to the original series. So typical that the lesser series gets picked up for way too many series.
EvantheMovieGuy Pred mesecem
I enjoy SVU, but it's nowhere near as good as the original Law and Order, and it makes me cringe with the amount of people who claim SVU is better.
Bonnie Drouillard
Bonnie Drouillard Pred mesecem
It does bring awareness!
Seamus Doherty
Seamus Doherty Pred mesecem
Given the current mess the is the USA “ Ice-T wants law and order “ could be read several ways
Donnie Hollandale
Donnie Hollandale Pred mesecem
I've never been excited to watch a reality show, but "The Mediator" sounds incredibly interesting. One hell of a pitch, Ice-T!
Heidi Loves Jesus and Ducks
I love when there's not too too many comments, and I get to read em all... makes me feel whole🤗🥰
Jaquawn Features
Jaquawn Features Pred mesecem
I got news for ya, that means your gay.
Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris Pred mesecem
"I have relationships with women....and sex with men..." Yeah, that scene was unintentionally hilarious especially out of context!
Terri Perry
Terri Perry Pred mesecem
You know this was John Mulaneys idea lol
Tanya Kasim
Tanya Kasim Pred mesecem
Hahahaha.. I would not be surprised. 😂😂😂😂
Dead Vegas
Dead Vegas Pred mesecem
Did he just lie and say " talented" actor lol
Mary Motch
Mary Motch Pred mesecem
I’ve recently fallen into the svu universe and honestly the show is absolutely killing it
Brian Davidson
Brian Davidson Pred mesecem
Been doing that since September 1999.
Mary Motch
Mary Motch Pred mesecem
@Wendy Muller I’ve watched 15-22, I don’t understand how I flew through it so quickly
Leslie m
Leslie m Pred mesecem
Wendy Muller
Wendy Muller Pred mesecem
Watched the first 19 seasons. Need to get back into it
Soop Pred mesecem
It’s a lot better than it has any right to be. Even though the modern plots can get a little ridiculous depending on the episode, there are still far more hits than misses.
I love SVU. Never miss an episode
Daniella R
Daniella R Pred mesecem
Finn, benson, stabler❤❤❤
Yvette Marshall
Yvette Marshall Pred mesecem
Ice-T is awesome and he’s so obviously full of joy! Poker face can’t hide it. Surviving the Game is 90s movie star-studded craziness. Ice-T prey in wild hunt. Predators wish they never. 👊🏽 Find it, watch it, don’t miss it!
bubblebryan Pred mesecem
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
Never watched his show and don’t plan to. I’m only here for Seth.
Iretha Johnson
Iretha Johnson Pred mesecem
I'm with you on that, I wouldn't begin to support him.
Squashua Gonzalez
Squashua Gonzalez Pred mesecem
Ahh I love ice. started my own fan club and everything lol
KneeDeep In Bluegrass
Ice-T seems really cool. Check out his "wait, wait don't tell me!" interview too.
Whitney ONeal
Whitney ONeal Pred mesecem
Great interview. Good to see Ice-T
Poop NOODLE Pred mesecem
What a guy!!!
Robyn Richards
Robyn Richards Pred mesecem
I had no idea SVU was still going. I thought there was only 3 or 4 seasons.
CarlosMensuckass Pred mesecem
Ice-T - Original Gangster, also long-standing friend of Dick Wolf.
Bart Kiggen
Bart Kiggen Pred mesecem
Aka streetname 'Wolf Dick'
Annie Pred mesecem
My 23 year old daughter STILL climbs in my bed and sleeps with me whenever she's home. So Chennelle might be sticking around for a while🤣🤣🤣.
Sting Rey
Sting Rey Pred mesecem
epatha and richard belzer probably outrank ice t for dick wolf longevity.
Pam R
Pam R Pred mesecem
Zayed Pred mesecem
Ice T old. I guess...um...I old? Some of us get old. Bu yeah...he old.
W. Jacarl Melton
W. Jacarl Melton Pred mesecem
Man, a show with Bumpy Knucks? I’m definitely intrigued.
PolarBearProject Pred mesecem
I'm guessing that Ice-T wants too see A Body Count!
Jim K
Jim K Pred mesecem
Dr who had a great first run before the reboot
John Pred mesecem
All I hear is John Mulaney... “Yo, you tellin’ me this dude gets off on little girls with pig tails?”
Tanya Kasim
Tanya Kasim Pred mesecem
215mookies Pred mesecem
I just laughed out loud thinking of that.
Mary St. Amand
Mary St. Amand Pred mesecem
Re SVU....guess there's no limit to the ways humans can hurt each others, so there's no limits to the series!
mikean1123 Pred mesecem
30 years... How does he remember all of his lines?
Keridwen Pred mesecem
Finn might be my fave character on SVU. He’s the Lenny Briscoe of SVU.
Tanya Kasim
Tanya Kasim Pred mesecem
@Keridwen Yes., it was Angie Harmon. 😊
Keridwen Pred mesecem
@Tanya Kasim Agreed. Was that Angie Harmon?
Tanya Kasim
Tanya Kasim Pred mesecem
@Keridwen Abby Carmichael was one of those good characters.
Keridwen Pred mesecem
@Ellis Jones I really liked him too. So many good characters in the Law & Order franchise.
Ellis Jones
Ellis Jones Pred mesecem
I always liked Munch
Mimi YuYu
Mimi YuYu Pred mesecem
I totally agree with him with his daughter doing better with her momma teaching her
Sky Vins
Sky Vins Pred mesecem
Body Count ?!? WHAT YEAR IS THIS !
Therese Duran
Therese Duran Pred mesecem
Ice T mediating:. "you lose! Get out!". M'kay. Bye.
AngryDog GoodBoy
AngryDog GoodBoy Pred mesecem
We don't need more copaganda.
random person
random person Pred mesecem
I love that fish tank.
Telinha Pred mesecem
I love SVU! ❤️
Kelda Ogg
Kelda Ogg Pred mesecem
I'm listening to Amber Ruffin's book. It's fabulous! Everyone get it!
Lynn St Laurent
Lynn St Laurent Pred mesecem
I am so disappointed my library doesn’t have it.
AngryDog GoodBoy
AngryDog GoodBoy Pred mesecem
Thank you for the tip. I didn't even know that she wrote a book.
ehn Pred mesecem
What about Eastenders (uk) and neighbours (Australia) both been running without interruption since 1980s
Gabrielle slade
Gabrielle slade Pred mesecem
those are soaps. svu is the longest-running prime-time show.
Troglodyte Pred mesecem
Coronation st (UK) since 9th december 1960. Hard to beat.
chez moi
chez moi Pred mesecem
Yeah, even The Bill lasted 25 seasons, so SVU is just creeping up on it.
Saffiya S
Saffiya S Pred mesecem
@Quaan Adams totally agree. So would the countries on the other side of the world.
Quaan Adams
Quaan Adams Pred mesecem
You know Americans think they are the only people in the world!
Shirley Oldfield
Shirley Oldfield Pred mesecem
Cool aquarium,
Stout Vaughn
Stout Vaughn Pred mesecem
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
josef x
josef x Pred mesecem
I know he does this stuff now but he will always be the man who rapped "The Girl Tried To Kill Me." She was capable of doing a backflip and sticking the landing.
Boy Aditya
Boy Aditya Pred mesecem
My mom and dad support this 30 seasons 😁
Rachel Snyder
Rachel Snyder Pred mesecem
When I was a kid my cousin gave me a mix tape with “cop killer” on it.. told me it was a really important song, time and Ice T was a legend. I lost my cousin 17 years ago but every time I watch Ice T, I think about him and that tape. ❤️
Sub Girl
Sub Girl Pred mesecem
Same. I as a while chick from the suburbs I just recall how scandalous that song was at the time. He is seems like such a good normal guy.
Heidi Loves Jesus and Ducks
@Stephen Miles...
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles Pred mesecem
Just don’t forget about his eventual return from exile tobhome planet Alphabetrium and his reinstatement back to his true identity Water-T.
Heidi Loves Jesus and Ducks
@Rachel Snyder agreed!!
Rachel Snyder
Rachel Snyder Pred mesecem
@Heidi Loves Jesus and Ducks thank you 🙏 that’s the magic of music it’s in every part of our brain, not just one.. I recently got a record player and have been on a huge nostalgia trip.. music is sooo good for the soul.
THE BIG BAD WOLF Pred mesecem
New Message
New Message Pred mesecem
30 years? It'll never be done done!
Benjamin Stubblefield
My glasses revealed that line was the tiny word, “Comments’.
J Stone
J Stone Pred mesecem
I hope real life Ice-T is as a decent person as Finn. Compassionate, down to earth and empathetic. Society needs more decent men like Finn
Carla Barrick
Carla Barrick Pred 29 dnevi
Ice is a great guy! Catch him on Twitter, love him. 😉
Wendy Muller
Wendy Muller Pred mesecem
@Profound Thoughts Lol. They are missing out. Really need to visit NYC at least once. One of my favorite places to go.
Jazz Lyles
Jazz Lyles Pred mesecem
Yeah. He seems pretty chill. I used to work at a gym and met him once when he came in to work out. Coco was doing a show in town and he was there to support. Class act but like every celeb, if you see him out just let him do his thing. I get the sense he doesn't always like to get approached when he just probably wants to do something like an errand and bounce but if he's some place specifically to interact with fans, I bet it's different.
Annie Pred mesecem
He is a laid back guy in real life.
Profound Thoughts
Profound Thoughts Pred mesecem
My friend refuse to go to New York because of Law & Order 😂
Benjamin Stubblefield
I know how to comment
Hatori Hanso 123
Hatori Hanso 123 Pred mesecem
Good for you.
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