What Color Is My Hoodie? 

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Grey? Blue? Purple? It can look different, depending on the context. Let's talk about color perception, color temperature, and the history of laundry.
Atmospheric opacity image from ESA/Hubble (F. Granato): www.eso.org/public/images/atm_opacity/ - image licensed under CC by 4.0 - creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
The optical illusion is original, but based on the work of David Novick: novickprof/status/1139342022551191553
More on Illuminant D65: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminant_D65 - the references in this article go into the full technical detail
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12. apr. 2021

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Pred 28 dnevi
Please contain all your "color" vs "colour" comments in this thread. Good luck.
Wintry PvP
Wintry PvP Pred 19 urami
Ichi. Pred 16 dnevi
INKY Pred 18 dnevi
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Pred 22 dnevi
Poor Ford transit owner
Kevin The Rad Cat
Kevin The Rad Cat Pred 50 minutami
According to the thumbnail, your hoodie is 'Reverse-French-Flag' colored
Monkey man
Monkey man Pred 5 urami
How old are you
Joab Pelling
Joab Pelling Pred 14 urami
2:57 was that to appeal to both brits and Americans
Skill28oy Pred dnevom
Tom: "what color is my hoodie?" Hoodie company: gray Us: gray Camera: orange The same camera: blue Calibrated color sensor: purple
Feenickz5 Pred dnevom
I think I saw something about this on a tv show a few years ago, It showed two colors separated from each other, but when they were put together, they were actually shown to be the same exact color
Elctric Pred dnevom
0:51: Me still at school:
King Maxwell
King Maxwell Pred 2 dnevi
ok so i’m not crazy the lights due change at night
Marusik Pred 2 dnevi
DirtyCameraRailfan Pred 2 dnevi
Barely anyone though noticed that Tom spoke in the same voice while the train was passing instead of stopping or voicing it in editing.
leo Pred 2 dnevi
From red shirt to grey hoodie
Big Iron
Big Iron Pred 3 dnevi
Big Iron
Big Iron Pred 3 dnevi
Big Iron
Big Iron Pred 3 dnevi
FalconTM Pred 3 dnevi
It looks like grayish White
TanksAlot Pred 4 dnevi
civ27 Pred 5 dnevi
Going by those trains, you're not in the countryside at all, you're near Wimbledon in London
Jom Pred 5 dnevi
what dat
what dat Pred 5 dnevi
its rgb
Tharinda Basnayake
Tharinda Basnayake Pred 6 dnevi
Loved the colour/ clor flicker! Brilliant!
Manthan Mishra
Manthan Mishra Pred 6 dnevi
Colo(u)r temperature
Marta Rosiak
Marta Rosiak Pred 7 dnevi
I think it's like with weight in physics- it all depends on earth acceleration. Hwatever planet you are on- the weight is gonna be different
tim kohler
tim kohler Pred 7 dnevi
Alex Exley
Alex Exley Pred 8 dnevi
I can't say color in the pinned comment, s u s
? Pred 8 dnevi
Light blue
Alexis Collado
Alexis Collado Pred 8 dnevi
I want that calibrated color sensor
ya boi
ya boi Pred 9 dnevi
"if im filming under a blank, grey sky, it can make the shot a bit dull" well its a good thing you dont live in the uk
Svartez Pred 9 dnevi
why train
Designator Pred 9 dnevi
So, according to that colour sensor... your hoodie isn't gray. Or at least not exclusively. According to the manifacturer of the paint that was referenced by the sensor's software, your hoodie is... "[a] deep purple [that] has a generous gray undertone suggestive of storm clouds on a distant horizon."
Akash Pred 10 dnevi
I think li and ul are block element as ti takes all the width and prints in each rows
NoTraceOfSense Pred 10 dnevi
Friendly reminder: Brown does not exist.
Scoutswell Pred 10 dnevi
Red, it’s always red
Rebecca146 Pred 10 dnevi
I saw you in Regent's Park yesterday wearing this very hoodie! Love your videos
Big Chickenking
Big Chickenking Pred 10 dnevi
Sexy Lemon
Sexy Lemon Pred 10 dnevi
seeing the slight red in amethyst sky: what the
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 10 dnevi
The part about looking dirty is probably why Lego discontinued their original grey colors and replaced them with bluish-grey.
Christopher Dibbs
Christopher Dibbs Pred 4 urami
Gee, just copy someone else's comment.
Cinimod Pred 10 dnevi
Rip colour blind ppl including me
Gamer Pred 11 dnevi
The title isn't misleading will watch again
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 10 dnevi
I can’t believe you colour hooligans
Eric Dubé
Eric Dubé Pred 11 dnevi
and another factor... I have f.lux on as well as blue light filtering glasses. "amethyst sky" looks brown.
Arcitek GD
Arcitek GD Pred 11 dnevi
i love watching toms videos in noiay environments because all his videos has subtitles
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 11 dnevi
0:50 bold of u to assume i learnt anything from school
Stovve On the sun
Stovve On the sun Pred 11 dnevi
Thanks for using the right color/colour in the title
Ashfaaq Pred 12 dnevi
The video edit and Tom's performance in this video is flawless!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 11 dnevi
Imagine staring out of your window on a train journey and seeing Tom just chilling with his cameraman on a hill with a grey hoodie.
Marc Edward
Marc Edward Pred 12 dnevi
Looks grey to me somethimes when i blink it goes to very very very very very very very very 0.0000000000000000000000001 blue
Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch Pred 12 dnevi
Tom, you’re the only person who can make “The History of Laundry” interesting. Bravo 👏
Abbie B
Abbie B Pred 12 dnevi
When you changed the lighting at 3:00 it turned pink, not yellow. Also, I would like a color calibrator like that. What is it called and how much are they? Google is being unhelpful.
Abbie B
Abbie B Pred 9 dnevi
@NT_23 I'll accept peach.
NT_23 Pred 11 dnevi
It's more of a peach colour. Definitely not pink
saturnday 1
saturnday 1 Pred 12 dnevi
Forgot i had my blue light filter on.. 2:39 you have no idea tom
Merica Maverick
Merica Maverick Pred 12 dnevi
What I take from this video is that blue is scientifically the best color
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Pred 12 dnevi
This reminds me of an ongoing argument my uncle and I had over whether the house across the street from where we used to live was blue or gray. It was light blue. Every time I go back there, it's still the color I remember it. I don't care what my uncle says; it was blue.
Swifts Pred 12 dnevi
Sad boi Cube
Sad boi Cube Pred 12 dnevi
2:54 the word “colo(u)r” “glitching” between having and not having a u is great
Adrian Tarrant
Adrian Tarrant Pred 12 dnevi
I understand this more than the white and gold dress
devil's music
devil's music Pred 12 dnevi
I can’t believe you colour hooligans
Tino Müller
Tino Müller Pred 13 dnevi
im colour blind and you hoodie looks grey for me in every video
Guppy Pred 13 dnevi
Toothless Pred 13 dnevi
I don't get it, why don't you just spell it 'colour'? Why do you keep switching?
CraftyCole09 Pred 13 dnevi
Zayd Zulqurnain
Zayd Zulqurnain Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine staring out of your window on a train journey and seeing Tom just chilling with his cameraman on a hill with a grey hoodie.
conor young
conor young Pred 13 dnevi
Andrew Leech
Andrew Leech Pred 13 dnevi
im colourblind
Jeph Luzentales
Jeph Luzentales Pred 13 dnevi
Plot twist Tom Scott doesn't have artificial light, he's actually just in Mexico
kevinwilliam0 Pred 13 dnevi
I don’t know, i’m colourblind.
THE_J_GAMER Pred 14 dnevi
Hammy Burgers
Hammy Burgers Pred 14 dnevi
Stop right there Mr Tom, the garment you're wearing is comfortable so there's no need to ask for others opinions regarding it. You do you. 😃
awesomefrankrapid Pred 14 dnevi
Christ you look like Tony Blair
B D Pred 14 dnevi
Grey. Now bye
Jo Pred 14 dnevi
2:40 You say, "very, very yellow." I say, "very, very orange."
AJ SongCovers
AJ SongCovers Pred 14 dnevi
I dont even have to watch the video .... I can just tell by looking at the thumbnail .. its orange grey and blue ... easy .. Im sort of a genius myself
Fakob Jakob
Fakob Jakob Pred 14 dnevi
TheSupremePotato Pred 14 dnevi
white/light grey/gray
Drag89X Pred 14 dnevi
the thumbnail: whats the color of my hoodie? Me: Portal.
*-. Killua .-*
*-. Killua .-* Pred 14 dnevi
Hah. The answer is that the color is color.
Aleksander Ferdinand Willingdon
ah yes a video about colour that my colourblind self understands
LA_gamer2009 Pred 14 dnevi
pj48 Pred 14 dnevi
This video made my brain hurt.
DarthAlphaTheGreat Pred 14 dnevi
radio waves, microwaves, infred RADiATIONNNNN! Visible light, ultra violet... X-RAYS, GAMMA RAYS!!! -EMR song.
Marvin Breitfeld
Marvin Breitfeld Pred 15 dnevi
are you the father from mumbojumbo
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 15 dnevi
The part about looking dirty is probably why Lego discontinued their original grey colors and replaced them with bluish-grey.
john smith
john smith Pred 15 dnevi
I'm surprised there's no mention of the white+gold/blue+black dress, because the colour perception depends on what type of light your brain thinks it has and therefore subtracts out.
Felipe Gonçalves
Felipe Gonçalves Pred 15 dnevi
I watched this video on the 21/4/21 at 5.20 am [no colon, since YT'll think I'm giving a timestamp] in Uruguay, which is during autumn/fall on my phone with the "Blue light filter" set on... So imagine having to turn it off so Tom doesn't sound as if he's gone loopy.
niauropsaka Pred 15 dnevi
I had never heard of Amethyst Sky paint mix colour before now, and I already have opinions about it!
Traktor Tom
Traktor Tom Pred 15 dnevi
it grey
HappiestTick234Playzz Pred 15 dnevi
This brings me back to the Blue/Gold dress thing XD
TheGameMatt Pred 15 dnevi
At 2:38 and 3:28 I played it in slow life to make sure it wasn’t the same take, bravo on quality
FenceThis Pred 15 dnevi
I thought it looked more Vanilla Sky
John Dangcil
John Dangcil Pred 15 dnevi
I was waiting for you to show up in a red hoodie tbh
hair dumb
hair dumb Pred 15 dnevi
Renan Bohn Schwarzbold
This slight blue colouring trick is also used in the paper industry, so paper looks more white, pure and clean.
nacoran Pred 15 dnevi
This would have been a good episode for a CGP Grey crossover.
Tijn Mölders
Tijn Mölders Pred 15 dnevi
That colour sensor is worth 800 dollars lmao
Mr - Rando
Mr - Rando Pred 15 dnevi
Its a blueish grey
PinkPixel Productions
PinkPixel Productions Pred 15 dnevi
Orange, Gray, and Blue.
amin lefi
amin lefi Pred 15 dnevi
I don’t care
Polaarj Pred 15 dnevi
Im colorblind
Bread Pred 15 dnevi
bro a SWEATER made me question reality a S W E A T E R
NoiceYT hi
NoiceYT hi Pred 15 dnevi
There is no hoodie. Its cgi
Zodi X
Zodi X Pred 15 dnevi
we Indians still use a Laungary Bluing product named "Ujaala" meaning "brightness". clever product naming
Danny Lawson
Danny Lawson Pred 15 dnevi
oh woah and wow
BozicLive Pred 15 dnevi
the colour is grey
ivyshinigami Pred 15 dnevi
Just to rectify that the 3 lockdown is for England and perhaps Wales? Scotland has had 2 lockdowns so far
This image breaks AI
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