The Worst NBA Predictions of All Time 

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Steven A. Smith: *violently hollering his ill-advised opinion*

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12. maj. 2019

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JxmyHighroller Pred letom
Yeah uhh..this was supposed to be a light lil 10 minute video but man’s got a little carried away. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this extra spicy episode today. Hope y’all enjoy! 💯 Stick around until the end and let me know who you think had the worst prediction!
Bear Stein
Bear Stein Pred 3 dnevi
You screwed up on Boozer's comments, as I'm pretty sure you've been told. (refuse to read the comments.) Boozer said LeBron "couldn't help THIS team.' Boozer is saying this team that he is playing on is absolute trash. 'Skies the limit,' for Lebron. Boozer said that. Boozer's comment was about the team at the time, not the potential of Bronnie's dad.
Jeff Atkinson Green Glue
Hahaha!! It’s all good! This video(and all your other videos) are must watch content! The longer the better(that’s what she said)!!!🙏🏻🤘🏻🙌🏻😂😂😂😂
Aaron Bass
Aaron Bass Pred 2 meseci
"Stephen Curry with a 40 inch vertical" should be in this
jake campos
jake campos Pred 2 meseci
You do have to realize that curry wasn’t immediately amazing it took him a couple of years
Fly Ty
Fly Ty Pred 2 meseci
Bron would have 10 rings if he won all ijs alot of what ifs
Mvp Matt1
Mvp Matt1 Pred uro
paul pierce is classic 😂
J T Pred 3 urami
I got a quarter right second try
Top Frog Clan
Top Frog Clan Pred 9 urami
To be fair Greg Oden was probably better or on the same level as KD, the man was a problem and the league was lucky that he went through injuries as well as his partner Brandon Roy😗
krakenz playz
krakenz playz Pred 9 urami
11:19 in 2011 most people barley considered lebron a top 10 player dwade owned that team till 2012 where lebron became better.
VibeFu Pred 12 urami
I was able to guess the coin wrong 8 times lol
Muse Elk
Muse Elk Pred 14 urami
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오민재 Pred dnevom
dan gilbert's curse was true for one year tho lol! karma really did bite lebron in the ass during the finals against dallas...(remembering the mock-coughing and "real world" interviews and then choking in almost every 4th quarter of the finals) its a good thing lebron cleared things up with cavs fans by returning and getting them their first championship!!
오민재 Pred dnevom
but you do have to understand those cavs players interiewa tho...it would be bad for chemistry if you went on and stated that a highschool kid was way better than the player starting next to you every game during the season! even if you believed lebron was better, it would take big balls to admit that publically in front of your current teammates...
Dominick Papa
Dominick Papa Pred 2 dnevi
At the time oden was better
Quentin Beverly
Quentin Beverly Pred 2 dnevi
So look imma blow your mind but math can not explain the fact that people have emotions and the media drives people to prove themselves.
Tyler Sullivan
Tyler Sullivan Pred 2 dnevi
It took the NBA building a dynasty for Stephen A to get a finals winner correctly.
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin Pred 2 dnevi
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Scupacium Pred 2 dnevi
really the music makes it really easy to hear the conversation...
spencer erwin
spencer erwin Pred 3 dnevi
I mean the cavs probably would of won in 2015 if love and kyrie didn’t both get injured lol. The warriors got off easy in that series I thought.
gianni james
gianni james Pred 3 dnevi
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Liam kennehan
Liam kennehan Pred 4 dnevi
When he said dwan wager who else thought about dj Wagner cuz dwan is his dad
Andy NC
Andy NC Pred 4 dnevi
What's the name of that Opera type music in the back ground in the first part of the video anyone?? Thanks
Bootsy Lacayo
Bootsy Lacayo Pred 4 dnevi
So your telling me I could do Stephen A smiths job cause I have a 5-1 record in my picks and I have one wrong pick only because my bias took over my better judgement
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred 5 dnevi
Richnwealthy Pred 6 dnevi
Colin is a ridiculous analyst that I refuse to watch.... super blow hard. An The answer just a fan of his team so he was just clowning.
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred 6 dnevi
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Nova479 Pred 6 dnevi
20:51 i love how he cut the scream 🤣🤣
HitmanKing Jay
HitmanKing Jay Pred 6 dnevi
The Warriors won back to back NBA Championships
HitmanKing Jay
HitmanKing Jay Pred 6 dnevi
Paul lost his damn mind after just winning one game WTF go home
HitmanKing Jay
HitmanKing Jay Pred 6 dnevi
Their always wrong
Absurd Things
Absurd Things Pred 7 dnevi
Dude, 6 streak of wrong prediction out of 50/50 chances is just as difficult with making 6 streak of right prediction. This feat is incredible and impressive for Steven A, but just in a very wrong direction.
Octavio Sanchez
Octavio Sanchez Pred 7 dnevi
Stadistically speaking, to guess wrong 6 times in a row, is as hard as guess right 6 times in a row. So if you think about it, he is like a fricking anti-oracle.
DCM Get_Rekt
DCM Get_Rekt Pred 7 dnevi
jordan would of one on one lebron at 52, Jordan is the GOAT
Paul Vance
Paul Vance Pred 7 dnevi
Darius Miles never averaged double digit scoring? Might want to check the books on that one...
Droopy Pred 7 dnevi
jimmy is a bronsexual confirmed
YBB Scoota
YBB Scoota Pred 8 dnevi
Jesus the intro
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith Pred 8 dnevi
I got 4 coin flips in a row wrong, that’s my best shot
Waku Pred 9 dnevi
lol imagine if Bron got the league mvp in his 1st season
Jullien Curtis
Jullien Curtis Pred 9 dnevi
Mans literally looked at his watch to tell how many months
Mari NYC
Mari NYC Pred 9 dnevi
Steven A actually is funny skip be pissin me off lmaoo they both be dead wrong though
Alex Sparks
Alex Sparks Pred 9 dnevi
You've only convinced me that the NBA is rigged to spite Stephen A. Smith.
Canaan Danielson
Canaan Danielson Pred 9 dnevi
Dudes bustin Astro thunder the whole video Bru
Jeremy Subasic
Jeremy Subasic Pred 9 dnevi
Thought it was hilarious when Dan Gilbert said he "wanted his team back" from Lebron lmao Clearly he can't do better. As an Ohioan, it hurts man lol
Jonah Pharaoh
Jonah Pharaoh Pred 9 dnevi
them damn Stephen A predictions was funny as hell..shows the other team celebrating after every pick🤣
Ian Chun
Ian Chun Pred 10 dnevi
This was so funny
Dana White
Dana White Pred 10 dnevi
Although that Durant draft prediction was really dumb he was right
Stefferson Segundo
Stefferson Segundo Pred 10 dnevi
14:19 There's no way someone who uses Comic Sans in a letter be right about something
Kyle Fraser
Kyle Fraser Pred 10 dnevi
Skip Bayless, probably don't believe some of his claims. He just goes with it just to be in opposition to Steven A or Shannon Sharpe. Look at the smile on his face when he agrees to something ridiculous.
nick highman
nick highman Pred 10 dnevi
NOOOOOOOOO. I got 5 in a row incorrect on my first try :(
yonathan even-shani
yonathan even-shani Pred 10 dnevi
Paul Peirce wasn't close to d wades levevl.... LOL....
Uzochukwu John
Uzochukwu John Pred 11 dnevi
Steven A is a legend😂😂😂
jdashnoel TV
jdashnoel TV Pred 11 dnevi
Stephen "Accurate Failure" Smith
Night Pred 11 dnevi
Let this man pick a team to win and just pick the other team. Let ur friends bet on it too.
ADN 101
ADN 101 Pred 12 dnevi
I swear I had a presumption for the first time in my life. I think in the NBA playoffs, the Nets will be the winners, against the Knicks. 3/4 taking advantage in 3 as with Cleveland.
ADN 101
ADN 101 Pred 12 dnevi
en les juro que tuve una presunción por primera vez en mi vida. creo que en los playoff de la NBA, los Nets seran los gandores, contra los knicks. 3/4 retomando ventaja en 3 como con Cleveland.
Micheal Kelly
Micheal Kelly Pred 12 dnevi
Oden when healthy with Roy was 56-3
Doosh Kaboosh
Doosh Kaboosh Pred 12 dnevi
Imagine KD went to the warriors just prove colin wrong
Day And Night
Day And Night Pred 12 dnevi
i miss this saxaphone man
Rosa Fields
Rosa Fields Pred 13 dnevi
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Just a guy From Florida
Rip mamba!
Daniel Hany Samir Abdou ElMaraghy élève
nooooooooooo i got 5 wrong outcomes out of 6 for the coin flip i needed one more wrongggggg
Big B
Big B Pred 14 dnevi
Cowherd is a tool. I mostly skip videos when I see he's about to start talking. He's a broken pencil. Pointless.
Trippie Fella
Trippie Fella Pred 14 dnevi
To me Paul was better then wade
Deiontrey Matthews
Deiontrey Matthews Pred 14 dnevi
4:39 LOL 😂
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews Pred 15 dnevi
Kinda why it's dumb to watch the pre game show. Their supposed to eat up hours pre and post game, they get bored so they just talk shit sometimes. It should only be for entertainment, anyone getting advice from these kinda shows isn't smart.
Brad Hartwick
Brad Hartwick Pred 15 dnevi
Darius Miles dropped 13 and 14 pts a game in 05 and 06 come on jimmy get your facts straight saying he never averaged double digit scoring 😂
jeff gamer000
jeff gamer000 Pred 15 dnevi
If you don't like nba. Watch this video---\ sltv.info/label/ba1lsLK1o4p5ip4/video
Ryan Vernon
Ryan Vernon Pred 15 dnevi
I genuinely LIKE Colin Cowherd. Now, Skip... FUCK SKIP LOL
Terrance Brooks
Terrance Brooks Pred 16 dnevi
SKIP is only on TV just to be contraversial. Forget FACTS, or just wanting to be right.
Terrance Brooks
Terrance Brooks Pred 16 dnevi
He reminds me exactly of Trump's LYIN' ARSE. IDK WHY stations and channels continue to allow THESE IGNORE-ant people on to do this. It makes me wonder what's going on mentally.
Laffapalooza Pred 16 dnevi
Skip Bayless says everything with CAP! To believe what he says with seriousness, is stupid and you should probably stop watching sports lmao
Ricky Butler
Ricky Butler Pred 16 dnevi
"This man done lost his damn mind post-retirement."
J C Pred 17 dnevi
4:30 so your saying hes still loyal to the soil. hes wrong but i still kind of respect him for that
The Black Simba
The Black Simba Pred 17 dnevi
In Cowherts defense, none of us really thought KD was gonna go to the warriors. But we all knew they’d get a ring. Lol i didn’t think he’d leave already though. I thought he’d stay there til he retired and win like 5-6 rings
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson Pred 17 dnevi
The nba is ruined by wokeness and lewoke james
SiegTv Pred 18 dnevi
Cowherd is entitled to his wrong opinion.. lol
cnote Foster
cnote Foster Pred 18 dnevi
Didn’t darius miles come to da league out of high school Nd he was hating ..¿
Nothing Left
Nothing Left Pred 18 dnevi
Don't worry Paul, you're not the only one thinking crazy things while retired. Dwyane believes that we are living in an RPG. He has convinced his toddler, who could probably barely spell his name, that he can select which sex he wants to be.
f2a Finito
f2a Finito Pred 18 dnevi
I rewinded the Stephen A Smith Part so many times it’s borderline insanity. That shit is so fucking funny
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Pred 19 dnevi
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Jeff Atkinson Green Glue
I had to pause the video to Read thru all six of Steven A’s championship predictions and am crying laughing rt now!!!! I really hope Steven A is not a sports bettor!!! Or I really hope people are betting the oppositely Steven A’s picks, because that’s an almost guaranteed win!!😳🤦🏻‍♂️🤯😂😂😂😂 Great video! Love the channel!!!!🤘🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻
Carlos Mauro
Carlos Mauro Pred 19 dnevi
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Tarot Travels
Tarot Travels Pred 19 dnevi
Do a worst draft snubbed one... Please ?💋
Howard Wilson
Howard Wilson Pred 19 dnevi
That Greg Oden Prediction 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Moises Ryan Aquino
Moises Ryan Aquino Pred 19 dnevi
Long live the king
Noah Markman
Noah Markman Pred 20 dnevi
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Noah Markman
Noah Markman Pred 20 dnevi
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Super Kraft11
Super Kraft11 Pred 20 dnevi
Pierce did pioneer the Stepback smh
Eff Ortless
Eff Ortless Pred 20 dnevi
Goes to show some ppl have no idea about the stuff that comes out of thier mouth
Tripp Poole
Tripp Poole Pred 20 dnevi
lol o my huh vjvnvootoño h ooooooooopoooooooougyi
Adrian Shaw
Adrian Shaw Pred 21 dnevom
Six times in a row.... is he moonlighting for a bookies! lol
Jaque Pred 21 dnevom
Kawhi will win the 2024 NBA Finals
Rocket Bunny
Rocket Bunny Pred 21 dnevom
*their mouth is the best place to put my liquid feces*
Waffle Spice Films
Waffle Spice Films Pred 21 dnevom
Not gonna lie. @9:21 when he said "What is this?", I though he was referring to Skip's shoulder pads in his suit lol.
Soulz Gen
Soulz Gen Pred 21 dnevom
A prime Michael Jordan can beat a prime Lebron but 52 years old What
TK Kielion
TK Kielion Pred 21 dnevom
Picking an NBA team to flipping a coin. There's way more variables, it's not 50/50.
caped baldy
caped baldy Pred 22 dnevi
Its weird cuz they dont back it up...
Jason Lin
Jason Lin Pred 22 dnevi
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Ramfis Cicilia
Ramfis Cicilia Pred 22 dnevi
San Antonio Should’ve won in 2013 though! Steven A Smith jinxed them 😂 Thats why the very next year they wiped the floor with them 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kyle Sterritt
Kyle Sterritt Pred 23 dnevi
I hate how everyone hates on Greg Oden when he got derailed by injuries but even back then I would've said KD wasn't just a guard
alfred borden
alfred borden Pred 23 dnevi
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Paris Brown
Paris Brown Pred 24 dnevi
Colin cowherd= Karen 😂😂😂
The Geek Freak
The Geek Freak Pred 24 dnevi
Cristian wood is gonna be better than Durant
PapaKimchiTV Pred 24 dnevi
In all fairness to the Oden vs Durant debate, no one predicted that Oden would be injured and it seemed that he really is destined to the Hall of Fame. It's sad more than anything else.
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