Top 5 Tips To Help You During Lockdown 

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This weeks video I thought I'd put together 5 of my best tips to help you maintain a happy mind and body during lockdown, I hope you guys can take something small from this video and can maybe implement it into your routines! Hope you enjoy the video!
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13. apr. 2020

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RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS
Oh and Big Behzer I started doing daily 50 push-ups :D
Arian Zendeli
Arian Zendeli Pred mesecem
No one Someone’s daughter 8:38
Toxicity Pred 3 meseci
So we not gone talk about the 4 monitors in the back 😂 3:00
GMR Pred 3 meseci
Talk too much!
creepy_yoda Pred 4 meseci
who else watch this with a big pizza from dominos ???XD
Maxw Pred 7 meseci
Behz has been flexing the working out for a while but still doesn’t have biceps
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
Are you blind?
tiani purville
tiani purville Pred 7 meseci
i’m re-watching ethans vids and he looks so good with his tats 😂🥰 just thought i’d add
Becca Rourke
Becca Rourke Pred 8 meseci
Rewatching this for motivation, Love it!! 🙌🏻
Keiran Schembri Wismayer
Won’t lie, I fell off from working out a few weeks ago, so I decided to re watch this, so that it could maybe give me some ideas. And I have decided, imma buy some protein, and keep improving my already quite alright stamina. And also stretch cos I’ve been doing nothing all day for I am soar. If you are reading this, just know, you have truly inspired a 14 yo
Pork Choppers Gift
Pork Choppers Gift Pred 8 meseci
Everytime I'm using the website to try and get protein, it keeps refreshing over and over again, not letting me be able to buy anything.
George Reeves
George Reeves Pred 9 meseci
Lockdown cut videooooo
Rafael Peniche U
Rafael Peniche U Pred 9 meseci
In my country, I'm still not allowed to go outside. At all
Avery Daniels
Avery Daniels Pred 9 meseci
just 4 monitors casualing chillin in the corner
Suck your Mum
Suck your Mum Pred 9 meseci
8:50 boy he thicc
Skdjfkf Akasjjenrrnt
Skdjfkf Akasjjenrrnt Pred 9 meseci
Does he have salt in normal porridge?
Jack Pred 9 meseci
Awesome vid Behz !! Would love to see more of these :)
GamerDec YT
GamerDec YT Pred 9 meseci
Loving the content keep up the good work it would only be a dream to meet you and the rest of the sidemen when this is all over which I know won’t happen
Sharaine McCallum
Sharaine McCallum Pred 9 meseci
People don't put salt in their porridge? I thought that was mandatory 😅
Nathan Wooding
Nathan Wooding Pred 9 meseci
Would love to see a video going into detail about your sleeve tattoo, looks sick
Blag Den
Blag Den Pred 9 meseci
Mathew Pred 10 meseci
I haven't tried coconut milk, I'll give it a go!! Give hazelnut milk a try with your whey powders, taste is nice.
JayDee Pred 10 meseci
Nigga got 4 monitor just laying on the floor
Rivz Rambho
Rivz Rambho Pred 10 meseci
Anybody can say what...this man worked hard for his body and he has a passion for the gym ...wish I was like you bruv🙏keep woeking stay safe❤
Sameep Shah
Sameep Shah Pred 10 meseci
Why are you going out so often, do all exercise at home, go out for only essential commodities.
Neal Tanna
Neal Tanna Pred 10 meseci
If you want to learn how to trade forex message me on my ig neal_lcfc. Forex is a skill set that will pay for life so I highly suggest that you message me
Neal Tanna
Neal Tanna Pred 10 meseci
Borbas dm me on ig neal_lcfc🤩✅
Georgios Barbanos
Georgios Barbanos Pred 10 meseci
Just Cole
Just Cole Pred 10 meseci
Behz: now IM in decent exposure Me: but he's not indecent 😂
Birdie Pred 10 meseci
Mine 10km pr is 45:54 and i'm 16😘
TheBossAlive 10
TheBossAlive 10 Pred 10 meseci
looks like he's doing something about the bicep deflation now
Ahmd Ahmd
Ahmd Ahmd Pred 10 meseci
what if the lockdown period is 24 hours. Also what are some good at home no equipment chest exercises
ByMedusa Pred 10 meseci
love watching these videos the motivation you get from them is something else , especially the #BeTheBehzt 30 day challenge that put in the mind set to keep going after it.
Dakillzy Pred 10 meseci
Killer B
Killer B Pred 10 meseci
Right on.
KreZz Pred 10 meseci
love behz's vids and most of yt quarantine helping vids dont help but this one does thankz behz
Amina Sultan
Amina Sultan Pred 10 meseci
misolou fout
misolou fout Pred 10 meseci
Behz's vids are making me wanna be active. I must just
Twisted Pred 10 meseci
behz i think you should try and change your profile pic and banner to something else. Maybe something with a shark with the word behz on it or something
xxshodowxx 123
xxshodowxx 123 Pred 10 meseci
Hope you stay safe your my favourite sidemen you insire me and you help me forget that the virus that is going on rn
Emilka Tkacz
Emilka Tkacz Pred 10 meseci
we NEED more videos like this !
Max JS
Max JS Pred 10 meseci
Behz should bring back his West Ham Vlogs when football returns
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Pred 10 meseci
Did my first strava 5km run ever and got 31 minutes
Ryan Strait
Ryan Strait Pred 10 meseci
What is your strava?!
Dom 3D-5D
Dom 3D-5D Pred 10 meseci
i have seen in recent months that you have really changed the way you live for the positive. You should preach the word brother
Jason Ross
Jason Ross Pred 10 meseci
Does he have a gymshark discount ?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred 10 meseci
I have to learn a language. I've now also started learning a new skill from online courses too.
warslash Pred 10 meseci
What running app do you use? If anyone know can you tell me plz, thanks
Bailey Ilton
Bailey Ilton Pred 10 meseci
Hey Behz, hope quarantine is treating you well! I want to challenge you to the murph challenge! I think this would be a good video idea for you and to help your overall challenge. Stay safe!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 10 meseci
I help my girlfriend with the stretching and she helps me with cardio
Rhys Reilly
Rhys Reilly Pred 10 meseci
The real title of the the video: 5 healthy tips to do in lockdown
BrandonOnDex Pred 10 meseci
Bestest youtuber by far
Rockajon Pred 10 meseci
we want another reddit video
Harpzichordz Pred 10 meseci
Behz's mentality now compared to 3 years ago, it's like two different people, inspiring mate you are smashing it!!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 10 meseci
There's a lower back stretch I forget the name of. Its essentially an extended leg raise, where you raise your legs as far over your body as you can. It's really good for stretching
GeneeC Pred 10 meseci
What’s the app you use to run
Fug Clan
Fug Clan Pred 10 meseci
I did one mile and nearly fainted
Conor Gamble
Conor Gamble Pred 10 meseci
FACT: head rolls are actually not good for the spin as the spine crunches and rubs together, alternatively, stretch left right up and then down for 10 secs each!! 👍🏼
Thomas Ellis
Thomas Ellis Pred 10 meseci
Calorie intake determines protein intake. The more of a deficit you’re in, the more protein you need. You should have also mentioned (for possible younger/ less informed audience) that supplements are there to help if you can’t get the or quantity of nutrients from real food. Supplements are supplements, not alternatives. Proper food will always beat supplements and proper food is much cheaper and more effective. Depending on an individual, supplements can be expensive, overrated, possibly dangerous and really unneeded. Do your research guys!
Razin Khan
Razin Khan Pred 10 meseci
Are there any good biceps/arm workouts that I could do without any equipment? I don't have a broom or a pullup bar, but I was wondering if there are effective exercises that might help with those muscle groups?
Callaway 01
Callaway 01 Pred 10 meseci
Where do u upload ur cod vids
Samfo Edits
Samfo Edits Pred 10 meseci
I didn't expect that at the start 😂
Billy Stewart
Billy Stewart Pred 10 meseci
Harry_ Pattrick
Harry_ Pattrick Pred 10 meseci
Can I play a game with you on warzone
Fahim Islam
Fahim Islam Pred 10 meseci
Hi can you please send me a friend request my name is Fahimgamer12393 on fortnite and can you gift me because I’m not allowed vbucks and love your vids
Fahim Islam
Fahim Islam Pred 10 meseci
Gold k no need to swear just asking
Krisian Mckenzie
Krisian Mckenzie Pred 10 meseci
I really recommend the app couch to 5k you gradually over nine weeks learn how to run 5k in half an hour
Indie 3 Stripes
Indie 3 Stripes Pred 10 meseci
I miss the Rocket League vids
Indie 3 Stripes
Indie 3 Stripes Pred 10 meseci
This is the comment that got the rocket league back 😉
supersheeva08 Pred 10 meseci
There's a lower back stretch I forget the name of. Its essentially an extended leg raise, where you raise your legs as far over your body as you can. It's really good for stretching out the back. Keep up the great content!
Alfie Barron
Alfie Barron Pred 10 meseci
Great vid, but what app did you use to see how far you'd run?
Sezab Edris
Sezab Edris Pred 10 meseci
How your doing in quarintine
silent x
silent x Pred 10 meseci
Behz, you know what they say about fishes, go for the BIG ones, if Alissa doesn't want you, go for Selena
Smiley Miley
Smiley Miley Pred 10 meseci
This video helped a lot! I’m gonna try to do some of these during lockdown! Love ya Behz!
Smiley Miley
Smiley Miley Pred 10 meseci
Hast du eine Schwein?
SamNotSoWell Pred 10 meseci
Ethans content is peaking nowadays
Thanks Sandro
Thanks Sandro Pred 10 meseci
Mathew Bailey
Mathew Bailey Pred 10 meseci
Hey Behz please would you upload a workout vid just for the stretches? I know it’s in this one aswell but it’d be really beneficial for me to be able to follow along Thankyou
Bossmanted Pred 10 meseci
Any one else wanna see behz get into the jump rope community? It’s a really good fitness skill , rugby players do it too !
dackyl Pred 10 meseci
Used Bulk Powders for years, cheers for the tips Behz!
Jair Higuera
Jair Higuera Pred 10 meseci
brother, thank you for the tips
Jeremyn Kim
Jeremyn Kim Pred 10 meseci
15:26 anyone else see that Laser
Chris Nijkamp
Chris Nijkamp Pred 10 meseci
Yo imagine 2015 Behzinga talk this way about running 10k's, big up
Eli Jones
Eli Jones Pred 10 meseci
big ups behz for promoting the plant based alternatives! my guy.
Ridz Pred 10 meseci
Big boi behz keeping us healthy in quarantine
MattyG Pred 10 meseci
I don’t see no 70% off 😂
_ andi.shamoon _
_ andi.shamoon _ Pred 10 meseci
I used to run 3 k every day without stopping once but now I can’t Btw the 5 k run ur talking about can u walk some of it or have to run without stopping
JayAex 04
JayAex 04 Pred 10 meseci
Bless you and your family You are changing lives my friend imma 16 year old with not the best body but you are legit changing me I have watched many vids and you are the only one who legit helped me see progress and the fact that I know you since so so so long, it just makes me feel so much more comfortable
DarkExlipse Pred 10 meseci
Behz out here doing bits for everyone👍
Fifa King
Fifa King Pred 10 meseci
This content bangs
Antonio Jones
Antonio Jones Pred 10 meseci
Much needed to keep spirits high much love ❤️ P.s smoked salmon isnt meat bro 😂
Umar P
Umar P Pred 10 meseci
Eathan whare do you buy dungbells from
Adam Šuša
Adam Šuša Pred 10 meseci
Let me guess workout
Lmacaree Pred 10 meseci
What running app do you use?
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Pred 10 meseci
His fitness advice is bullshit he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,instead check mike thirsting for some quality advice
Fortnite Battle royal
Fortnite Battle royal Pred 10 meseci
Behz content right now🔥
Andrew O’Brien
Andrew O’Brien Pred 10 meseci
Eating an easter egg and drinking mooju while i watch this.
Alfie Kelly-Gallagher
Alfie Kelly-Gallagher Pred 10 meseci
do you use the whey protein and creatine powders from bulk powder?
Ma11hew 1
Ma11hew 1 Pred 10 meseci
When he gets a six pack I'll come back
Nikola Obradovic
Nikola Obradovic Pred 10 meseci
Imagine someone saying that in 3 years Behzinga is going to show you stretching exercises unironically.
Cesar montes
Cesar montes Pred 10 meseci
What happend with alissa my nigga Banks shagging her rn
Rida Belarbi
Rida Belarbi Pred 10 meseci
Thank you so much Behz you got me so motivated to get outside and i started running for 5 km and hopefully 10km at the end of this quarantine
Shay Pred 10 meseci
Amazing to watch your transformation..seriously motivates me to get off my ass and work hard and achieve my goals💙 much love
raya Pred 10 meseci
what shoes are they at the start of the vid?
Boga Boga
Boga Boga Pred 10 meseci
Do a running workout to get your 5k time faster or 10k
Apeth 88
Apeth 88 Pred 10 meseci
good vid allow that helmet though