Hosting My First Gymshark Event Ft. Calfreezy 

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This weeks video is a special one to me, Getting to host my first Gymshark event in London and getting my friends and folllowers involved means the world to me! Hope you enjoy the video!
💪 Gymshark: gym.sh/EthanGS
🏋️‍♂️ BULK POWDERS: tidd.ly/5031843e
💾 Second Channel: goo.gl/zj8iLh
🐦Twitter: goo.gl/vLFjVi
📸 Instagram: goo.gl/kZFDby
🦒 Calfreezy: sltv.info
👨‍👦‍👦 Sidemen Channel: goo.gl/75JAoW
👕 Sidemen Clothing: goo.gl/3PvKDU
📘 Sidemen Book: goo.gl/iFMyRx
🎮 Custom Controllers: goo.gl/7mf2bs
📹 How I Record My Gameplay: goo.gl/L4UUcA
💻 My Custom PC: goo.gl/2QPvxR
#Behzinga #Sidemen
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4. mar. 2020

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PufferFishez Pred 6 meseci
I've only realised this was uploaded on my birthday 😄
lxrdszn Pred 7 meseci
3:27 song???
Easy Card tricks
Easy Card tricks Pred 8 meseci
Hi Benz I’m 13 and I wanted to harm myself but this was the start of last year but then I realised that I was being selfish and I didn’t think about how my family would feel if I did that thank you for inspiring me to not do something that saved my life thx behz
B J Pred 8 meseci
I love how he had a big change but his humor and his laugh didnt change
Powerblast350 Pred 11 meseci
Dat thumbnail doe
OE Goalkeeping Academy
OE Goalkeeping Academy Pred 11 meseci
Wtf wrong with the audio ???
RoTube Unbekannt
RoTube Unbekannt Pred 11 meseci
the sound at the start was amazing
Hypnotic_madnes Pred 11 meseci
The audio tho
lewis brear
lewis brear Pred 11 meseci
Y is is talking underwater at the start
WillClarke Pred 11 meseci
What trainers does Behz have on? They are 🔥
REEPZ Pred 11 meseci
Tweekin tweekin
Juan Cruz Leoni
Juan Cruz Leoni Pred 11 meseci
Anyone know the name of the song in the background in minute 1:12
Cesar Batiatus
Cesar Batiatus Pred 11 meseci
Like a Wario vs Waluigi
Santi Liniers
Santi Liniers Pred 11 meseci
Man you should make reaction videos to Eminem and rap stuff
Fiachra Norris
Fiachra Norris Pred 11 meseci
Infinite lists is doing a distrac on you
Monica Jimenez Yu
Monica Jimenez Yu Pred 11 meseci
Who came from that video of infinite ♾ cus sameeeeeee
Samith PS
Samith PS Pred letom
Thumbnail was cringey I didn't click on it also explains low veiws
yuhhordd Pred letom
his intro tho...lol...
Sir filip Sir filip
Does gym shark clothing fix the audio
woody Pred letom
the nicest thing in this video, is you encouraging everybody else. GG man.
Fattie Pred letom
You look like a ham roll
Jimmy Palmer
Jimmy Palmer Pred letom
Just a suggestion to talk about with the lads, Sidemen Trip To Blackpool Pleasure Beach For A Video?
Kevin Hansen
Kevin Hansen Pred letom
You came here for 7:54
JosephTheGod Pred letom
Being muscular makes you look shorter tbh
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
Sheytan Pred letom
whats the song at the end ? shazam can't find it
Haydn Rust
Haydn Rust Pred letom
Stupid ass thumbnail
Nur Aeni
Nur Aeni Pred letom
TopBrand Gaming
TopBrand Gaming Pred letom
I thought josh was leading the session then
Mckenzie Whereat
Mckenzie Whereat Pred letom
my 5km is 19:01 and im 14
Captain X-Raygaming
Cal had ethans back when when he was left hanging
Picolas Cage
Picolas Cage Pred letom
Behz: *wants to pull Alissa Violet* Also Behz: *uses this thumbnail*
Bushcraft Jon
Bushcraft Jon Pred 10 meseci
He a sexy man, what you mean
DeMeNt3D_ Ch1CkEn•0161
Picolas Cage u saying u wouldn’t
Prod. Neb
Prod. Neb Pred letom
Audios fucked at the start
Luke Pred letom
Is it just me who thinks the audios clapped
Ben Pothecary
Ben Pothecary Pred letom
2:01 Daym... Zerkaa has changed quite a bit.
Kay Dogg
Kay Dogg Pred letom
8:30 she checkin out the cake 🎂 💀
Haley Hayes
Haley Hayes Pred letom
Why don’t you do match vlogs anymore?
Samfo Edits
Samfo Edits Pred letom
Emzyy255 Pred letom
The sound improved when he put on the blue shirt
shazzies Pred letom
ur audio is a bit fucked at the start
Sherren Don
Sherren Don Pred letom
i'm so proud of how far u came mate. You're truly an insipiration. cheers lad hope u have a great and lovely day and can't wait to see you grow to new adventure soon
Niila Robertson
Niila Robertson Pred letom
Love the work but please sort out your intros like jeez
Aaron Medina
Aaron Medina Pred letom
Thumbnail is shite. Low views
Hamza Shahzad
Hamza Shahzad Pred letom
3:44 😂😂😂😂
Omar Pred letom
JimSark Sisty Sisk
emily x
emily x Pred letom
im so proud of you
FERHINO Pred letom
Heard that burna boy 👌🏾
Ffion Roberts
Ffion Roberts Pred letom
Fit thumbnail that
Jack Willington
Jack Willington Pred letom
3:16 to the left 🎂👀
Tobi Capell
Tobi Capell Pred letom
0:00 them manboobs tho
Benjamin Martin
Benjamin Martin Pred letom
My right ear enjoyed that intro
Ewan Dunkley
Ewan Dunkley Pred letom
No one just looking at behzs tits
Synthetic Sounds
Synthetic Sounds Pred letom
Wtf calfreezy doing there
Gustav Palmquist
Gustav Palmquist Pred letom
2:04 looks like ronaldo
PAG Pred letom
Nice Thumbnail
Giorgos Nicolaou
Giorgos Nicolaou Pred letom
This video tanked
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Pred letom
When I used to run I sort of leaped with my run so basically I didn’t work as grad to run at top speed
Nayan99 Pred letom
I think we need a new outro change for behz man, the current one doesn’t do him justice 💪🏽. My man has done bits
Flipturn Pred letom
When is this Gymshark kit available?
Tom Pred letom
Behz u ever thought about extra skin removal surgery
R3C0iL_ Pred letom
Piyush M
Piyush M Pred letom
U look dumb in the thumbnail lmao 😂
ohsnapitzshi Pred letom
I've never been more proud of him then i am when watching this video, keep up the great work behz
Steven Tyrrell
Steven Tyrrell Pred letom
You Don't Know How To Smile From that Thumbnail 😂
adam baker
adam baker Pred letom
0:56 Greekyikes
max covey
max covey Pred letom
09:36 she thicc
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW Pred letom
When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.
ARYAN HEDOW Pred letom
Dislike just for your stupid thumbnail picture. Change your style at thumbnails dude. Love
liam ross
liam ross Pred letom
Wtf is wrong with the audio???????
Aryaman Sharma
Aryaman Sharma Pred letom
Behz is the over-enthusiastic kid in every team
Timi Militante
Timi Militante Pred letom
Josh was also there, why didn’t you say so. He was the run coach
Ben Southern
Ben Southern Pred letom
5:56 it’s josh
Aadit Shah
Aadit Shah Pred letom
Big up lad!! Love the videos!!
Suhail Ahmed
Suhail Ahmed Pred letom
Nipples were too distracting
Jonas Kallmayer
Jonas Kallmayer Pred letom
The camera man at 7:29
Brandon Cook
Brandon Cook Pred letom
This vid was sick, well edited too!
Eshqyyz Tn
Eshqyyz Tn Pred letom
Is it just me or has Behz been making good videoa
Robert Vlogs
Robert Vlogs Pred letom
*finds out about the virus* *Eithan to everyone* "yh bro high five!"
Will Pierce
Will Pierce Pred letom
lol, how come josh wasn't in the title @2:01
Idek_anymore The42nd
I reckon you should train in brazilian jiu jitsu for a week and record it
Laurie Hepburn
Laurie Hepburn Pred letom
So proud of behz not only has he helped himself but he also helped me THANK YOU MATE
Ynw Bleed
Ynw Bleed Pred letom
Ur audio bro
Matt_khoshy Pred letom
Song at 3:26?
Mag Pred letom
0:55 transition was for outfit and microphone
Zac Pred letom
3:13 🎂
Lee&Sav Pred letom
Patrick McGrath
Patrick McGrath Pred letom
love the content bro, was thinking you should do a eating like eddie hall or brain shaw diet for a day! and get the workouts done!
ganesh srinath
ganesh srinath Pred letom
Mann!!! Behz is really my favourite
Sander Peters
Sander Peters Pred letom
Seeing you motivating people is so inspiring! So many people look up to you. You are a blessing to this world.
Diego Driesens
Diego Driesens Pred letom
Really making me want to go running rn but than i remeber than its raining hard because that's European weather
Diego Driesens
Diego Driesens Pred letom
Bruv. I bought my Galaxy buds and i thought they were broken coz of the start man😂
iblamekristy Pred letom
My reaction when they said “Kristy” 😂👀
Matthaus FC
Matthaus FC Pred letom
What do you mean?
William -
William - Pred letom
Should start your own jean brand 'EthanLeeJeans'
carlos mejia
carlos mejia Pred letom
9:36 😳🥵
random ting
random ting Pred letom
this event is honestly less sad then the challenger games
Awab Sharif
Awab Sharif Pred letom
Amazing sound quality in the beginning
oK bOoMeR
oK bOoMeR Pred letom
The bald guy with the ginger beard looks like a prick and a nonce
random ting
random ting Pred letom
Matt Steer
Matt Steer Pred letom
Another gym related video... mate come on
Collab with Ross Edgley
Manny Johal
Manny Johal Pred letom
Respect to the cameraman keeping up
Manny Johal
Manny Johal Pred letom
Did the cameraman have to run
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