MARS - A Traveller's Guide to the Planets | Full Documentary 

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Mars is the ruby jewel in our night sky and arguably the hottest travel destination in the Solar System. Here, on the fourth rock from the Sun, is our best chance to step into the rest of the Universe and the most likely place we know to encounter the alien life-forms we might share it with.
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3. jun. 2017

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Felipe Arevalo
Felipe Arevalo Pred 7 dnevi
Mars is not beautiful or incredible, nothing there, earth is beautiful and full of life!!
vahid Aria
vahid Aria Pred 20 dnevi
So mars is very cold and dry land that for long time no rain why they are trying to go there (living in the future) 🤷🏼‍♂️
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 18 dnevi
Couldn't you imagine living on Mars someday?
Drew Murray
Drew Murray Pred 24 dnevi
I used to dream, but now I see we will never explore other planets. Humans are too greedy and we are on a path to destruction right now...
Evgenij Chernoff
Evgenij Chernoff Pred mesecem
Probably in space, living beings are born where the conditions are suitable. On the ISS in space in sterile conditions appeared living organisms mold! The Americans will bring the soil from Mars, place it on the Earth in our conditions, close it from all influences, after some time, living organisms can form there, this will be a Discovery the origin of life I do not believe in religion where God is on his knee without tools, without laboratories, without scientific personnel: he made it out of clay, spat, blew it and ran! Really believe in this nonsense!!!
Rummy King
Rummy King Pred mesecem
I know one day I will reach in Mars 🥰🥰
mehedi hasan
mehedi hasan Pred mesecem
I love beautiful nature but it seems like mars has no natural beauty like occean,beach or forests. Even the sky of mars is not beautiful like earth, also won't be able to observe any kind of moon that as beautiful as earth's . I wouldn’t go there.
Nihat Savmaz
Nihat Savmaz Pred mesecem
I like snickers...so no mars for me.
The F22 Raptor
The F22 Raptor Pred mesecem
I support exploration beyond limits but just for fun. There is no life in any other place except earth and in the spiritual dimension coz God is the author of life according to his time tested book (the bible)
Zuco Zuckerberg
Zuco Zuckerberg Pred mesecem
MARS- the planet of the dead. When you die, your soul goes and live in Mars forever. Now NASA is disturbing the spirits of their dead family members and ‘yours’ too. We ( the living) should thread carefully so we’ll not incur the wrath of God.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred mesecem
Interesting theory!
D S Pred mesecem
Is Mars flat like the Earth? 🤣
DEEPAK SINGH Pred 2 meseci
Amju Kurien
Amju Kurien Pred 2 meseci
In the past mars was same like earth, aliens, oceans, fishes , trees ,forest animals, and martians have polluted it so much could have been a major climate impact increasing temperature and evaporated all possible water, If we dug the rocky sandy surface hopeful we might get some plastics, doesn't seems like a warning sign to save earth ?
Sandun Dalugodage
Sandun Dalugodage Pred 2 meseci
Marsians are living underground
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
You think so? Can you explain that a little further?
If you are here to learn more about how going to Mars and bla bla bla all that stuff. Well this is an old Documentary so look somewhere else cause many things will have changed.
Ma Ka
Ma Ka Pred 2 meseci
Why can't we slow the approach speed instead of trying to survive baking?
4241 Salim Abdullah IX B
Choose me, I'm here I am ready to go to Mars
youtubers Funny Funny
youtubers Funny Funny Pred 2 meseci
I wish to see someones living on Mars. And they(Mars residents) also studied the Earth.😁
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Ricardo Sebastian
Ricardo Sebastian Pred 2 meseci
There is nothing wrong with God's creation in heaven, it is not a wise human dwelling, because it is among those that will be destroyed when judgment comes and I hope that God's promise in heaven will be a dwelling place and no new heaven and earth can be paired there. that is the holy city that will soon come.
Ogolo Williams
Ogolo Williams Pred 2 meseci
Life on mars is a great miracle that gives credence to the creator of the universe.
Milky Way
Milky Way Pred mesecem
It will not be enough time to make this come true .... try to travel to mars in your dream 😂
Anton Boludo
Anton Boludo Pred 2 meseci
Apparently NASA is anticipating landing humans on Mars by 2033.
Pauli Pajaskoski
Pauli Pajaskoski Pred 2 meseci
What if i told you, we are aliens.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Aren't we in some kind of way, if there are other species in the space? What do you think?
Arun Rao
Arun Rao Pred 2 meseci
If mars has the environment that we have it will be like avthar movie. Humans already destroying the current environment. No doubt earth will be like mars in few decades.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Do you think there are any chances to turn this future around? And if so - what would you do?
Paul Gill
Paul Gill Pred 2 meseci
Why spend so much money on a dead planet
bagohan tv vlog
bagohan tv vlog Pred 2 meseci
watching from philippines
Mahmoud Bensafidine
Mahmoud Bensafidine Pred 2 meseci
Avec perverance l'human peut porter une vie de bactéries sur mars . . . !
lucille batocael
lucille batocael Pred 2 meseci
hope one day i can travel to mars.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Wouldn't it be great to see the space while travelling? Such a dream!
Dean BC RICH Guitars
Dean BC RICH Guitars Pred 2 meseci
excellent documentary.
Dean BC RICH Guitars
Dean BC RICH Guitars Pred 2 meseci
@space and astronomy thanks to you for sharing such valuable information. I'll watch all those videos.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Wow thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback so much! Feel free to check out our channel for more great documentaries!
Home 123
Home 123 Pred 2 meseci
When they found that water exits in Mars that I found truly compelling
A K Pred 2 meseci
What's up with all the dislikes? I actually watched it all and loved it
A K Pred 2 meseci
@space and astronomy 🤗
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Thank you so much 🤗
Anonymous Pred 2 meseci
This documentary is just utterly lying 🤥
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
We are very sorry you did not like the documentary...what exactly do you define as a lie in this documentary?
Rawl Quinlon
Rawl Quinlon Pred 2 meseci
Show me a holy book believing scientist please?
All Good
All Good Pred 2 meseci
Amazing.. thanks👍🇳🇿
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Thank you so much!
Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian Pred 2 meseci
die Anzeige für die Rauchgasdichte auf eine Störung des ordnungsgemäßen
له ملك السموات
I don't beleave them. It is a lie.
له ملك السموات
@space and astronomy I don't know how to explain it, but this is my feeling and I might be wrong who knows. I wish it is true because this will help humanity. Future will tell. My question is why the Moon and Mars are created from sand like earth? Who created them?
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Why do you think so?
Peter Mwema
Peter Mwema Pred 2 meseci
Who's here after the landing of Perseverance rover on Mars?
James Pred 2 meseci
Anton Boludo
Anton Boludo Pred 2 meseci
I am.
mas boy
mas boy Pred 2 meseci
@Hammal Amiri is dat
Hammal Amiri
Hammal Amiri Pred 2 meseci
The Time is now! Human Rights
Nope not interested in going
The Time is now! Human Rights
Psalm 115:16 (ESV) 16 The heavens are the Lord’s heavens, but the earth he has given to the children of man. Genesis 1:28 (ESV) 28 And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
The Time is now! Human Rights
@space and astronomy Isaiah 45:12 ESV / 192 I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host Isaiah 45:18 ESV / 51 For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens (he is God!), who formed the earth and made it (he established it; he did not create it empty, he formed it to be inhabited!): “I am the Lord, and there is no other Space and the planets contains things that are visible and invisible, there are things that should be left alone. Man has finished colonizing the earth and thus want to take control of the planets. It really doesn't matter what/who is there already, they intend to capture it and are willing to kill or distroy to have that power and control. Man is like cancer, metastasize, takeover and kill.😔 They are not setting space for regular ppl on these planets. Only those ppl who have the money and have the skills sets they need to survive and rebuild there. #depopulationfirst
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Ryan Dispecki
Ryan Dispecki Pred 2 meseci
The holistic banker distinctly sprout because character cytopathologically fence within a spotless substance. redundant, harsh boundary
Surya Pratap
Surya Pratap Pred 2 meseci
amazing stuff :)
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Hey! Thank you so much 😊 Have you seen the other docuemtnaries on our channel?
Gy Mobile
Gy Mobile Pred 2 meseci
If you can send excavators there and dig then you will find more interesting than this because on mar there is alot of dust covering that is why everythings were buried in the ground may be a million years the dust would be very thick. Thankyou i respect you you are so great great and great number 1 in the world toptoptop all of you are honorable and the most special persons.
educatepk Pred 2 meseci
If there is carbon dioxide, then why don't you send seeds there to grow up some plants, those plant according to there environment. This could also be a source to generate oxygen.
Domingo Clemente
Domingo Clemente Pred 3 meseci
Mars planet is not including to the bible what do you think...
Sayed Khan Hosseini
Sayed Khan Hosseini Pred 3 meseci
Je suis Hosseini seyed khan
Munir Shaikhshahid
Munir Shaikhshahid Pred 3 meseci
Create an atmosphere like that movie aliens2 on Mars. A huge atmosphere generator to create earth like atmosphere. Lol
Firi Pred 3 meseci
I like this documentary 👍 Hope I'm still alive when the first human walks on Mars
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 3 meseci
Thanks for your feedback :) Check out our channel for other great documentaries!
mamalolo lolo
mamalolo lolo Pred 3 meseci
Hanif Mohammad
Hanif Mohammad Pred 3 meseci
A human being can not live natural life out of earth. Because God specially creat earth for human being. If you look around ourself everything is serving to human being on earth. Why we human being are not satisfied with God given heaven . I can't understand why we want to travel in hell.
shining star
shining star Pred 3 meseci
Life on Earth is truly a coincidence
Alok Singh
Alok Singh Pred 3 meseci
What if....before humans used to live on Mars and then mars condition was getting worse...so then they decided to come to earth.....and now we are once again trying to go to mars
Hammal Amiri
Hammal Amiri Pred 2 meseci
There is a theory that life moves throughout the universe as microbes that survive a journey throughout space
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 3 meseci
Oh...oh now I am getting dizzy. Interesting theory!
Philip Jacobs
Philip Jacobs Pred 3 meseci
does it rain or snow on mars the same as earth
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 3 meseci
That is a good question. Could you imagine it? 😊
Nught By
Nught By Pred 3 meseci
NetzAkku Pred 3 meseci
many people want to reach space, but few have the chance to do something good for humanity
NetzAkku Pred 3 meseci
@space and astronomy YES,it is difficult to explain how beautiful the space is
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 3 meseci
But wouldn't you like to fly into space one day?
dragonize Pred 3 meseci
If the rocket guys are still talking about feet and inches, I sure the hell aren't stepping on their ships.
Shadrack Busienei
Shadrack Busienei Pred 3 meseci
No lions there...you'll be visited by alien in the night
Blueprint,, fixing mars and other outspace planet from insid3 and outside,,hhe
Kheewa V Brar
Kheewa V Brar Pred 4 meseci
phobos and demos must be merge need bigger moon.
Kheewa V Brar
Kheewa V Brar Pred 4 meseci
if water boiled why there is ice. it must be dry.
Aaron King
Aaron King Pred 4 meseci
Here is a tip for futur marshians >>>>> mars needs glasses magnifing glasses magnify the suns ray to the frozen planet warming it up 50 -- 100 degreas depending on the fickness of the magnifying glass from space you can have magniying glasses out in space aimed at the planet and or on the planets serfaces it is like cooking a ant with the sun MAGNIFYING GLASSES is the go its cheap easy to do and afective you could have earth 2 with in 100 - 500 years knucking the planet is useless and dangerouse and a waste of a lot of time slaming meateors and comets also useless and a time waster as for venus needs sun glasses to cool the planet down and reflect the suns rays away from the planet think of the planets as kids at school mars can not see the white bord from back there and needs glasses venus is to close to the bord and is a nerd give it sun glasses so it looks cooler thats king science 1 on 1 from me your teacher ok class dismissed you have just been schooled foolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yunus Jhon
Yunus Jhon Pred 4 meseci
If there is no ocean and volcanic fire there could never be the storm/air and rain.
neeraj k choudhary
neeraj k choudhary Pred 4 meseci
I just save videos to watch later.
Beytullah Arslancan
Beytullah Arslancan Pred 4 meseci
İn 2300 building ftl ship for going to alpha c.
Joseph Baretto
Joseph Baretto Pred 5 meseci
Very interesting please make more episode we love to all your episodes
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 5 meseci
Awww thank you so much. We are so happy that you like our channel 🥰
Md Ripon
Md Ripon Pred 5 meseci
I don't think we can habituate mars or any other planets if other planet do not do it itself.It seems too hard and complicated.But If rockets can reach it 1 month and if people can walk suitless there it will be easier.
Varvinets Oleg
Varvinets Oleg Pred 5 meseci
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 5 meseci
Thank you so much. What do you like most about this documentary?
Abhishek DK
Abhishek DK Pred 5 meseci
22:08 can anybody tell what guitar music is that. Seems from iron man , not sure
Nadeem shaikh
Nadeem shaikh Pred 5 meseci
Starship is coming for you mars 🧐🔥
Dave Zentner
Dave Zentner Pred 5 meseci
Too much risk for sending Human explorers..advances in AI with cameras will give an adequate virtual view of the environment of Mars and other Planets
Chidiomari. Pred 5 meseci
I love science 🇹🇿🇹🇿
Gerard Martin
Gerard Martin Pred 5 meseci
Humans (Life) can't live on Mars . The Radiation is too strong .
Gerard Martin
Gerard Martin Pred 5 meseci
@space and astronomy Mars hasn't go any protection from solar radiation . We have a strong magnetic field because of our Molton core. The Mars core is solid .
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 5 meseci
How do you know that? 😱
Jonnell Catajay
Jonnell Catajay Pred 5 meseci
Unknown Existance
Unknown Existance Pred 5 meseci
OMG!!! How earth is habitable
Unknown Existance
Unknown Existance Pred 5 meseci
OMG!!! How earth is habitable
Napstone Pred 5 meseci
0:33 “Awaiting you is one of the greatest scenery in our solar system” ... wow really? A dusty desolate planet? lol ... How about umm I don’t know, Earth?! lol
Caca Maricca
Caca Maricca Pred 6 meseci
Wow really really awesome,cool videos.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 6 meseci
Thank you so much.
Cris By Cris
Cris By Cris Pred 6 meseci
So, We need to melt all that water and then it boils, evaporates and turns into clouds ?
john lyngkhoi
john lyngkhoi Pred 6 meseci
Fake ....
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 6 meseci
What do you think is fake?
yunas saxer
yunas saxer Pred 7 meseci
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 7 meseci
Thank you very much. What did you like best about this documentary?
MrAsmaren Official
MrAsmaren Official Pred 7 meseci
mr beast in 2039: staying in Mars for 24 Hours
saeed nematy
saeed nematy Pred 7 meseci
Maybe our scientists would be better. They sent a type of bacterium to Mars to perform photosynthesis on Mars, or they produced oxygen by eating Martian soil. We humans may not be able to live on Mars, but other organisms and bacteria can live on Mars. I also enjoyed these pictures. thank you Thanks Saeed Nemati from Iran
Aaron Keith Obatay
Aaron Keith Obatay Pred 7 meseci
What if mars was the place where the "aliens" of our ancient history came from. And then something happened to mars that's why aliens that came here once hasn't come back.
John Bremner
John Bremner Pred 8 meseci
Wish they'd tell the truth.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 7 meseci
Who knows what the future will bring - maybe it will be like this.
gigi peurco
gigi peurco Pred 8 meseci
next destinationa Zegema Beach
F.B.I Pred 8 meseci
THe video thumbnail = A travvel Guide to the mars le me, whose country even can't make a cycle. ME= when, how, where, why.......//!!!!????
ChuDust Pred 8 meseci
Do you guys mind providing Metric units too for your documentaries?
ʟᴇᴏ ɴᴀ
ʟᴇᴏ ɴᴀ Pred 8 meseci
Sand storms on mars: Dusts go brrrrr!!!
TJ in Toronto
TJ in Toronto Pred 9 meseci
Mars contains vast quantities of subterranean water, I don’t know why the scientific community continues to deny that fact, and the fact that Mars is actually breathable and livable. For whatever reason the military has decided to keep it quiet. No I’m not some nutcase conspiracy theorist, I’m somebody who’s been around some of the most brilliant minds in the country, which is why I comment confidentially, because unfortunately I cannot reveal my true identity without putting a lot of peoples jobs and freedom’s in jeopardy, but I assure you, there’s enough water on Mars to sustain millions of people, it did not just disappear, just like here on earth there are the vast aquifers containing trillions of gallons of water. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 9 meseci
Hi, thank you for your commentary. Where did you get this information from?
H Bosman
H Bosman Pred 9 meseci
Still waiting to hear how humans will survive a planet with no Magnetosphere.
H Bosman
H Bosman Pred 9 meseci
@space and astronomy Oh absolutely. And I am fully in favor of an attempt even if just a one-way ticket. But my worry is that there is so much talk and so much planning from NASA to SpaceX to famous astronauts, yet most do not even mention there's no Magnetosphere and just how important that is. The radiation will fry astronauts. In terms of science, an artificial magnetosphere just to protect a spacecraft alone needs to be the size of a house which is not possible considering how space travel requires minimum weight and mass. Astronauts can only be protected for so long with suits. There are clever plans even to create an atmosphere like nuking the polar caps or using large mirrors to melt them. But all that helps nothing without a Magnetosphere because solar winds will simply erode the new atmosphere instantly. Only underground caverns might have some protection, but that needs digging while exposed to radiation - let alone the equipment requirements. Just being realistic and baffled it is almost being ignored ;)
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 9 meseci
Couldn't you imagine that humans could survive on Mars?
Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey Pred 9 meseci
be scary being that far from home earth and nay not come back
garincha lahcene
garincha lahcene Pred 9 meseci
How can you organize a mission to Mars if you have not yet reached the moon? Apollo's landing on the moon is a distortion of human history It is a hoax greater than the deception of global warming If NASA scientists announced in 2012 that they still do not know how to protect the spacecraft from radiation in a belt (Van Allen), how can we believe that astronauts penetrated it with protective clothing made of aluminum foil? And that it happened at the time of peak solar activity? The answer is very simple, and that did not happen at all
Truphenah Mbeke
Truphenah Mbeke Pred 10 meseci
Am travelling to mars
Ape Pred 10 meseci
That guy looks and acts like Owen Wilson
slaviboy Pred 10 meseci
Hopefully Mars is sterile, otherwise we are in trouble
Al Hemmings
Al Hemmings Pred 10 meseci
Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville welcome to Jac.....oh wait I work for the JPL now :)
Ron101 Txt
Ron101 Txt Pred 10 meseci
Mars is a same on the earth the frablem is 50 % know water the way science discover ar mars ..... Thanks for your video channels 😉😉😉👍
Aryen Jumaya
Aryen Jumaya Pred 10 meseci
We haven't even lived in the moon which is a week away, and now we're asking to live in Mars which is 3 years away?!
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 10 meseci
Could you imagine that we could live on a planet other than Earth?
unknown youtubers
unknown youtubers Pred 10 meseci
there a problem. people think this planet is free. in the future it will invade by vountries.
GTR_puseni 13
GTR_puseni 13 Pred 10 meseci
Heard of SpaceX Starship? No?
Kalimantan river fishing
maybe there used to be life on mars.and the earth was still empty and creatures on mars Saw the earth as we see mars today.astroid destroys everything on mars.and new life formed on earth after millions of years. Now we want to go to Mars. And new life will be on Mars and after his astroid will hit the earth.millions of years our descendants on mars in the future will see earth as an empty and uninhabitable planet. and they will try to live in the destroyed earth.and try to go to the destroyed earth.and so on repeatedly
Gamingwith frans
Gamingwith frans Pred 10 meseci
All I can say is spaceX can do it
Arvind chauhan
Arvind chauhan Pred 10 meseci
Amazing 😉
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 10 meseci
Thank you!
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Pred 10 meseci
Awwwww it's just sad that the time we humans can live on Mars i wouldn't be there anymore 😓😓😓 Edit: so Mars is like a depressed version of earth or the depressed sister of earth 😅
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 10 meseci
Would you like to go to Mars sometime?
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