Good Person - Ft. Roomie (Official Music Video) 

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Oh yeah, I’m a good person B)
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SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/album/0nIO2BsGVth75m8XMJBcRG
Music production by BAASIK
Vocal production by ILLBERG
Mixed by BAASIK
Mastered by Björn Engelmann
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I’m at the supermarket
Gon cop some rhubarb
I reach into my pocket
It’s time to get charged
I pay in cash, and I know what happens next is strange
I flash a stunning smile and say:
“You can keep the change”
Oh yeah, I’m a GOOD PERSON
You can have that money (It’s yours!)
And also coins are uncomfortable in my pockets, uh
Sitting by my computer
Mom comes inside the lair
“It’s smelling like a sewer
You should go and get some air”
I’m gettin up, and stretch, I’m filling up with pride
I open up the door and put a single foot outside
Oh yeah, I’m a GOOD PERSON
I leave my house (So healthy!)
I’m gonna put my foot back inside of my house now, uh
My lifestyle’s quite unhealthy
I snacked recording this
Got an expanding belly
Can’t find a shirt that fits
Roll my chair to the kitchen, fill my snack bowl to the brim
Yeah I know that might look bad, but then I sign up for a gym
Oh yeah, I’m a GOOD PERSON
I’m a gym member (gon get ripped)
And I will go there sometime, I just haven’t decided on a date yet, uh
I’m chilling out in class
My teacher’s such a jerk
And suddenly he asks
“Where is your homework”
All my friends in panic, “no was that today??”
I slap mine on the desk and say “I’m gonna get an A. Plus.”
Oh yeah, I’m a GOOD PERSON
I do my homework (model student!)
Turns out I plagiarized and now I’m in detention, uh (sad, whiny uh)
My mom is back again
“Can you take out the trash?”
Her mind was blown right then
“I did it before you asked”
Oh yeah, I’m a GOOD PERSON
I do my chores (For mommy!)
Couldn’t find a trashcan so I dumped it in the ocean, uh
It’s just a regular day
OR IS IT, grandma?
No, someone’s changin age and
it isn’t grandpa
Other grandsons may just write on facebook walls
But I am grandmas special boy, so I am gonna call
OH, what, oh yeah I’m a good person
I remember birthdays (for example February 7th!)
You better think of me when you’re drafting up your will
I’m hanging out with Quinston
He is the coolest guy
Got 30k on insta
Always wears suit and tie
I tell him ‘bout how good I am, but he says “bro,
The people who are really good don’t brag about it though”
what? You’re saying bragging about the nice things you’ve done misses the whole point of doing nice things in the first place?
Oh! What? Oh yeah, I’m a good person?
I don’t brag ever (never did!)
Now please excuse me while I go delete my twitter, uh
(Oh, and I gotta delete this song. What, it’s already on SLtv and Spotify? Well hopefully no one will listen to it.)




13. dec. 2020

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Chase Little
Chase Little Pred 16 minutami
Elite gamer#9026
Elite gamer#9026 Pred 23 minutami
rix Pred 29 minutami
anyone thinks that coinstant looks like philza?
Elite gamer#9026
Elite gamer#9026 Pred 26 minutami
you make no sence
Sky James
Sky James Pred 30 minutami
How can you write with a chip that's so odd. I watch this song every day and I love it
Sky James
Sky James Pred 29 minutami
That's cool
Zoei Sky
Zoei Sky Pred 35 minutami
Moon Light
Moon Light Pred 45 minutami
Adam: I got bullied for being myself and sometimes SLtv can be very overwhelming for me. Jaiden: I fell into a horrible cycle of anorexia and bulimia. Illy: I have really low self-esteem and self-harm issues. Gingerpale: I got chased by the police and broke a whole bunch of laws. James: I'M A GOOD PERSON AND LIFE IS FUN!
Draxthegamer Pred 45 minutami
Boy was he wrong In the ending
Crow Drink Some Coffee
Crow Drink Some Coffee Pred 46 minutami
i disliked because its too cringe... i really dont why i disliked but i feel that i have to
Elite gamer#9026
Elite gamer#9026 Pred 25 minutami
Berlin Koenig
Berlin Koenig Pred 49 minutami
oh im a bad person
Lefty-Sune Pred 52 minutami
you good bro?
Exl Plays
Exl Plays Pred 56 minutami
James did you leave YT???
tytan smith
tytan smith Pred 59 minutami
This on 2 x speed is epic
Fantastic_ simp1.9
this made me feel triggered XD
admin strator
admin strator Pred uro
yEAH JAMES nO OnE SAw iT Literally all of his subscribers watched this
Lance Watson
Lance Watson Pred uro
hopefully no one will lisen to it 16,466,285 views XD
Lance Watson
Lance Watson Pred uro
i used his tactic of spelling rong
Neosporin Oreo
Imagine watching a guy who stole a card game idea made a mobile game even though he complained about it
KAI Swe Pred uro
;-; Pred uro
0:54 James: I’m a good person “The male man that needs to pick up the male after James just yeeted the bag”
Jack's attacks Minecraft awesome dude
The odd ones out I love your videos and I love to draw so yeah mine SLtv channel is Jack's attacks Minecraft awesome dudes I did it a video about animations today so you're looking at comics please look at that please
Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill Pred 2 urami
OMG this is too lit
Agisha Bisimwa
Agisha Bisimwa Pred 2 urami
I don. T fink anywan lisend
Ella McCarthy
Ella McCarthy Pred 2 urami
did anyone see the canned pizza at the supermarket?
Ryder Petersen
Ryder Petersen Pred 2 urami
James where are you it's been a long time I think you have an episode Done by now right
Astro Pred 2 urami
My highlight of 2021
Martha Champagne
Martha Champagne Pred 2 urami
I ..... don’t know if I’m a good person✌️
wiggy cute
wiggy cute Pred 3 urami
james dont litter its what a bad person does ur realy bad person james
Jacob King Eang
Jacob King Eang Pred 3 urami
Odd1sout is dead
Jack Peanut Butter
Jack Peanut Butter Pred 3 urami
make ai song dats callt bad person but io do everting good
Demarion Deonarine
Demarion Deonarine Pred 3 urami
Yoa_boay_wilmut Pred 3 urami
I often listen to this on the buss
Yoa_boay_wilmut Pred 3 urami
Peter Huwe
Peter Huwe Pred 4 urami
well hopefully nobody will listen to it... 16.5 million views so far ;D
SCPGAMER BASH Pred 4 urami
Good job draw fast
Out For The Count
Out For The Count Pred 4 urami
me waiting for another video like:
Ian Lima
Ian Lima Pred 4 urami
It feels like a eternity since he last uploaded
xxboon is bad fortnitexx
Hay dude my name is James too
Alroo Jalroo
Alroo Jalroo Pred 4 urami
new vid?
SMToon House
SMToon House Pred 4 urami
Good animation best i have ever seen great job Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
guillermo pimentel
guillermo pimentel Pred 4 urami
Imagine seeing that singing james is singing im a good person at the super market
Arran Page
Arran Page Pred 4 urami
Golden Leafy With A Tophat
James: *getting cancelled* James: this is fine
Linkmazing303 Pred 5 urami
2:32 Is that the 3 legged dog from the video talking about not having cable
ShadowHunter05 1
ShadowHunter05 1 Pred 5 urami
Not better than he last music vid
Adam Dehinbo
Adam Dehinbo Pred 5 urami
Zilean -kun
Zilean -kun Pred 6 urami
Lmao this music look you're so narcizist
Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle Pred 6 urami
Why haven’t u posted in soooooo long?
eddie_taco 23
eddie_taco 23 Pred 4 urami
He got canceled for being rasict :/
Nathan Bourbonniere
Nathan Bourbonniere Pred 6 urami
2:20 to 2:24 Then they threw James into the Ocean to clean it up or the police came looking for him
gaming with Josh
gaming with Josh Pred 6 urami
James will you ever start uploading again
gingerface levi
gingerface levi Pred 6 urami
When do you plan on come coming back and marking theses wonderful videos
Layla Haddox
Layla Haddox Pred 6 urami
Voteless Phoenix
Voteless Phoenix Pred 6 urami
Don’t leave like cedar and fe4rr
2 Cringe
2 Cringe Pred 7 urami
ahmed mesary
ahmed mesary Pred 7 urami
Wait wha
natan Pred 7 urami
he dont lie he a good person i wanna be an animator like you James
Simon Pred 7 urami
Eras _3d
Eras _3d Pred 7 urami
I know you have nothing to do so how about when you were in high school? Like something called “the HIGHSCHOOL experience”
Mutee Shah
Mutee Shah Pred 7 urami
3:02 Jake Paul left the chat
Rick Shannon
Rick Shannon Pred 7 urami
Plz upload
yuhibulloh Pred 7 urami
Uh.. James can you collab with "bocah pony". Like Danny cassale with vernalta
A Kid
A Kid Pred 8 urami
Hey James, so this is about your board game Cafe Chaos. So it's been about a month and I still didn't get it. Why?
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan Pred 8 urami
dude we need a vid
mohammad rabi
mohammad rabi Pred 8 urami
oomg this is epic
zqkboy -rbg
zqkboy -rbg Pred 9 urami
My mom: do you homework Me: do it Also me: oh yeaaaa I'm a goddd personnnnnnnnn
zqkboy -rbg
zqkboy -rbg Pred 9 urami
I mean good
Igroker ;о
Igroker ;о Pred 9 urami
Did you know that the Russians were watching you . I used google translate
Khaled Eid
Khaled Eid Pred 9 urami
dope :)
Bradley Ashdown
Bradley Ashdown Pred 10 urami
Plz upload more James,we want more animations. There the only things that make me laugh
Наталья Сукгтева
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog Pred 10 urami
James: Hopefully noone listens to it 16 million people: *I don't think so*
windwalker234 Pred 10 urami
my teacher said ur realy loud and dont focus then i started singing this lol
Sana Maffeis
Sana Maffeis Pred 10 urami
Annoyg orange Playd your game watch it
Iñigo Paulo TV
Iñigo Paulo TV Pred 10 urami
Hey in target your videos are there
bass guy
bass guy Pred 11 urami
That feeling when you do homework and other people don't
melissa Pred 11 urami
You should sell the cape and 🕶️
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Pred 11 urami
I realy want to be an animator like you
The real life object show
It’s official guys: he has ran out of stories to talk about
Tayo YT
Tayo YT Pred 11 urami
James calls* Grandma :oh hello james *James: proceed to give her a heart attack*
TheTixNoob Pred 12 urami
Me doing something I was told to do years ago
Simply Winter
Simply Winter Pred 12 urami
My bro bought me your books for my birthday I’m ecstatic as hell!
Поззи game
Поззи game Pred 12 urami
Normal video, yessss
Lawless Tread12
Lawless Tread12 Pred 12 urami
My favorito music is life is fun >:D
Поззи game
Поззи game Pred 12 urami
51 / 5000 Результаты перевода Jaden said in one of her videos that you were a freak 😂
The Reaper
The Reaper Pred 12 urami
No one noticed that he has Leon’s cape 🤨
JustSomeone Pred 12 urami
amazing games
amazing games Pred 13 urami
James why haven't u posted in a while?
Nightmare Foxy
Nightmare Foxy Pred 13 urami
Can I get more videos and how was game theory?
Luz Maria Jimenez
Luz Maria Jimenez Pred 13 urami
talves no entie das lo que hablo ya que esta en español pero queria decir que amo tus videos mas tus musicas me alegran el dia solo quiero decir gracias
TsunamiZ Pred 13 urami
Litteraly 5 year old me when i eat my dinner early
Theblack Bunny
Theblack Bunny Pred 13 urami
I love this song I have that song on my playlist on Spotify I’m on my bed with popcorn like what is going to happen but I watched this ten times
Awheeler 15
Awheeler 15 Pred 14 urami
I thought he said “For money” not “For mommy”😂
AlexBox 3d
AlexBox 3d Pred 14 urami
Im sad you upload no videos....... Or are u planing reales a new one soon?
xxmilo255 Pred 14 urami
I bought your baby James plush
Coconut kingdom 31
Coconut kingdom 31 Pred 15 urami
When is the next vid tho?
Brad Li
Brad Li Pred 15 urami
hyper 7
hyper 7 Pred 15 urami
Im A GOOD PERSON! vacuums ton of bugs by the way great job
Jared Mateo YT
Jared Mateo YT Pred 15 urami
Is Odd1sout ded?
Phantom Wolfie
Phantom Wolfie Pred 15 urami
James:well hopefully no one will listen to it *16M veiws* Me:Well i guess that isn't working
Kathy Myers
Kathy Myers Pred 15 urami
RIP mailman
Rj Crosbie
Rj Crosbie Pred 15 urami
I just copped that beanie and mask bundle
memeos memes
memeos memes Pred 16 urami
Boe Jiden
Boe Jiden Pred 16 urami
Imagine James had a good upload schedule
Sean O'loughlin
Sean O'loughlin Pred 16 urami
Great vid bro
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