GIANT Tennis Challenge!! 

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26. jul. 2017

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith Pred 4 dnevi
Megan is gorgeous.
Atreya Tripathy
Atreya Tripathy Pred 8 dnevi
Tarik DeFriez
Tarik DeFriez Pred 8 dnevi
watching in 2021!
Shake N bake
Shake N bake Pred 11 dnevi
I was 💀🤣 when Joey said you get it girl when Matthias was about to hit, then he hit it like that🤣 at 10:44
_Gabriel_ 14
_Gabriel_ 14 Pred 29 dnevi
2:02 Bryan middle finger ?
Ryan Haywood
Ryan Haywood Pred 29 dnevi
I rlly need y’all to do this again😂
Teh Pred mesecem
Minion You
Minion You Pred mesecem
11:29 you sound like my tennis coach
K McNorton
K McNorton Pred mesecem
3:02 Matt: Next time you won’t screw up! 3:16 (Matt screws up) I’m so shuck!
Discord's Morgan
Discord's Morgan Pred mesecem
Megan is like a female Matthias, screams and all
Harper Haynes
Harper Haynes Pred 2 meseci
Bruh j-Fred’s jump tho
Gavin Yates - CVMS 2027
12:30 what would she do if it were toxic??
Joseph Monticollo
Joseph Monticollo Pred 2 meseci
Matthias fail 0:04
BoUrTnEy ScHlOpAGiS Pred 2 meseci
What Jody said at 12:21 is so cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Eri 退屈
Eri 退屈 Pred 3 meseci
8:29 *I haven’t heard this song in forever* 😂
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde Pred 3 meseci
Matt Rellay good Tennis shoot
Sunsetclxudydreams plays roblox!
4:36 JFred is singing a pocahontas song 😂😂
Shaughna Crew!
Shaughna Crew! Pred 4 meseci
Joey Joey Joey Joey yesss
Cooper Neppl
Cooper Neppl Pred 4 meseci
Square Rex
Square Rex Pred 4 meseci
She sounds like a karen
Natalie Brewer
Natalie Brewer Pred 4 meseci
I have to say, J-Fred is nice with his serves
Ethan Show_8
Ethan Show_8 Pred 4 meseci
Megan trying to roast is the best thing
Hannah Wadlington
Hannah Wadlington Pred 4 meseci
Being a person who actually plays tennis and is on a team of someone was to actually jump over the net that’s an illegal move and so is putting your racket across the net to hit a ball
Finn K.
Finn K. Pred 5 meseci
As a tennis player, this is funny how bad she is lol. (No affiance)
Tyler Binkowski
Tyler Binkowski Pred 5 meseci
Who is this Megan?
Jesse Hunt
Jesse Hunt Pred 5 meseci
I love you team edge
OZKO-2 Pred 5 meseci
Nice vid
Gunslinger35 Pred 5 meseci
Did anyone see when they hit it out then keep playing
Dr. Beaumont-Tynes
Dr. Beaumont-Tynes Pred 5 meseci
So THIS is what it feels like to be John Isner or Ivo Karlovic
Emrick Bouchard
Emrick Bouchard Pred 5 meseci
What's the background song during the video??
Maxwell Liu
Maxwell Liu Pred 6 meseci
Drinking game: drink every time matthias says "Joey"
Brenham Martinez
Brenham Martinez Pred 6 meseci
They should do basketball and connect four!
Abdul Muqeet
Abdul Muqeet Pred 6 meseci
This is how many times Matt said “Joey”
Skye Is heere
Skye Is heere Pred 4 meseci
How many
Dave Watson
Dave Watson Pred 6 meseci
EXTRAS #Notemames
EXTRAS #Notemames Pred 7 meseci
The Ace Sage
The Ace Sage Pred 7 meseci
Here you go. 8:24
Anna Brosnahan
Anna Brosnahan Pred 7 meseci
As an actual tennis player, let’s just say everything that they did was wrong
Firebolt 67 EDU and Art
You think three deuces are bad? I got five playing badminton once!
Plus Pred 8 meseci
dude i hate when they add this girl cus they change their mood and shes just weird and over the top ab everything ik this is an old vid but im just saying
Karim Badway
Karim Badway Pred 8 meseci
9:00 that was clearly out
safaa Ali
safaa Ali Pred 8 meseci
Look at 8:30
Jonah Pierre
Jonah Pierre Pred 8 meseci
Wait... Did Joey just say that was the longest duece he ever PLAYED WITH!?!?
xPixieStickx Pred 9 meseci
2020 anyone?
Preston Lawrence
Preston Lawrence Pred 9 meseci
Dude the music in their videos is so good I wish there was links for them smh😭😭
Chongle Pred 9 meseci
Stratus Pred 9 meseci
i feel like half way thro joey learned how to acually play 😂
Walki Acid
Walki Acid Pred 9 meseci
i thoughg that megan said when it hit her it paralyses like THE WHOLE BODY
Colton lightning storm Cue
Why does Matthias want to hit Megan so much
Kolten Wilson
Kolten Wilson Pred 10 meseci
Megan sounds like the biggest snitch when she keeps saying out
Ryan W
Ryan W Pred 11 meseci
This is the longest Douce. That sounded wrong
Speed Cancer
Speed Cancer Pred 11 meseci
As a tennis player, this video infuriated me- but I still loved it
Shahir Shorup
Shahir Shorup Pred 11 meseci
9:00 what happened to mehgan
Matthew Presland
Matthew Presland Pred letom
Tasha Williams
Tasha Williams Pred letom
poor strings on those rackets
Willy Fasick
Willy Fasick Pred letom
Megan is one of he hottest girls I have ever seen
Aidan Rea
Aidan Rea Pred letom
I play tennis so it’s so funny seeing them miss 😂
delacruise666 Pred letom
Megan got those legs 😍😍😍
Shane Goodfellow
Shane Goodfellow Pred letom
The best version of wii sports
Jaceylin Mooney
Jaceylin Mooney Pred letom
Joey: hits ball but doesn’t make it over Bryan: Awwwww that was so cuteeeeee
Yashira Gonzalez
Yashira Gonzalez Pred letom
This video play because i have auto play the next one and i need it so bad! This time with all craziness because of the virus is been sad and hard but this video change my day i laugh so much, thanks for always changing our days in a good way!💪🏼💕🇵🇷
Candycane nerdy
Candycane nerdy Pred letom
Matt and J-Fred have good STEREOTYPICAL British accents. Good but factually incorrect.
Zayed Pred letom
That’s why they don’t have any girls on team edge, they would be like “AW I don’t wanna hit her “
Rising Beast
Rising Beast Pred 5 meseci
Zayed shut you bch ass up bruh
Kelly Knight
Kelly Knight Pred 6 meseci
@Zayed bruh chill. menagerie never did anything wrong. if that’s wat you were trying to say then you should of clarified that.
Camado Beats
Camado Beats Pred 9 meseci
Syed A how explain
Zayed Pred 9 meseci
Camado Beats, yes he did
Camado Beats
Camado Beats Pred 9 meseci
Syed A he never tried to prove you wrong what are you talking about
GewuerzTanne 662
GewuerzTanne 662 Pred letom
Polish pong in Austrian Lafale
Chloe Arens
Chloe Arens Pred letom
I LOVE WHEN JOEY JUMPS OVER THE NET I AM JUST LIKE HIM IN TENNIS AND I WILL SMACK IT SO HARD IT WILL GO FLYING!! :3 Thank you for reading this I appreciate it pwease read this plz. :3 ;3 :) ;)
Neon Universe 62
Neon Universe 62 Pred letom
At the beginning. CUE THE DRAMATIC MUSIC. Matt misses. 👌 noice
KillSwitch MDE
KillSwitch MDE Pred letom
2020 anyone
BWSH 2020
BWSH 2020 Pred letom
8:05 he touched the net so Bryan and Megan get the point
Justin Perlera
Justin Perlera Pred letom
7:00 yes Bryan, it’s in
First Name Last Name
7:36 literally every person after I score
courtney Smith
courtney Smith Pred letom
Matthias:you are now here by sentenced to death
Joseph Borsos
Joseph Borsos Pred letom
Matthias went into golf mode
Yandy Tolmo
Yandy Tolmo Pred letom
You are so close to 10.m subscribers
Abdul Muqeet
Abdul Muqeet Pred letom
This is a Matt joke Mathias left handed Also Mathias that’s RIGHT
Mia Palumbo
Mia Palumbo Pred letom
I love Megan's scream ❤️
Axelbravepro Pred letom
J Fred: hit tennis and the ball start fire Matthia: MOOOOOOOONNNOOOOOO Megan And Bryan: YEET
Kheilas Reti
Kheilas Reti Pred letom
I love how it's giant tennis but the court is smaller than usual and they use normal rackets
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde Pred 3 meseci
Joey Really Good Tennis shoot
wap0hybrid Pred 9 meseci
It’s th ball and the spirit
sododle Pred letom
giant tennis wtf it is tiny tennis
I Speak Art
I Speak Art Pred letom
Megan: WRONG SPORT!!!! Me: **flashback to when my classmate would shoot hoops with a volleyball** ya I feel you
beautifulob fan10
i miss matt
Kjetil_vb Pred letom
Josipa Mihok
Josipa Mihok Pred letom
No., gorl
Emily Stevens
Emily Stevens Pred letom
Joey should do a j joke every single video
Ariel Romero
Ariel Romero Pred letom
i shall proclaim myself as superior: I played in school against 4 people and we had no experience and I held my own
Chloe McGiff
Chloe McGiff Pred letom
Megan should work at team edge she’s so good at being mad
Xuzxko Pred letom
Eli Lewis
Eli Lewis Pred letom
Bobby is so hilarious bro I can’t Megan hit it at Mathias completely off Bobby aw so close3:28
Hargoon Singh
Hargoon Singh Pred letom
Can you do a cricket challenge
kaw kay
kaw kay Pred letom
Matthias is the med evil king
Addison Bremner
Addison Bremner Pred letom
Vous réaliser que le tennis est la même grandeur
Giuseppe Caruana
Giuseppe Caruana Pred letom
Matt is super funny
Gamez 4 Dayz
Gamez 4 Dayz Pred letom
When Joey charged at Megan and the ball after she hit it completely freaking her out, I wish professional tennis players did that in real matches.
Onyx The Dog
Onyx The Dog Pred letom
GIant teenis
Leah Burrows
Leah Burrows Pred letom
I heard you fart go poo
Mary Beth Garcia
Mary Beth Garcia Pred letom
Omg I felt like if my chest was gonna burst out because I was laughing do hard
Jo Fam827
Jo Fam827 Pred letom
Buz light commercial
Minion You
Minion You Pred letom
Dont touch it, it's poisonous *proceeds to yeet it at Matt*
Yamil Reyes
Yamil Reyes Pred letom
First in tennis when it hits the net no one gets a point it is called a net
Ethan Patrick
Ethan Patrick Pred letom
First it's called a "let" and second that only applies on a serve
Lisa Lock
Lisa Lock Pred letom
Play a game of baceball.
Khin Thwe
Khin Thwe Pred letom
7:15 is my favorite part😂😂😂😂 Look at Bryan when she failed to hit the ball 😂
Liliana Fox
Liliana Fox Pred letom
You do know your not playing tennis right.
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