Binging with Babish: Chicken Fingers from Community 

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During my weekly re-watching of Community, I was reminded that an entire episode was dedicated to the study group's Goodfellian pursuit of chicken fingers. Needing a break after last week's culinary marathon, I jumped at the opportunity to brine some tendies in pickle juice just to see what happens. Turns out, it tastes real good! Thanks Greendale!
Recipe: www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/chicken-fingers-community
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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6. apr. 2021

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Babish Culinary Universe
These chicken fingers are streets ahead
Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver Pred 3 dnevi
More community pleaaaase
Bob Lob
Bob Lob Pred 6 dnevi
@Craig Winter lol
riffers Pred 10 dnevi
Just made it with chicken legs tonight (28 hr brine) and it was excellent
Merlin827 Pred 16 dnevi
Food Is nice
Food Is nice Pred 17 dnevi
Very nice 👍🏾 😎
RevenantBacon Pred 7 urami
Hey, if I make these, what can I do to stop my kitchen from smelling like hot oil for the next week?
fernando velarde
fernando velarde Pred 7 urami
dean - licious Awesome
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter Pred 8 urami
I hunger
TAC Pred 11 urami
What brand of chicken fingers were the frozen ones
AO On YT Pred 14 urami
Why does the crunch sound like eating in minecraft.
Dylan Bushmire
Dylan Bushmire Pred 23 urami
This episode was changtastic
Max Reeve
Max Reeve Pred 23 urami
This video reminded me what Babish videos have been missing as of late, the component that when its gone you feel its absence yet cant point it out given its subtlety, trolling. Babish is a troll and I can only speak on behalf of myself here but that's what caused me to watch his videos so religiously, bring back those unwanted asmr segments and the completely not at all substitute recipes with coriander (I'm English) that merely looks and tastes like parsley but is in fact coriander. Ill still watch every upload regardless like I previously said however that edgy troll is what will keep me coming back hungry no pun intended.
The Shadow
The Shadow Pred dnevom
I can’t believe you actually did this. Community is so underrated.
Alex Lumb
Alex Lumb Pred dnevom
this was in my reccomended while i was watching this exact episode on another screen
Vague Pred 2 dnevi
"It is confidence, not incompetence" Babish its okay we all make mistakes
Big Fudge
Big Fudge Pred 3 dnevi
If you want to do more community ones here's some suggestions. Shirley's sandwiches or her pies/pizzas from remedial chaos theory. The winter doodle from comparative religion. And troy's giant cookie from pascal's triangle revisited
Aiden 87
Aiden 87 Pred 3 dnevi
I make this dish like everyday cuz its easy and i can eat it with like vegetable soups, but i didnt know the actually name is Chicken Fingers. I used to called chicken tenders or chicken strips
Red Midget
Red Midget Pred 3 dnevi
Ew applebees
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Pred 3 dnevi
What do you recommend to use in place of peanut oil(peanut allergy)?
Aftab Faisal
Aftab Faisal Pred 4 dnevi
Wait , was that “Crispty crunchty” a Molly Baz reference at @3:23 ?🙆🏻‍♂️
The Austin
The Austin Pred 4 dnevi
To be completely honest with you I wouldn't care as long as I get the chicken
Aggro Gator
Aggro Gator Pred 5 dnevi
Honestly those chicken fingers would be better if you ground them up and put em in some kind of casing. . .
Collin Durham
Collin Durham Pred 5 dnevi
Subway 4:33
Kristie R
Kristie R Pred 5 dnevi
Next Lvl Roy
Next Lvl Roy Pred 6 dnevi
Should come out similarly in an air fryer, right? Maybe drizzle a lil oil into the basket. Mostly thinking about that because I don't feel like using a ton of oil + having to clean up excess bubbly mess later lol
Brent Holmes
Brent Holmes Pred 6 dnevi
I made these last night - they were incredible!
Guest Superguest
Guest Superguest Pred 7 dnevi
Gasp you added cornstarch? You take that back
4nim4l L0k0
4nim4l L0k0 Pred 7 dnevi
Why i am thinking of trailer park boys when i hear chicken fingers ?
Armando Blanco-Naranjo
have you considered ASMR? XD
Ianuarius Pred 8 dnevi
Tested this one, but found them really mediocre. Crunch was great. Taste... well, there wasn't much there. First one from your channel that I didn't really care for. But I learned a lot making them, so it was still a win.
Chop Happy
Chop Happy Pred 8 dnevi
Those chicken fingers look so yummy! I wish I was eating this recipe right now because it looks like the perfect midnight snack
Quill Muffins
Quill Muffins Pred 9 dnevi
I’ve made the final recipe twice so far First time I did the minimum, brining for only 8 hours, single dipping, all the simple. Second time I brined it for the full 48 and double dipped, best chicken I’ve had and made. I know this will more than likely go overlooked but incase it isn’t and you plan on making it, the extra 40 hour wait is more than worth it.
r1Ce Pred 10 dnevi
special drink next
Real Z
Real Z Pred 11 dnevi
Who else thought the picture in the thumbnail looked like a miniature hand
LizDarwin Pred 11 dnevi
I made these, but using an airfryer. Not nearly as crispy, but man oh man are they tasty!
Isabel Rea
Isabel Rea Pred 12 dnevi
Can you make the pineapple cake from 50 first dates!
Gabe Simmers
Gabe Simmers Pred 13 dnevi
Do you ever think about the chicken that he bought when it was alive? He's famous now
Arain kitchen
Arain kitchen Pred 13 dnevi
Nice recipe keep sharing thanks Your recipes are amazing. Arain Kitchen always like your recipes.
baka-imoutocosplay Pred 14 dnevi
Any recommendation liquid to substitute instead of pickle juice?
Myrenos Pred 14 dnevi
I know this man didn't just make a chang joke
מייקל אלחננוב
Hi, what would you say could be a kosher alternative to the buttermilk in the brine?
tcoudi Pred 14 dnevi
btw, had anyone told you, who is Andrej Babiš from Czech Republic?
Karl Striepe
Karl Striepe Pred 15 dnevi
I always wondered why they sold bottles of pickle juice at my local high-end deli. Now I know. And knowing is ... you know it! ... half the bottle. I drank the other half.
Raminder Bal
Raminder Bal Pred 15 dnevi
Oooo you should do pasta from master of none
Andrew Cahill
Andrew Cahill Pred 15 dnevi
If you dip chicken tenders in ketchup your nasty. EW🤢
Cubed Pred 15 dnevi
This immediately made me watch to watch that episode.
Saba Kobakhidze
Saba Kobakhidze Pred 15 dnevi
I somehow managed to make it look brown and taste disgusting
R Pred 15 dnevi
That chicken fingers we called it CEKER and its so ngeunah pokona very delicioso komo dei with sambal mantep edun and plus with rice hedon sekali rasanya
somekindaokayguy Pred 16 dnevi
legend may say its pickle brine but the ingredient list required by the fda says it's just msg
Cade Trujillo
Cade Trujillo Pred 16 dnevi
My right ear is feeling left out of the sensual mouth noises.
PsyckoSama Pred 16 dnevi
Gimme gimme chickie tendies...
Food Is nice
Food Is nice Pred 17 dnevi
Gordon Ramsey COULD NEVER
Tiffi Guevara
Tiffi Guevara Pred 17 dnevi
Leonard rated this 5 stars
Pat Mooney
Pat Mooney Pred 17 dnevi
Try marinating in a vinegar based hot sauce for hot spicy flavors.
embrezar Pred 17 dnevi
You should have included a fourth method, because I am honestly curious as to how it would work with frozen chicken tenders: air fryer. Microwave, oven, deep fry, air fry... that just about covers all the bases, I think.
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson Pred 17 dnevi
Fake! You didn’t lay your own eggs and raise your own chicks!
Julius IsCulius
Julius IsCulius Pred 17 dnevi
I'm sad he didn't do the Britta throw at the end.
J Jacobs
J Jacobs Pred 18 dnevi
About Time!
Morgan P.
Morgan P. Pred 18 dnevi
As someone that can’t eat peanut anything, which oils do people recommend instead?
Crux 1:16
Crux 1:16 Pred 18 dnevi
We all know this is just his excuse to begin his second channel which specializes in ASMR
Bryan Hernandez
Bryan Hernandez Pred 19 dnevi
Am i the only one who after hearing him said "a bayeaf" was expecting "or maybe two!" as a follow up?
hi Pred 19 dnevi
Thank you banish I went from burning water to chili master because of you
Max Slippyfist
Max Slippyfist Pred 19 dnevi
I was expecting trailer park boys
dersushibomber Pred 19 dnevi
The bay leaf for all you Boris fans
Alex Zervas
Alex Zervas Pred 19 dnevi
I made these for my family tonight, they were amazing!
Let's cook with Ella
Let's cook with Ella Pred 19 dnevi
Mara mag Groot
Mara mag Groot Pred 19 dnevi
No me beeing on a diet and totally regretting to watch this
Cade Reed
Cade Reed Pred 20 dnevi
* mouth noises *😹😹😹
The FBI Pred 20 dnevi
Why can i taste this?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 20 dnevi
Babish at the end of the video: Eat fresh Milad wants to know your location
Kristi Talk
Kristi Talk Pred 20 dnevi
Your recipe on the website is different for the advanced chicken fingers. 🥺 Which one should I use?
Wonderboy333 Wonderboy333
So how is britta a vegetarian she ate chicken tenders
David Rutitsky
David Rutitsky Pred 20 dnevi
I beg of you make the outback steakhouse extreme from family guy.
Some One
Some One Pred 20 dnevi
My secret tip for anything that goes into a deep fryer is a shitload of MSG. I think it's an atrocity that it is shunned by so many youtube chefs...
Dhan_man 07404
Dhan_man 07404 Pred 20 dnevi
I think it's tradition to pop on that community episode whenever you have chicken strips
Julie-Chan Pred 21 dnevom
10/10 ASMR
Alex C.
Alex C. Pred 21 dnevom
Just seeing someone else still appreciates Community is the real prize here. Just kidding, I need to make this chicken.
Connor Hynes Taft
Connor Hynes Taft Pred 21 dnevom
Sorry where is this from I have changnesia
Christian Bruno
Christian Bruno Pred 21 dnevom
I just don't understand how you know all of these shows.
Marvel Geek
Marvel Geek Pred 21 dnevom
My old community college’s cafeteria had the best Chicken fingers. They tasted like ballpark food, they were amazing
ZumbaNeymarOyoyoy Pred 21 dnevom
I can't put in words how much I enjoyed this video
Nathan Peraza
Nathan Peraza Pred 21 dnevom
Can you use this recipe in an air fryer instead?
Noah Legerstee
Noah Legerstee Pred 21 dnevom
Mine didn’t come out brown! Idk what I did wrong, my crust came out as empty shells
Jose A Santos
Jose A Santos Pred 21 dnevom
man, you know how to do it
aaha104 Pred 21 dnevom
Air fried version?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 22 dnevi
unsocialised and scary cat
Kinda forgot this week to ask you to do all the way to do the sardines from cloudy with a chance of meatballs but I am gonna get back at it!
Ricky Lahey
Ricky Lahey Pred 22 dnevi
Instant dislike for chewing into the microphone, sorry Babby please don't make it a habit
Big Pimpin
Big Pimpin Pred 22 dnevi
Btw at chick fil a we don’t soak our chicken in pickle juice 😭
PantPudding Pred 22 dnevi
As a former chickfila employee id like to let everyone know there is no pickle juice in any part of the chicken cooking process. A cfa sandwich without pickles needs to be pickle allergy safe.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 22 dnevi
I'm obsessed with community, it's literally one of the best original scripts I've ever seen in a comedy show. Thx for the video!! I luv this episode
Yamile Rocha
Yamile Rocha Pred 23 dnevi
can you do Special drink from community PLEASE
Sammi23# Pred 23 dnevi
3 large eggs?? Or am I losing it.
Cryptic Pred 23 dnevi
im hungry now
Andrej The Freelancer
Andrej The Freelancer Pred 23 dnevi
Babish, it's time you use an air fryer
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 23 dnevi
NoodleHq Pred 24 dnevi
Top 5 episode right here
SABRINA Pred 24 dnevi
why am I barely finding this man.... I literally watch cooking videos all day
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 23 dnevi
Please do the pizzadilla from Nicky,Ricky,Dicky,and Dawn
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson Pred 24 dnevi
Adam Ragusea is quaking at how close that oil is to overflowing onto the open flame
Justyn Code-Muck
Justyn Code-Muck Pred 24 dnevi
This episode is Streets Ahead
JRP Memes, Movies, and game review.
May you please make chilli fries from Ben 10?
Josh Sammon
Josh Sammon Pred 24 dnevi
Khwaja Ahmed
Khwaja Ahmed Pred 24 dnevi
Hi Mr. Babish sir, can you do a Ramadan tips thing for what to make before you fast and what to break your fast with?
Hamza F
Hamza F Pred 24 dnevi
We need some chicken fingers asmr, that crunch sounds too satisfying
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He officially quit
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