TESTING MY FITNESS DNA (Weight Loss Journey) 

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This video was shot in the week beginning 20th April, 12 days after we got the results & did the training session, it has been a long time getting this video out which I apologise for. I hope people that are interested in the journey I'm going on this is a interesting watch.
In this video I was weighing around 98KG I believe, I am now about to drop to sub 90KG. I've been trying out new things recently and I'm working on releasing actual gym work videos.
I hope you guys can see I am trying to up the production levels on videos like these & bringing you along on the journey.
P.S I will be uploading a body transformation video at the end of the year to show you guys how I changed in 2018, I hope you have a fantastic day, peace.
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15. jun. 2018

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ashley poulin
ashley poulin Pred 3 meseci
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 4 meseci
22:07 He predicted it!!!
Dan Bampoe
Dan Bampoe Pred 4 meseci
Who’s here after documentary
Scotts Homeearly
Scotts Homeearly Pred 4 meseci
Who’s here after he got coronavirus?
Callum Instone
Callum Instone Pred 10 meseci
It’s mad to see this guy now
iced tokey
iced tokey Pred 9 meseci
Sumit Raina
Sumit Raina Pred 10 meseci
D Creations
D Creations Pred 10 meseci
Website called *Next Level Diet* is the best for your body transformation. I lost 20kg by following their diet plan (I also had cheat meals) and training plan
Rahib Miah
Rahib Miah Pred letom
The way said "he lasts longer" 😂😂😂
ella Pred letom
mad respect
rishi_3 Pred 2 leti
Big transformation man.
Magdalena Zabaryla
Magdalena Zabaryla Pred 2 leti
In the thumbnail you looked like dumb ed sheeran.. not that you're dumb.. ed is dumb
David Kirkhope
David Kirkhope Pred 2 leti
alastairgs Pred 2 leti
Where are you eyebrows at
yes Pred 2 leti
2 lbs in one day tf
Brayton Servin
Brayton Servin Pred 2 leti
I feel like Behzinga would be a great father omg
Philippe Bednarek
Philippe Bednarek Pred 2 leti
He’s so white
player 1 footboll
player 1 footboll Pred 2 leti
Man like behz you slim af
M3 FR3DTON Pred 2 leti
The poll was exactly the other way round
Dryrr Pred 2 leti
You would actually be a great boxer, since most of it is endurance, the power in punches are from how fast you throw them basically.
Sheraz Ahmed
Sheraz Ahmed Pred 2 leti
I don’t think he knew what half of those words meant 😭
JJ Brady
JJ Brady Pred 2 leti
Nick's gonna get beat up
Shotoid Pred 2 leti
He looks like a thumb but I still love him.
Stone Miner 5
Stone Miner 5 Pred 2 leti
Keep it up Bez, looking good🤙🤙🔥
Mollusk Pred 2 leti
7000 calories mean you would have run about 3 marathons. Ha
Dragon its Vakafua
Dragon its Vakafua Pred 2 leti
so to summarise it. Tendinopathy is a disease of the tendon. In more medical term Acute tendon injury with inflammation. So bez if you have the T gene associated with endurance be very careful when exercising because this disease is common to happen when you exercise or sometimes move in awkward ways with this genes
FRUTANIO Pred 2 leti
If u see someones neck thins out that means he is getting thin!!!
LewTube Pred 2 leti
Good on ya Behz
Däni Pred 2 leti
No homo but you would look so good if you got little bit slimmer and grew a beard!
Stanleyyy Harrhyyy
Stanleyyy Harrhyyy Pred 2 leti
6 ads🙄
Simon Lockyer
Simon Lockyer Pred 2 leti
Endurance gang
Arsalaan22 Pred 2 leti
Ben Obrien
Ben Obrien Pred 2 leti
Worth £250???
mpt Pred 2 leti
What you have done is great keep it up bro
AODxBurnzy Pred 2 leti
Yeah bruv great work looking amazing ma man👌🏻
Noah Joseph
Noah Joseph Pred 2 leti
I see the difference in your body from the 10 business days. No homo
AssoBestaTyyp Pred 2 leti
This is hella cool :D also p, love the cat
James Beattie
James Beattie Pred 2 leti
Get jj to do this
Jaydon Calleja
Jaydon Calleja Pred 2 leti
When the poll results is opposite to the actual results....
Shannon The Cannon
Shannon The Cannon Pred 2 leti
Its about time
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred 2 leti
Getting sexy boi
its frosko
its frosko Pred 2 leti
Keep up the good work ps u should do the gym with ksi
MuffinMan842 Pred 2 leti
Loving this editing style but dude, turn up the saturation levels damn
the cheesz
the cheesz Pred 2 leti
How many adverts do u need
omar hatem
omar hatem Pred 2 leti
I really hope u become in the best shape. You have lost 8 kg in about a month which is really impressive i hope u continue this amazing journey
Irishking 9
Irishking 9 Pred 2 leti
I love these vids
kevin boje
kevin boje Pred 2 leti
Trainer Looks like dimitar berbatov
Dylan Bokaris
Dylan Bokaris Pred 2 leti
Please stop flexing 😟 so cringe
jay flynn
jay flynn Pred 2 leti
You did nit bang that one hahaha
Ufffh Pred 2 leti
you have lot of beta genes dont get me wrong, not everyone born alpha
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Pred 2 leti
Theres a beta male gene?
Joseph Pagan
Joseph Pagan Pred 2 leti
The difference of u before u sent the test off and when u received it is mad.
Nice vid!
KSS Slender
KSS Slender Pred 2 leti
Well done Bhez youve done well
The Man
The Man Pred 2 leti
Behz you are looking proper fit and I just like to say you come a long way and just keep up the good work m.
Eli Pred 2 leti
He is very hung up in the fact that he’s going to jail lol
Johnsxn Pred 2 leti
I get injured easily aswell I'm basically James Mccarthy
Ollie Brooks
Ollie Brooks Pred 2 leti
Sort yer sleeves oot
Mark Higgins
Mark Higgins Pred 2 leti
My man I am very proud of you!...
Max Chaplin
Max Chaplin Pred 2 leti
Let’s go Behz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Spaugett Pred 2 leti
Behzinga wont pin this
Charlie Malkin
Charlie Malkin Pred 2 leti
Love how the percentages in pole is exact opposite of the result
Brian Littlehales
Brian Littlehales Pred 2 leti
8:22 “I can last longer”.... that’s what she said?
Jaden Ruben
Jaden Ruben Pred 2 leti
At least your doing something bout it. Half of these dickheads aren't doing anything.
Ashminko Pred 2 leti
Looking good Behz! Keep up all the hard work 😊👍
Peter Sypien
Peter Sypien Pred 2 leti
I got I got I got I got
Jesse Lewin
Jesse Lewin Pred 2 leti
Just shows how much u can do if u put ur mind to things😮
Comments Lol
Comments Lol Pred 2 leti
Behz is a ledgend❤
Jake Taylor • 12 years ago .
Anyone could go for hours playing football if they can’t even run with the ball at feet😂
Born 2 Game
Born 2 Game Pred 2 leti
It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working on the video Behz, you’re still doing it and that means you’re enjoying it and want to do it. It’s good to see all of your progress in these videos, keep it up!
fetah fetahi
fetah fetahi Pred 2 leti
Man like Benz showing of those biceps every opportunity he has what a legend. Love Benz
Alex Curiel
Alex Curiel Pred 2 leti
Why does your pt look like he doesnt work put himself 😂, but keep grinding you're slimming down
Benzy Pred 2 leti
Still need to get them those man tits out of there try doing bench presses to turn that chest in to some nice muscular pecs 👍🏾
Benzy Pred 2 leti
That transition looked like it was a beige and after fitness thingy
Beano Boy
Beano Boy Pred 2 leti
U are doing amazing thing behz
Ella D’costa
Ella D’costa Pred 2 leti
Honestly this is so inspiring. Behz we are all so proud. It takes such a strong person to be this strong and to speak about this. You are doing so well ❤️❤️
Bakoena Hatane
Bakoena Hatane Pred 2 leti
I really do think that this test is interesting and can be beneficial, but I also feel that it can mentally hinder your progress in the sense that you will pay less attention to exercises outside your genetic strength. Keep in mind that its good to address weak points and go outside your comfort zone. Otherwise keep up the great work. Big up Behz!!!
Sreekar Nagul
Sreekar Nagul Pred 2 leti
at the time of this comment the percentages of the poll exactly matches your percentage except for the other option illuminati confirmed
Mr. Red
Mr. Red Pred 2 leti
Tahjaye Edwards
Tahjaye Edwards Pred 2 leti
The poll is literally the opposite of the site
NW Aquatics
NW Aquatics Pred 2 leti
You just need a tan you look really pale man
FLEx MEx Pred 2 leti
Behz I have lost 20 pounds with powerlifting and I was wondering if you could try it at some point. I know it’s not the best but I can bench 235 lbs for 2 reps and 405 for max and I feel great.I also do some conditioning with my American Football team and it is very life changing.And now I see what you are doing and I am pushing myself to do more 😁Thanks for the boost of confidence 🙂
Sami Ahmed
Sami Ahmed Pred 2 leti
Behz, you are sick!!
I feel like you should get JJ to try this DNA thing too..might help him come up with the best strategy for beating Logan in his Match.
Twenty Sugar
Twenty Sugar Pred 2 leti
lol when i voted at 8:15 it said 79% power and 21% endurance
Stephen3341 Pred 2 leti
try and stop yourself from using this as an excuse "oh im more of a power person" its just going to give you a negative outlook on different aspects of fitness try and convince yourself that just because you might be a power house doesn't mean you can't become something else ;)
Huy Phạm
Huy Phạm Pred 2 leti
Keep up my man 💪
Joshy 777
Joshy 777 Pred 2 leti
Jesus Christ the adverts on this...
122-MBET-15 Pred 2 leti
I think he will be fighting,maybe they will reveal later
Rosie Davies
Rosie Davies Pred 2 leti
akhil arora he's not
Jack Nunn
Jack Nunn Pred 2 leti
man liek behz
RdMn Kushze
RdMn Kushze Pred 2 leti
The DNAfit thing is 249 fucking pounds
Jujojo Pred 2 leti
Also what a boring video, are all the channels turning into Fitness ones?
Chloe Reading
Chloe Reading Pred 2 leti
Love the fitness journey videos
Astro 18
Astro 18 Pred 2 leti
Great work behz
tharun thomas
tharun thomas Pred 2 leti
I like how the voting percentage is the inverse of his Power/Endurance response xD when I voted 71% voted power and 29% voted endurance and his actual response is 71% endurance and 29% power xD found that pretty cool :0
Iúri Teixeira
Iúri Teixeira Pred 2 leti
5000th like!
Usman Kayani
Usman Kayani Pred 2 leti
love you behz you have come a long way
Ishaan Nair
Ishaan Nair Pred 2 leti
That bicep at the end tho😂 Man like behz, gettin all fit Big inspiration, man, big inspiration to many (including me, so thanks for that)
Usman Da boss
Usman Da boss Pred 2 leti
0:08 u madman
C0nv3rsE Pred 2 leti
And he paid money for that.... mad scam
Artur Mehmetaj
Artur Mehmetaj Pred 2 leti
Sem SDS-ovec???
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Sem SDS-ovec???
Ogledi 47 tis.
I Speedrun Minecraft
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