Zerkaa Tells Sidemen Secrets, Stopping YouTube & Sidemen Sunday Leak!! What’s Good Full Podcast Ep99 

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15. apr. 2021

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N Pred dnevom
34:31 had me dying
Gage Anthony
Gage Anthony Pred 12 dnevi
The closed goose complimentarily surround because selection intringuingly license regarding a nebulous tramp. disturbed, innate volcano
FlossyHD Pred 15 dnevi
simon is such a karen lmaooo
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Pred 21 dnevom
O N Pred 24 dnevi
What’s good topics Cricket Craft Mac and cheese Wireless earphones SLtv polls Commentating channels Jet skis Formula1 or drive to survive show Slides (slippers) Roller coasters Air sports Fizzy drinks Super hero movies Dubbed tv shows Pick 8-10 pls pick cricket
tyler mooney
tyler mooney Pred 28 dnevi
2:39:01 😂😂😂😂 THE LOOK haha
arundhati bhattacharya
Why is Randolph is just the cutest
max covey
max covey Pred mesecem
Has no one realised that Randy isn't Northern?
1NFECT3D. Pred mesecem
1:18:46 Randy Ms. Words
Zammyr Buitrago
Zammyr Buitrago Pred mesecem
Why is Simon against everything normal in the world? I like the guy but he goes against everything and I don’t get it sometimes
Ami Massey
Ami Massey Pred mesecem
Randolph made my Alexa start playing songs by Randolph made me laugh!
Dinis Canha
Dinis Canha Pred mesecem
Simon's face at 2:39:02 looks like hes just seen a ghost
Akshar Pred mesecem
Get Harry to come on the podcast
Toggeli Pred mesecem
Feel bad for Simons hairloss
Felipe Monzón
Felipe Monzón Pred mesecem
man tried to talk to alexa. man had headphones .
Siraaj Uddin
Siraaj Uddin Pred mesecem
When Josh said Hey Siri mine went off
Jazib Malik
Jazib Malik Pred mesecem
It's pretty ironic that if Simon finished University he would've become a policeman
Dee DoubleU
Dee DoubleU Pred mesecem
Also going to say, Josh was so right in saying the importance of Uni. Personally I agree with what he was saying in a sense. Although for me, I find my degree completely useless, the stuff I learnt at uni; about myself etc, and the general stuff like improving my written work, how to structure arguments etc. For me, I didn’t go to a uni I did it online but for some I’m amusing it’s important for improving/furthering social skills as well. I do think uni is an important step for a lot of people to go from school to adulthood. It is however extremely expensive so that is a real negative. I’m in £20,000 odd debt and probably will be for quite some time so that’s a 👎🏻
Dee DoubleU
Dee DoubleU Pred mesecem
I have a point to make about what Simon was saying though... so he was saying that it’s basically useless for him to learn about a killer from the 1860s... however I highly disagree cos history repeats itself for one AND there is so much to learn from the past that yeah ok it happened hundreds of years ago but you (say as an inspiring detective) can learn about just as an example, evidence or MO knowledge that lead to his capture which you could to modern cases etc. History, although not completely reliable, is one of our most invaluable resources. ❤️
Ryan Pred mesecem
Randolph talks way way way way way to FAST
_ Rayboi _
_ Rayboi _ Pred mesecem
Someone needs to make a time stamp for all the times Randy made the face
Utkarsh Joshi
Utkarsh Joshi Pred mesecem
Tahir Qureshi
Tahir Qureshi Pred mesecem
I think Josh is the master mind behind sidemen
Marcus Obeada
Marcus Obeada Pred mesecem
Have to respect josh for not taking himself to serious
Amin Mk
Amin Mk Pred mesecem
I didn't know Simon was that introverted...
Andrive Pred mesecem
34:07 excuse me randolph?
Hayden Learoyd
Hayden Learoyd Pred mesecem
These 3 on the fellas or cal chip and josh on here would be amazing
Hayden Learoyd
Hayden Learoyd Pred mesecem
I rate these 3 they have a genuine relationship with there girlfriends don’t just spam content with them for views they have a actual relationship
Ola Bolingoli
Ola Bolingoli Pred mesecem
I listened to this pod on 0.9 speed
DaTwistedOne1 Pred mesecem
Not often Josh has incorrect facts, but. China, India, and Russia all produce more methane than the US in a year.
Martin Wolff
Martin Wolff Pred mesecem
Absolute Absurd
Absolute Absurd Pred mesecem
43:20 meanwhile me in the bathtub watching this episode with ball fizzer: 👁👄👁
Roman Star
Roman Star Pred mesecem
Watched the whole thing, great podcast. Guys, we do enjoy sidemen holiday videos. There is enough countries to explore and make videos about it.
Simply For Fun
Simply For Fun Pred mesecem
Lmao they made my Siri go off
Lou Payne
Lou Payne Pred mesecem
The chemistry these 3 have is mad, such an enjoyable episode 🥰
beau Pred mesecem
calorie vids are my second fav behind holidays
Dylan Webb
Dylan Webb Pred mesecem
Love the camera looks from Randy 👀36:38
TheWaz Pred mesecem
What’s that quote josh says at 1:34:00
Leon Thornton
Leon Thornton Pred mesecem
Great lads now i have to cancel shit on my Amazon 😂
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev Pred mesecem
Who tf are the sidemen anyway?
Charlie Robins
Charlie Robins Pred mesecem
Diego Amaro
Diego Amaro Pred mesecem
Who’s the person with the dump truck
ZakeMC Pred mesecem
Let randy play in pro clubs
Henry Dodson
Henry Dodson Pred mesecem
Everyone going for the brown wooden theme on some true geordie
Archit Dhanasekar
Archit Dhanasekar Pred mesecem
Bree Tregurtha-Nairn
I'm really not a fan of the camera panning handheld
Stalin Lenin
Stalin Lenin Pred mesecem
Simon u donut u have to shower after a bath
Paul Satchwell
Paul Satchwell Pred mesecem
The point of a bath is to wash, having a shower after defeats the point
Heliox Pred mesecem
randy you don't need artificial listens on going clear, thath song is absolute fire
hassan Clips
hassan Clips Pred mesecem
7:30 Randolph beat scratch
Tom Robbo
Tom Robbo Pred mesecem
Have a look at sandbanks for a massive house on the best beach in the country
FriesOfTheCurl Pred mesecem
Shayaan Khan
Shayaan Khan Pred mesecem
35:00 is where i’m at. anyone else?
Monster JB
Monster JB Pred mesecem
Man these guys are so freakin rich... They've got athlete money, but they seem humble still. Well except for Ethan and Harry, they seem like assholes. And JJ is on a different planet, he's G but he's really generous, helps his fellow humans and talks about sex on the Reacts channels non-stop hahahaha
Archie Warner
Archie Warner Pred mesecem
Thanks josh for setting off my Alexa
Brhomyx Pred mesecem
Can by any chance have Josh as a constant member of the Podcast, he is one of the best guests ever
Archit Dhanasekar
Archit Dhanasekar Pred mesecem
Graham Atkins
Graham Atkins Pred mesecem
Here is a question for Simon and sidemen. Who will you all use as your best man and groomsman at your weddings?
Frantz Jacotin
Frantz Jacotin Pred mesecem
Yooo sidemen going to bora bora would be nice or the Maldives
Tommy C
Tommy C Pred mesecem
1:13:44 : Simon sitting like he’s holding a baby bump 🤣
Shoaib Mohammad
Shoaib Mohammad Pred mesecem
As a Sleep Physiologist, podcast was extra good for me 👌🏽
David #BKG
David #BKG Pred mesecem
It would be pretty insane if like Josh and Simon have their weddings together since they pretty much have the same group of friends
Saifullah Saeed
Saifullah Saeed Pred mesecem
Bring Harry.
Amaan Ansari
Amaan Ansari Pred mesecem
The new angles of the camera are looking solid. Keep up the good work guys.
Blukeyy Pred mesecem
The camera movement is very impaulsive which is high energy American podcast. Where as I don’t think it suits this English chill podcast.
Mohammed Hamid
Mohammed Hamid Pred mesecem
I paused on 2:39:03 and came back to my desk to Simons face!!! HAHAHA!!!
Misha Scokalo
Misha Scokalo Pred mesecem
I did the IB. It is the hardest education system I’ve ever seen. Holy shit it was hard
Hilal Hajjo
Hilal Hajjo Pred mesecem
The new camera angle gives the true beauty of Simon’s au natural feet 🦶 😂
Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler Pred mesecem
Can somone please tell me who the footballer was who wanted to buy the 2nd sidmen house cheers
Dino Pred mesecem
I always listen to the podcast when I study. My average grade is a E
Lleyton Print
Lleyton Print Pred mesecem
No to super league
Lleyton Print
Lleyton Print Pred mesecem
No to super leaguw
HD Hectic
HD Hectic Pred mesecem
Omfg .. just been watching the video and my Alexa responded to everything they said ! Don’t be doing that lol 🙈
aamir bamne
aamir bamne Pred mesecem
2 different camera qualities :( annoyinggggg!!!!!
Awesomefacematt Pred mesecem
Josh and Randy talking about how fast they talk. Me listening on 2x speed
Awesomefacematt Pred mesecem
The zoomed out angle, top class. The moving zoomed angle, very stinky.
Archit Dhanasekar
Archit Dhanasekar Pred mesecem
Harry Barker
Harry Barker Pred mesecem
Did anyone else have an Alexa that ordered the condoms. lmao.
Archit Dhanasekar
Archit Dhanasekar Pred mesecem
Oral C
Oral C Pred mesecem
Idk why i love listening to the sidemen + troops talk about their future & shit lol
King Kharnage
King Kharnage Pred mesecem
Idk but the whatsgood podcast always helps me fall asleep its lovely
SLAYED Arrow Pred mesecem
What's good 1 jake Paul's music 2 cheese 3 living alone 4 festivals 5 clubs 6 basketball 7 running 8 anime 9 cats ( like owning a cat) 10 these questions
amelia a
amelia a Pred mesecem
Tay Tully
Tay Tully Pred mesecem
My Alexa went off when you spoke about the cherry lube hahaha
Sergio Carrillo
Sergio Carrillo Pred mesecem
Josh is the goat of speaking tbh like I wish he would’ve continued with his podcast form a while back
Kealan Ring
Kealan Ring Pred mesecem
Jack Dunlop Courage. Simon and Mr beast gave him $70k for winning a game of fortnite
ranDomiZe 1
ranDomiZe 1 Pred mesecem
They should make a channel dedicated to show the bts of sidemon Sunday
Juliet Pred mesecem
Mad relate to Josh's breathing issues with running, I have chronic pain in my ribs stemming from chronic Bronchitis and back problems, pretty much the exact same symptoms with extreme shortness of breath and pain. Didn't manage to run for literal years, getting better now with back and breathing therapy, highly highly reccommend yoga and breathing exercises to strengthen your diaphram.
Saleh Bhatti
Saleh Bhatti Pred mesecem
This is a great group, good balance of intelligence wit and banter
Gus Wakelin-King
Gus Wakelin-King Pred mesecem
What’s Good Questions Talia and Simon collabing on a song Randy posting more music Jake Paul fighting Connor Skiing/snowboarding Alex wasabi vs gib Talias new song Niko becoming prime minister ( instead of mayor) SLtvrs posting mukbangs SLtvrs posting reddit videos Talia becoming a co host of the podcast
Jammy Pred mesecem
Why did it activate my Siri 😂😂
Bradley Seddon
Bradley Seddon Pred mesecem
My Alexa has just started playing ballet and trying to order cherry lube cheers guys
GameGuy9100 Pred mesecem
Hadley Collects
Hadley Collects Pred mesecem
Randys streams during the first lockdown. The nostalgia has just hit me.
Louis Edwards
Louis Edwards Pred mesecem
For a married man my guy Randy ain’t got no ring
ewan bird
ewan bird Pred mesecem
Why tf is the camera having a rave 😢
ewan bird
ewan bird Pred mesecem
When Randolph did the fake laugh remind of the Kanye meme if u know
Glen Pearce
Glen Pearce Pred mesecem
Personally, gimme any and all holiday videos at any and all locations, I'll watch the fuck out of them.
ewan bird
ewan bird Pred mesecem
Don’t like the camera keep zooming in and out
Kalim Askari
Kalim Askari Pred mesecem
The camera work for a moment had me head turning
cobie_smith Pred mesecem
I’ve heard so much about a Vegas trip I honestly feel like I was there too
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