minecraft, but you can farm lucky blocks 

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minecraft, but you can farm lucky blocks
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speed run challenges in a "Minecraft but" format





5. apr. 2021

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angelmorales110399 Pred 4 urami
Try Chance cubes
Marco Gonzales
Marco Gonzales Pred 10 urami
Spiders don’t attack at day, gray
Christopher Rathmann aka shin godzilla 2017
needs MORE 00000000000000000000000s
Shane Steele
Shane Steele Pred 18 urami
Beat their ass regional *chicken does nothing
The Fat Walrus
The Fat Walrus Pred 22 urami
quote of the day: "it's rectum time! Let's do this boys" 10:38
xX GwansTheSkeleGamer Xx
Does this man not know what a Shulker is? (The creature that made you float)
Twan the proto boi
Twan the proto boi Pred 5 dnevi
2:27 ur hotbar is disgusting
Sarah Nassar
Sarah Nassar Pred 8 dnevi
GrayStillPlays: survey says *Zombies appear* Also gray: OH SWEET JESUS
MAX GADSDEN Pred 8 dnevi
Grey playing Minecraft is beautiful
Lee Newton1992
Lee Newton1992 Pred 8 dnevi
That chicken is crazy like look at his eyes he is possessed
Arvin Castillo
Arvin Castillo Pred 10 dnevi
"Give me your seeds!" Gray out of context.
Gabby Smolinski
Gabby Smolinski Pred 11 dnevi
How did gray put TORCHES of the ender pearls on the portals!?!?! 12:39
Shahna-Kae Fyffe
Shahna-Kae Fyffe Pred 11 dnevi
No more bad words please like f###
William Pearl
William Pearl Pred 12 dnevi
I Never Shut Up
I Never Shut Up Pred 14 dnevi
gray: potatos, 4\10 technoblade would like to know your location
B 01 Caballero Amiel Joshua
you got alot of blaze rods because you have lootingX if you did not know=-=
Suspect Pred 14 dnevi
Gray really doesnt know how to play XD
TheToadGuy Pred 14 dnevi
Ive seen about 10 of these dating websites on the replies. Please SLtv get rid of these people
Rapid TQNK2
Rapid TQNK2 Pred 14 dnevi
Gray playing Minecraft is something all of us needed and all of us asked for
Micheal Wright
Micheal Wright Pred 15 dnevi
Could you imagine if you broke a block in the thumbnail and tnt shot out of it breaking like 10 other lucky blocks and spawning stuff
Eudorayhr3 bg
Eudorayhr3 bg Pred 17 dnevi
Gray sounds like Luke the notable
ezell lee
ezell lee Pred 17 dnevi
“It’s like having a nuclear reactor on my ball” that killed me and I am still laughing
office utility
office utility Pred 18 dnevi
I imagine the ender dragon sees different timelines. After watching grey play Minecraft I imagine the ender dragon gets PTSD every time he hears graystillSlays goes through the end portal and thinks "Oh god, what is he going to do this time to me that sick bastard?"
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Pred 18 dnevi
I am now gonna call Skeletons Jingly Bastards.
Elizabeth Drinkwine
Elizabeth Drinkwine Pred 18 dnevi
please oh please I NEED the plans for the two houses he accidentally lucky blocked into existence
mr joe momma
mr joe momma Pred 18 dnevi
Caitlyn Adams
Caitlyn Adams Pred 18 dnevi
8:05 Gray: * opens block and it's the super strong bull thing from the blue minecraft raider team * Also Gray: what the hell- HHHHHHH-
TRISTANPLAYZ Pred 18 dnevi
Lol their kissing 2:23 middle left
slime dream
slime dream Pred 18 dnevi
You dont know what the thorns enchantment does? I mean all it does is damage ur enimies when they attack you Thays all thats why he took damage or i guess she did
Aditya Pred 18 dnevi
"My chicken is doing a grand total of absolutely nothing"🤣
Gavin Miller
Gavin Miller Pred 18 dnevi
I love how you always start your video the same way. Welcome back guys to the only game that you can.....
TheDreamer Pred 19 dnevi
When its day light: *Spiders can’t attack you but if you hit them they will attack you*
gallade gamer
gallade gamer Pred 19 dnevi
10:18 I have no clue why this is so funny to me
gallade gamer
gallade gamer Pred 19 dnevi
10:18 I have no clue why this is so funny to me
Blueidk Blueidk
Blueidk Blueidk Pred 19 dnevi
What happen to your chicken
Alexeo Pred 19 dnevi
9:29 UUUUuuUuUuAaUu
Connor Baird
Connor Baird Pred 20 dnevi
Hahahah potatoes for our ten 0:29
Generic Channel Name
Generic Channel Name Pred 20 dnevi
His inventory organization is making me anrgy
Donk Donk
Donk Donk Pred 20 dnevi
Press ctrl q gray it drops the stack instantly
Flavian Islands
Flavian Islands Pred 20 dnevi
I laughed so much I got the hiccups 😂
Dylan King
Dylan King Pred 20 dnevi
as a diehard minecraft player, this video hurts me
Missing Lemon
Missing Lemon Pred 20 dnevi
wait you play minecraft? i actually didn't know that
Jake Powell
Jake Powell Pred 20 dnevi
Instagram Lives
Instagram Lives Pred 20 dnevi
0:44 Peter Griffin is that you ?
Catundertail Pred 20 dnevi
: awesome :
BioGas #ended#
BioGas #ended# Pred 20 dnevi
Bro i didnt know with minecraft grey was that funny
BioGas #ended#
BioGas #ended# Pred 20 dnevi
Grey still plays on his first lucky block: im a guy
BioGas #ended#
BioGas #ended# Pred 20 dnevi
Buff Taco
Buff Taco Pred 21 dnevom
you had 32 enchanted golden apples and you ate bread
LightGod 18
LightGod 18 Pred 21 dnevom
Who’s gonna tell him that spiders don’t attack during the day?
TTVGAMR Pred 21 dnevom
He left out the part where he broke a diamond block with a stone pick. 😂
Yian Kyle Christian Escalante Peralta
GrayStullPlays in 3:50: Come on big money big money Lucky Block: Nope. Never gonna say that again >:) Me: That's not money. You got a whole family awhh :)
Julian Jaramillo
Julian Jaramillo Pred 21 dnevom
At 2:23 you see two villagers make a baby
BILLYLTD1408 Pred 21 dnevom
14:07 Reginald's like "Did you do it?"
Ellie L
Ellie L Pred 21 dnevom
Andhika Shafie
Andhika Shafie Pred 21 dnevom
Me: hey what you get ? Graystillplay: lucky block Me: from where? Gray: farmming Me: interesting Me: (make farm) Me: now the finnal think, /gamerule randomtickspeed 100 Me: lucky block time :D (Farm + randomtickspeed 100 = farm grow more faster)
ranboo pog
ranboo pog Pred 21 dnevom
I cant wait until someone tries to say gray but actually says gay I almost did it 😑
Mastersaurus Rex
Mastersaurus Rex Pred 21 dnevom
4:21 Sounds like Mr Cheese.
Melker Nyblom
Melker Nyblom Pred 22 dnevi
do he know what ender mobs are?
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez Pred 22 dnevi
I feel like the lucky blocks are helping you
pohtaetoh-kun Pred 22 dnevi
Garrett Butler
Garrett Butler Pred 22 dnevi
You see... Reginald likes burning in lava. When he was burning while you were building the portal, you could tell he liked it because hearts were ejected out of his brain .
Wil Harding
Wil Harding Pred 22 dnevi
Saarthak Tak
Saarthak Tak Pred 22 dnevi
Anyone else think Reginald attacked him at the beginning and not a creeper... Just me, ok
ALANNAH - CAT Pred 22 dnevi
Do more sims stuff like make the funny looking cat have kids for like 19 generations
Eric Gates
Eric Gates Pred 22 dnevi
my Mexican grandma 7:24
MsFoReVeRLoVeD11 Pred 22 dnevi
O my fricking god you are so good
Brady Bennett
Brady Bennett Pred 22 dnevi
My guy really said obsindian
Kash Hodges
Kash Hodges Pred 22 dnevi
It bothered me so much that he didn't pick up that enchanted golden apple on the ground.
HungTheCryingTurtleZ #1
9:16 did anyone hear the Dream tea kettle laugh?
Karlye Ramer
Karlye Ramer Pred 22 dnevi
Lucky block more like unLucky block
• AlxcThe_Dxmby
• AlxcThe_Dxmby Pred 22 dnevi
*"Can we all just take this moment to realise gray makes us laugh even when were sad"*
JTMP_13 Pred 22 dnevi
Nobody: Everybody: SPAWN TECHNOBLADE!! Technno: POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Joker
The Joker Pred 22 dnevi
Gray: *goes to the nether* Satin: aight I’m a head out
CreeperGamerkid Pred 22 dnevi
EMbedding meth and cocaine into everything? spleens is proud.
Totally Not Obsessed
Totally Not Obsessed Pred 22 dnevi
What dose Technoblade think about the cursed potato plants that make lucky blocks??
Totally Not Obsessed
Totally Not Obsessed Pred 22 dnevi
Someone else agree that gray and Tommy and the crew do a mod video together plessss
Comment Advertiser
Comment Advertiser Pred 22 dnevi
I'm here too!!
william mcewan
william mcewan Pred 22 dnevi
the fact tht gray does not know what a shulker is hurts my soul
linn soontiens
linn soontiens Pred 22 dnevi
can we talk about the fact that he doesn't notice that he has looting 10 and that is the reason the blazes dropped so many blaze rods
Drake Vladimir
Drake Vladimir Pred 22 dnevi
Gray there were two villagerz kissing
Seth Roberts
Seth Roberts Pred 23 dnevi
Is this the same guy as CGP Gray
a Moth • 13 years ago
“Okay we’ll do like ten here” *uses 3*
Minecraftpro_motor Pred 23 dnevi
Technoblade: I have infinite lucky blocks Me: how? Techno:Potatttooooossss!!!!
TTV_1Pumpman Pred 23 dnevi
1:30 a*s h*e
Aeontq 3
Aeontq 3 Pred 23 dnevi
PHAZER6 Gaming
PHAZER6 Gaming Pred 23 dnevi
So this was techno's intentions
Jazzy Relampagos
Jazzy Relampagos Pred 23 dnevi
i hope lazar beam sees the beautiful yeet
BigThicTimmy Pred 23 dnevi
As a Minecraft player this makes me rage inside but just seeing who made it I cringe
Justin Carrell
Justin Carrell Pred 23 dnevi
2:15 parry, i have sent my gray to steal all the potatos int the tri-state area hahahahahah
Shinigaara85 Pred 23 dnevi
Hey Gray, I need a new pair of Raycons is your offer code still good?
JOHAN CHOCANO Pred 23 dnevi
GrayStillPlays: I have like every potato in the tristate area. Jacksepticeye: Am I a joke to you?
Charlie Foust
Charlie Foust Pred 23 dnevi
A spider in the light is friendly well a spider in the dark is angy
Alan Lanstell
Alan Lanstell Pred 23 dnevi
Gray cheat minecraft apocalypse next video
ChungusSlayz Pred 23 dnevi
What mod is this
Dove Wing
Dove Wing Pred 23 dnevi
What in the ever living hell was this
Monica Terry
Monica Terry Pred 23 dnevi
Woah Woah you’re not post to do that you’re not post to pick ax a tree that’s the last of the sword!?
arlo975 Pred 23 dnevi
no one talk about how the pigs wanted the potato gray was eating at 1:55 to 1:58
Finn Garland
Finn Garland Pred 23 dnevi
Everyone gangsta till grey uses the wrong tools for things
BrockWayne Miller
BrockWayne Miller Pred 23 dnevi
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