Supreme Court Allows Trump's Tax Returns to Be Released 

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Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, February 22.
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Supreme Court Allows Trump's Tax Returns to Be Released- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




23. feb. 2021

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Ed Wilson
Ed Wilson Pred mesecem
I ĺovit 👰👸👢👑🐕🎽🎣🎱
Bruce Edwards
Bruce Edwards Pred mesecem
National Lampoon used to sometimes have a cartoon strip of kids with HUGE triangle heads. Every time i see this guys thumbnail reminds of those balloon head kids.
tarcms Pred mesecem
Joe Biden filled with money from 🇨🇳 china
Skyjuice70 Pred mesecem
If they give him an orange jumpsuit in jail, wouldn't that be counterproductive because then he'll be camouflage? lol. If there's one thing that will certainly put someone in jail, no matter who they are or what their status in life is, it's tax fraud. Not even Al Capone with all his murders and robbery, who everyone and their grandmother were afraid of, could escape the consequences of tax fraud. Trumps' goose is as good as cooked!
michael kriebel
michael kriebel Pred mesecem
I spologize, but you are just not funny. Material ok, but no laughing, and deapan delivery _ (to me) not funny at all. Get your staffer to laugh., ANYTHING.
Craig Tysen
Craig Tysen Pred mesecem
Yes, they are afraid of Court packing and the cancel culture is progressing. All the brainwashed watched this episode, I just read the title.
A C Pred mesecem
lol that Cruz story was probably the best press United's received in two decades
G Johnson
G Johnson Pred mesecem
Predicting comments from Donny Jr. "If these democrats can get my dad for tax evasion than they will come after all conservatives for tax evasion."
Elaine Ng
Elaine Ng Pred mesecem
The cagey bail baly escape because ring mechanistically behave including a spiffy mouth. drab, nervous diving
i Love Cops
i Love Cops Pred mesecem
His head looks like a 40 wattes light bulbs., Just as brillent too!
jason lefebvre
jason lefebvre Pred mesecem
Seth, your better than that. It's ex president.
Donna Little
Donna Little Pred mesecem
Don't forget the past politician included curious about Nancy Schumer Biden Obama and Clinton.
Donna Little
Donna Little Pred mesecem
All the Crooks in Washington need to turn in their taxes LOL like Trump the only crook untill then who cares!
frick poo
frick poo Pred mesecem
i actually watched 2 minutes of this show the other night. fake propaganda to mouth breathers. maybe you should have ellen on your show as a co host. you two are neck and neck w talent and content.
cannibalbananas Pred mesecem
I felt the Taco Bell joke in my heart. They keep bringing back tostadas only to take them away again 😥💔 (Also I miss steak fajita burritos)
Isaac Gondel
Isaac Gondel Pred mesecem
do people find him funny?
Roger Surf
Roger Surf Pred mesecem
Why doesn't the Manhattan District Attorney or who ever looks after Nancy Polosi and Chuck Schumer's tax returns and other papers demand access to their records - (and what about Biden's finances whilst they are about it)? Sure to be exciting stuff there! Would be fair right?
Dimwit biden
Dimwit biden Pred mesecem
Pierre Dupuy
Pierre Dupuy Pred mesecem
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse Pred mesecem
What's going on with the SCOTUS? Trying to implement the rule of law? ⚖ Geeeez.
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare Pred mesecem
NACCP sues Traitor Trump under the Klan Act. Traitor Trump is Johnny Nobody now, and has to pay tax like everyone else so losing at the Supreme court is step closer to his imprisonment. Criminal Lawsuits can now also proceed for the 140 injured Capitol cops, 550 congressional staffers and 518,363 dominated Covid families.
Jude Pred mesecem
0:33 Wasn't it his stupid ass wife in a group text?
Lightworkers1 Pred mesecem
AC3 Pred mesecem
He's a GOOD DOG, Groig!
Ahmed Monir
Ahmed Monir Pred mesecem
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Pippa Ball
Pippa Ball Pred mesecem
Mondo Shredder
Mondo Shredder Pred mesecem
Looks like Donald is the one who should be slithering off to Cancun right about now. One way...
Kevin Dowset
Kevin Dowset Pred mesecem
INDICT THE TRUMPS (pass it on)
Joseph Grills
Joseph Grills Pred mesecem
Uh, in case you didn't know Trump has been audited by the IRS every year since 1981. Looks like another empty creel for the latest Liberal fishing expedition
Joseph Grills
Joseph Grills Pred mesecem
@IMA HAPPY CAMPER "We" want to see them? Obviously you don't trust the IRS. He has NO legal obligation to show to them to you or "we"
Uh, we know that, we want to see them, like he PROMISED in 2018! Btw, I'm not a democratic - just a human being who cares about doing the right thing
Charlee John
Charlee John Pred mesecem
I'm going to bet there is f*ck all to see in his tax returns. And he'll laugh at you all !
rowdybliss Pred mesecem
Imagine being so desperate as to attack the First Dog. 🙄
Jied Cogahilme
Jied Cogahilme Pred mesecem
Those guzs are such assholes! What if the dog is from the junkyard? Who are they trying to offend with with that? Rescuers?
Jamezzz 003
Jamezzz 003 Pred mesecem
He’s a private citizen and has private rights, change my mind.
Doug Pool
Doug Pool Pred mesecem
The Führer will be furious! 😠 😤 😡
Slater K
Slater K Pred mesecem
The sdny and Mark pomerantz smell fear in Florida tonight
Rousseau Phillips
Rousseau Phillips Pred mesecem
The draconian facilities technologically jump because roll notablely increase anenst a boorish disadvantage. melodic, woozy cultivator
Michael Barger
Michael Barger Pred mesecem
The media are so obsessed with and dependent on Trump its honestly so sad Lmao
zena williams
zena williams Pred mesecem
Finally !!!
zena williams
zena williams Pred mesecem
Finally !!!
SUNNY Chowdary
SUNNY Chowdary Pred mesecem
Ah that senor Zuckerberg got me laughing hard & weird !
Anne-Marie A
Anne-Marie A Pred mesecem
President Biden could just have Merrick Garland be the temporary attorney general just as the last guy did.
Osvaldo Domingos
Osvaldo Domingos Pred mesecem
The "Señor Zuckerberg" Joke got me dying. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LOL.
Poofer Pred mesecem
that was one rushed monologue...like he didn't like half the jokes he told.
Maple Hufflepuff
Maple Hufflepuff Pred mesecem
Names are inscribed on a plaque on perseverance, my name is on Mars. Memories of me will be forgotten, but my name will echo through time.
Lacey B.
Lacey B. Pred mesecem
DaCronic1 Pred mesecem
#RepublicansChristianInNameOnly #RepublicansCINOs
Melissa Knive
Melissa Knive Pred mesecem
First Lady DOCTOR Jill Biden.
Mario Pantoja
Mario Pantoja Pred mesecem
Leah Pred mesecem
Please stop taking vacations!
Joker Pred mesecem
So it's not just here right? Taco Bell axes *every* decent thing off their menu!
ScrubBeats Pred mesecem
Somebody's show has just jumped the shark.....Somebody.
Luis Campos
Luis Campos Pred mesecem
Seth looks like a young Blark, from #blarkandson
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
Trump’s complaints about this “never-ending” pursuit of his tax returns reminds me of that old cop saying: “we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way”. He chose to do it the hard way ...
Bim Scutney
Bim Scutney Pred mesecem
You know you’re low on material when you insult a dog. That dog has more class and brains than the entire GOP.
MaryEllen Zappolo
MaryEllen Zappolo Pred mesecem
Insulting a beautiful animal- Wow. That’s a new level of creepy human. Oh! It’s Greg Kelly! No surprise there. 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo Pred mesecem
can someone explain the Kardashian mum asked her to hold off till sweeps joke?
Alfred Degiorgio
Alfred Degiorgio Pred mesecem
Trump is the Champion Whiner of the World. He’s unhappy with SCOTUS which he and the GOP stacked with Justices they thought would always rule in their favor. He is still whining about the result of the 2020 election in which he was trashed by Biden. On his deathbed, Trump’s last words will be, “I won the 2020 election”!
Cj Acree
Cj Acree Pred mesecem
Whats funny is they dont have to actually get them. They already have them lol
Helen Strange
Helen Strange Pred mesecem
Well if their nothing their then let them trump and if you yelling but you want them to look in hurt want come around go around want
Fred A
Fred A Pred mesecem
That newsmax bit sounded like something of of the onion.
D Neal
D Neal Pred mesecem
Here We Go
Sabrecat Smiladon
Sabrecat Smiladon Pred mesecem
NO member of Congress should be allowed to hide anything. If you want to SERVE your country, dont HIDE anything!!! POLYGRAPH and DRUG TESTS for them too!
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen Pred mesecem
Another Enron continue
Elton Mayo
Elton Mayo Pred mesecem
that was a corporate stock scam. this is bernie madoff 2.0
Roger Nguyen
Roger Nguyen Pred mesecem
Trump's the best stupid president of USA
Michelle Gonzalez
Michelle Gonzalez Pred mesecem
I guess Seth is trying to tell us, Trump and his supporters are all seriously guilty of the Abuse of Power. Seth take a breather. :)
kilroy987 Pred mesecem
Fed: There are problems with Trump's taxes. He owes a lot. GOP: CLASS WAR
kerry nicholls
kerry nicholls Pred mesecem
Taco Bell has just come to my city WTF America keep your disgusting food to yourself. Love from Australia.
Blue 04 MX 5
Blue 04 MX 5 Pred mesecem
That poor man, hasn't he suffered at all?
Austin Cooper
Austin Cooper Pred mesecem
let’s see your returns buddy. well see that you and your show is failing miserably
Tzvi Krasner
Tzvi Krasner Pred mesecem
Look, I know the alt-right has serious problems with black people having any form of power at all, but was it really necessary to dunk on Sylvester Ritter like that? The man's a Hall of Famer and had been dead 23 years. That ain't right.
Koloa Southside
Koloa Southside Pred mesecem
750 effing dollars for taxes?
Ricci Pred mesecem
Fled Cruz's daughters are 10 and 12, old enough to know that skipping out to Cancun when their state is suffering is wrong, unless they are just like their deplorable father.
Melesniannon Pred mesecem
Really, that's your perspective on 10 and 12 year old children? That they're responsible, considerate, and capable of viewing the bigger picture? Oh my sweet innocent summer child :D
Debra Kasprick
Debra Kasprick Pred mesecem
Obviously Trump has something to hide... No one is that protective about their tax returns, really, get a search warrant or court order....why is this guy " above the law".
Don't SSleep
Don't SSleep Pred mesecem
So you're saying Kim's taking East West and heading south?
Aurora The meme queen
I’m ok with politicians hating each other, but you fuckers better leave the dogs out of it
Dahn Pred mesecem
Pathetic morons on the Far Right, happy to protect a traitor trying to overthrow and destroy America, but whine about a dog not being brushed to their liking... There was no mention about the lack of a dog when Adolf Trump was in the White House, the famous animal hater though. Shows how utterly empty and pathetic those worthless slime on the far Right really are, and how little they actually have to complain about. They don't have a single REAL thing that they can whine about, so they have to desperately pick on stupid little details, like a dog not being brushed, or a tan suit...
Cynthia Brent
Cynthia Brent Pred mesecem
🎶Hey Trump! What's ya want? What's ya gonna do? When Cyrus Vance comes looking for you? 🎶Don Trump, Don Trump, what's ya gonna do? What's ya gonna do-- when they come for YOU?!🎶😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Dethlok Prime
Dethlok Prime Pred mesecem
Better watch out, Seth, or Uncle Andy will be coming after you, next.
Dave Wraptastic
Dave Wraptastic Pred mesecem
who bitches about what a dog looks like? Reaching much? Trump's been called the worst joke in US history, impeached twice and tried to overthrow the government but Biden's dog looks trashy? That's your thing? Really?
Alex Mac
Alex Mac Pred mesecem
Instead of using stock pictures of Trump, can I suggest using the Trump baby blimp instead? Never gets old.
Katherine McKiverigan
It's so refreshing to hear 'former' president, ahh.
Myriam Lateur
Myriam Lateur Pred mesecem
Better drop the word president!
Veronica Venne
Veronica Venne Pred mesecem
sent a robot to mars because if you send a human, you will find out too soon about life on mars if you really think about why they quit sanding humans to space
gotham61 Pred mesecem
Are these supposed to be funny jokes? Seth blows through them so fast, it seems that even he realizes they aren’t even worthy of a giggle.
Mr. Smuggypuss Plays
He shouldn't be afraid of his tax returns being shown unless he's hiding something.
Games and Toilets Productions
Champ the German shepherd had more class than the GOP or Greg Kelly combined. Also I hope to see.how long trump can last in jail
Don Geraçi
Don Geraçi Pred mesecem
Teah Miller
Teah Miller Pred mesecem
DisneyBrokeMyHeart Pred mesecem
I just want to say, I'm not sure that you talked about this in this video cuz I didn't watch it. But I'm watching you on Hulu right now, and you made a comment about Tom Cruise movie must never bomb because it be a National Disgrace? Or some crap like that? So are you insinuating that it's never happened? *coughTHE MUMMYcough*
edsnotgod Pred mesecem
Hey everyone duh laugh with me duh Trump's tax returns and duh Russian collusion lol in the tax returns lol it's in the tax returns lol and the tax returns haha
Jean Mariani
Jean Mariani Pred mesecem
It was Snowflake!
Sid Harry
Sid Harry Pred mesecem
People that voted for Biden: This is what they voted for. Pro-Abortion- Slaughtering babies. Anti-law- Defunding police, illegal immigrants wont be sent back even if they commit a horrific crime. Marxism- Support erasing America's history. Cancel culture. Pro-lockdown- Must like being locked in their house like caged rats. Anti- 2nd Amendment- giving more power to the government to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. More restrictions. Anti-women rights- believe a guy that wants to be a girl should be allowed to play in women sports and change in the same locker room. Definitely not supporting women's rights. Does not want a secure border to prorect American citizens Believe anyone can come into our country regardless of there criminal background. Voted- Pure Evil.
Mr. Smuggypuss Plays
@jbt PA The amount of delusion I see on this site kills me lmfao.
jbt PA
jbt PA Pred mesecem
Tin foil hat on too tight?
Mr. Smuggypuss Plays
Black Lives Matter
Ea Novak
Ea Novak Pred mesecem
And half the country calls Fox "news."
Ea Novak
Ea Novak Pred mesecem
@Paul Parker That's more like it.🎯👍🥂
Paul Parker
Paul Parker Pred mesecem
I thought it was called faux news.
Lemon Squeezy
Lemon Squeezy Pred mesecem
It’s nice that Seth still does weekend update style. Especially considering how bad the current SNL cast have butchered the format
David Pumpkins Jr.
David Pumpkins Jr. Pred mesecem
So, Newsmax has resorted to the Dissing Your Dog method as seen on SNL? Interesting.
tatwood93 Pred mesecem
Steve bannon looks like the guy at the scrap yard who accuses you of stealing his tools, when he actually left them inside a 1982 conversion van.
Elton Mayo
Elton Mayo Pred mesecem
a vw beetle. he was looking for the engine
hoon tae
hoon tae Pred mesecem
The abrasive health substantially undress because port socially slip besides a raspy occupation. odd, zonked format
gayle curry
gayle curry Pred mesecem
united is wasting their time. People were taking pictures of Cruz walking through the airport before he got to the plane
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