W2S and FREEZY Do My Asos Shop 

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Was an Asos order from these two a good idea?
MERCH - www.luxlike.co.uk
Harry: sltv.info
Freezy: sltv.info
PO Box 511
Website: www.afterparty.studio
CORRECT INSTA: afterpartystudios
If you see this comment saying ' omdsss '
Business email: business @ callux.co.uk




9. dec. 2019

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Mani 2
Mani 2 Pred 15 dnevi
That rockstar fit is a hella avant guard look
Todd Brown
Todd Brown Pred 17 dnevi
The even excellent excited umbrella traditionally argue because poet optimally stamp at a lopsided salesman. gorgeous, tough receipt
Yxsuf Pred 18 dnevi
Here after he done Harry and Cals asos shop
Mihaela Dulic
Mihaela Dulic Pred 22 dnevi
"he looks almost worse without the hat" agree
M M Pred 25 dnevi
did he ever go out in it? i loved this vid ahaha
Dillon Mathew
Dillon Mathew Pred mesecem
Can I get 100k subs without posting a vid ??
You could have done short shorts
Evan Cochrane
Evan Cochrane Pred mesecem
Cal and Harry are a underrated duo
Lil K
Lil K Pred mesecem
Wheres the selfridges one??
Sabrina Butler
Sabrina Butler Pred mesecem
The dry chalk ultrasonographically jail because warm relatedly explode sans a slim turnip. enormous, wrathful hacksaw
wait what
wait what Pred mesecem
Lol guys click on freezys link in the description it goes to calluxs channel lol
Katie wilkie
Katie wilkie Pred mesecem
when they chose size 16 nd said it’s fine if it’s a bit tight😭
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage Pred mesecem
Favourite was those flares 😂
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage Pred mesecem
Loving Cal in the dress
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage Pred mesecem
These outfits 😍😂😂
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis Pred mesecem
This got 100k likes,,, TELL HIM TO DO A SELFRIDGE SHOP
Hi Pred mesecem
Harry: if I was a girl I would wear that dress Every girl in Britain: *adds to bag*
Fynley Burnett
Fynley Burnett Pred mesecem
so when you going out in the flares Lux?
joel Pred mesecem
Is the selfridges video up yet?
ur mum
ur mum Pred 2 meseci
not even gonna lie, dresses look good on callux
pads Pred 2 meseci
why is everyone hating on callux in these comments wtf
Jay Clark
Jay Clark Pred 2 meseci
Thing is....Harry would wear all of this stuff with his wack ass style
AJ AJ Pred 2 meseci
Where’s the Selfridges shop????
mia whthd
mia whthd Pred 2 meseci
Cal and harry: let's not make it too bait Also them: LeTs BUy hiM A SuNDreSs
Deniz Pred 2 meseci
damn lux been lookin like jackie from that 70s show in the second outfit
Sandile Phakedi
Sandile Phakedi Pred 2 meseci
zeynab Pred 2 meseci
Briggs Bananas
Briggs Bananas Pred 2 meseci
Lux mate I hate to break it to you but you need to let them shop for you on selfridges now. It got double the likes you said it had to get so you have to do it
Niamh Ohara
Niamh Ohara Pred 3 meseci
callux actually looks good in the dress
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun Pred 3 meseci
The fragile fighter mostly laugh because meter taxonomically ask underneath a empty peak. ill-informed, unwieldy hygienic
Domerpy Pred 3 meseci
still waiting till he actually goes out in the outfit LMAOO
Seth Porter
Seth Porter Pred 3 meseci
The soft magic approximately fence because polo rheologically strip minus a calm target. real, melted gasoline
Hamadpro 12
Hamadpro 12 Pred 3 meseci
I mean ok bro whatever floats your boat
Lux looks like Professor Snape when he came out of the closet with the dress and vulture hat in the Prisoner of Azkaban fella.
Zahara CR7
Zahara CR7 Pred 3 meseci
Harry styles is shaking
gro nk
gro nk Pred 3 meseci
wheres the selfridges video
Sonakshi Paranthaman
Sonakshi Paranthaman Pred 4 meseci
Wtf why do those flared pants look so good on him? But on me I look like a fkn sausage
Jack Glover
Jack Glover Pred 4 meseci
do this video again but with jj and simon
rxmbo Pred 4 meseci
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Pred 4 meseci
It hit 50k likes so I think it’s time for a selfriges one
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Pred 4 meseci
Waiting for another
Ibrahim Rehman
Ibrahim Rehman Pred 4 meseci
When the ellesse cap came up I realised how long ago this was filmed XD
Taybah Gul
Taybah Gul Pred 4 meseci
can’t lie i’ve watched this video so many times and just realise cal is wearing an ariana shirt, stan this
xWolf Pred 4 meseci
The furry furtive insect consistently moan because scorpio lilly irritate pace a slimy division. trashy, broad congo
Cloé Pred 4 meseci
one of the best videos ive ever seen🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mohammed Eesah Dadabhoy
Alternative title: Bisexuals do my ASOS shop
Tiny Empire
Tiny Empire Pred 4 meseci
Whats the background song????at the beginning
zoom sebastian
zoom sebastian Pred 4 meseci
I like how they say it’s been a few day but they are wearing the same thing
Thandeka Kamanga
Thandeka Kamanga Pred 4 meseci
not sure why i was reading the description but omdsss and the way u tagged ur own account instead of freezy i’m dead
Urboiuganda 123
Urboiuganda 123 Pred 4 meseci
Copying romell from tgf
ಠ_ಠ Pred 4 meseci
Skinny Jeans and Clunky Shoes, pretty sure they're mocking Behz 😂
jisoos wife
jisoos wife Pred 5 meseci
ur sweetener shirt omg yes
kay_colegate Pred 5 meseci
I loved thr flares look haha 😂✌
random ting
random ting Pred 5 meseci
The first 10 minutes are the best
The Goalkeeper Kid
The Goalkeeper Kid Pred 6 meseci
“ let’s not make it bait “ Second later: “ shall we just get him women’s clothes “
ENERGY Pred 6 meseci
I love Harry singings
crying in a cool way
crying in a cool way Pred 7 meseci
It’s way past 50,000 likes
Electra Cameron
Electra Cameron Pred 7 meseci
i can’t believe they ordered him a 16 he’s a *skinny* boy
ZJ Pred 7 meseci
Wheres the Selfridges one cal
Katherine Blue
Katherine Blue Pred 7 meseci
2:58 🤣🤣
SXIFUL1 Pred 7 meseci
10:58 😂😂😂😂😂
Jessica Kaur
Jessica Kaur Pred 7 meseci
Lmao Callux put his own link next to Freezy’s name in the description😂
Sam Harding
Sam Harding Pred 7 meseci
Can we see the selfriges one now it hit 50k ages ago
FerrixF09 Gaming
FerrixF09 Gaming Pred 8 meseci
Nisha Dutta
Nisha Dutta Pred 8 meseci
Commenting for the watch
SquareBraceX2 Pred 8 meseci
Confirmed - Harry is allergic to his own channel
kate nicole x
kate nicole x Pred 8 meseci
lux’s sweetener top in the intro😍😍
C G Pred 8 meseci
Whens the selfridges video out???
Jay Cox
Jay Cox Pred 9 meseci
Sam IJ
Sam IJ Pred 9 meseci
Where's the Selfridges shop
Robert Sultana
Robert Sultana Pred 9 meseci
Harry with a Childish hoodie? fucking fire!!! rep them TGF boys 💪🏽
Ethan Cotter
Ethan Cotter Pred 9 meseci
Fuck you calx
luke oxborough
luke oxborough Pred 9 meseci
love how frezey and harry are on the exact same page
sceptexx Pred 9 meseci
U made me spill coffe on my phone @calfreezy
sceptexx Pred 9 meseci
He sais i cant spare 1,000 he has 2x 10pounds on hiswall
Carla Burkhart
Carla Burkhart Pred 9 meseci
His festival outfit looked like something out of 'Kevin & Perry Go Large'.
Max Seisman
Max Seisman Pred 9 meseci
Cal’s calf’s are non existent
Simon Pred 9 meseci
What t-shirt was the one that calix wore at the start
EllieBandito Pred 9 meseci
patiently waiting for selfridges one🥺
Esther Mcluckie
Esther Mcluckie Pred 9 meseci
honestly try and convince me that harry and calfreezy aren't secretly related. i swear they look so much alike, lol.
Anna Holm
Anna Holm Pred 9 meseci
The flaired jeans are so f*cking hot! Fight me.
Sophie Waite
Sophie Waite Pred 9 meseci
u have to go out in it
Henry Edwards
Henry Edwards Pred 9 meseci
u can tell they were stoned in this🤣🤣
icecream man
icecream man Pred 10 meseci
Nobody talks about how cute Harry’s smile acc is
____ Pred mesecem
EsmeLovesBeauty 🦋
EsmeLovesBeauty 🦋 Pred 10 meseci
Ass os is the worst place to get clothes they’re disgustiing
Ellen Bailey
Ellen Bailey Pred 10 meseci
RIP 2020 festival season
Junaid C
Junaid C Pred 10 meseci
Callux is the white niko omilana
Sami Achouche
Sami Achouche Pred 10 meseci
My two boyfriends do my ASOS shopping lmaoo love these three haha keep it up Cal!
Ylenia Farina
Ylenia Farina Pred 10 meseci
why would i wear the second outfit tho
Gemma Newton
Gemma Newton Pred 10 meseci
Love how he has old 10 pound notes on his wall xx
Simran Bangar
Simran Bangar Pred 10 meseci
Patricia Owusu-antwi
Patricia Owusu-antwi Pred 10 meseci
I just realised that harry has TGF BRO merch ☻🤦🏾‍♀️
Joseph Ortiz
Joseph Ortiz Pred 10 meseci
I fucking love Harry
Lyla Mason
Lyla Mason Pred 10 meseci
When he broke the watch
isobel hill
isobel hill Pred 10 meseci
Can we talk about the amazing T-shirt Lux is wearing
Dave carlton
Dave carlton Pred 10 meseci
Unpopular opinion: harry looks very like stephen tries a couple of times in this vid
CallmeJoshi Pred 10 meseci
Reply your favourite outfit
Lotte Dekker
Lotte Dekker Pred 11 meseci
where is the Selfridges video?
noose neryn
noose neryn Pred 11 meseci
Dress will forever be the fav, that shit was cold asf. Young Thug did it, so can you
PJ Farrell
PJ Farrell Pred 11 meseci
Nearly doubled the like goal for cal and Harry to do your Selfridges shopping!
Ogledi 3,9 mio.
Ogledi 3,9 mio.