Game Theory: Dear MatPat, I Fixed Your Theory (First Episode Remastered) 

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Theorists, it has been 10 YEARS since the first episode of Game Theory premiered on SLtv. 10 YEARS!! This month we are celebrating that anniversary with a celebration of the channel. Today we are revisiting that first episode, "Game Theory: Is Chrono Trigger's Time Travel Accurate?". I am going to give you a director's cut of the episode, while fixing some of the graphics that... don't quite hold up anymore. Come along on this journey to the past as we talk about the time travel of Chrono Trigger - again!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




13. apr. 2021

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Koala From Tomorrow
Ruining your childhood
T35T1F1C4T3 Pred 12 urami
10 years anniversary!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!
BMG's Plush World
BMG's Plush World Pred 13 urami
If backwards time travel isn’t possible, if we went to the future we can’t go back, correct
Niek Van doren
Niek Van doren Pred dnevom
congrant keep it up another 10 years ( intro music is like childhood all over again every couple of days thx for that)
Francesca Greetham
Francesca Greetham Pred dnevom
It’s thrown me off that MatPats voice hasn’t changed even a tiny bit in 10 years!
Alexander Boudreau
Alexander Boudreau Pred 2 dnevi
The time travel stuff, anything you do in the past is your present, so nothing happens
Agent Pancake
Agent Pancake Pred 2 dnevi
The intro tho
Cesar Quililan
Cesar Quililan Pred 2 dnevi
Hey congratulations! Unrelated question, how much money is the money in Sims 4 worth?
chilla-z Pred 3 dnevi
Why would anyone dislike this!!!???
Joshua Leo
Joshua Leo Pred 3 dnevi
The same starting joke from back then
jada cormier
jada cormier Pred 3 dnevi
instead of fnaf lore its now matpat lore
Taio Pred 3 dnevi
My God Mat, stop making pauses to praise yourself I'm trying to watch the video
Kevin Weise
Kevin Weise Pred 4 dnevi
10 years already. How time flies. I've been watching game theory for 10 years now!!! This video brought back some memories. I now have a kid who watching film theory now as well. Here's to 10 more years.
I dunno whatchu talkin about MatPat, bathroom humor is timeless... we just like to pretend it isn’t :)
Sophia Widzowski
Sophia Widzowski Pred 4 dnevi
The part at the end, where he goes into how he’s matured and how proud he is about that and the opportunities he’s had- seriously, very wholesome. You’re awesome, MatPat.
Audai Pred 4 dnevi
As Putin said about the USSR: "I miss the USSR but only a fool would want to go back to the USSR" NOT saying MatPat is a comrade, but conceptually I get what you mean about old SLtv.
Little Children
Little Children Pred 4 dnevi
Umm I don’t know if this is normal but once I heard it was the 10th anniversary I started to cry and I was like “want why I’m aim crying??” Happy 10th anniversary! ✨🎉
Liam Baumgardner
Liam Baumgardner Pred 5 dnevi
MatPat, that ending's making me cry 😭😂
Jim Greene
Jim Greene Pred 5 dnevi
The fourth theory channel doesn't exist. The fourth theory channel doesn't exist. The fourth theory channel doesn't exist. The fourth theory channel doesn't exist. The fourth theory channel doesn't exist. The fourth theory channel doesn't exist. The fourth theory channel doesn't exist. The fourth theory channel 4256+
Russian duckling 0w0
Bioshock theory?
Ateskaan Yilmaz
Ateskaan Yilmaz Pred 5 dnevi
I wasted my time on writing this link it isn't usable
HyperKenfox behind the Slaugther
Matpat: Enjoy a 3-7 minute long video! Me: It's 13 minutes
Spoof Doof
Spoof Doof Pred 6 dnevi
the time slips video is unavailable
gengar's mom
gengar's mom Pred 6 dnevi
10 goddamn years 🍻
Aarushi Kishore
Aarushi Kishore Pred 6 dnevi
This video is 13:13 minutes long.
Lowlife 13
Lowlife 13 Pred 6 dnevi
Oh god matpat’s Final thoughts *clicks off the video* I have to maintain image for the joke
Drewski Pred 6 dnevi
Your first episode was close to my birth at that time 2011/4/26 2:23 that was when I was born you made your first episode near my birth
Dino Lucarelli
Dino Lucarelli Pred 6 dnevi
what if when you time travel you go to a different dimension
A_Centurion_Main Pred 6 dnevi
Your one of the reasons I am into science 😊
SuperFire meme
SuperFire meme Pred 6 dnevi
I would love to see a fnf theory also known as Friday night funkin mabye make a theory about week 6 or 7.
Mikey Is a girl
Mikey Is a girl Pred 6 dnevi
Helllooooo Internetttttt
Falkuzrules Pred 6 dnevi
Isn't it just amazing how far SLtv commenters have devolved in the last 10 years? Now you can't scroll down without seeing a mindlessly repeated trend from some kid who has never had an original thought in his life... in 10 more years you'll probably be banned from the entire internet if you dare to comment something that's not the latest unfunny """meme""" and doesn't have a minimum of 10 emojis. What a time to be dead!
Nic Love
Nic Love Pred 6 dnevi
the link doN'T work sltv.info/label/fMeKvq6lbKSHeog/video&feature=related
matthew jonson
matthew jonson Pred 6 dnevi
Sleeplessly Sad
Sleeplessly Sad Pred 7 dnevi
Is there a discord?
Cyanshift 88
Cyanshift 88 Pred 7 dnevi
Here's the link: sltv.info/label/fKeKvq6lbISHeog/video&feature=related Sadly it doesn't work :-| This comment will probably be hidden as spam for containing a link so let me know if it isn't :-P
RoBo Pred 7 dnevi
I'm been watching since I was young and I cant wait for the 20th anniversary
N D H J Pred 7 dnevi
This is so dumb...Wish u just remastered it, polished the script and everything. Why do u have to mention every changes you did every 5 mins?
volkano Pred 7 dnevi
Happy 10th birthday anniversary
Mis Understood
Mis Understood Pred 7 dnevi
We love you MatPat!!! 💚
halkeye20 Pred 7 dnevi
So. Now that mass effect is being remastered. Can you do mass effect indoctrination theory part 2
tajemniczy1 Pred 7 dnevi
Fun fact SMG4 is going to have his first video 10 year anniversary in 8 of May
VA 4C 四丁Jven 蔡文明
the link didin't work i typed each individual number
Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman Pred 7 dnevi
Tyler Colon
Tyler Colon Pred 8 dnevi
do a theory on bomb from angry birds
TyDraws Pred 8 dnevi
The first Game Theory video I ever saw was the companion cube one. I was going through a Portal phase, and I thought it was the coolest thing. I'm so glad I stuck around all these years. Thanks for changing my view on so many things in stories, science, and video games. 😊
Adamimoka Pred 8 dnevi
See you guys in 10 years when he remasters this video
Russian duckling 0w0
Will you make a bioshock theory? Please make one, you made a few a while ago.
Hetecks Pred 8 dnevi
I have a theory on all of the theory channels I think- **dies**
Angel Leonard
Angel Leonard Pred 8 dnevi
wow the outro song was a bit of a Easter egg
Living Constellation
Started cringe, still cringe
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith Pred 8 dnevi
Travel back in time and tell your younger self not to play FNAF
Camel King Clarith
Camel King Clarith Pred 8 dnevi
The real cringe is that you used to write Game Theory as "Game ΤΗΣοrψ", which would be read as "Game TĒSorps"
YB FriendlyStrawberry
Aw yeah Jirard replied in the comments!
Oof the golden fox
Oof the golden fox Pred 8 dnevi
Everyone, leave when he starts talking about MatPat’s final though
TheREAPERoo7 Pred 9 dnevi
Ay, mat, think you could cover risk of rain 2? It has amazing gameplay, and even better lore! I’d like to see you take up this challenge, not to mention try the game!
iiĞhøşťowo Pred 9 dnevi
Correction: 12 years.
Sean Wells
Sean Wells Pred 9 dnevi
That old school theme music...the BEST!
Jason Wang
Jason Wang Pred 9 dnevi
you should have played both side by side
Oplars Pred 9 dnevi
'what is and isn't acceptable to say changed a lot' In a kinda scary way yeah
Colin Brown
Colin Brown Pred 9 dnevi
Dude check out this link sltv.info/label/n9moy9eRb3iIjWs/video It's about a pizzaria ball pit incident that reeks of fnaf .
Kieran Gill
Kieran Gill Pred 9 dnevi
This video reminded me of my dream where I invited MatPat to my wedding and he blanked me 😂😭 thanks for making our childhoods great since 2011!
Khaz Cole
Khaz Cole Pred 10 dnevi
Your welcome matpat. It's beena fun 10 years
Khaz Cole
Khaz Cole Pred 10 dnevi
Sam O'Connor
Sam O'Connor Pred 10 dnevi
I just noticed in the normal intro there is a spring trap funko pop figure
Eja Pratomo
Eja Pratomo Pred 10 dnevi
also sorry i cant watch the early game theorys because iwasnt even born (ps iwas born in 2011
Phantom Darling
Phantom Darling Pred 10 dnevi
7:43 ĪS ᗰƐ
Deathy The Abyssal Cat
9:31 your saying that if i travel back in time, and kill my own grand father, that will avoid my dad from existing and also destroying my existence, but since I was never born, i never time traveled to kill my own grand father, that means i was still born Literally meaning all i did was for nothing
J-Plays Pred 10 dnevi
You should make a fourth theory channel
Jacob Keller
Jacob Keller Pred 10 dnevi
Wow happy 10th anniversary. Wish I could remember how i first came across your channel and what my first video I watched of yours was. I’m here til the end now. Also was weird just hearing you talk about how much you have grown as a creator in your normal voice. Not that we have never heard you just talk straight to us. It was just weird in a theory video. Usually we get that over the top voice. Either way love the content and keep it up.
Some Random Guy on the Internet
MatPat’s Lightspeed Victory Lap!
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez Pred 10 dnevi
I have went to the future for some reason in kindergarten I was just starting class next thing I know I’m getting ready to leave it was so weird
Peter Kipkoech Mutai
Peter Kipkoech Mutai Pred 10 dnevi
Ahhhhhh! The classic intro
Sampson Brandon
Sampson Brandon Pred 11 dnevi
Hey I was wondering if you could do an Infinity train episode? There's so much you could cover in that show and plus it could help the creator get more seasons! Also on the 29th alot of people are trying to get #finishinfinitytrain trending so anyone who wants to help the more the merrier
Simple Viewer
Simple Viewer Pred 11 dnevi
I have a question about fnaf: who said the 1983 "I will put you back together" from fnaf 4, it wasn't William as he didn't, nor Cassidy as her death was 2 years later.
Cappy star
Cappy star Pred 11 dnevi
Sean Simpson
Sean Simpson Pred 11 dnevi
Raido Radin
Raido Radin Pred 11 dnevi
5:25 I don't think "kph" is a thing. It's km/h. Just "k" doesn't really make sense there.
JX - 06RK 879248 Fallingbrook MS
when you said deep thoughts in gaming, an ad showed up midway through that sentence which just made it sound like "deep thoughts in gay", weird ad placement youtube
Cody Myhre
Cody Myhre Pred 11 dnevi
ngl, I was hoping you were gonna interrupt the intro with a "wait hold on... lets give a throw back to the janky animation of the intro back then"
Grace Soon Jun Ci
Grace Soon Jun Ci Pred 11 dnevi
I just love listening to Game Theories that are have more real-life stuff than the normal one. It's kinda like listening to a podcast...I never understand anything.
Fernando Carvalho
Fernando Carvalho Pred 12 dnevi
3:15 Oh Mattpat I actually did and on a Wiimote no less
peter james
peter james Pred 12 dnevi
Uhh that sm58 you showed is a $100 mic not 20 :P Unless you were using a Pyle knock off. Very effective at its pricepoint
Brendan does Stuff
Brendan does Stuff Pred 12 dnevi
I really wish Matpat makes a terraria video, but what question is there?
Andrea Ulloa
Andrea Ulloa Pred 12 dnevi
Can you make a genshin theory??? Please I beg of you
John Smith
John Smith Pred 12 dnevi
first intro is best intro
Eli Park
Eli Park Pred 12 dnevi
Wait how can you travel to the future if the future is created by your present so you can’t make go to the future because the future isn’t a thing the future is created by you and you can’t create your own future by just going to it whiteout you doing stuff to make the future so the future isn’t a thing
Yuke Weiß
Yuke Weiß Pred 12 dnevi
What makes this so cool is I never watched the first episode because I wanted to play Chrono Trigger and had actually been playing it this month after oooing and aaaing about getting it for a decade.
Ryan Spooner
Ryan Spooner Pred 12 dnevi
Having found you in 2017, wow! You really have come far! Thanks again for so much fun concept, brain tickling theories, and for ruining my childhood!
The boss master
The boss master Pred 12 dnevi
You should do a roblox series’s
nikolai kolev
nikolai kolev Pred 12 dnevi
MatPat please do a theory about the game Little nightmares.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃. P.s:Love your videos
Wicksy Gaming
Wicksy Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
Congrats on 10 years mate! There isn’t a channel out there that I respect more than this 1 WP MP
Zardy Pred 12 dnevi
Im been with yah from the beginning cheers mate
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Pred 12 dnevi
Yeah I don't really like your tone from some of your earlier work and I'm glad that over time you have matured. Your channels have really grown into greatness from the humble sloppy beginnings :P We all started somewhere
TheOrangeKitten_Cat Pred 12 dnevi
It’s the same type of thing that you would do now
Adrian Parisi
Adrian Parisi Pred 13 dnevi
Happy 10 Years!
Ian Kunecke
Ian Kunecke Pred 13 dnevi
It's been a long and wonderful ride, thank you so much Matt Pat for sticking with game theory. On the side note if you're going to continue remastering older game theories, I have a suggestion, how about remastering and updating into the 2020s on how every video game is linked together. I was a really big fan of that game theory when it came out back in the day. In fact I still watch it time to time because it's such a unique theory.
a fan of Moody Blues
a fan of Moody Blues Pred 13 dnevi
Yo matpat do a video on the situation of brazil banning loot boxes from games
Devon Hayden
Devon Hayden Pred 13 dnevi
Deep thoughts in gay- (ad plays)
Rita Acosta
Rita Acosta Pred 13 dnevi
Wut a good intro
I made a promise..
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