Training Under COVID | How To Be Behzinga 

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COVID postpones the London Marathon throwing Behzinga’s training into a tailspin. Can he keep the weight off during lockdown? He’s going to need some serious inspiration.
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0:00 Telling My Truth - EP Teaser
0:36 Becoming an Internet Sensation
2:54 I raced 13 Creators
9:27 COVID ruined my Training Regime
14:03 Opening up about Mental Health
18:17 I walked on Hot Coals!
20:08 I contracted COVID - EP3 Teaser




20. okt. 2020

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Behzinga Pred 4 meseci
Hope you guys are enjoying the series so far! Find out if we push through the adversities in episode 3 tomorrow’s premiere 6pm (UK)
Kurt Cocker
Kurt Cocker Pred 7 dnevi
Behzinga can I say this video and people like you have inspired me to break barriers and achieve my goals in life
Jamie Rose
Jamie Rose Pred 24 dnevi
These r so inspiring
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas Pred mesecem
Ur a king lad
Adam Gray
Adam Gray Pred mesecem
This needs to be put on dvd to show how real people deal with struggles I watched this and I couldn’t hold back the tears you are an inspiration mate you ar a hero
Mollo Cube
Mollo Cube Pred 2 meseci
inspirational for me I train hard now because of you♥️♥️♥️♥️
Dylan Burke
Dylan Burke Pred 2 dnevi
Got me cryin screw you
Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen Pred 2 dnevi
Wish I had friends like u coz I wanted to kms in November because of lockdown and none of my friends tried stopping me so idk if my friends actually care about me
Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor Pred 3 dnevi
This guy inspired me
Adam Heap
Adam Heap Pred 4 dnevi
the fact this has 981 dislikes is so poor, people really are cunts
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall Pred 4 dnevi
All the friends runnin with him Warmed my heart...😭❤️
Bulking Jelly
Bulking Jelly Pred 5 dnevi
I wish the sidemen ran with him on the treadmill that would of been sick
AazZzZzZz Pred 8 dnevi
By far the most inspirational series that ive ever watched im not even joking
jonki leshi
jonki leshi Pred 8 dnevi
The dashing pajama willy fade because animal bizarrely continue regarding a kind judge. spotless, crowded effect
ashton childs
ashton childs Pred 8 dnevi
I genuinely shed a tear to this video, you’re so inspirational and I’m glad you pulled through
lavashan 503k
lavashan 503k Pred 8 dnevi
Fricken hell I finally found my motivation Its been a while thank you
Varun Kandepu
Varun Kandepu Pred 8 dnevi
mad inspiring. respect to you behz
Charlie Bagley
Charlie Bagley Pred 9 dnevi
You come along way mate
The Software Channel
The Software Channel Pred 10 dnevi
When did he want to commit suicide? Like what year?
Arian A
Arian A Pred 11 dnevi
Mans a legend
Imjustking J
Imjustking J Pred 11 dnevi
Watching this again,makes me want every sidmen to have a documentary
Legomen dude
Legomen dude Pred 12 dnevi
I actually cried at the mental health part of the video because it was so easy to relate to at a certain part of my life
thicc tok
thicc tok Pred 12 dnevi
I’m not crying you are 🥺
DatN00BTho Pred 12 dnevi
already cried 3 times in this...love you bro
BigBerk Eats
BigBerk Eats Pred 12 dnevi
when he said he loves his friends i started ballling...
emily palmer
emily palmer Pred 12 dnevi
balling my eyes out rn
Dtwstorms Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine if he ran with mo farah
DavidJ Pred 13 dnevi
Bro this man.. Is an icon for sure
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed Pred 14 dnevi
I wish I had friends 🙃
charlottexo Pred 14 dnevi
Ur so strong!! ❤️
Sophie Eastwood
Sophie Eastwood Pred 14 dnevi
Honestly watching things like this gives me so much motivation! Nothing but mad repect for people like you behz! Absoloute idol, we all love you so much!
Conster 1042
Conster 1042 Pred 14 dnevi
Small Kids
Small Kids Pred 15 dnevi
So so so inspiring and really moving
Tate Eden
Tate Eden Pred 15 dnevi
Unreal stuff behz
Lionfox 09
Lionfox 09 Pred 16 dnevi
Let’s be honest, no one wants to be Behzinga.
monke gang
monke gang Pred 15 dnevi
Why not?
Ing Chinprasert
Ing Chinprasert Pred 17 dnevi
Seeing a big guy like eddie hall cry just hurts me start to the core☹️
Andrew Ralph
Andrew Ralph Pred 17 dnevi
i only just started doing training in covid lockdown because im bored
Lucy Holt
Lucy Holt Pred 17 dnevi
i love him sm
Havana's Makeup room
Havana's Makeup room Pred 17 dnevi
Nickue Q
Nickue Q Pred 17 dnevi
13:55 josh you are speaking facts! we dont talk about it and that is a problem... i suffer from depression and that hit me on a whole other level.
Jens Van der Meijs
Jens Van der Meijs Pred 17 dnevi
How could you dislike this
callum davidson
callum davidson Pred 17 dnevi
this would've been such a netflix series
Waffle World
Waffle World Pred 18 dnevi
People call behz a pussy for crying but when you go through that you have to cry I am with you behz ❤️ ❤️❤️
Ariel Gutierrez
Ariel Gutierrez Pred 19 dnevi
Love you behz
William Walker
William Walker Pred 19 dnevi
What a man takes alot to show emotion as a man so I respect this to the highest degree
shauna kavv
shauna kavv Pred 20 dnevi
its amazing the journey you have been on your so inspiring
TobiTheTurtle Pred 20 dnevi
Did not know you had those type of thoughts just remember that you got friend and family who care about you
Afnan Islam
Afnan Islam Pred 21 dnevom
Wow, behz mate you have gone a long way in such a short amount of time, man, u really have improved my G
Nicole L
Nicole L Pred 21 dnevom
i fucking love u ethn
Declan Harrison
Declan Harrison Pred 22 dnevi
This is honestly how I feel been in a dark place since my mum died and don't really know how to carry on atm it's hard
Maria Cooper
Maria Cooper Pred 22 dnevi
3-0to West Ham
Sidemen Simp
Sidemen Simp Pred 22 dnevi
Annnnd I’ve got tears streaming down my face
Paul Carter
Paul Carter Pred 22 dnevi
Michael Caplinger
Michael Caplinger Pred 22 dnevi
2019 I lost my grand pa and he had serious dementia and had a hard time walking and the day I found out my grand pa died I cried for 3 hours straight and my dad said the hardest thing about it was telling me and my brother that my grandpa died
Onebennyboy 07
Onebennyboy 07 Pred 22 dnevi
We all love you behzinga no matter what lk how you feel my mom didn’t care about me ❤️
Michael McDonagh
Michael McDonagh Pred 22 dnevi
Screw everyone who disliked
tony english
tony english Pred 23 dnevi
I feel like I'm going through the same thing atm I'm getting so depressed locked up all day I'm no light only darkness my head is always thinking i don't know how to switch my brain off the pain i can't get motivated for nothing I feel like I've lost all emotions I had just have sadness and self pity
Oli C
Oli C Pred 23 dnevi
what a man
Gorillagameing Pred 23 dnevi
you are such an inspiration
BestSaves Pred 24 dnevi
This guy is making me cry
Oikas Pred 24 dnevi
If you ever think you’re stupid, just remember that there are ppl who disliked this video
brandyn kilpatrick
brandyn kilpatrick Pred 24 dnevi
finding out about everything you have been through has changed the way I view you, I respect you so much more than I already did
XxGamerxx Gamer
XxGamerxx Gamer Pred 24 dnevi
I actually cried my eyes out
XxGamerxx Gamer
XxGamerxx Gamer Pred 24 dnevi
We all love you behz ❤️ keep it up bro
TPWK Pred 25 dnevi
this is underrated
Bailey Mason
Bailey Mason Pred 26 dnevi
Notice how everyone always asks vik to be a part of there vids. Vik is like the sidemens pshychiatrist.
Penta Pred 26 dnevi
i wish i had this kind of people around me to help me out like they helped him out
sad Pred 26 dnevi
what happened between behz and charlie
Blaze Rooster
Blaze Rooster Pred 26 dnevi
I love you behzinga
Martha Evans
Martha Evans Pred 27 dnevi
I cried I’ve never related so much
Aisha Emaan
Aisha Emaan Pred 28 dnevi
The fact that he has been through so much yet he still has a smile on his face. I would be torn. He is a real legend.
lol Pred 28 dnevi
this man is so strong.
Eternal Gaming
Eternal Gaming Pred 28 dnevi
Big up vik
David Pred 17 dnevi
Vik is a pussy he can't run properly.
Secretwild O
Secretwild O Pred 28 dnevi
Bro I cried of laughter when they dramatized the toilet part 😂😂😂
Sophie Davanna
Sophie Davanna Pred 28 dnevi
Awww no you had such a rough and tough life 🥺😭💙 but I hope your alright now because of every thing you been through and your lucky to be on this world every one loves you and your friends, family,supporters and youtube and their things wouldn't be the same with out you🤍 you bring joy to every one and we and every one are so happy to have you doing your youtube and this and that 💙 u deserve this much support from you fans🥺 you deserve this youtube and your friends and family that you have now 🥺 I have alot more to say but this would be a long paragraph telling u your worth it❤️. so I'm not going to write more but I would. But any way just remember everyone loves you and you should ever give up on what your doing and life 💙 have a good day 🥺😊💕
Suhaybali123 Pred 29 dnevi
Xander Van leeuwen
Xander Van leeuwen Pred 29 dnevi
Because of you I started to training
JDPLAYS Pred 29 dnevi
Omg this was so motivating
Jack R6
Jack R6 Pred mesecem
Tobi and vik are very good friends behz don’t leave them man
loveona carter
loveona carter Pred mesecem
This story is so inspiring :)
Flex UwU
Flex UwU Pred mesecem
not going to lie guys, i cried
Andrej M
Andrej M Pred mesecem
This series is great!!!!!
DP Pred mesecem
This is where the real men and women cry
Zizo Ahmed
Zizo Ahmed Pred mesecem
I dont even remember how my grandma looks thats what keeps me motivated
Quenbehh Pred mesecem
Constantly watching this over and over again 😭❤️
Clxssifyy Pred mesecem
Mummy’s Boy
Mummy’s Boy Pred mesecem
Love u behz❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
Dragons Legacy
Dragons Legacy Pred mesecem
There are 950 stupid people in this world
Dragons Legacy
Dragons Legacy Pred 16 dnevi
@JaxSMZ huh it has 959 dislikes what are you referring to not trying to be rude btw
JaxSMZ Pred 17 dnevi
@Nathaniel 67*
Nathaniel Pred 17 dnevi
@JaxSMZ 66*
JaxSMZ Pred 18 dnevi
Burger Man
Burger Man Pred mesecem
This guy is straight motivation for me
Ryan Piest
Ryan Piest Pred mesecem
i hope everyone that has disliked this video drowns in burning oil
Charlie Ormerod
Charlie Ormerod Pred mesecem
how much of a legend do u have to be to not be phased by 1000 degree heat
Aurora Lushi
Aurora Lushi Pred mesecem
Just seeing Eddie hall cry shows that even the toughest of men have emotion
Kouta Pred mesecem
truly inspiring
Ruben Lazarus
Ruben Lazarus Pred mesecem
That treadmill thing is above my dads work
Pokfu Pred mesecem
This is such an underrated series
Cosmo Pred mesecem
Who's cutting onions?
Willem Pred mesecem
Send link to that chalkboard plz
Ryley Knar
Ryley Knar Pred mesecem
This is one of the best videos i have ever seen
Seth Delposen
Seth Delposen Pred mesecem
the fact that almost 1k people have disliked this video is despicable. This man is a fucking inspiration and deserves all the love. Absolutely love this documentary
Charli Caswellperry
Charli Caswellperry Pred mesecem
His emotional endurance. The fact he has overcome all this negativity is so inspiring!
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas Pred mesecem
This man can and does inspire so many people and I don't think he knows how many lives he impacts and how he makes other peoples lives so good
Unknown London
Unknown London Pred mesecem
I luv u Behz
celly tjay
celly tjay Pred mesecem
Lizzy and Shay
Lizzy and Shay Pred mesecem
I think he deserves way more than he has he has like 4m subscribers but he should have 10m
Reece Enderson
Reece Enderson Pred mesecem
No matter how many times someone watches this it will always hit differently
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